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Translations: Gintama 589 (2) , One Piece 826 by cnet128 , Bleach 674 by cnet128

Ohimesama Navigation 1

Find the transfer students!

+ posted by Sohma Riku as translation on Aug 17, 2013 14:59 | Go to Ohimesama Navigation

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1 (21)

Text: How would you feel, if you knew exactly what would happen in the future? // It would certainly be really scary // and probably also a little boring. // But // if you were told that in the twinkling light, something is visible // it would grab your interest, right? // That is divination.

2-3 (22-23)
Text: We want to make people smile with our divinations!

Title: 1st Period Find the transfer students!

4 (24)
Krystal: Eh, // transfer students!?

Yonemura: Believe it or not, but 3 girls decided to join our divination class~~!

Kari: Even 3 of them!? That's great.
Hime: I thought... they'd discontinue the class.
Yonemura: Yeah~~ That's right~~ They almost did~~

5 (25)
Yonemura: Until now only the three of you followed this class. // But there are still more girls who like to learn the art of divination~~

Yonemura: So, please go to the station to pick them up.
Krystal: What kind of girls are they?

Yonemura: That's a // se// cr// et☆
Kari: That's annoying.

Yonemura: That's today's homework. // See through the auras of the 3 new diviners and bring them here!

6 (26)
Train: Sakumigaura. // Sakumigaura.

Parents (flashback): Kaisen Gakuen? // Why are you still... // With your results, you could enter a much better school...

7 (27)
Girl: Math. // Chemistry. // There's an answer for all the problems in the world. // That hasn't changed since the past. // And it won't change in the future.

Girl: But // the future

8 (28)
Girl: Ah...

Krystal: Oh.

Krystal: What happened? What are you doing here alone at this time...

9 (29)
Krystal: How about school? // By any chance, are you lost?

Girl: ...No, Neko isn't lost. // Faa is lost.

Krystal: Neko-chan?
Neko: That's my name. (This is how you write it)
Kanji: Neko

[T/N: Neko (猫) means "cat". But her name is written with the kanji for "child" (子), ko.]

Krystal: Neko... // So, you're koko-chan, right? // I'm Hoshigawa Krystal! // It's nice to meet you.

Krystal: Who's Faa?
Neko: ...my stuffed animal.

10 (30)
Krystal: So you stuffed animal is lost, right!? // Leave it to us! // The welcome... has to wait... right?
Kari: We can't just do that.

Kari: I'll go to the station. So Hime, you can help Krys to find the stuffed animal.
Hime: Will you... be alright?

Kari: Wh..What! No need to worry about me! // I'll find those transfer students right away!

Kari: You'd better worry about yourself!
Hime: I'm sorry, Kari-chan!

11 (31)
Krystal: Faa-kun fell down from here?
Neko: He fell on the back of a truck that was loaded with cement.

Hime: The name of the construction firm on the truck... // Did you see it?

Neko: I'm sure... // there was a pigeon drawn on it.

Krystal: Well then, I'll show you my divination skills.

Neko: Divination?

Hime: There's no need // for that.

12 (32)
Kari: They wouldn't look like that. // Maybe they haven't arrived yet...

XXX: Can I sit next to you?

13 (33)
Kari: Ah, sure! // Go ahead!

Kari: Wow~~ // You don't often see such a cool person around here...

XXX: Are you waiting for someone? // I can't forgive the boy who makes a cute girl like you wait.
Kari: N..No, I'm waiting for some girls...

XXX: That's good. // Then I don't have to feel eaten up with envy, while I'm sitting next to you.

14 (34)
Neko: There it is. It was that truck.

Neko: Excuse me.

Krystal: How did you know~~ Hime-chan~~ (I wanted to show off my skills.)
Hime: As expected... Because Dobato construction is the only firm carrying cement around here... // There exist no heavy machine that'll escape me eyes. (fufufufufu)

Krystal: How did it go, Koko-chan!?

15 (35)
Neko: ...it's not here.
Krystal: Huh!?

Neko: ...it probably fell off somewhere.

Krystal: Then, it could be lying around somewhere on the road to this place! // Hime-chan, let's double our tracks!

Krystal: ...Hime-chan?

16 (36)
Krystal: When Hime-chan spots a construction site, she stops moving~~
Neko: ...is that so?

Neko: Er... // enough.

Krystal: Alright! I'll tell its fortune. // Just wait for a bit, Koko-chan!

17 (37)
Krystal: Concentrate... // and entrust your heart to the crystal ball.

Krystal: Koko-chan.
Neko: Ye..yes.

Krystal: It'll be fine. I'll be sure to find it!

18 (38)
XXX: Oh... // What a splendid form.

Girl: It's a grand sight, right?
Hime: Yes...

Hime: If possible, I would like to become cement... // I want to be mixed by the drum of the truck mixer.

Girl: That's a great dream. // But the water spirits say it looks pretty horrible? // It'll be dangerous if you get too close, right?

19 (39)
Hime: No... // I'll be fine.

20 (40)
Girl: Are you alright?
Hime: Th... // Thank you... // very much.

21 (41)
Girl: Don't worry. // This also the guidance of a spirit.

Krystal: I saw a green color! // So it should be somewhere around here!

Neko: There should be an answer to this problem. // The load, the speed per hour, the angle of the road's curve and Faa's mass...

22 (42)
Neko: Calculation complete... // Krystal-san, Faa is
Krystal: It's Krys, // you know.

Neko: ...Eh?
Krystal: All my friends call me Krys.

Krystal: So I'd like Koko-chan to call me Krys as well!

Neko: Fri...ends...?

23 (43)
Krystal: Got it! // Is this her? Koko-chan!

Neko: Ah...

Neko: It's... // her.

Krystal: Heh-heh-heh, that's good. // That's really good~~

24-25 (44-45)
Krystal: Koko-chan finally // smiled!

Krystal: I'm still learning, but if my divinations make someone happy // that makes me really happy as well.

26 (46)
Krystal: Huh? // You have some business at this school? // Do your parents work here?

Krystal: Hime-chan, Kari-chan!

Kari: Krys!
Krystal: Oh, // who are they?

27 (47)
Hime: A person who... saved my life. // But... I'm not really sure who she is.

Kari: Someone who asked me to lead him here, // because no one showed up after waiting for a long time.

Yonemura: Oh, welcome back~~ // You did well! // I didn't think you'd really succeed!
All: Eh?

28 (48)
Yonemura: You 3 transfer student, // please come in.

XXX: I'm Kadokura Kiriko. // Looks like we all have the same ability. // I'm really excited to start my new school life.

Kari: (Oh...) A... girl!?

Hime: Kari-san...
Kari: Th..that's not it. // I knew, I knew!!

29 (49)
Girl: My name is Nonohara Ayumu. // I'm really happy to study at a place that's loved by the spirits.

Neko: I'm Etou Neko. // It's nice to meet you, // ...senpai.

Krystal: Senpai?

30 (50)
Faa: That's right! // Neko is 11 years old and skipped a grade!! // I am her partner, Faa! // It's nice to meet you!!

Neko: ...er...rr.

31 (51)
Neko: I'm interested in predicting the possibilities and probabilities of the future. // I'm only a beginner at divination.

Neko: Please take care of me, // ...Krys- // senpai.

32 (52)
Krystal: Welcome! // To the divination class of Kaisen gakuen!

XXX: Let's all do our best to become splendid diviners!

33 (53) [yonkoma]
Neko: Where do you keep that crystal ball?

Krystal: As a diviner, I always have my tools with me.

Krystal: Look! // It's inside my skirt~!

Krystal: As a senpai, I have to be cautious.
Neko: Your underwear...
Krystal: Underwear?

34 (54)
Yonemura: Bakyuun!

[T/N: Bakyuun = a whistling sound]

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