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Smoky B.B. 8


+ posted by Sohma Riku as translation on Aug 11, 2013 11:01 | Go to Smoky B.B.

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Reserved (Mangaburn)

Sakamaki: Just based on his results, he's an incredible rookie. // If he'd practice at Benten... what on earth would

Enjiro: Just one more out.
XXX: become of this boy!?
Text: Knocking back the wall and adversities to grow!!

Title: Smokey B.B. / Chapter 8 Answer

Kitazato: He's better... than I thought. // The only person who could hit that ball is no longer...

Tora: Oh, you're good.

Author: Komiyama Kenta // Manga: Kawada Yuuya

Tora: Morning.

XXX:To...Tora-san. // Toratani-san!!

Kitazato: He came!!

Ikki: Where've you been, Tora-san!?

Tora: You hair is still as messy as ever, huh?
Ikki: Yeah, it's awesome, huh?
Hayata: All of a sudden the atmosphere lightened... // They exist, people who are like lump of captaincy...

Enjiro: Yeah, he needs no introduction.

Enjiro: He is Benten's captain!!
Box: Benten's baseball club's captain / (3rd year) / Toratani Masaharu

Hayata: He's the only player of Benten, who has a commanding presence in front of Kanagawa's charisma players. // Be careful, Enjiro...

Enjiro: So, Benten's No.4 player will be my last opponent...

Tora: Can I join your conversation!?
Enjiro: Sure... no need to knock.

Tora: You're good. // You're a fierce tiger, new club member!! (I've been watching.)

Enjiro: A fierce tiger...!? (What does he...)
Hayata: He slapped him on the ass.

Kitazato: Toratani!! He's not a new club member! // He's getting paid a large sum of money to be here!!
Tora: Yes, I know, Kitazato.

Tora: If you hold your tongue // no one will know, right!?

Ikki: Well, // if Tora-chan says so!!

Kitazato: ......the // the

Kitazato: There he goes, our happy-go-lucky captain!! // How on earth did a person like your become Benten's captain!?
Tora: But, even when I refused, everyone told me to do it......

Kitazato: Fine, just beat him up for my sake, Bakatora.

[T/N: Baka = idiot, Tora = tiger.]

Tora: Hey, Kitazato.

Tora: Right now, only the rules concerning baseball have become stricter for him, so... // in short, he's like a scholarship student, right?

Tora: In that case, it's alright...not?
Kitazato: I think he goes beyond that category!

Tora: But if he didn't receive the money, he wouldn't be able to pursue his dream, right? // Him playing baseball puts a great burden on his parents, right!? // So, even though he has the talent, he reluctantly had to give up on baseball.

Tora: It's like that, right!? // I would like to allow him to play baseball!!

Tora: I would like to play baseball // with such a great person!

Kitazato: This meat-eating guy!!

Tora: Anyhow, you lost... so it's only natural to accept him, right!?
Enjiro: He hasn't lost yet!!

Enjiro: I still need one more out!! // I'm counting on you for the win, big tiger boss.

Hayata: This twisted guy!!

Tora: You're putting up a nice act. // Looks like we can't be careless in our answer, Kitazato.

Tora: The answer will always // be found on the grounds!!

Kitazato: Damn... that Bakatora.

Box: Left field / Kitazato

Kitazato: Why do I have to...
Tora: Come on, prepare yourselves!! // It's not cool to have a handicap!!

(Inner) Kitazato: It's not like you really have to defend... // Yeah... that's right.

Enjiro: Damn... at that time, huh? // Be a good kid and put up with it a bit longer...

Enjiro: He's the last!!

Hayata: What a fierce swing!! //At the moment of impact, I unconsciously closed my eyes. // Ever since elementary school, this...

Hayata: It's like the roar of a tiger!!

Hayata: But... even so.


XXX: We won.

Hayata: First base.

Hayata: Don't catch it!

XXX: Guh.
XXX: Foul!!

Tora: ...Kitazato.

(Inner) Kitazato: Yes... that's good.

KItazato: Don't whisper every single thing into my ear.
(Inner) Kitazato: I have to. // When you control people, you can't raise your voice... you whisper.

(Inner) Kitazato: If he's gone, the mound will be yours.

(Inner) Kitazato: The monsters of Kanagawa confronted you with reality. // No matter how hard you struggled, you were no match. // Instead of winning the Koshien tournament, you only achieved some smaller goals.

(Inner) Kitazato: You wish to end your last summer standing in the pitching mound, right? // If he's here, that won't happen... that's not what you want, right!?


(Inner) Kitazato: Ha, ha, ha. It's like Tora said. // The answer will be found on the grounds!!

(Inner) Kitazato: It's a "setback" and "defeat"!!

Enjiro: I'm sorry, Komado...

Enjiro: I couldn't change Benten.

(Inner) Kitazato: Ha, ha, ha, ha. // Didn't I tell you!? In the end, that's all he can do!!

(Inner) Kitazato: Serves him right!!

Kitazato: That's not all he can...

Kitazato: That's not all he can do!!

Kitazato: Haimura was much better when he went up against me!!

Kitazato: That's unfair, you bastard!! // How dare you go easy on only Tora!!

(Inner) Kitazato: Hey, hold on!

(Inner) Kitazato: You... where are you going!?

Kitazato: The Koshien tournament...

Kitazato: I want to go there together with that shithead!!

Ikki: (He's awesome, huh?.)

Sakamaki: Heh, heh...

Sakamaki: That's the spirit // Kitazato!!

Sakamaki: Hey, join the relay, Ikki!!
Ikki: Got it!
Sakamaki: That Bakatora is aiming for a home run!!

Tora: Who's side are you guys on!?

XXX: Hey, Haimura. Provide back-up...

XXX: Whatever, I'll go!!

Kitazato (flashback): Hey, that joke hurts...

Kitazato(flashback): Is there anyone in this baseball club...

Kitazato (flashback): who would want to protect their backs?

Tora: Move, first year.

Hayata: Like I would...

Hayata: I won't move!!

XXX: OU... // OUT! GAME, SET!!

Text: Connected by the ball, 9out is over!! // Smokey B.B // Chapter 8 / End

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