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Birdmen 4

flight002 communication

+ posted by Sohma Riku as translation on Sep 3, 2013 18:39 | Go to Birdmen

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Title: Chapter 4 flight002 communication

Text: Connected through a "pair of wings", a miraculous relationship----

Title: Birdmen
Author: Tanabe Yellow

Text: I don't remember asking for a pair of wings.

Rei: The entrance to this sky terrace is normally locked after 18 PM, but // when I asked the concierge, he gave me the key by way of exception.

Rei: Don't worry. // No one will come here.

Eishi: This bad... I even don't have the energy to question his luxury life style... // Sagisawa, // just to be sure.

Eishi: You too, those... // You also grew a pair, right?

Rei: Ah, yes. // Want to see them?

Both: What!
Eishi: You can freely...!?
Rei: Yes. // I've been practicing all day to control it. // Due to that my room is a mess now.

Rei: Ah! // Well, let's altogether...
Eishi: No, no, no!! // It really took us a great amount of trouble to get rid of them!!

Kamoda: Ei-chan, what should we do!!? // What should we do!!?
Eishi: Shut up! Calm down, idiot!! // Sagisawa said they'll return if we calm down!!! // So, that strong grip!! That strong grip is forbidden!!!
Box: Two hours ago

Eishi: We've been reciting wisdom sutras for almost an hour like that?
Rei: Wisdom sutras?
Kamoda: I often use them to drive out evil passions.

Rei: Don't worry, I'll teach you. // It's easy if you know the secret.

Rei: Last night this mark appeared on my back. // How about you?

Eishi: As expected, he took off his clothes without hesitation... // He's got some confidence, that bastard.
Kamoda: I don't know, I can't see my own back...

Rei: Anyway, let's practice. // It would be a problem if they appear when you're out in the city, right?

Kamoda: Alright, // let's do it!!
Eishi: You're also quick to take off your shirt!!

Kamoda: Come, Ei-chan too!!
Eishi: Why!! // Don't strip me naked!!

Eishi: Sagisawa!! // First of all! // Tell us about the birdman!!

Kamoda: Give me my T-shirt back. (Heh, heh.)
Rei: You really don't remember?
Eishi: Only some faint memories! // I may remember if you tell us about it.

Rei: Ah, sorry. I've got a call.

Rei: Tsubame just arrived at the mansion. // I'm going downstairs to pick her up.

Kamoda: That's right... // Tsubame-chan is also a comrade...

Eishi: Comrade...

Kamoda: Ei-chan, Ei-chan!

Kamoda: If we both grow our wings, // when Tsubame-chan gets here, we'd look cool, right?
Eishi: What?

Eishi: Come to think of it, that girl... wasn't she looking for the birdman, because she thought he was cool... // I see, it could work...
Kamoda: Right? // Right?

Kamoda: Let's do it!! // She'll think we are cool boys who fully exploit their wings!
Eishi: Don't get carried away! // If we look like this, she'll instantly reject us!

Rei: I'm sorry. // We dropped by the convenience store, so it took a bit longer.

Tsubame: Why did they both get into a pose like the one of "The Thinker"? // (reference)

Tsubame: Aah!

Tsubame: It's true! // There's really a mark!!

Eishi: Aaah, damn! Why!!? // Because I went along with Kamoda's crazy idea while I wasn't mentally prepared, I got myself in a situation where she can only see my poor physique...!

Tsubame: I'm glad. // You're also really a comrade.

Rei: Tsubame-chan also can't remember much of our encounter with the birdman. // Ah, pick whichever drink you like. // At that time...

Rei: Right after the accident, // I somehow didn't lose consciousness, yet I was unable to move my body...
Eishi: Eh, he's gonna explain everything while we're half-naked?

Rei: Just when I thought I would die right there, // I heard a voice.

Birdman: Do you want to die... // Or do you want to live... // What is // your answer?

Eishi: Is that the "contract" you were talking about? // What was the price we had to pay to be saved?

Rei: He didn't really tell us, but // considering the current situation...

Rei: We became his comrades, // I'd say.

Eishi: A contract to become his comrade.
Kamoda: I don't remember anything at all...
Rei: But you grew wings, so...


Tsubame: I only remember we were all covered in blood.
Eishi: Yes, me too...
Kamoda: I guess so...?

Kamoda: I often see people who are covered in blood. // (Yankee after a fight)
Eishi: Your daily life is too bloody.

Eishi: Blood...?

Eishi: Wait! // He... // Back then, he----
Rei: Did you remember?

Rei: That's right. // Back then we drank the birdman's blood.

Kamoda: Blood?

Eishi: He used his blood as a medium...? It's not like I'm a vampire now---- // Then....... what on earth will happen to us? // First our bodies changed, // then we grew black wings like the birdmen, so next-----

Rei: I don't know about that.
Eishi: He isn't an angel at all!!

Rei: You're right, // his appearance suggests he is a devil... // But, in my impression, he's a human who grew wings... // I think he's a human.

Eishi: That thing is human!?
Rei: If we are still human right now, // he's also a human.

Eishi: (Ugh...)
Rei: I anything, I am grateful to him.

Rei: Because... // I absolutely couldn't die right there.

Tsubame: Me too... // I don't want to die before my parents.

Kamoda: I don't remember a thing, but // my dad told me there is no merit in dying as long as you haven't strived to be virtuous yet.

Eishi: What is going on? // All of them...

Rei: This is the highest building in the area. // We can even see Tokyo Bay from here, right?

Rei: I // have the feeling, that if we'd gather // and call out to him, he'll appear before us again.

Tsubame: Wow!
Eishi: Wa.. // Wait, Sagisawa!! // You want to call out the birdman!?

Eishi: Stop it!! // Let's think some more...

Eishi: Yikes!!
Kamoda: Ei-chan!! // I've seen this before!!

Tsubame: Hey, // is it possible the wings will grow if we touch each other?

Kamoda: It's true!!
Eishi: That doesn't proof anything!!!

Tsubame: Ah, // me too!! // Me too!! // I didn't grow wings yet!
Rei: Tsubame, you can't. Your clothes will tear.

Tsubame: Don't worry!!

Tsubame: I expected this would happen, // so I'm wearing a tank top with a cup. I don't mind if it tears!

Tsubame: Though it probably would've been better if I brought a halter neck.
Eishi: With a cup...
Rei: Ah, I guess it's alright then.

Tsubame: Well, here I go. Rei-kun!
Rei: Go ahead.
Tsubame: Eeh!!

Tsubame: Wo.. // Wooow!! // Wow!
Eishi: Ooh...

Tsubame: Wow!! // Amazing!!

Tsubame: (Amazing, amazing!)
Kamoda: They're great, right!?
Eishi: What are!!?

Tsubame: These wings are really light. // Oh? But I can't move them at all.
Rei: You'll have to practice. // Just imagine in your head that you're moving them.

Rei: That's why, // I really want to meet him again.

Rei: I feel that if we meet him again, // we'll be able to fly.

Eishi: Hey, hey, hey, why? // Why did this end up looking like we're trying to summon an UFO?

Eishi: Will the birdman really appear if we call out to him from our heart? // All of them get carried away too easily.

Eishi: We don't even know if there are more of that wicked winged guy. // By the way, why am I the one who's holding hands with two guys?

Eishi: It doesn't make any sense!! I should try harder to get a grasp of the situation. // Who cares about feelings of happiness that we didn't die, we're with our backs against the wall. Ever since the accident!

Text: Right now we don't need any hope, we need a sense of crisis.

Tsubame: I'm going home now. // I left my little brother on his own too long already.

Kamoda: As I thought, calling him like he's an UFO doesn't work.
Eishi: Did you ever try to call out an UFO?

Rei: I don't think he's too far away.
Eishi: You're still saying such things?

Rei: Well, he had something familiar to him. // I feel like I've met him somewhere before.

Eishi: What?
Rei: Didn't you think he was about the same age as us?

Rei: He wasn't a kid... nor an adult. // The tone of his voice as well...

Eishi: He's a teenager like us...?

Tsubame: See you.
Rei: I'll see you to the station.

Eishi: His voice... // Ah...

Boy: How's your body?

Eishi: I... // probably know who the birdman is...

Text: It's him------


Eishi: At this moment the eye-witness reports about the birdman all concentrate themselves in the area around Tokyo Bay, but // before that it seems the rumors were centered in the opposite direction from the coast of the Japan Sea

screen: 00/00/0000 00:00 // Yamakage // The story of a young boy of Shimane // 77: Anonymous with folded wings Day of submission: 00/00/0000 00:00:00 // When a young boy played in the water and got carried away to the open sea, no matter how well he could swim, he didn't make it back to the shore. When it got late and dark, he drifted further and further away from the shore. He got scared. When he inevitably cried: "Someone help me!" from the bottom of his heart, a winged person appeared and pulled him out of the water. // When he regained consciousness, he was in the hospital. It seems that local residents found him collapsed on the beach.

Eishi: His mouth is torn open until his ears, his red eyes are like puddles of blood... There certainly are a lot of urban-legend like rumors going around. // This, they make sense to us, these episodes that are immediately put away by others as a dream.

Eishi: He transferred to our school at an odd time. The end of his 2nd year in middle school or something. // His accent doesn't reveal anything, but I'm pretty sure he came from Totsutori or Shimane.

Eishi: Although he's my classmate, I know almost nothing about him. // He has the habit to silently space out...

Eishi: That guy who's always sitting in the last seat and stares out of the window... // is the birdman...?

Rei: Are you sure?
Eishi: I think so. // Anyway, we should check it together.

Tsubame: Rei-kun!

Eishi: Uniform...!
Rei: Tsubame, is now a convenient time?
Tsubame: Today's my first day of school since the accident, so I was delayed!

Kamoda: Good morning, Tsubame-chan!
Tsubame: Good morning, Kamo-chan!
Eishi: Kamo-chan?

Eishi: When did they...
Tsubame: It's a chance to meet the birdman! // I'm not going to miss it!

Tsubame: He's one of your classmates, right Kurasuma? // Where is he? // Where is he?
Eishi: And she's calling me by my family name without any honorifics!?

Eishi: And they're too close...
Eishi: Well... he hasn't shown up yet, // but it's still before class, so he'll surely pass by...

Tsubame: Ah.

Tsubame: Is it him...?


Eishi: Takayama!!

Eishi: Err... // There's something I'd // like to talk about...

Boy: Yesterday // you called out to me, right?

Boy: 5 o'clock at the Tengu bridge.

Text: Is he the birdman...!? The next issue, the opening color page & extra pages!!

Translator Note:
Just some funny information about their names.

Karasuma Eishi (烏丸英司) = Karasuma is written with the kanji for "raven"/ "crow" and "circle"/"whole".
Kamoda Mikisada (鴨田樹真) = Kamoda is written with the kanji for "wild duck" and "paddy field".
Sagisawa Rei (鷺沢怜) = Sagisawa is written with the kanji for "heron" and "wetlands".
Umino Tsubame (海野つばめ) = Tsubame means swallow.
Takayama (鷹山)= Takayama is written with the kanji for "hawk"/ "falcon" and "mountain".

In short, all their names carry a relation to birds.

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