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Translations: Gintama 687 by kewl0210 , One Piece 907 by cnet128

Kurokuroku 2

Taking a ride in Tama

+ posted by Sohma Riku as translation on Aug 7, 2013 22:14 | Go to Kurokuroku

-> RTS Page for Kurokuroku 2

Reserved (K.I.S.S)

(1) [color page]
Blue text: Today's there's another mysterious job to do! / Chapter 2 of the new serialization about the Yokai City Hall comedy is 25P from the center color page!!
Red text: Kuro Kuroku
Orange dots: Nakamura Atsushi

Pink text: For human and Yokai to live happily in the "city", // I'll gladly work overtime today as well!!
Blue text: Report 2 Taking a ride in Tama

Girl: Chiaki-chan! // Let's go home together!

Chiaki: I'm sorry. // I have to work today as well!

Girl: Good luck!

Girl: Seems like she's really busy, but I'm glad she found a side-job. (It's a bit lonely though.)
Girl2: ...but, I've been wondering for some time. // Why does she // go by the roof every day?

Vertical text: The secret side-job of this girl student is!?

Chiaki: ...well then, // I'm counting on you, Watanuki-san.

Watanuki: Don't worry, Chiaki-chan. // Well, hop on. Hop on.

Box: In this city // live 150.000 people. // This is the sky of the Metropolis of Tokyo, Tama city.

Box: Here is my part-time job. // At the Tama city hall.

Box: ------with a water tank on the roof.
Watanuki: See you tomorrow!
Chiaki: Thank you very much!

Box: Passing through that door,

Box: and going to the 2nd basement. // There
Chiaki: breathe...

Box: is my workplace------
Chiaki: Excuse me for being late------

Chiaki: Hm.
Box: The window of the Yokai residents. // The (secret) Tama city hall.

Yokai: The winning move is a scoop throw!
Box: ......and this
Yokai: It's Kuroko-san's win!

Box: messed up man...

Kuroku: Hi, Chiaki.
Chiaki: Do your job!!!
Box: is my boss.

Chiaki: You were the one who told me, right!? // That there is no other staff at the moment!

Kuroku: They said they were in Kusatsu some time ago, I believe they are on an long business trip in Las Vegas right now...
Chiaki: However you look at it, you were playing a game!? // An..anyway!! (I haven't even met them once!)

Chiaki: We both have to do our best if we want to make this work!!
Kuroku: Well, I had some spare time...
XXX: -----I heard the rumors, but

XXX: it's true. // A human girl took on a part-time job here!

XXX: ...ah! It's nice to meet you! // I'm a police officer from the Eastern police station of Tama. // My name is Ozu Juuzaburou!!!

Chiaki: Hu..human!!?
Yokai: Now she's even surprised to see humans. // I guess she's getting too used to us.

Kuroko: ------Ozu is

Kuroku: definitely a human.
Ozu: I'm friends with a small number of Yokai...

Kuroku: It's normal for yokai to use a technique that makes them invisible when they go outside. // Therefore, if they cause a problem, it's classified as a mysterious phenomenon. (Like a lapping sound, or balls of fire...)
Text: Forgot to extinguish

Kuroku: The information is gathered by the police like any other incident. // Inside the police station we have a liaison department that specializes in handling these mysterious phenomena. // They've been giving their information to us since the past.

Kuroku: In charge of the 31st division---- // is the "Mysterious phenomena Safety measure Investigation unit"!!!

Ozu: Commonly known as "MSI". // I'm Ozu Juuzaburou!!!
Chiaki: What did you say!!?

[T/N: original Japanese name of the department was "KAS" = Kaikigenshou Anzentaisaku Sousakei = Mysterious phenomena Safety measure Investigation unit = MSI]

Ozu: Ah, I'm sorry. The status of our department is pretty low, so this kind of name is... (I'm the only officer.)
Chiaki: O..oh...

Ozu: Nobody believes in those mysterious phenomena, and it's also a secret... the (secret) Tama city hall. // Some time ago as well------

XXX: -----hey!! // You're that Ozu-chan of "MSI"!!

XXX: It's amazing how your chase after ghosts all by yourself. // It already requires the efforts of three to hunt down a wanted criminal~~
SFX: grin grin

Ozu: That's alright! If you round it off, it's the same zero people!
XXX: How dare you remonstrate us from above!?

XXX: How free of you to say we're "the same"! The only similarity is that we all work here...! // Well, amongst us all, you're on the bottom by far!
Text: The lowest in rank, whatever he does.

XXX: By the way, are you still playing around with that beloved figure of yours?
Ozu: Ah!
XXX: Aah! That reminds me. Is he the only one who understands you!?

XXX: ...really, this place is perfect for you. // Right here there's no need for anyone to acknowledge you-----
Door sign: Mysterious phenomena Safety measure Investigation unit

XXX: some stupid guy of "MSI"-----
Ozu: ...Even my reason to become a police officer.

Ozu: It's all because I still admire the heroes I saw on TV... ha ha ha, it's that simple.
Chiaki: How on earth was that figure broken!!?
Ozu: ...but every day is like a failure.

Ozu: I don't understand myself... // but...!!

Ozu: My dream to become a hero!!! // will never change!!!

Ozu: Hey!! Kuroku-sa----
Kuroku: Ah, I don't care about that.
Chiaki: Show some interest!!!!

Chiaki: This is the reason why Sara-chan is scared of you, right!? (You know that, right?)
Kuroku: Stop it! Don't mention it anymore!!

Ozu: It's alright, Yusa-san!

Ozu: Ha ha ha...! // I'm fine, don't worry!

Ozu: Well then! Let's get to the point!
Kuroku: (That's why I said I'm no good with children...)

Ozu: -----well then, // this is a video of the problem.

Yokai: Move, move, move!!!! // Hey, hey, the Oboro race team is coming through!!! // Damn!! Paved streets are absolutely great!!

Kuroku: ... These are... // Oborogurama, right...!?
Yokai: Yeey, yeey!

[T/N: Oboroguruma = A ox-cart yokai.]

Yokai: Brother!! The wind feel great, huh!?
Chiaki: What's this!!?

Ozu: As you can see, their thoughtless act of speeding causes a lot of noise and vibrations, disturbing the people living in the area----- // On top of that, the fact that cause is unknown doubles the scare... // There's a large amount of damage done.

Ozu: The police has no means to stop them...
Yokai (video): Hey, this human has a video camera!!
Human (video): Yipes!!
Yokai (video): Film, film, hang him, hang him!!!
Box: Through a special video conversion, the Yokai are visible.
Chiaki: This video has quite some visual impact, right!!!?

Ozu: ...er, Kuroku-san?

Kuroku: Aah, I'm sorry, Ozu.
Ozu: What should I do------!?
Chiaki: His pants...

Kuroku: It's

Kuroku: obvious------

Chiaki: Are these contacts that allow you to see Yokai...?
Kuroku: Yes! Please put them in!

Chiaki: ...come to think of it, Ozu-san. // Why are you here? (Don't close...)

Ozu: Eh? // I could ask you the same question, right?

Chiaki: No, if I don't write the reports, it'll become a mess here...... // To be frank, I'd rather go home right now. (That guy can't properly write a repot...)
Ozu: I...I see.

Chiaki: Can't you just leave those "yokai" up to Kuroku-san?
Ozu: Ha ha ha ha.

Ozu: Sure enough, our opponents are yokai, // and there's probably not much a simple human like me, who's hasn't supernatural power, can do.

Ozu: But------

Ozu: "It will be all the same." // "Just follow your heart."

Ozu: Ah, by the way, that's a line of the red ranger in episode 16 of Shakaiha Sentai Machine Chaos! // He says it to the blue ranger, who refused to fight...
Chiaki: Ah, don't worry. I don't really know the series. (outright.)
Ozu: I..I see, you're a girl after all...

[T/N: Shakaiha = Socially aware]

Yokai: Yooo-hooo!!! // Route 20 of the Tokyo municipal road is amazing!!!

Ozu: Th..they are here!!?
Chiaki: Bu...t, they are running down the road in the wrong direction...!!?

Man: Wh..what happened!? Did you also feel the car shaking!? // What an incredible noise!!

Yokai: After all, we really need an empty mountain ridge or something! // This road isn't large enough for us to express our youth!!

Chiaki: Th...they'll cause a huge accidents... // ...!?

Chiaki: O... // Ozu-san!!?

Ozu: ...I am

Ozu: a police officer, who'll protect this city!!! // Because I want to protect them!! // That's all what I have to do!!

Ozu: Uoooooo!!! // Stooooooop!!!!

Ozu: Yiiiiipes!!!
Chiaki: O..Ozu-san!!!

Ozu/Chiaki: Ah, what happened!? // N..No, that's not the problem now!!!

Yokai: What's this person doing!? Hang him, hang him!! // Let's part, let's party!!

Ozu: There's no need for anyone // to acknowledge "MSI"-------

Ozu: Da // Damn-----...

Ozu: After all // I am...
Yokai: Oh?

Kuroku: For the time being------

Kuroku: If you don't stop, // we can't talk.

Yokai: What!!!? // Wh...what's happening-----...

Kuroku: All of your // driver's licenses are suspended!
Sword: Tama City Hall

Ozu: Aah...

Ozu: As I thought // Kuroku-san is amazing...

Ozu: We're so different------

Ozu: He is a true // hero----

People: ---------what's that? // I heard a loud noise coming from over there... // Is it another one of those mysterious phenomena...!?

Chiaki: He made a mess...
Kuroku: Hey, Chiaki.

Chiaki: That thing... you can change both its size and form, huh...
Kuroku: Amazing, huh?

Chiaki: Well, you can't surprise me anymore...
Kuroku: What are you saying? That's why woman are (No romance at all)

Ozu: Uu...

Chiaki: O..Ozu-san!!
Kuroku: Hey, Ozu.
Ozu: Ha ha ha... // ...looks like it's over already...

Ozu: In the end... // I was of no use at all.

Chiaki: Su...Such a thing...
Kuroku: Don't worry,

Kuroku: that's fine.

Kuroku: Come on, hurry up. (need to clean)

Chiaki: Hold it... you really went too far this time!
Ozu: Well... it's fine. I really don't mind.
Kuroku: We..Well, certainly, this time------ (Ooh?)

Kuroku: Ozu made my job a lot easier... // Anyway, I more or less did my job so don't get mad...!

Ozu+Chiaki: Huh?

Kuroku: Don't go " huh?"! // This happens every time! // You thoughtlessly rush at our enemy!
Ozu: Eh? Oh?

Kuroku: That's why I waited for "that time". // I'd come close when they were distracted by you.
Ozu: (Yiiipes!)
Yokai: (Heave-ho! // Heave-ho!)
Kuroku: (That's it)

Kuroku: to take them down // in one shot, that's all.

Kuroku: My job is that simple.
Chiaki: Er...what's that for a reply?

Ozu: S... So.
Kuroku: Hm?
Ozu: W...was I of any use... to you...?
Kuroku: Huh?

Kuroku: Of course. // You were the one who gave me this idea in the first place.

Kuroku: ...but if you want to protect any citizen, it's important to know the meaning of fear. // Well, good luck next time.

Chiaki: Ah------...

Ozu: Good luck // next time-----

Ozu: ...Ku // Kuroku-san...!
Kuroku: Hm?

Ozu: Well, I thought about this before, but... // after all... after all------!!

Ozu: ...Kuroku-san, // you are the "hero" whom I admire!!!

XXX: ...Ah-----

Kuroku: That sounds kinda gross.

Box: "Report" Concerning the speeding incidents-----

Box: The yokai causing the incidents // had to repair the damaged roads as a punishment.
Chiaki: ...for just a little // Pay attention!!!

Box: By the way, after that // we discovered a human who got accidently crushed by the flying Ozu-san.

Box: At a later date we heard he was actually a wanted person // and Ozu got some unexpected credit.
Ozu: (I think I've seen him before...)
Paper: Wanted criminal

Box: And------

Kuroku: ...hey // Hey, Chiaki!

Kuroku: ...while on duty, regular staff member Andou gave priority to personal acts (riding a Oborogurama) ------ ...what's this about?
Chiaki: That's what happened, right?

Kuroku: After that, I said something about giving a lighter punishment if they let me ride them. // Chiaki: It's like accepting a bribe, right?
Kuroku: (Somehow!)
Kuroku: No, it's not! It's like showing mercy! Mercy!!

Box: ...how should I put it. // He's still the same... I guess.

Box: ...but
Kuroku: You're always coming here riding on him!!
Chiaki: Eh!? // That's just an act of kindness!!

Box: Inside my heart, my view of Kuroku-san // is gradually changing-----
Kuroku: What!!? // No matter how often I asked him, he'd never let me ride him...

Box: ------No. // I'm sorry, that's not true after all.

Box: A few days later
Ozu: I got a promotion!
Paper: I'm a Police sergeant.
Kuroku: What!!?

Vertical text: A change in fate!!

Report 2 / End

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