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Smoky B.B. 13

Pride of Benten

+ posted by Sohma Riku as translation on Oct 14, 2013 20:32 | Go to Smoky B.B.

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Text: With one hit from the Monster the flow is…

Author: Komiyama Kenta
Manga: Kawada Yuuya

Smokey B.B.

XXX: Ag.. Again that shot!! // The chance for the bases is gone. // Don’t hit it there, idiot!!

Ikki: In the end, Mikami only scored two runs.

Title: Chapter 13 Pride of Benten

Ikki: En no ji!?


Mikami: If that is all you can do right now

Mikami: you’d better give up on the Koshien… Haimura.

Tora: Hey, Enjiro.

Tora: Hey, hey, what are you doing!?

Tora: Didn’t you say you’d bring down the wall between us and the Koshien!? // This is not it!!
Enjiro: I screwed up, what value do I still have to you!? // There is only one reason why I was allowed to stay at Benten.

Enjiro: Strength and results. // That’s why you acknowledged me!!

Enjiro: You all thought you didn’t really have to accept me. // You made a mistake in the appraisal of your dream. // I can’t lead Benten to the Koshien.

Ikki: En no ji… // Hey, hey… He’s a bit more stingy than before…

Hayata: I think it’s his way… of showing he feels responsible. // Ever since middle school he’s been the type who won everyone’s trust with his strength.

Enjiro: I’m such an idiot… // I even want to kick my own ass.

Enjiro: Damn… // Damn…

Enjiro: It’ll a called game with a more than 7 points difference in the 7th inning. // It’s all my fault // that Benten will…

[T/N: called game = when the umpire terminates play for any reason.]

Tora: That’s right. // It’s all your fault.

Tora: You really think that’s true, idiot!? // Benten won’t lose // just because you screw up one time!!

Tora: This is a team sport, right!?

Kitazato: He’s honest… in spite of being a Bakatora!!

Tora: Remember that well, Haimura.

Tora: Baseball is a sport… // that allows to be redone!! // You are able to make up for any mistake!!

Enjiro: But because of me it’ll be a called game.
Tora: We can still attack in the 2nd half of the 7th inning!! // We can avoid it!!

Tora: What do you think Kitazato wanted to show you!? // It was figure of a someone who confronts his fears, right!?

Tora: If you wish take the mound again // as the ace of Benten,

Tora: then we’ll cover for our ace,…// with our powerful batting line-up.

Satou: Let’s widen the gap!

Box: No.8, Kazami

Satou: This second-rate school!!
Referee: Strike, batter out!!

Box: No.9, Haimura.

Referee: Batter out!!

Enjiro: Damn…

Enjiro: Just one more out and it’s a called game…

Ikki: Leave this to us.

Ikki: It’s not like we’ll force everything on our first years… // We also
Box: No.1, Honda Ikki

Ikki: have our pride as your senpai.

Satou: Benten’s…

Satou: hair maniac!!

Satou: Se…second!

XXX: Fast!!

Referee: Safe!!

XXX: Nice run!!
XXX: Hm… I’m faster!!
Sakamaki: No way, Ikki’s base run is much faster!?

XXX: No, hold on.

XXX: That Kusano, he calmly made it to the first base!!
XXX: He’s really a quiet person!!

Satou: Damn… Why don’t they give up… // Even your new ace // wasn’t able to hold water against us!!

Satou: We are on a different level!! // No matter how many times you try, you can’t beat Mikami!!

Kitazato: No, I don’t think that // you can measure Haimura against your yardstick? (…he’s like smoke.)

Kitazato: But, first I’ll have to prevent a called game. // Hehe… well, you’ll see. Now that I have recovered from that Hotei yips, I can do anything!
XXX: He’s totally nuts!!

XXX: But this batter, Kitazato

XXX: is extremely stubborn.

Referee: Ball.

XXX: It’s a full count!! // Prince… you understand we only have this much of a lead. // Just go a little easy on him, don’t give them a base on balls.

[T/N: full count = when a batter has 3 balls and 2 strikes. One more ball means the batter gets a base on balls (a walk to the first base), one more strike is a strikeout. A pitch that is thrown at this point is often an easy pitch to swing at for the batter, because the pitcher can’t afford to throw another ball.]

Satou: Yes, of course

Satou: I know that!!

Kitazato: Yes, of course // Nice!!

Kitazato: I also know that!!

Kitazato: How about this!? Just disperse you lightweight scum!! // Hotei is no match for my revived self!!

Kitazato: (Oh!)
Mikami: Hey, Kitazato… // Nice batch.
Kitazato: But I still can’t handle him.

Tora: Until now even I was immobilized by your presence. // But you know…

Tora: Baseball is a sport that allows to be redone!!

Tora: Right, Haimura…

Tora: Next time // don’t lose from Mikami!!

XXX: Alright! A grand homer! // See that!! Hotei has Mikami, but Benten has Toratani!! // They avoided a called game… it’s time to counter attack!!

[T/N: grand homer = hitting a home-run when all bases are loaded]

Hayata: We have some dependable senpai, huh? // Now you’ll be able to challenge Mikami-san again. // You’ll have to put your pride on the line!!
Enjiro: My pride!?

Hayata: well… actually the pride of everyone!! // The pride of Benten!

Enjiro: Let’s go, Hayata!!

Enjiro: This is round 2!!

Text: Given by his friends is a second chance to bring down the Monster!!

Chapter 13 / End

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