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Translations: Gintama 589 (2) , One Piece 826 by cnet128 , Bleach 674 by cnet128

Birdmen 3

flight001 TAKE OFF

+ posted by Sohma Riku as translation on Aug 14, 2013 18:08 | Go to Birdmen

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Box: When I regained consciousness, I found myself in a hospital bed. // That same night I had a somewhat terrifying dream.

Vertical text: The body of Karasuma, who got involved in an accident, underwent an absurd change!?

Text: The sole topic of conversation! Already a great response! // SF × Youth Juvenile chapter 3! // Birdmen

Box: After I came home and lying around doing nothing for a day, I started to feel better. // And------

Text: Through the sudden accident, I changed.

Eishi: Jeez~~~~~

Eishi: As I thought... // I don't need my glasses anymore...!!

Title: Chapter 3 flight001 TAKE OFF

Text: The change is showing itself little by little------

Title: Birdmen

Author: Tanabe Yellow

Mother: Hey Eishi, sit down when you eat!

Mother: Wait!!

Mother: Here, take my phone.

Eishi: This model...
Mother: Yours is broken, so don't complain.

Mother: If something happens, be sure to call me. // I beg you, don't make me worry like that again.

Mother: Don't push yourself too much, and come home right after class is over...

Mother: Oh, // Eishi, what happened to your glasses?
Eishi: I'm leaving.

Kamoda: Ei-chan, what happened to your glasses!!?
Eishi: Are those glasses really that important for my character...

Eishi: Anyway, why the summer uniform... (You've got some confidence.)
Kamoda: Well, my blazer was reduced to pulp // and it's about time for the seasonal change of clothes anyway.

Kamoda: Because I already pretty much ruined my uniform in the fights, it's hard to ask my parents for a new one. // I'll probably get through the winter without buying a new blazer?

Box: In the bus plunge, 4 middle school students miraculously survived with only minor injuries.
Eishi: Who would've thought that a miracle would happen to us.

Eishi: The bus driver passed away due to subarachnoid hemorrhage. // If you look at the pictures that were taken of the site immediately after the accident, our survival sounds like a lie.

[T/N: subarachnoid hemorrhage = is bleeding into the area between the arachnoid membrane and the pia mater surrounding the brain.]

Text: I slightly regret / I wished for the world to end, / just before the accident.

Eishi: It appears that my eyesight improved.
Kamoda: Eh, what? Because you hit your head?
Eishi: I don't know, but how are you feeling?
Kamoda: I'm in top form!

Kamoda: But, the accident got prominent coverage! // So, now we are celebrities, huh?
Eishi: No, they didn't even mention our names.

Kamoda: But at least the people from our school would know, right? // How shall we explain them we almost crossed the Sanzu River?
Eishi: You remember going there? (The Sanzu River...)
Kamoda: No, not at all!

[T/N: Sanzu no kawa [River] = The River of the Three Crossings, in Japanese Buddhism it is believed that the dead must cross the river on their way to the afterlife.]

Kamoda: But, because we almost died, I bet even the girls will be nice to us now.
Eishi: Nice...?

Eishi: No, sure enough...! // There are people who closely check up on those who survive a huge accident? // And even a normal person would be curious to hear more about the accident!

Eishi: I see... since I no longer need my glasses, I've become a little more cheerful, but // if I don't think this plan through with care, I'll feel it in the future.
Kamoda: Ei-chan?

Girls: Karasuma-kun, I saw the news. // That must have been really scary! // Are you alright? // Were the scared?

Eishi: To be honest, I hardly remember anything. // When I regained consciousness, I was in the hospital.

Eishi: That's too straightforward, huh... // The conversation will end right away like that... // Moreover, it feels wrong...

Eishi: If I exaggerate the story too much, it'll sound fake... // While I dramatize the story without changing the facts, // I should pretend to laugh away the accident to a certain extent...

Girls: Karasuma-kun, I saw the news. // That must have been really scary! // Are you alright? // Were the scared?

Eishi: No, when I realized how we suddenly floated through the air, I was really shocked. // What happened next is all a blur. // I've been really lucky, but // I'm afraid I ran out of luck because of this.

Eishi: ----------------That's not bad...! // While I'm slightly humorous, I encourage them to take pity on me. / I also like how I used the word "afraid". // If I revise the parts that are a bit out of character, I could use this!

Eishi: Next is that, huh? I should properly thank them for worrying about me. // This gives the wrong impression.

Eishi: Because a guy who hasn't mastered the basics to that degree is a dimwit!

Eishi: They are only watching me from a distance. // No one dare to start talking to me...

Eishi: Yes, that's right... This is normal. Or rather, it's standard. // I prefer standard!

Eishi: Because we normally don't interact ,// I didn't think they'd suddenly start treating me like I'm the "man of the day".

Eishi: Yes, it's not like I expected anything...!
Boy: Hey, are you alright?

Eishi: Ah, yes? // Ah, yes!

Boy: I see.

Eishi: One person!! // It's the first time we talked!

SFX: Ding Dong Dang

Students: See you! // Bye bye! // Wait for me! // Ahahaha // Hurry up, club activities are starting. // This is bad!

Eishi: My first school day after the accident, the overall score------- / Excluding our teacher, the total amount of people who talked to me is... // TWO. // (A brother-like, jittery guy asked "What happened?" and I coldly answer "nothing much.")

Kamoda: Ei-chan, let's go home.

Kamoda: Somehow they didn't spoil me at all. // Nothing changed.

Eishi: Kamoda, // I think I need to calm down a little.
Kamoda: Huh?

Eishi: The more I think about it, the more I remember.

Eishi: The things I saw back then-------

Eishi: Don't you remember anything?
Kamoda: What?

Eishi: Don't you think it's strange? // That accident.

Kamoda: What are you doing?

Eishi: Let's go to Sagisawa's house.

Kamoda: Eh?
Eishi: Sagisawa is absent today. // To get his address, I told the homeroom teacher of class A that I wanted to visit him, because I was really worried, and that I could deliver some handouts if she'd like. // I somehow convinced her and got his home address.

Eishi: Kamoda is a great guy, but // he's absolutely clueless at these times. (Because he's an idiot.)

Eishi: Sagisawa on the other hand // probably has a better understanding of the situation?
Text: Image
Sagisawa: (My favorite word is intelligence.)

Eishi: This is probably not the time to get carried away-------

Eishi: He lives on the top floor of the highest Tower Mansion! // That's social disparity for you!!!

Kamoda: Why did he enter a public school?
Eishi: His hobby...?

Tsubame: Ah...

Eishi: Umino Tsubame...!

Tsubame: Ah // Ah~~~~~~! // Err, // Err, // Err...

Tsubame: You are glasses- and cat boy from back then, right!?
Eishi: I'm Karasuma and his name is Kamoda. (Don't call me glasses boy.)

Tsubame: Did you come to see Rei-kun?
Eishi: Ah, yes, I came to deliver a handout...

Tsubame: You know, it seems that Rei-kun said he doesn't want to see anyone, // I was send away by their private secretary.
Eishi: Private secretary?

Eishi: They... have a private secretary at their house...? (Social disparity!)
Tsubame: Ah, ehm!

Tsubame: How are you? // After the accident... // Your body...

Eishi: Ah, we are...
Kamoda: Thank you!! // We're fine, so don't worry about us!! // How are you doing Tsubame-chan!?
Tsubame: Ah, // yes. // I'm fine...

Tsubame: I see...... // Well, see you later.

Kamoda: Yes! // Bye bye!

Kamoda: Ei-chan, what should we do?
Eishi: Well, we have to deliver the handout...

Tsubame: Hey, wait!

Tsubame: Can I have your mobile phone number?

Kamoda: I don't have a mobile phone...
Eishi: I do, sorta...
Tsubame: Ah, that's great! // Because my data crashed, I lost all my numbers, // I haven't been able to call Rei-kun either!

Tsubame: ...then, // if Rei-kun comes to school, would you please give him my number too?
Eishi: Sure...

Tsubame: Thank you! // See you!

Eishi: This was the first time in my life // that a girl gave me her contact address...!!

Eishi: -------Well, of course I know. // That girl just wants to get a hold of Sagisawa...

Eishi: I know that, but... // Kamoda...

Eishi: Let's go to your house?
Kamoda: You're not going home?
Eishi: I would like to meditate.

Kamoda: More worries? // I don't really mind... my dad is still away helping at another temple.

Kamoda: Your meditation always sounds more like stray thoughts...
Eishi: This is bad... due to the emotional uplift of getting a girl's contact address, my brain stopped working.

Eishi: I have to reset it at once. // Damn... just when I had the feeling I remembered something really important... // Err,......... // What was it again...?

Eishi: A red color and // I'm sure It was an image related to the birdman-------

Secretary: Young master, a friend from your school came to deliver some handouts.

Secretary: Please take look at them later.

Rei: Yeah...

Kamoda: I'll make your food in a moment. // First I have to bring Ei-chan some tea.

Eishi: Having entered here, my house, my parents mobile phone, // Kamoda's fixed phone and--------

Eishi: This is bad!! // First I have to get rid of this thing... (Stay there for a bit!)

Eishi: Now, take deep breath--------

Eishi: Yes, that feels good.

Eishi: Anyhow, I should calm down and arrange my thoughts.

Eishi: Back then... // Back then, I'm sure... // I was soaked in my own blood.

Eishi: I can't remember the details, but I probably lost more than a lethal dose... // It's absolutely strange that I hit my head and didn't suffer any trauma to my visual functions. It's the opposite, my eyesight even improved...

Eishi: My body // is strange?

Tsumabe: How are you? // Your body...
Eishi: No, that girl has nothing to do with this.

Kamoda: Ei-chan, // would you like some rice crackers with your tea?


Eishi: Be quiet... // Just a bit longer...

Kamoda: Ei-chan, your phone...
Eishi: I know...

Kamoda: Maybe it's Tsubame-chan...
Eishi: Ah, you! // Don't pick up other people's phones!

Eishi: Aaaargh-----!!
Kamoda: Hello?

Rei: Oh, I thought this was Karasuma-kun's phone number? // I found it on a memo that came with the handouts...

Eishi: (Aargh! // Aaaaargh!! // Oh my god! // What's this!?)
Kamoda: Ah, it's you, Sagisawa? // Ah, this is Kamoda. // I'm sorry, but Ei-chan isn't feeling well right now..

Eishi: Kamoda! // Kamoda!!
Kamoda: Hey, // shut up, I'm on the phone!!!

Eishi: Kamo...
Kamoda: You'll be fine, just sit down!!

Both: Aaaaargh-----!!!! They came out!!

Both: This is bad, this is bad, this is bad!! // What's this!? // What's this---!?

Rei: Calm down, you two!!

Eishi: Sagisawa!?

Rei: As I thought, it's the same for you...

Rei: It's great that I'm not the only one, but...

Eishi: You, what do you know!?

Reo: Don't you remember?

Rei: We made a contract.

Rei: In exchange for our life...

Rei: With the birdman-------

Text: Next, what happened at the time of the accident...!!

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#1. by Callaghan ()
Posted on Aug 15, 2013
In the first sentence it should be " When I regained consciousness "

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