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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Bonnouji 34

+ posted by Sohma Riku as translation on Oct 11, 2013 15:04 | Go to Bonnouji

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Reserved (EGScans)

1 (147)
Woman1: Good bye! (I’m leaving.)
Woman2: (Bye!)
Man: Good bye.

Watanabe: Ozawa-san, // are you free tonight?
Ozawa: Dinner? // I’ll tag along.

Watanabe: Thanks. // …by the way, // you.

Watanabe: That.
T/N: Title of the magazine is “Zexy”

Watanabe: Ze…

Ozawa: Wait!!

Ozawa: You’re wrong, his brother sent us this. // Look!! It says Kumamoto edition. (Here!!)

2 (148)
Ozawa: I just enjoy comparing the Zexy magazines from all over the country!! // That’s all!!

Watanabe: …oh.

Ozawa: I’m serious!! // The depth of the Metropolitan area edition is really amazing!!
Watanabe: Oh, so you’re also reading the Metropolitan area edition, huh?
Ozawa: Guh.

Watanabe: It’s often read by couples that refrain from getting married. // The bridal information magazine… no, bible Zexy… // If they start walking around with it…
Ozawa: …ugh.

3 (149)
Chapter 34

Ozawa: No, I really have no ulterior motives!!

Watanabe: Then why were you hiding it?
Ozawa: (That!!) It’s simple. // Because I felt embarrassed. (Seriously.)

Ozawa: Also, // if people who absolutely don’t want to get married read it // Instead of the happy stories // the stories about failures or the expenses or ways to efficiently prepare yourself tend to catch their attention.
Watanabe: Aah.

Ozawa: The extreme pressure // of marriage is.
Watanabe: (Well,) I guess I can understand that.

4 (150)
Ozawa: But // I wonder why his brother send us this marriage information magazine.

Watanabe: About that. // Isn’t he just telling you to get married already?

Ozawa: But // wouldn’t the oldest son normally want to avoid to be surpassed by his younger brother?
Watanabe: (Well) Normally, yeah.

Watanabe: As far as I heard his brother is the type who wants to freely enjoy his life. // So, isn’t he just trying to turn his parents’ eyes on Oyamada-kun? // Because it’ll give him a little more time to mess around?

Ozawa: Then // why does he send us editions of different areas // I wonder…?
Watanabe: Because it’s interesting… or something. (Anyway.)
Ozawa: (Ahaha) Maybe.

Watanabe: You.
Ozawa: Hm?
Watanabe: When you got that magazine

5 (151)
Watanabe: His brother is pushing us to get married. // It’s annoying, // but I’m happy. // You thought something like that, right? (It’s the truth.)

Kanji: Bull’s eye!
Ozawa: Getting to the heart, huh… (you)
Watanabe: Of course.

Watanabe: Even though you say this and that, // you really want to get married, right?
Ozawa: No, no, no!! // A marriage would ruin everything!?

Watanabe: The only people who are qualified to say that // are those who have been married before, don’t you think?
Ozawa: Ugh.

6 (152)
Watanabe: You really… // still think that it’s a must to preserve the status quo…

Watanabe: Get rejected while you’re idling your time away!! // Break up at once!!
Ozawa: Guh.

Watanabe: And, become one of us again. // It’s alright. // It’s easy, free and fun.
Ozawa: Seriously?

Watanabe: I’m serious ♡
SFX: Peace // peace

Shimapon: Hi!

Oyamada: Come in.
Shimapon: What? // Are you studying?
Oyamada: Sort of.

7 (153)
Oyamada: This.
Shimapon: Geh!

Shimapon: You… // That…

Shimapon: I see. // You finally decided to get married.
Oyamada: Not right away. // But someday.
Shimapon: What!?

Shimapon: So why are you reading that magazine? (All of a sudden.)

Oyamada: Because my brother sent us these.
Shimapon: I see. // That’s why.

Shimapon: Satoshi-san. // told me your parents pressured him to get married already.
Oyamada: Aah, so that’s why.

Oyamada: He wants to direct their attack towards me…
Shimapon: Right. // It seems that’s the best he can do with his study and training.

8 (154)
Shimapon: He said // his girlfriend dumped him because of that.
Oyamada: Oh, really?

Shimapon: By the way // what did Ozawa-san say when she saw those?
Text: those
Oyamada: (Hm?) Nothing special.

Oyamada: She was happy with all the supplements that were included. // It was very helpful that this month’s issue came with a few laundry nets.
Shimapon: Even though you’re still unmarried, she already acts like a housewife, huh?

Oyamada: I just think she evaded the subject, // because she doesn’t want to get married right away.
Shimapon: Eh? // I always thought Ozawa-san was the type who wanted to get married.
Oyamada: Yes.

Oyamada: Because she’s a peculiar, yet serious person // I believe she’s thinking about all sorts of things. (Have some tea.)
Shimapon: Oh. (Thanks.)

9 (155)
Shimapon: How about you?
Oyamada: Me?

Oyamada: I don’t care.
Shimapon: WHAT!!

Shimapon: You, that! // If you said that to a woman, she’d be pissed.
Oyamada: Eh!? // I don’t mean it like that.

Oyamada: Right. // I don’t intend to leave her. // I meant to say that whether we get married or not, it wouldn’t change anything between us... // Anyway // Just don’t tell Ozawa-san I said that.

Oyamada: What’s up?

10 (156)
Shimapon: You… that. // It’s like a proposal?

Shimapon: Don’t say it to me, just tell Ozawa-san. (You’re so shy.)
Oyamada: That’s not what…
Shimapon: Ah, I get it. I get it. // Thanks for the meal.
Oyamada: That’s not…

Watanabe: Really // you want too much. // Although you are still unmarried, you got a boyfriend. // Don’t say it’s scary or troublesome.

Ozawa: Yes. // That // I know, but… (It really hurts)

11 (157)
Watanabe: You said it yourself. // That you were envious of the wedding ceremony of that other girl. And that her dress was cute. // That she seemed to be really happy receive blessings from everyone.
Ozawa: Ye…yes.

Watanabe: That every time you receive a honeymoon souvenir, // there are many places within and outside the country where you want to go…

Ozawa: Yes… // That’s right, but

Watanabe: Every time you pass by a jeweler // you start talking about wedding rings, right!?
Ozawa: Hm? // Did… Did that happen? (Did I?)

Watanabe: Come on, just get married!! // Wedding ceremony, getting married, honeymoon, children. // Your life could become happier than anyone’s, your life could become happier than it is now!!

Ozawa: …ugh!!

12 (158)
Ozawa: You… // Who?

Watanabe: Eh?

Watanabe: What? What’s going on? // Are you getting drunk?
Ozawa: You… aren’t Watanabe.

Watanabe: What are you saying? // …are you alright?
Ozawa: Watanabe

Ozawa: Watanabe // absolutely // wouldn’t encourage me to get married!!

Watanabe: You figured it out, // That’s too bad.

13 (159)
Watanabe: Indeed!! // I’m not Watanabe!!

Watanabe: I was // sent by the secret association Zexy.
Ozawa: Eh?

Watanabe: My goal is to guide people to the happiness of marriage!!
Ozawa: Eh?

Watanabe: Here, take these! // The items of happiness!!

Watanabe: Dress!! // Ceremonial hall!! // Rings!! // Nails!! // Bouquet!!
Ozawa: Eek!!

Watanabe: There’s more!! // Take this!! // A lot of useful information!! // A canny schedule until the ceremony. // An inoffensive expenses distribution. // Various sensible return gifts.
Ozawa: Eek!
Watanabe: Check the ceremonial hall in advance…

14 (160)
Ozawa: Someone help me!!
Watanabe: (Now) Promise me that you’ll get married!!

Oyamada: Ozawa-san!!

Ozawa: Oyamada-kun…

Oyamada: I can to save you!!

Ozawa: What’s that?
Oyamada: Ah, this?

Oyamada: Robonnouji.

15 (161)
Ozawa: I told you to forget about that!!

Oyamada: Are you alright? // It looked like you didn’t sleep too well.

Ozawa: …yesterday… // when did I come home?
Oyamada: You missed the last train, so you took a taxi… it was around 3 o’clock.

Oyamada: You were pretty wasted // so Watanabe-san brought you home.
Watanabe: (Sorry, she drank too much.)

Ozawa: really!! // …damn. I can’t remember.
Oyamada: My, my.

Ozawa: Ah. // That’s right. I had this terrible dream. (Just now)
Oyamada: Oh. // What was it about?

Ozawa: The secret association Zexy // attacked me with all the good sides of marriage.
Oyamada: (Oh) That’s a great secret association, huh.
Ozawa: Eh?

Ozawa: Now that you say it. // Well. // That’s right.

16 (162)
Oyamada: You don’t want to get married…?

Ozawa: It’s not like I don’t // want to get married.

Ozawa: …but

Oyamada: But?

Ozawa: I have this feeling things will change… if we get married

Ozawa: (Well) It feels stupid, we’re at the right age after all.

Oyamada: If we get married… well, I guess something will change.

Ozawa: Ah. // Right?
Oyamada: Your surname.

17 (163)
Oyamada: Except that, I don’t think that // there will be any other major changes.

Ozawa: …you do?
Oyamada: Yes.
Ozawa: …I see.

Oyamada: Ozawa-san.

Ozawa: Hm?

18 (164)
Oyamada: I don’t intend to ever leave you, so // well… // I don’t think anything will change between us if we get married someday.

Ozawa: …yes.

Oyamada: In short // I mean, would you want to marry me?

19 (165)
Oyamada: How… about it?

Ozawa: Well // …I guess so.

Ozawa: …yes.

Ozawa: I would // be fine.

Box: After that.
Shimapon: Aah.

20 (166)
Box: Shimapon exposed // that this proposal was done before.
Shimapon: Those words. // He told me all that first!
Oyamada: (You!!) I told you not to tell her!!

Box: I think I’ll try to keep// it as a genuine proposal within my heart.

21 (167)
Text: And omission in the script phase.

(Sorry, can’t read the scribbling)

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