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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Akarui Sekai Keikaku 15

Operation15: PROMISE

+ posted by Sohma Riku as translation on Sep 14, 2013 21:28 | Go to Akarui Sekai Keikaku

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Translated on request - Reserved

Text: August 5th

Hinomiya: Rin is pretty worried about Harusame… this time she even lost her voice. // It can’t be helped, in that condition it’ll hard to discuss any plans to crush the scheme.

Hinomiya: Then, how about you two?

Tsuyoshi: I can’t even get a hold of Hizuki himself, to say nothing of his scheme. He’s always on his guard. (Hm..)

Hinomiya: No, I’m asking if thou did anything dirty! (Dimwit!)
Tsuyoshi: How did we get to that kind of conversation, perverted old man!! (Are you an idiot!)

Satomi: Tsuyoshi-san is really mean, Hinomiya-senpai. // We did nothing dirty, far from it. We didn’t kiss nor date, he shut himself up to investigate.

Tsuyoshi: Hey, you! // Satomi!!

Satomi: I understand your feelings, but don’t overdo it.
Tsuyoshi: I’m sorry…
Girl: (He, he, he…) Don’t let her wear the trousers, Tsumikado.

Hinomiya: Even so…… // Harusame didn’t come back yet.

Hinomiya: We haven’t had a single mission in 5 days too. // If anything, it’s weird…
Title: Bright World Project // Operation15: PROMISE // Author: Aoki Aki / Drawings: Izumi Kouki

Narumi: Ha, ha, ha, I got wet. // This also happened, because Tachibana-san suddenly appeared from the shade of a tree.

Tachibana: Ah, Narumii. // Why are you here? Are you ill?

Narumi: No, I’m here for my monthly health check. // Tachibana-san, are you looking for Daichi-senpai?
Tachibana: Yes, but // because Io has bad luck, she can’t find the hospital Harurun is in.

Narumi: But, even if you found Daichi-senpai , // there is no guarantee that he will return Tachibana-san’s love. Is that alright with you?

Tachibana: Even so // Harurun will stay by Io’s side. // Hotahota too, Mion too, he’ll stay with everyone.

Tachibana: Until now no one dared to come close to Io……

Tachibana: Narumii, will you stay with Io? // Will you be Io’s friend?

Narumi: I’m sorry, but I’m actually sane.
Tachibana: I see… because you’ll become unlucky when you’re around Io…

Narumi: That’s not it. // I’m saying it’s better for you if you don’t get close to me.

Narumi: If you concern yourself with me, // you’ll meet even more misfortune.

Narumi: See you, Tachibana-san.

Tachibana: Io.

Tachibana: Just call me Io. // Narumii.

Tia: Nothing strange is happening.

Tia: It may be my work, but watching over a boy isn’t fun at all…

Tia: I pray nothing will happen, // Narumi Kei.

XXX: Blindfold deactivated.

Haru: Finally a familiar place…

XXX: Do as you like, until your receive the next instructions.

Haru: It’s been 5 days since the last day of July. // I returned from the chasm of death.

Haru: The latest medical equipment and medical functions of the nano-machine inside me. // Thanks to those two, I was able to recover completely in just 5 days.

XXX: Daichi.

Haru: Eh…

Rin: I…… // I’m happy… you’re healthy again…

Haru: Wow, Myouga-senpai called me by my first name!!

Haru: Ehm, I’m glad you’re healthy too… // But what are you doing here, senpai…
Rin: Eh! // Ah, well.

Rin: I.. I was just passing by! // It’s not like I’ve been carefully choosing my clothes and walking around this area every day!!

Rin: Mo… More important, how long will you keep standing here.
Haru: Ah, I’m sorry. I’ll carry it myself.

Rin: Eek, don’t touch me!!

Haru: Wh..What? // Suddenly. // Ulp!

Haru: Yo… you’re heavy, senpai…

Rin: Don’t look, idiot!!

Rin: Forget it, idiot! Forget it!!
Haru: It was too dark to see anything! By the way

Haru: you already showed it to me without any shame.

Rin: Uaaaa~~~~

Rin: Haauuaaaaaa.

Haru: Myo…

Haru: Myouga-senpai has // broken down!!

Haru: …Kizuki didn’t brainwash you, did he?
Rin: Of course not!

Rin: You’re really rude, disappearing the moment we start thinking about a way to fight against Hizuki.
Haru: Ha, ha…
Rin: Well… it’s fine. Then… about the counter plan……

Rin: What’s up?

Haru: No, // they’ve got to be kidding me.

Haru: They didn’t return my house!
Rin: Aah.

Rin: It sank below the island.

Haru: Too casual!! // All my Marin-tan goods… and my games… my sanctuary……
Rin: Daichi.

Rin: About… that… // If you don’t have a place to go…
Hotaru: Haru-chan!

Hotaru: Welcome home!
Haru: Hotaru…
Hotaru: I was so worried about you!

Hotaru: So----

Hotaru: Why is this shitty girl with you?

Haru: Stop it, Hotaru. // We met by chance and were talking about the scheme.

Rin: Indeed, unlike you I // was having a serious conversation with Daichi.

Hotaru: So? What was that serious conversation about?

Rin: It was about something a baby like you wouldn’t understand.
Hotaru: Ah! I get it, you were trying to seduce Haru-chan!
Rin: Th…there’s no way I would do that!

Hotaru: Alright, I understand. // Hey, Haru-chan. Let’s go on a date♡
Rin: (What!?)
Haru: What are you talking about all of a sudden?

Hotaru: But today there’s a festival!// You’ve caused me a lot of worries, so it would be fine, right?
Haru: I get it, Hotaru. // But first I need my house…

Rin: Wait!

Rin I… I was worried too! // So it would be fine for me to tag along, right?
Hotaru/Haru: Eh!?

Hotaru: Of course you can’t tag along!
Haru: As I thought, senpai // is acting different from usual.
Rin: I wasn’t asking for your permission!

Haru: Or should I say
Hotaru: She can’t, right Haru-chan?

Rin: It’s fine, right Daichi?
Haru: Impossible, this is

Haru: the sight of a bloodbath.
Rin/Hotaru: Daichi!!! Haru-chan!!!

Hinomiya: After all, festivals at night are the best!
Satomi: Don’t get lost.

Kodama: Don’t worry, we have a big landmark with us.
Tsuyoshi: It was mean of you to call him just for that purpose.

XXX: That black-haired girl was really pretty! // That red-haired girl was also really cute! // Why were they with that glasses boy? // He’s probably a relative?

Hinomiya: Ah.
Satomi: Oh.

Haru: Well, no matter how you look at it, it’s quite obvious. // I was forced to go here with those two…

Haru: Myouga-senpai is (apart from her true character) a beauty.
Rin: Speaking of festivals, first of all we should get a candy apple! // (Right?)

Hotaru: No, we should get some yakisoba, right Haru-chan! // (Ya-ki-so-ba!)
Haru: Hotaru is (if don’t know her true character) also pretty cute.

Hinomiya: Huh, Harusame came back already! // Hey, Harusa…
Satomi: That’s enough, Hinomiya-senpai.

Satomi: You have to watch over this sort of thing from far away.
Hinomiya: I see, that’s right…
Tsuyoshi: That’s pretty creepy.
Satomi: I’ve always had a crooked mind!

Hotaru: Haru-chan, let’s fish for yo-yo’s!
Haru: Didn’t you want yakisoba?

Hinomiya: What’s Rin doing?

Satomi: Ah, they’re so cute!

Haru: Do you also want to try, senpai?
Rin: No, I a // a // am

Haru: I thought she was the perfect person // but in the end she’s unexpectedly normal.

Haru: It kinda relieves me. // Are you alright? It’d be sad if your Yukata got dirty.

Satomi: Oh, now their hands will naturally connect!
Rin: ……um. // …oh.
Hinomiya: This is your chance, Rin!

Hotaru: Hey, what are you two doing!!?
Haru: Eek! // I’m just helping her to get up…

Rin: I… I’m fine! // I don’t need your help to get up.

Hinomiya: Damn………… // That Hotaru……

Hotaru: Oh? Not here…… // My utility knife is gone, did you see it Haru-chan…?
Haru: I don’t particularly mind that you don’t have it with you.

Hotaru: What are you saying? That utility nife was the first present your even gave me. // Besides

Hotaru: It’s the “proof” of // my promise with Haru-chan!.

Hotaru: Don’t do any weird things to Haru-chan while I’m off searching for it, Shitty woman!
Haru: “promise”?

Rin: …you give women a utility knife as a present?
Haru: Of course not! // I didn’t give her that utility knife for that reason.

Haru: …when we were small, I said I wanted Hotaru to cook for me. // But her mother wouldn’t let her use the kitchen knife……

Haru: We were kids, in our eyes anything that would cut was okay. //So I gave her that utility knife to use as a substitute for the kitchen knife.

Haru: Then, the first meal Hotaru ever made // was a salad that tasted like plain chopped raw vegetables.

Rin: And she has been using it as a weapon to chop every woman that gets close to you.
Haru: You just can’t say anything nice, can you?

Haru: Even so, what does she mean with “promise” ? // I have the feeling she promised something, but…

Hotaru: Hey, Haru-chan! Can I keep this utility knife?
Haru: Sure.

Hotaru: When I get better at cooking, I’ll become your wife. // I promise!
Haru: Ah.

Haru: Wha… What!?

Rin: You’re so lucky… having nice memories.

Haru: Eh!?
Rin: It’s nothing!! // More important, there’s something I wanted to ask you…!

Rin: When you were in middle school, on the student site…
XXX: That red-haired girl was really cute.

XXX: It’s quite a mess, give some help.
XXX: No way, I’m not doing that.

Haru: Seriously…

Haru: That idiot!!

Haru: Excuse me, please let me through.

Hotaru: This is a precious bond between me and Haru-chan. // B-o-n-d!
Haru: You are the ones who got in a mess!!

Haru: Stop it, Hotaru. // I didn’t give it to you for this purpose.
Hotaru: Haru-chan!?

Hotaru: But, this is the proof----
Haru: We were kids when we made that promise. There’s no need to cling onto it forever, Hotaru. // There’s no way of telling how we will change from here on……

Hotaru: What…… // You’re saying you don’t care about that promise…?

Haru: N…No. // That’s not what I meant…
Hotaru: …I gave… // I gave it my best for that promise…

Hotaru: Why don’t you look at me!?

Satomi: Feeling down, president?

Rin: Kanejou… how long have you been here?
Satomi: Hinomiya-senpai and I have seen about everything. // You look like you’re about to cry?

Rin: …that is……

Rin: quite well… possible……

Rin: Until now all I did was getting angry at him // and yet

Rin: I feel so sad. // It’s so painful.

Rin: I’m afraid I’m gradually getting weaker… // I’m afraid I will change…

Satomi: I don’t think it’s a bad thing to be weak.

Rin: Is… Is it…?
Satomi: You’ll be able to feel close to your partner. // In addition

Satomi: Even if you are weak, doesn’t being in love mean you’ll unconditionally support each other?

Satomi: If you cherish that feeling and allow it to grow // you’ll become even stronger than you are now.

XXX: Just like this tree----

Rin: The way you say it, it’s actually quite convincing.
Satomi: That’s right.

Satoma: Because even if it’s just a little // I’m your senpai when it comes to love.

Hotaru: Haru-chan!

Hotaru: You liar!!
Haru: Yikes!!

Hotaru: Even though you said loved my home-made lunches!

Haru: But that was true!
Hotaru: Then keep our promise!

Hotaru: I only look at Haru-chan. // I only think of Haru-chan. // Why don’t you understand it!?

Hotaru: Haru-chan---- // you are the person I love most in this whole world!!

Hotaru: So----

Hotaru: Haru-chan


Hotaru: Make me your wife!

Text: In front of Rin who only just started to realize her own feeling, a sudden kiss…!

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