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Smoky B.B. 10


+ posted by Sohma Riku as translation on Sep 2, 2013 15:48 | Go to Smoky B.B.

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Box: Kanagawa-district spring tournament, second round.

Text: Facing the vertical stripes of the champion...!!
Title: Smokey B.B. // Author Komiya Kenta // Manga: Kawada Yuuya // Chapter 10 Hotei

Coach: I won't change my mind. // In the second round
Coach: you will not play!!

Text: Benten VS Hotei

Enjiro: I'm asking you why!

Enjiro: Hotei is strong, right!? // That's why you need me, right!?
Coach: You're right, in middle school you were the genius pitcher of National runner-up and we need you... // but not now!!

Coach: Right here and now... // I don't want to lose you...

Coach: That's all!!

Enjiro: What's up with him... I don't get it.
Paper: Second round (12:35) // 3rd base side Hotei // 1st base side

Enjiro: Kitazato-san! The coach won't let me play! // Tell me what kind of devilish wisdom forces him to act like that!!

Kitazato: You, I'm taking a shit! Wait outside, Haimura!
Enjiro: (Hm.) What would happen if a person, who's already piece of walking shit, would push something like that out.
Kitazato: What!? I'm gonna kill you!!

Enjiro: Hey, Kitazato-san.
Kitazato: It's fine...

Kitazato: I'll do it... // by myself.

Enjiro: Sure, sure, I get it... // So this is how the parents of a Hikikomori feel~~
Tora: Hey, Haimura.

[T/N: Hikikomori = a person who went into seclusion.]

Tora: Come here for a sec!!

Hayata: Hotei Yips!

[T/N: players suffering from yips demonstrate a sudden loss of skill without apparent reason.]

Enjiro: Kitazato does!?
Tora: Actually, most of Benten's players suffer from it!!

Tora: Benten suffered a historical defeat in the match against the champion Hotei during last year's summer tournament. // Since then we keep making mistakes, every time we play against Hotei.

Tora: Kitazato is one of those who was gravely affected. // He fell into quite a serious pitching complex...

Tora: It's something I came to understand... // Don't let it bother you, Kitazato...

Tora: We'll try again for the Koshien from scratch.

Kitazato: It's impossible for us... // Toratani.

Tora: After our match against Hotei.

Hayata: So, that's when Kitazato's dark side was born.
Enjiro: He's one troublesome prince, hearing voices and all.

Tora: Kitazato hasn't completely recovered yet. // I doubt he'll play in today's match...

Sign: waiting room

Coach: Kitazato... I'm worried you'll break down completely again... // Are you sure you want to play!?

Kitazato: Yes!! Please let me play // as the starting pitcher!!

Komado: Ah, damn. Scouting took longer than I expected. // They probably started long ago already...

Komado: Everyone... // do your best!!

Komado: What... this!?

Girls: Look like it'll become a called game. // It may have been better to bring out the double-digit board from the storehouse.

Box: No out, 2nd base

Hayata: Damn... I wish I could help him somehow... // but these people are too good.

Hayata: Especially Hotei's number 4, Mikami Shun. // The man who pushed Kitazato over the edge...

Hayata: Enjiro is like "smoke". // Kitazato is like a "snake". // Our captain is a "tiger". // It's possible to compare a person's personality to many different things, but...

Hayata: This person is without a doubt

Hayata: a "monster"!!

XXX: That makes two for today!!

XXX: That's Mikami-san's amazing out-of-the-park!! // He even made the local residents sue the school in court three times.
XXX: Apart from his batting, he's a piece of scum, huh?

Mikami: This is the true strength of Kanagawa, first year catcher!!

Mikami: Without causing any drama or trouble. // Just... // quietly leave as the loser.
Box: Hotei High / No.4 (first base) / Mikami Shun (3rd year)

Mikami: I'll dedicate that home run to all of Kanagawa's baseball fans and residents!!
XXX: How do you even manage to keep up that deep love for Kanagawa!?

Ikki: That Kanagawa freak!! (He's good)

Hayata: What an amazing strength! Even though you'd expect he would be really tired, because he just returned from the Senbatsu. // So this is the treasure of Kanagawa,...

[T/N: Senbatsu = Senbatsu koutou gakkou yakyuu taikai (the National Invitational High-school Baseball Tournament).]

Hayata: "Hotei High".

Enjiro: Hey, how long do I have to sit here!? // Just let me play!
Coach: I'll be changing Kitazato, but... you won't be his relief.

Enjiro: You think I'll fall victim to that Hotei yips too!?

Coach: You don't get it. // The suffering they went through...

Coach: I'm not just being selfish, it's for your sake as well.

Coach: They aren't your average team. // They'll leave a serious scar on your mind.

Coach: They'll completely erase the footprint of your efforts. // That's how frightening that team is.

Coach: Benten isn't weak. // We intended to train ourselves to death on a daily basis.

Coach: But.

Coach: That's why we were able to feel their real power. // The closer we got, the further we'd lose ourselves.

Coach: And, when he realized that... Kitazato.

Coach: It takes time to light a fire that has once gone out. // What would happen to us if you would lose your confidence and be unable to recover!?

Coach: You don't have much experience yet, if I'd let you face off against Mikami now, Benten wouldn't even make it to the summer tournament. // And in the end, that's our aim.

Coach: It was a request from that proud guy, but...

Coach: He reached his limit. From here on it will be last year all over again. // Hey, call Nakatsu of the bullpen.
XXX: (Yes.)

[T/N: Bullpen = an exercise area for baseball pitchers.]

Kitazato: My fear for Hotei is disappearing.

Enjiro: Hey, coach... if you only put on airs, nothing will change. // Instead of running away, it's better to face your fear head-on.

Enjiro: Even if it'll break down // I'll stand up time after time... // To proof that, that person is standing over there, right?

Enjiro: Please let me play, coach...

Enjiro: Kitazato-san is waiting for me.

Kitazato: Leave the first inning to me. // However, if I can prove that I have recovered... // please allow Haimura to play against Hotei.

Kitazato: Then let's show them. // Our new Benten!!

Enjiro: Did you wait for me!?
Kitazato: Looks like everything went well. // I'll tell you now, I haven't given up yet.

Kitazato: I won't give up again!!
Enjiro: Looks like you overcame that Hotei yips, right Kitazato-san...

Both: Now it's time for them // to suffer from Benten yips!!

Smokey B.B. // Chapter 10 / End

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