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Ohimesama Navigation 00

Today's extracurricular lesson

+ posted by Sohma Riku as translation on Aug 2, 2013 16:27 | Go to Ohimesama Navigation

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Contents (Volume 1)
0th period Today's extracurricular lesson 3
1st period Find the transfer student! 21
2nd period The meaning of divination 55
3rd period The shape of love 89
4th period The seriousness of a teacher!? 123
5th period Exciting seaside training camp♡ 157
Character introduction 190
Afterword 192

Girl: Uuu~~ I can't find it~~

Girl: This place is too big, it's impossible to tell where it'll be.
Girl: That's right, but...

Girl: Can I use... the power shovel? // I wonder if it'll drill? Or if it will scatter? // For Bedrock you need an hydraulic breaker, right? And also a big ripper mounted bulldozer. // And if possible also a drill jumbo ♥

Girl: Shut up!

Girl: We're not here to tear up the whole mountain, remember? (Here, a shovel!)
Girl: We'll be digging... by hand...?
SFX: disappointed

Girl: I wonder if it's really here. // Real crystal...

0th period Today's extracurricular lesson

Box: Sukumigaura, Kaisen Gakuen. // In a corner of the former school building // We aim to become top class fortune-tellers. // We are the only people
Text: Hoshikawa Krystal

Text: Nano Kari // Kaguyama Hime
Box: taking the divination course here.

Girl: Mumu~~~~

Krystal: Alright!! // I got it~~~!! // My lucky color for today is...
SFX: slip

Krystal: Red!!

Kari: So... it's red, huh... // Red!!

Kari: Krys!!
Kari: Aaaah, I'm sorry Kari-chan.
Woman: Shut up.

Kari: Yonemura-sensei!

Yonemura: Hoshikawa-san, Nano-san! // You're supposed to meditate right now, remember!?

Kari: But Krys...
Krystal: Uu~~ My divination was wrong again.
Yonemura: Hey, don't look down on me. (After everything I did for you!)

Yonemura: To tell someone's fortune you need spiritual strength and concentration.

Yonemura: Look at Kaguyama-san's concentration.
Kari: She's only immerses herself into things she likes!!

Yonemura: Hoshikawa-san, did you break your crystal again?

Krystal: That's alright~~~ // I still have plenty of them.
Yonemura: At such a place!

Kari: But that crystal is your partner in fortune-telling, right? // You should treat it more carefully.

Krystal: But... // It's not clear enough.

Krystal: This isn't real crystal, it's only glass. // That's probably why...

Yonemura: ...I'm not too sure about that. // You fortune-telling is a type that reflects what's inside your heart.

Yonemura: Whether you use real crystal, glass or water // doesn't matter, if you ask me. // You just have to believe in her.

Hime: If you want a real crystal one... // Why don't you search for it yourself?
Krystal: Hime-chan.

Hime: The hill at the back of these grounds used to be a mine in the past... // It's possible... // you'll find a power stone there.

XXX: ...alright! // Let's have an extracurricular lesson!

Kari: ......that's right!!

Krystal: Wh..what? Kari-chan. (That surprised me.)
Kari: Divination, divination! // At this sort of time we should use our divination skills!

Hime: You said it... // Please do your best.
Kari: Don't sleep!! // Help us out!! (Class isn't over yet!!)

HIme: We don't have any heavy machines... // so I'm not interested anymore.
Kari: At least give it a try!

Kari: You're a Miko, so please ask the mountain spirits.
Hime: My, my...

[T/N: Miko = a shrine maiden; a (spiritualistic) medium]

Krystal: Di...Divination...

Kari: The first to find real crystal wins the game!

Hime: It can't be helped I guess.

Kari: I've looked up some information about this mountain. // So the characteristics of the mine remains, the soil and the conditions needed for crystal to form... // The answer I can draw from those...!

Krystal: Reflects... // my inside.

Krystal: When I was little, I saw a fortune-teller on TV. // I admired her steeple-crowned hat, her mantle and her crystal ball. // I wanted to look like her ever since then...

Krystal: Because it's not made of real crystal, I said it's useless. // I blamed this little one. // I'm sorry...

Krystal: I saw... // something...

Krystal: I... // I found it!!

Krystal: A crystal... // ore!

Hime: Well, Krys-san won it seems.
Kari: But it's way too small to use for divination.

Krystal: Ah...
SFX: slip // thud
Kari: Aah!!
Hime: Before you get a real crystal, you'd better cure that clumsiness first...don't you think?

(17) (4-pannel)

Krystal: To become better friends with my crystal, I'll keep it close to me at all times.

SFX: snore / snore

SFX: mumble / mumble

SFX: creak / creak


SFX: slip // thud // tinkle

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