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Translations: Gintama 566 by kewl0210 , One Piece 807 by cnet128 , Bleach 652 by cnet128

Smoky B.B. 12

Kanagawa’s Mikami

+ posted by Sohma Riku as translation on Oct 2, 2013 09:48 | Go to Smoky B.B.

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Box: First half of the 5th inning

Smokey B.B.
Author: Komiyama Kenta // Manga: Kawada Yuuya

Text: Benten is reversing the situation!!
Title: Chapter 12 Kanagawa’s Mikami

Satou: What!!

Sakamaki: Alright! A run-scoring hit of 2-points!! Nice, Hayata!!
Ikki: Hey, hey! Nice bat! // Great! This flow is great! // Right, Tora-san!!?

Hayata: We did it… the first hit of the game!!

Hayata: Ikki-san was right. // Enjiro’s pitch in the previous inning changed the situation!!

Enjiro: The flow of this game is Benten’s.

Enjiro: Alright. // A 6-point difference.

Enjiro: Right now I have to…

Ikki: By the way, Kitazat-san… How is En no ji’s batting!?
Kitazato: Hm!? He’s a typical free swinger.

Enjiro: Oops!

Kitazato: He swings at the ball without thinking or aiming. // He’s the type of batter that is most kept away by his teammates.

Ikki: You’re terrible…
Kitazato: You’ll drive us into a corner again…
Tora: I can’t feel a fierce tiger aura from you!!

Satou: Damn… Benten. // Such a feeble opponent won’t!!

Mikami: ♪The light will color the clouds again // across the Seven Seas♪

Mikami: Satou~~… // There is a difference between pitching… // while underestimating your opponent and looking down on your opponent.

Sato: Tch!!

Sato: I know that much, Mikami!!

Sato: (Take this!)


Box: The first half of the 5th inning has ended.

Coach: Alright, you’re doing great.

Coach: They lost their strength after we finally got two points. // He is a typical slide pitcher. // Don’t hit any low balls… don’t chase after them!! // We should attack while Haimura controls the rhythm.

Tora: Coach! I’m going to the toilet.
Enjiro: I’m going too.
Coach: Wait up, we’re still in the middle of our meeting.

Tora: Hit, throw and win!! // That’s enough!!
Enjiro: I’ll bring down that Mikami guy.

Hayata: They are alike, somehow…
Coach: Hey, Kitazato!!
Kitazato: I have to keep an eye on these two idiots, right!? Got it!!

Tora: Haimura… I’ll tell you now. Mikami isn’t your average player!!
Enjiro: Eh!?

Tora: He’s a monster who has a record of 82 home-runs in high school alone. // He has a batting average of more than .600.
Enjiro: Wow♪ Those are some nice numbers.
Tora: Mikami hasn’t been struck out even once since the spring of two years ago. // In addition, he’s an untouchable recorder. He holds many Kanagawa records.

Tora: He is a Kanagawa’s… // strongest player without doubt!!

Enjiro: So, he’s like a nightmare from a pitchers point of view, huh?

Mikami: The wind is also brilliantly shining over Mt.Fuji♪

Mikami: The clear scenery of Shounan ♪

[T/N: Shounan = Coast of Kanagawa prefecture]

Mikami: will forever be the home of my heart♪

Mikami: Ooh, Kanagawa ♪// The place to meet my ideal friend♪

Mikami: Aah… Sorry, I carelessly started singing to myself. // But any person who loves Kanagawa would know, right!?

Mikami: “Hikari arata ni” is our prefectural song!!
Enjiro: Well, I didn’t know!!

Tora: That incomprehensible love of yours for Kanagawa won’t lead you anywhere. // We went to the same middle school.

Mikami: Hey, Toratani. // You’re still as snappy as ever…

Tora: And your expression is still as stiff as ever. // You were more charming in the past!! // Even if you hit the ball, you don’t look happy in the least.

Tora: You should enjoy this a bit more!

Mikami: If you smirk…

Mikami: and look like you enjoy it, // will you be better at baseball?

Mikami: Because you’re like that, you haven’t been able to make it any further than the best 16!!
Tora: Ah!?
Enjiro: Hey, expressionless face… did you wash away your mimic muscles together with the dirt!?

Mikami: Right now… I am playing baseball while carrying the banner // of my beloved Kanagawa and Hotei . // Things have changed since middle school!!

Mikami: The people around me expect me to be invincible, to go to the Koshien. // In order to win, they spared no pains in training me. // I came to play baseball, exposed to all that pressure.

Mikami: I can no longer play baseball just for fun. // I may have forgotten how to laugh, but…

Mikami: I also forgot how to cry.

Mikami: I became stronger… // And I’m completely… fine with that!!

Enjiro: Looks like you’ll be an obstacle on Benten’s way to dominate the Nation.

Mikami: You cannot beat me.

Enjiro: No, the wall Benten couldn’t overcome before!! // I’ll break it down today!!

Mikami: Wall, huh…

Mikami: Well, give it a try. (The light will color~~♪// Hum hum♪)

Kitazato: Hey, you two. Get back already…

Mikami: Hi, Kitazato…
Kitazato: Mi… Mikami!! (H…Hi.)

Box: Hotei’s attack in the first half of the 6th inning.

Referee: Ball four!!

[T/N: Four = the batter gets to walk to first base after receiving four balls. (base on balls)]

Box: No out, runner on first base
XXX: (Well!!)

Hayata: Hey, hey!

Hayata: The next batter // is that Mikami!!

Satou: Alright, take the win! Mikami! // He only throws fast balls!!

XXX: That Mikami-kun, still using that wooden bat…
XXX: It’s because he can send the ball flying from his few millimeter-wide sweet spot with the meat of that wooden bat. // He’s really a monster.

Enjiro: Well, fine… the real fight starts now!! // If you destroy the pillar, the house will collapse.

Enjiro: It’s on, Mikami!!

Enjiro: I’ll prove it. // I’ll defeat him…

Enjiro: and take us to the Koshien!!


Mikami: The green is endlessly sprouting in the fields♪ // The breaking morning if our dream to harvest♪

Mikami: The products of the sea onto the adjoined beach♪ // Ooh, Kanagawa // You are the place where nostalgic, peaceful flowers bloom.♪

Mikami: Hey… did you ever hit a wall before!? // If you throw a ball at it, it’ll bounce back, right!?
Text: First half of the 6th inning / Benten Hotei / 2 - 10

Mikami: That’s especially true for the wall that stands between …// you and the Koshien.

Mikami: If that is all you can do right now // you’d better give up on the Koshien… Haimura.
Text: One swing of the monster brought everything to naught…

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