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Kurokuroku 1

+ posted by Sohma Riku as translation on Aug 3, 2013 17:45 | Go to Kurokuroku

-> RTS Page for Kurokuroku 1

Reserved (K.I.S.S.)

(1) Jump cover

(2) color page

Orange txt: New series "Kuro kuroku"

Box: Hello! My name is Yusa Chiaki. I'm a normal girl high school student! // My motto is simplicity and frugality! The person I respect most is Uesugi Youzan!!
Green text: The wild flight of a JK. Pursuing her are...!?

[T/N: JK - Joshi Kousei = girl high school student]

Box: I love sweets and cash! (Yeey!) I dislike Kappa, I guess ☆ // -----what? // Why I dislike kappa?

[T/N: a kappa = a water goblin haunting mainly rivers.]

Box: It should be obvious. It's because they are attacking meeeee!!

Boy: ...Ah. // Finally here.

Boy: ...well then------

(3) color page
Boy: It's time for work------

Blue txt: The long-awaited legend! The supernova of the next generation!! / The second new series to celebrate Weekly Shonen Jump's 45 year anniversary!! / 54 pages with colored opening pages!!!

Box: There live 150.000 people here.

black txt: Report 1
Red txt: If you take on a part time job in Tama, it's in this city hall
Bluish txt: Nakamura Atsushi

(4) color page
Red txt: Kuro kuroku
orange txt: Sacrificing himself for the sake of a shining "city"!!
Green txt: New series
small red text: This manga will be continued from page 27!!

Box: In the Metropolis of Tokyo, Tama city------

Box: 1 week earlier.
News: By now this rumor has taken a strong hold // on men and women of all ages in our Tama city!
Text: The mystery lurking in the toilets of Tama Park!! // There are kappa in Tama!!?
Vertical text: A dubious mystery!!

Box: ...ridiculous, like kappa would exist nowadays. // Instead of worrying about such unrealistic problems----

Chiaki: Haa... again in the red...
Girl: Sis, sis!

Girl: They said there are kappa! // I wonder if there are really kappa here!

Chiaki: I wonder if I could make some cash of those kappa...
Girl: I'm not sure what you're talking about, but the look in your eyes is scary, Sis!

Box: ...for two sisters living together // the decreasing family budget is a much more complicated and inscrutable problem than those kappa.
Girl: Look, look. Those kappa-san are cute!
txt: A mystery!! Are there kappa in Tama?! // Imaginary picture // Professor Ota

Box: Ryoko's camping school will be next month, huh? // To be honest, it makes me sad...
Paper: Camping school announced
Chiaki: I really have to find a job soon...

Chiaki: Aah damn, it came off again! (Gee!)
Ryoko: Oh, this...

Chiaki: What's up?
Ryoko: ...Sis, you always said it, right!?

Ryoku: To always choose // the "part-time jobs" that pay well-----

Paper: Notice of Tama City's City Hall!! / Looking for a part-timer!!! / [Terms] / Girl High School Students Only / Hourly wage: 100,000- / [Interview location] / Inside the toilets of Tama Park / Work description / Just come, we'll explain later.
XXX: It's a nice place!! / Tamami-chan // We're waiting for you!! / Tamazou-kun

[T/N: 100,000 yen = about 1000 US Dollars]

Chiaki: ...a part time job // for the City Hall...!? 

Girl: Wow, amazing! It has a lot of zeros!
Box: It's extremely // suspicious.

Chiaki: Ah, well. Ryoko, this is----
Ryoko: ...if they pay you this much

Ryoko: you'll make a lot of money in a short time.

Ryoko: Then you won't have to // come home late in the night anymore either.
Ryoko: Sis, // come home early, 'key!?

Chiaki: Even if kappa don't // Angels do exist, huh?

Ryoko: Al...Alright. Sis, give it your all!!
Chiaki: I'm leaving ♪ 

Box: ...that's right. // This precious family

Box: is the symbol of my daily life----- // That's why, right now

Box: the scene in front of my eyes. // I didn't believe it was reality.

Box: Judging by his appearance, he is a bit older than me? // The mysterious guy, who appeared out of nowhere.

Box: Without hesitating even a second. // The infinite number of violent kappa.

Box: Within my dispersing field of vision. // He knocked them down one by one--- // ...so, oh?

Box: Why again did I start losing my conscious in the first place? // I went to the toilets for a job interview, when I was attacked by the kappa... // Then, a door suddenly opened in front of me......
XXX: No, don't make fun of me! // I'll get you for that! // Ah!

Box: Aah. // That's right.
XXX: Oh! This getting fun! // Alright!!

Box: This is a dream... // It's only a dream...
XXX: Got ya!!!!

Chiaki: Uu...nn.

Chiaki: ...eh?

Chiaki: Ah, right... // It was really a dream...

Chiaki: That's right. If you carefully think about it, there's no way kappa would really exist. // Those were just some shots from a movie or so... // ...oh? Come to think of it, where am I-----

Boy: ...ist.

Chiaki: Eh?
Boy: They exist.

Boy: Yokai.

[T/N: Yokai = collective noun for all kinds of Japanese monsters]

Chiaki: Gyaaaaa....aaaa!!

Chiaki: Aaaaaaaaaa!!

Chiaki: S-s-s-s-so it wasn't a d-d-dream...
Boy: You really hit you head quite hard.

Boy: Here, cool your head with this. // By the way, do you remember anything?
Chiaki: (Hit my head?) What? Ah...hahahaha. Most of it...

Chiaki: ...all of that // happened for real...!?

Chiaki: Sure enough, I saw those kappa... and // that boy too----

Chiaki: Hahaha... I'm not sure what's what anymore. // Ah... this cooling pack feels great... // ...Hm?

Kappa: Ah, you know? // That's my favorite.

Chiaki: This is also a kappa!?
Kappa: Aaaargh!!

Kappa: Aaaaah, my bowl!!! // Aaaaah, just what are you doing!?

[T/N: Kappa have a bowl with water on/in their head. They need it to survive when they are away from water.]

Boy: To be accurate, it's actually a bowl cover. (If the real bowl would break, he'd die.) // It's some sort of fashion sense that emerged amongst the younger kappa lately, or so.
Kappa: What are you saying!!?

Kappa: And here I thought I could become one of the top kappa this year...
Boy: I heard they had to do leave their home due to a change in their environment or so. // They didn't have a place to go and thus settled in these toilets... // They caused quite a big fuss.

Chiaki: ..."This".

Chiaki: Where... // on earth are we...?

Chiaki: And

Chiaki: Who on earth // are you supposed to be...!?

Boy: My name is Andou Kuroku. // I'm an ordinary city hall employee.

Kuroku: But... well.
SFX: rattle!

Kuroku: My window-----

Kuroku: specializes in Yokai though.

Kuroku: ...normally they remain hidden from the human eyes, but // "Yokai" also // live their lives // in the Heisei Era like any human.

Yokai: Wow! ww Got a rare silk spider ww // I am at the same temple ww we're family ww

[T/N: Heisei era = from 1989 on; ww = haha, hehe, LOL]

Kuroku: If they'd be seen by humans, it could cause a lot of trouble.
Chiaki: Ah...
Kuroku: Take those kappa for example.

Kuroku: Therefore, at the request of the country, places to register all Yokai were secretly established. // This is one of them, the place in charge of West-Tokyo---- // This is the "(Secret) Tama City Hall".

Chiaki: Wha...

Chiaki: So, in Tokyo, and also my neighborhood... // Fo...For such a place to exists-----
Arrow: Here
Board: Tama City Hall Floor plan / B2F No Unauthorized Entry

Chiaki: Moreover, to have this "Yokai City Hall"... // They're just like humans... (I still can't believe it...)

Chiaki: ...hm? // ...oh? // Come to think of it...

Chiaki: "City hall"... // Seriously-----

Kuroku: ...so, let's discuss the details of your job------
Chiaki: I refuse.

Kuroku: No... what!? Wai.. You won't do it!?
Chiaki: No, I will. It's not that I don't want // But this isn't a job a normal girl high school student can do!!!

Kuroku: The interview location is the rumored Yokai toilet... // So, a normal girl wouldn't come here on her own!!
(Chiaki: I'm here for a job interview.)
Chiaki: You didn't have to repeat THAT!!!

Kuroku: On the whole, you are already on your first job.
Chiaki: Eh?

Kuroku: These kappa who lived in a area prohibited for residence didn't show themselves at all. // Then I remembered they absolutely love human girls

Kuroku: and I got an idea! // Making use of the employment advertisement, I could lure them out... using a human girl high school student as decoy-------

Kuroku: The kappa would get excited and show themselves...
Chiaki: How is that a job description!!?

Chiaki: Even if I die, // I won't do this!! This is no job!!! // You used me as a bait!!!

Chiaki: It's too dangerous!! Don't play games with me!!
Kuroku: Well...

Kuroku: Damn! And here the head managers said it's be alright, since the pay was good...!! // Tch... how much was it again? // Hourly wage...

Kuroku: Let's see. // 100.000 yen...?

Box (Chiaki): .........oh boy, // calm down. I have to calm down.

Box (Chiaki): Consider the surrounding situation! // Living an extraordinary life brimming with yokai as far as the eye can see. // How dangerous will it be!!?

Ryoko: Sis, come home early, 'key!?
Box (Chiaki): ...that's right, above all I need to return home safe...

Chiaki: I..In the first place, a hourly wage of 100.000 yen. // It's too good to be true-----

Kuroku: Anyway, for now......

Kuroku: Here's your pay for today.

Kuroku: You worked for 2 hours, // so that makes 200.000 yen.

Kuroku: Ah...
Chiaki: Eh...

Chiaki: Well...

Chiaki: What time do I start tomorrow?
Kuroku: Right after school ends.

Box: The next day

Kuroku: -----well then, // shall I explain what you're supposed to do...?

Kuroku: Having said that, it's practically the same as working in a normal city hall. No need to worry.
XXX: Number 30, please.
Kuroku: Just take the needed documents...
Yokai: (Please.)

Kuroku: Then you...

SFX: click
XXX: Number 31, please.
Chiaki: H..He pressed it!!!

Kuroku: These stupid glasses...
Chiaki: That has nothing to do with this. Just take them off! // An..Anyway------

Chiaki: Fi..First of all, I'll check the entries // and compare them to his Identification...

Chiaki: I fill this out and make a copy... // ...and that should do it.

Chiaki: H..Here you go.
Youkai: Yes, th..thank you.

Kuroku: Eh...
Chiaki: Ah! My family's really poor, // so I've had a lot of side-jobs in the past...!

Chiaki: I did some jobs like this one before. / We..Well, it's nothing really to be proud of.

Kuroku: ...... // I see...
Chiaki: Ah... I..I'm sorry for butting in.
Kuroku: But

Kuroku: remember this is a yokai city hall, not a human city hall. // If you think nothing of it, you'll experience some dreadful things.
Chiaki: That's the complete opposite of what you said earlier!!!

Box (Chiaki): With this and that,
Chiaki: (So, it was at the umbrella stand of the bus stop in front of the station...)
Kuroku: (Yes, yes.)
Yokai: (Yes, that's right.)

Yokai: (I'm here to apply for child allowance---)
Chiaki: (Yes, yes, I see...)

Chiaki: (Er, next is...)

Kuroku (Er, next is...)

Yokai1: Hey, listen. There's a new human at the city hall!
Yokai2: Yeah, she's working there.
Yokai3: Wow! Really!? That's great!!
Yokai4: Oh! Then, let's visit here next time!

Box: Two days later
Yokai: Chiaki-chan!

Yokai1: Thanks for your hard work!
Yokai2: We came to see you again!
Yokai3: Hey? Where do you live? You know, my favorite graveyard is not far from here--

Chiaki: Oh. // I have work to do right now, so...

Box (chiaki): This is how it became.
Chiaki: Er...

Yokai: No, it's great to have you here-- // The other staff are away on a business trip right now, right? // You're amazing, doing all this work on your own.
Text: section // Insurance section // Lost property section // Accounts section // Finance section // Elderly support section // Child care support section

Chiaki: No, no, it's nothing... // Somehow I'm getting a lot of compliments, but... // I'm too busy to feel happy about it!!! There's no way I can do all of this on my own!!

Chiaki: This data----- // Why did this happen...?

Yokai: I dreaded what would happen when I heard Kuroku-san would sit at the window! (Ahahahaha)

Chiaki: ...... // Ah.

Kuroku: ...yes. // Well.

Kuroku: You're doing better than me, huh?
Chiaki: That's pathetic!!!

Chiaki: Er... Well, that... Er... // Ah! I..I see you're not wearing your glasses today---!
Kuroku: ...glasses?

Kuroku: Oh well, there's no need for me to work. // I'll do what I can.
Chiaki: Why would you think that!?

Kuroku: ...... // Listen well, Chiaki.


Kuroku: That's because the job that's right up my street just hasn't shown itself yet.
Chiaki: Whatever, just get back to work!!!!

Chiaki: You can't keep sitting there forever!! // There's too much work for one person to handle!!
Kuroku: However, you can do everything on your own, right Chiaki-chan!?
Chiaki: Aaargh!! You make me sick!! (Damn---!!)

Chiaki: It's too much for me!! // Yesterday for example----
Yokai: Hello, I came to register my family's seal---

Yokai: Well, actually I think the stroke count used to write boroboroton is too high-- // If I use too much cinnabar seal ink, it'll blur and become unreadable. I recommend to solar dry a soggy futon, a dry futon is like rock crystal ♬

[T/N: Boroboroton = a futon yokai, a ragged piece of bedding that presses itself down upon the sleeper to suffocate them.]
[T/N: Futon = bedding]

Chiaki: A huge one appeared!!!

Yokai: Ah, that's right. I'm a baketoro. Yes, that's correct. // The surface of the place where I used to live was rather soft and my girlfriend disliked it. // So, I moved to a place with a hard surface made of 100% concrete, so my address-----
Chiaki: Out of nowhere!! // Overall, there are a lot of flashy yokai!!!

[T/N: baketoro = a lantarn yokai, this lantern will run out of oil right after you light it and thus go off again. You can make it function normally by slicing it with a katana every night.]

Kuroku: ...I // I never heard such private stories from them...
Chiaki: I don't want to work here anymore!!!!

Yokai: -----excuse me...

Yokai: ......can I // have a moment?

Chiaki: ------A lost child?
Yokai: She's the daughter of a kappa, but... // she lost sight of her family, it seems.

Chiaki: Ka...Kappa!? (This child!?)

Kuroku: It's common for yokai to have a different appearance based on their sex.
Chiaki: Even so...

Kuroku: To hold up the heavy shell, the males have a developed upper body.
Chiaki: That's true, but it's not the point here!!!

Kuroku: Well, the greatest difference is their mind-set about the "bowl" on their head. // The males see their bowl as a way to show off their sex appeal.

Kuroku: While on the other hand, the females usually hide it under a hat.

Kuroku: For anyone to see their bowl seems to be the ultimate disgrace.

Kuroku: If you try to force a female to show it, // she'll come to hate you.
Chiaki: Stop hurting yourself already, Kuroku-san!!!

Chiaki: -------so, what's your name?
Girl: ...Sara.
Chiaki: So, you're Sara-chan. Where do you live?

Sara: ... far, far up the river. // We were on our way to here...

Chiaki: Why did you all go to Tama?
Sara: Tama is an easy place to live for Yokai...

Kuroku: You know a lot for a little girl. (Here, have a candy.)
Sara: ...but

Sara: "They"...-----

Chiaki: Y...You don't have to force yourself to remember! // Just calm down and take your time-----
Kuroku: No // Talk.

Kuroku: I should've questioned those guys of three days ago more, huh... // A great migration amongst your kind, who actually don't want to be separated from the water source where they were born and raised...
Kuroku: On reflection, a lot of strange things don't make sense. // So, talk.
Sara: Ah....

Woman: -----Run!!
Sara: Eh...

Woman: Sara!!
Sara: Er...

Chiaki: Hold // Hold on, Kuroku-san!!

Chiaki: She's terrified!! // Don't push her so much!!
Kuroku: Eh? No, I didn't mean to...

Chiaki: If that's true, then you shouldn't ask about her private life!!
Arm: End of discussion

Chiaki: Are.. Are you alright? Don't force yourself, 'key? // Eh... Er. // Ah! Co..Come to think of it!
Kuroku: (I'm just no good with kids...)

Chiaki: That's a really pretty hat! // Did you choose it yourself?

Sara: Eh... // Eh...

Sara: My // My sister... // chose it for me...

Box (Chiaki): Si... // Sis... (Sister...)

Box (Chiaki): Sh..She's so cute... // It looks like she's about the same age as Ryoko. // She's really cute!

Box (Chiaki): ----wait!! // What am I thinking? She's a Yokai, right!? // Who knows how dangerous she could be----

Box (Chiaki): ......... // But

Box (Chiaki): How much // do I actually know about these Yokai...?
Yokai: She's here. // Ah!

Box (Chiaki): Even one little kappa
Yokai: Do you like cucumber? // It's been a while since I saw a kappa.
Box (Chiaki): is a complete mystery for me--------

Box (Chiaki): ...So

Kuroku: Chiaki!!!!
Chiaki: Eh?
Box (Chiaki): More

Box (Chiaki): If I know more about Yokai---------

Yokai: Oh boy, I was so happy // I used a bit too much power.

Chiaki: Eek!!

Chiaki: Ku..Kuroku-san!!?

Sara: Ah!

Yokai: I finally found you! Damn... // I thought they'd take you here...

Yokai: Hi. // I came to collect my lost property------

Chiaki: Lo..Lost property? // Ca...came to collect, what do you...?
Sara: ......it's "them".

Chiaki: Eh?

Sara: "They" were the ones who attacked... // my home and my family...!

Yokai: ...hey, clerk. I am a stingy merchant. // In short, I deal in object from "our" world. (moreover, it's strange to see a human here.)

Yokai: But, I lost a precious item just before I could sell it. // You gather all lost items of "our" world at this place, right? // It would be dangerous if they'd get mixed up in the "human" world, right?
Board: Lost property department

Yokai: So give it back to me, 'key? // THAT.

Yokai: I don't think a simple clerk like you know, but the bowl of a kappa is a secret medicine. // Especially the bowl of a little girl sells at an unbelievable price.

Yokai: So, I leave the formalities to you. // Aah, I don't have a seal, so is it okay to use my signature?

Chiaki (Kuroku): A lot of things are bothering me-----

Yokai: Come on! // Just return the item first.

Yokai: Well? Will you be a good girl and come back with me? // You would like to meet up with your family, right?

Chiaki: ...but, you're a kappa, just like Sara-chan, right!!? // Wh..Why would you do------

Yokai: No, no, you've got it wrong. // It's because we are the same.

Yokai: That makes it really easy // to capture kappa, right?

Chiaki: Re...------

Chiaki: ......really easy...!! // Don't talk nonsense...!!!

Chiaki: Then I'd be better for her to stay here forever!!!! // ----------...huh......

Chiaki: Why am I... // getting so angry about this...?

Chiaki: Even though my opponent is a yokai----

Yokai: Even though you are a human, you side with a yokai? // But you know

Yokai: this has nothing to do with you, right?

Chiaki: Sara-chan!!
Yokai: What would happen-----

Yokai: if you got hurt while protecting a yokai?

Chiaki: Tch... // ......such a thing------- // I'm just a human girl high school student-------
Sara: Eek!

Chiaki: Even though it hurts to admit...! // I can't do anything against such a huge opponent, can I?

Chiaki: ......ah! // This is just a side-job to earn some money.

Yokai: Alright, come with me!!
Sara: ......no! // ...don't!
Chiaki: ...but still

Chiaki: I...
Sara: ...don't touch...

Sara: the hat... // my sister gave me!!

Chiaki: Sara-chan!!!!

Chiaki: I don't // really understand, but

Chiaki: right now // Right now, already ...!
Sara: Human...

Chiaki: I don't want this child to cry!!
Sara: Sis......!

Yokai: Aaah! // Even though it's my principle to act like a gentlemen at a public facilities. // Oh, well. // As long as her bowl is safe, I don't care.

Chiaki: Someone--------

Chiaki: ...eh?

Kuroku: Listen well, Chiaki.

Kuroku: I had something else to take care of... // that's why I'm a tad late. // Usually I'm much faster!

Chiaki: Kuroku-sa----

Chiaki: ------wait!! No, no, no!!!? // How did you stop that!!? What kind of crazy power do you have!!?

Kuroku: Hm? Oh. See this stick. // In the past an old man named Gokuu set up a shabby dojo in Tama. // Before he fled by night due to a whoring debt, he gave me this as a graduation memento.
Chiaki: Why now!!?

[T/N: dojo = [in this context probably] a seminary for the Buddhist priesthood.]

Yokai: H...He stopped my attack...!? // N...No, more important, that "stick"-----

Yokai: However you look at it, it's a spirit hand... no, could it possibly be a kind of god hand...!? // ...either way, it's an item that doesn't sell, unless it has "supernatural powers"... // Are you a yin-yang diviner... no, a mountain ascetic? Even so------

Kuroku: This or that, think whatever you want...... // For the time being // I'm just a simple city hall employee.

Yokai: Da...Damn! What's up with that!? // On..On the whole, you are just a mere city hall employee...!

Yokai: This kid isn't from here... she falls outside the jurisdiction of this office, right!? // Isn't it a breach of agreement to meddle with the affairs of those outside your jurisdiction!!?

Yokai: Moreover, you are a human... // You and that girl make a nice pair...

Yokai: Why on earth would a human // want to protect a yokai!!? // Well!!? // Tell me, are you really human!!?

Chiaki: Kuroku-san......

Kuroku: No need to make such a serious face, Chiaki.

Kuroku: However you look at it, I'm not a normal human.
Chiaki: You are extremely self-conscious!!!

Kuroku: More precisely...

Kuroku: Because I

Kuroku: wasn't normal.

Yokai: (Oh, welcome.)

Yokai: Oh, a human. Don't see them often around here. // Oh, no. Your clothes are in rags! // Shall I get some of my children? // Do you have "supernatural powers"? Can you tell I'm strong? // Ah, do you like adzuki beans? // Do you like to eat tofu?

Man: How about it, Kid?
XXX: In "this place" even you

Man: You'll be working // at this kind of place, right?
XXX: should be able to become somewhat happy, right?

Kuroku: ...this is a place where protruding humans // like me feel more or less at home.

Kuroku: That's well, because we are humans

Kuroku: There probably are some jobs// we're not cut out for.
Paper: Certificate of residence / Name / Place / Sara (kappa) (female) / I approve / no complaints / Andou

Kuroku: It's the same for somewhat annoying, yet capable kohai...
Chiaki: This has nothing to do with being a human anymore, right!?

Kuroku: ......yeah! // That's right... // Listen, Chiaki. // Remember this!

Kuroku: Human or yokai. // It doesn't matter.

Kuroku: I'll protect anyone // who is a part of Tama .

Kuroku: Affiliated to the "safety department of the living" // of the (secret) Tama city hall, // which is in charge of maintaining the public order.

Kuroku: I, Andou Kuroku, warn you.

Kuroku: Surrender. // This is your last chance.

Kuroku: If you pay for the broken goods and clean up the mess you made, I'll let you off the hook.
Yokai: .........Haha...

Yokai: ......well then, // let's see who's stronger, human!!!!!

Chiaki: Ge..Get out of there, Kuroku-san!!!
Sara: ...human brother...!!

Kuroku: No, I just told you.
Chiaki: Look in front of you-----!!!

Kuroku: (Look at the other one.)
Chiaki: (This?)
Sara: (Another one...?)
Kuroku: With this // you // and your family, // I will protect
Paper: Certificate of residence / Name / Sara's family / and all other kappa // Certificate of Residence // Name // Sara

Kuroku: all of you.

Kuroku: -----Besides

Kuroku: This is // my "specialty"------

Kuroku: Extend!

Kuroku: Something stick.

Kuroku: ...well

Kuroku: I still have no proper name for this thing. // ...Aah, and also

Kuroku: I forgot to mention it. // Er......

Kuroku: Chiaki... // Well do...


Kuroku: ne------
Chiaki: ......no,-----
Chiaki: I waaaaa-----!!!
XXX: Achoo!
XXX: Eek!

Yokai: As we'd expect of Kuroku-san!! // Your work is absolutely amazing!!
Chiaki: Did you see my worth!?
Yokai: So that's why you don't do deskwork!!

Yokai: I'm glad you're safe, Chiaki-chan!! // You were really cool!!
Chiaki: Eh... Ah... So..somehow...
Yokai: I loved how you said "Don't talk nonsense"!! // I would love it if Chiaki-chan would yell at me like that...

Sara: ...human // brother and sister.

Sara: Thank you very much.

Sara: That... we absolutely don't want for anyone to see it... // is what they say... but...

Sara: Those who helped us out and those we lo...love...... // It's okay for them to see it......

Sara: Is what I heard...so.....
Chiaki: (It's drying up.)

SFX: Smile.

Chiaki: Sara-chan!

Chiaki: You have a really cute bowl!
Box: Here------
Kuroku: It looks great, huh?

Yokai: A...aaah! // Th...they took down our boss...!!

Yokai: Le..let's get out of here!! // Da..damn...! That staff------

Yokai: Waaaaaa!

Man: Looks like something happened.
Woman: My, my, that Kuroku...

Box: There live 150.000 people // in the Metropolis of Tokyo, Tama city.

Box: Men and women of all ages and yokai come and go in this city. // And I took on a strange part-time job.

Box: It's only been 4 days since I started. // I still have a lot to learn though.

Box: but first of all, // hey, Ryoko----- // Kappa do exist // and their children are really cute.
Text: It starts from here, a fun a scary job.

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