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Akarui Sekai Keikaku 16


+ posted by Sohma Riku as translation on Oct 15, 2013 21:06 | Go to Akarui Sekai Keikaku

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I didn't forget page 1... there just isn't a page 1

XXX: It’s summer!

Text: August 7

XXX: Swimsuits!

XXX: The sea!

Bright World Project Operation 16: PRESENT
Author: Aoki Aki // Manga: Izumi Kouki

Daichi: Everyone’s in high spirits, huh?

Narumi: Well, one person seems to be in a really bad mood. // Daichi-senpai, again? Please take responsibility!
Daichi: Don’t say “again”! // I didn’t do anything.

Boy: hey, hey, hey!

Boy: Hey!

Boy: He-Hey!

Boy: Hey girl, wanna play with us!?

Rin: For I, of all people, to start crying because of such a thing……

Rin: More…Moreover, I ran away without thinking… // That totally makes it look like I lost…!!

Rin: N…No, it… it was just a kiss. We’re only in the same position now. // Fu. // Fufu. // The real fight starts from here on!

Narumi: Senpai, take responsibility.
Daichi: I know.

XXX: Come, come. We’re at the beach, so smile and don’t cause any trouble to others.

XXX: My foolish friends!

XXX: Viva la Summer!! IN THE BEACH!

Daichi: Pervert!!!

XXX: There’s no mission today. // Sun! Sky! Just enjoy Mother Sea to its fullest!

Daichi: It’s far too strange to hear those words from you!
XXX: Oh, you don’t trust me.
Daichi: Of course I don’t!!

Rin: You’re right, Diachi. // Who’d believe “There’s no mission today”…

Box: The previous day August 6
XXX: Are you doing well, my friends?

XXX: I was so lonely, not being able to meet you in the last 5 days. // Then, today only the girls will receive a mission. // The opposite from last time.

XXX: At this moment there are 5 girls. // Two of you will eventually lose your life.

Hinomiya: What a brilliant introduction. // Could you just explain us what we need to do?

XXX: So impatient. Well, don’t worry, it’s an easy mission. // All of you will…

XXX: have to give a present // that’s filled with love to the boy you like!!

Hotaru: (What!) Then I have nothing to worry about! I even kissed with Haru-chan!
Io: Hotaru, that’s not fair.

XXX: Very impressive, Minakami Hotaru. // That’s right, I would like you to clear this mission with ease.

XXX: Because this is a test to find out if you’re also // the partner of their choice…

XXX: Alright, any questions!? // Yes, Titania Stephanopoulos.

Titania: I don’t like boys to begin with.

Titania: I would like to give a present to all of the girls~~
Io: Io doesn’t want it.

XXX: I read a report that said you are bisexual. // Think of this as a rehabilitation training to lose your hatred towards men.

XXX: There are two rules. // One, the time limit is sunset. // Two, keep this mission a secret from the boys!

XXX: That’s all. I wish you good luck.

Daichi: (Kodama, more to the left.)
Rin: I’m sure the chance that he won’t accept my present is zero.

Rin: Yet I feel like I just hit a very high hurdle. // No, calm down, Rin.

Rin: Err
Hotaru: Ha~ru- Cha~n

Hotaru: Put your seal on this paper! I filled in the rest already. // It also guarantees we’ll be buried together
Daichi: We’re not old enough to get married yet!?
Rin: What’s this!?

Hotaru: It’s alright, it’s only a reservation to get married with you // Right!

Daichi: How can she still act the same after that kiss?

Daichi: Sorry, I can’t!!!
Hotaru: Wait, Haru-chan!

Rin: The same position, huh? // I feel like that deadly woman is ten steps ahead of me…
Hinomiya: You look like something’s troubling you!?

Hinomiya: Tell this Ero-master about it.
Rin: No thanks.

Rin: Did you already give it?
Hinomiya: Yes! To Kodama.

Hinomiya: I carefully selected 100 porn books that once were the source of my energy.
Rin: Where’s the love in it?

Hinomiya: What are you saying? Because of that, I don’t know how to live anymore. // I selected them really carefully!!

Rin: Well, Kodama is really good with family, but // since he’s a guy he probably likes erotic stuff.

Hinomiya: So, with the power of my sacred books, he can “take off, attack and be caught” as a brutal man…
Rin: What if he caught you? (You want to make Kodama into a criminal?)
Hinomiya: It’s alright, it’s alright.

Hinomiya: If we are a couple…! // We can take off our clothes together!!!
Rin: What’s alright about that!?

Hinomiya: Well, now all that’s left is my gift to Harusame.
Rin: Wait!! // A two-timer? You are also…

Rin: Don’t look at me like that!!

Hinomiya: Don’t worry, I won’t run into your scene of carnage on purpose.
Rin: I wasn’t worried…

Rin: …so, why to Daichi?

Hinomiya: Fufufu, you’re lucky. // Today is

Hinomiya: Harusame’s birthday.

Text: Hinomiya Mion – Mission Complete

Narumi: The profit is 1% less than expected, huh? // So my market research was quite firm.

Io: Narumii, Narumii.

Narumi: Idiot, I told not to involve yourself with me…
Io: It takes one to know one.

Io: Io has something for you.
Narumi: For me? // Not for Daichi-senpai…?
Man: (Gyahahaha) Right, // he is such an idiot.
Io: Ah. // Aah.

Io: Again…… (Io is really unlucky)

Man: Don’t just stand around spacing out, stupid brat!
Narumi: I’m gonna kill you!

Man: Ugh // Oh!
Narumi: Any men that has never killed another

Narumi: shouldn’t carelessly speak those words.
Man: Giiii! // What’s wrong with you!?

Narumi: It’s handy if you learn about a lot of things.

Narumi: For instance, torture.

Narumi: (Ahahaha) It’ll hurt if you drink it out o haste.
Woman: Wait… stop it! You’re overdoing it!

Io: Narumi: // If you hurt other people, you’ll hurt yourself in the end…

Io: Stop it! // Narumi!!

Narumi: Damn it, Io’s // bad luck is

Man: Oops! I’m sorry, are you alright!?

Io: Narumi. // Narumi…

Titania: Seriously… // I can’t even quietly pick up girls around here.

Narumi: Ug…

Narumu: Ouch…

Narumi: Io…?

Narumi: A lily?

Titania: It’s a gift from Bad Luck-san for you.

Titania: In flower language // it means “Have good luck”.

Titania: It worried her you told her “If you concern yourself with me, you’ll meet even more misfortune.” the other day. // Because the flower season is already over, it took her quite a while do find it……

Narumi: What an idiot… // You are the one who needs this.

Titania: A low-life man like you will probably never understand it, but… // that is something I’ll just have to accept.

Titania: By the way, this strap (with oscillator) is a present from me.
Narumi: Thanks.

Titania: And also……

Titania: change places with me!
Narumi: Go somewhere else, sexuhara woman…

[T/N: sexuhara = sexual harassment]

Text: Titania & Io – Mission complete

Rin: Today is Daichi’s birthday. // So even if I give him a present it’s not strange at all

Daichi: We are at the sea, why would you run…

Rin: Err…

Hotaru: Haru-cha~~~n
Daichi: Hotaru!?

Rin: Why am I hiding!?

Hotaru: (Really!) Don’t run away, Haru-chan. // Then I won’t be able to give you this cake.

Daichi: Cake…?
Hotaru: You really forgot!

Daichi: Happy birthday, Haru-chan!

Hotaru: I’ll feed you. // Here, aaah!
Daichi: I can eat myself…
Rin: That woman, she just does as she likes!!

Hotaru: Do you like it, Haru-chan?
Daichi: …yes.

Hotaru: Then next year, and the year after that, and forever // I’ll make a cake for your birthday.

Daichi: Don’t casually try // to appeal to me like that.

Hotaru: It’s because a certain someone didn’t answer my proposal.
Daichi: (Aaaaah) Even if you say so all of a sudden.

Hotaru: It’s not all of a sudden // I’ve been fiercely trying to appeal to you for the past 10 years.

Hotaru: So, to make sure you won’t forget I would like you to carry this marriage registration with you. // Please, Haru-chan.

Daichi: Alright.

Daichi: But stop talking about being buried together. // It’s bad luck to do that.
Hotaru: Eeh, why?

Daichi: …because we can’t die yet.

Daichi: Next year // I want to eat Hotaru’s cake again!

Hotaru: (Waaaa!)

Hotaru: Yes. // Yes. // Yes. // I love you, Haru-chan!!!

Hotaru: I’ll immediately prepare the contract!!
Daichi: You’re really going to do that? (Scary…)

Text: Minakami Hotaru – Mission complete

Rin: What am I even doing…

Rin: Anyway, let’s go back… // To give this right now…

Rin: Slam
Daichi: What!?

Daichi: Myoga-senpai…?

Rin: I hate this… // Nothing good will ever happen to me…

Rin: Nothing…… // Ouch…

Daichi: Can you walk?

Daichi: You’re tripping quite a lot lately, senpai.
Rin: Close. // Close. // Close! // Close!!

Rin: “You’re lucky.” // …miya // Hino…… miya // This is…
Daichi: Are you alright? Want to take a rest?
Rin: I… I’m fine… like this…

Rin: Calm down… this is your chance. // What were you talking about with that deadly woman just now? // I’ll be able to nonchalantly give him the present.
Daichi: She gave me a cake. Apparently it’s my birthday.
Rin: Fu…fun… Is it?

Rin: And you still don’t want to become a couple with her?
Daichi: Hotaru is more like family, we grew up like brother and sister… // And because I have Marin-tan, I never really thought more about it…

Daichi: However that kiss // really surprised me, and I’m more aware of her now……

Rin: You did that…… with me, right?
Daichi: Ah…

Daichi: Bu… but that was to help me, right?
Rin: Of… of course! Tha…that was all!

Rin: Bu…but… what did you think of it…? // That…… // With me……

Daichi: Eh!? What!? Err, even though this is only a matter of artificial respiration to Senpai, I became strangely aware of her!? // Tha… that’s right. Senpai is also a girl, I was her first……

Daichi: Err… // That… well…

Daichi: I don’t think anything of it, so don’t worry about it. // It’s like we never kissed.

Rin: ……ate you…

Rin: I hate you…! // You bastard……

Rin: I really hate // you!!

Rin: Ah……

Daichi: Senpai!!

Daichi: Why…?

Box: 17:50

XXX: They even have a pool, it’s a pretty classy hotel, huh? // I wonder how much money it took to build?

XXX: It’s the negative legacy of the miniature garden administration due to the unauthorized use of their annuity. // They’re currently recruiting buyers!
Hinomiya: So it’s a waste of money, huh?

XXX: Only one hour left until sunset. // The only person who hasn’t cleared the mission yet is…

XXX: Myoga Rin.

Hinomiya: What!?

Io: Myorin……

XXX: I hate to say this, but // the “punishment” will be the same.

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