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Translations: Gintama 691 by kewl0210 , One Piece 910 by cnet128

Brothers Conflict feat. Tsubaki & Azusa 1

Tsubaki ed. (Part 1)


-> RTS Page for Brothers Conflict feat. Tsubaki & Azusa 1

Tsubaki has two dreams. His dream to have a little sister came true. And it seems like his other, work-related dream will also be granted …….
“I fell in love with my little sister………”

Because of Tsubaki’s wish and the support of his little sister Ema, Azusa decides to devote himself to his work like never before. But before long, his feelings towards his work and Ema start to change……!?
“Tsubaki meant everything to me. But………”


Tsubaki ed.
Part 1 007
Part 2 043

Azusa ed.
Part 1 079
Part 2 111

Tsubaki & Azusa ed.


1 (007)
Tsubaki: I have two dreams. // First of all, I want to voice the main character of my favorite anime. // Second, // I want to have a real “little sister”.

Tsubaki: After this and that my dream to have a little sister came true. // But I never expected things would turn out like this. // That little sister----

Kanji: Tsubaki ed. (Part 1)

2 (008)
Tsubaki: My sister // I fell in love with her…

3 (009)
Phone: You have a call! You have a call!
Tsubaki: Nnn…
Phone: You have a call! You have…
Tsubaki: Hey, hey…

Tsubaki: Hello? // It’s Asahina…

XXX: Big News, Tsubaki!!
Tsubaki: (So noisy.)

4 (010)
Tsubaki: How can you be so energetic in the morning? What happened? (She sure is one troublesome manager.)

Manager: It appears they’ll be doing a remake of your favorite anime. // Do you want to join the audition!?

Tsubaki: Seriously!? I’ll do it, I’ll do it!! // I’m absolutely going to take that audition!!

Manager: I thought you would say that. // I’ll call you again when I have more details…
Tsubaki: Okay! Thanks!

Tsubaki: ……I // ……I

5 (011)
Tsubaki: Alright! // A remake of my favorite series…!

Tsubaki: There is no reason why I shouldn’t take that audition.

Tsubaki: Only 6 months ago one of my dreams came true. // And now the other one could come true as well---! // I’m doing really well this year, huh!?

Box: 6 months ago

Tsubaki: Will our real little sister finally come today?

6 (012)
Tsubaki: It’s amazing! We’ll have a real, non-2D sister! // I absolutely want her to call me “oniichan”! // Azusa, you also want to meet her, right?

Azusa: Tsubaki… // Calm down a bit.

Azusa: Our parents got married and she suddenly has to live in a place full of boys. She must feel anxious. // As her older brother, you should calmly welcome her.
Tsubaki: I see, that’s right. Like you say…
SFX: Ping-Pong

Tsubaki: She’s here!! (Our sister!!)
Azusa: Calm down!

XXX: Let’s have Kyou-nii show her around the house. // Tsubaki, you stay here.
Tsubaki: Okay~~…
XXX: Tsuba-nii, you’re really too excited…
XXX: It can’t be helped, Tsubaki-niisan has been looking forward to this day for ages…

T/N: Oniichan/nii/niisan = ways to address one’s older brother.

7 (013)
Kyou: Please come in.
XXX: Oneechan, hurry, hurry!
Ema: Ye..yes.

Kyou: Not all of your brothers are here right now, but I’ll introduce you anyway.

Kyou: She’ll be living here from today on. // This is Ema-san. // She’ll be our sister.

8 (014)
Ema: It.. It’s nice to meet you…!
Tsubaki: (Oooh!) A real sister…!!

XXX: Welcome to the Asahina family.
Ema: Kya.
XXX: Our cute little sister.
Ema: ……eh!?

9 (015)
XXX: That hurts, Kyou-nii. (You’re so mean.)
Kyou: That’s my line, you shitty monk!!

Ema: Er.. err…
Kyou: I’m sorry for his bad manners…

Kyou: He’s right below me in age. // His name is Kaname.

Ema: You… are a monk…!?
Kaname: If you ever want to hear a inspiring sermon, just come to your brother?

Tsubaki: Kana-nii, you’re really like a lump of worldly passions, huh?

Tsubaki: I wish I could be as aggressive as you. (Hello!)
Azusa: …and you are like a lump of nastiness.

10 (016)
Ema: Wh… who are you…?
Kyou: Ah, they are // Tsubaki and Azusa.
Tsubaki: Nice to meet you~
Kyou: They are one-egged twins.

Ema: One egged…
Tsubaki: Oh? You think we don’t look alike?

Tsubaki: I am Tsubaki. // This is my younger brother Azusa.
Azusa: It’s nice to meet you.

Tsubaki: We’re voice actors.
Ema: Voice… actors?

11 (017)

XXX: Tsu-kun and A-kun are the voices in manga on TV.
Ema: Aah.

Tsubaki: You understand!?
Ema: Kya!

Tsubaki: It’d be mean if only Kana-nii got to hug you, right? So, me too!

Tsubaki: Ouch!

Azusa: Just tell me if Tsubaki causes you any trouble. // I’ll give him a good scolding.
Ema: Ye.. yes…
Tsubaki: (Don’t hit me!!) Ah, don’t phrase it like that! That’s mean!

12 (018)
Tsubaki: …so,

Tsubaki: 6 months ago little sister Ema came to the Asahina family house, where she was welcomed by a lot of brothers (even though a few weren’t around then) // Tsubaki was buoyant with the new life that included

Tsubaki: the real little sister of his dreams…
Text: Self-narration

Tsubaki: I have no time for this. // I have to tell Azusa about the audition!

Tsubaki: Azusa!

13 (019)
Tsubaki: Oh? // Azusa? Azusa-chan. // Azusa, are you there?

Tsubaki: Guess he’s not here. (Yeah…)

Ema: …oh?

Ema: Tsubaki-san?
Tsubaki: Ah, Ema. Welcome home!

Tsubaki: Azusa isn’t her, but my little sister is! Lucky! // What’s up? Did you go shopping?
Ema: Yes. // I bought some ingredients for dinner…

14 (020)
Tsubaki: Hey, are you free now?

Ema: Eh? Well, until I need to prepare dinner…

Tsubaki: Alright.

Tsubaki: Let’s go on a date!
Ema: What…!?

Tsubaki: Where do you want to go?
Ema: As long as we’re back in time for dinner…
Tsubaki: I would like to go to Akiba to see the newest gal game.

T/N: Akiba = Akihabara, district in Tokyo a.k.a. the otaku cultural center and shopping district for computer goods, video games, anime and manga; gal game = dating sim game.

15 (021)
Ema: Then, let’s just go there.

Tsubaki: No, I’ll go there some other time.
Ema: Eh?

Tsubaki: Because

Tsubaki: Since this is a date, we should both enjoy it.

16 (022)
Tsubaki: So I’ll go there some other time.

Tsubaki: Aah, are you blushing!? So cute!

Ema: I only came along, because I had nothing better to do! // We’re not on a date, so let go of me!
Tsubaki: That again~ So, you’re going to fulfill the role of Tsundere in addition to the role of sister? (You’re amazing~)
Ema: Yes!?

T/N: Tsundere = a type of character development; a person who is initially cold and hostile, but start showing his/her warm side over time.

Tsubaki: Well, as long as I’m together with you, I don’t really mind where we go. // A few days I ago I went to this café that sells extremely delicious cakes.
Ema: …a café?

Tsubaki: It’s a really great place. // Want to go there?
Ema: Yes.
Tsubaki: Then it’s decided!

17 (023)

XXX: Welcome. How many people?
Tsubaki: Two.
XXX: This was please.

Ema: What a nice shop…

Tsubaki: They have a lot of different cakes and tea flavors. // They are all really delicious.

Tsubaki: Which one would you like, Ema? I’ll go for the cake set, a piece of apple cake and cup of Assam.
Ema: I’d like a piece of cheesecake and a cup of Darjeeling tea…

18 (024)
Tsubaki: Excuse me, err… (These sets please…)

Ema: Somehow… // you seem more cheerful than usual.

Tsubaki: Hehe, you can tell? To be honest.

Tsubaki: I told you I’m a voice actor, right? // This time.
Ema: Yes.
Tsubaki: Because it’s a part of my work, I can’t say much about it, but // I’ll be taking an audition to become the voice actor of a character I wished to voice most.

19 (025)
Ema: …is that so? // He looks happy.

Tsubaki: Yes. I really wanted to tell Azusa about it, that’s why I went to his room just now.
Ema: Why do you need to tell him?

Tsubaki: Hm. // Because it’s a really important character to me.

XXX: Super Shine Rocket!! // Feel my anger!!

20 (026)
XXX: To avenge my parents!!

Tsubaki: Hey, Azusa.

Tsubaki: I don’t really get it, but Kyou-nii told me anime aren’t real.

21 (027)
Tsubaki: It’s amazing. // Even though it looks like they are really talking.

Tsubaki: How do they do it? // So cool! It’s really amazing, huh?

Azusa: …yes. // It’s amazing, Tsubaki.

22 (028)
Tsubaki: I want to be a voice actor.

Tsubaki: When I become a voice actor, someday for sure // I want to voice the main character of that anime.

23 (029)
Tsubaki: It has always been my dream.

Tsubaki: …it’s because Azusa always supported me. // I was the one who invited Azusa into this world. // But Azusa, he’s amazing. He’s really good. Well, I’m pretty good as well though.

24 (030)
Tsubaki: I want to take this part. // Absolutely.

Tsubaki: For that, I’ll have to practice a lot. // So, I have to lift my spirit

Tsubaki: and do my best, huh?

Ema: …I’m a little surprised.
Tsubaki: Eh?

Ema: You’re always making fun of me and everyone else. // To be honest, I often can’t tell what on earth your are thinking.

25 (031)
Tsubaki: That’s mean.

Ema: …but, // I can tell that it’s really important to you // to work as a voice actor together with Azusa-san.

Ema: And I think it’s really great that you can proudly talk // about your dream and your work like this.

Ema: I’ll have to revise my opinion of you.

26 (032)
Ema: Please do your best at the audition.

Tsubaki: ……ah.

27 (033)
Tsubaki: Of course I will!!

Tsubaki: Why, your words of encouragement gave me tremendous strength!
Ema: Please don’t cling to me like that…

Tsubaki: …I’m telling the truth. // I feel really motivated now.

Tsubaki: Thank you, Ema. // I’ll do my best.

28 (034)
Tsubaki: I have two dreams.

Tsubaki: First of all, I want to voice the main character of my favorite anime.

29 (035)
Tsubaki: Ugh… // I’m nervous.

XXX: Next is… // Asahina Tsubaki-san.
Tsubaki: Yes!

Tsubaki: I can do this. // …alright!

30 (036)
Tsubaki: Because my second, already granted, “dream” encouraged me.

XXX: That was pretty impressive, Tsubaki-kun.
Tsubaki: Really, director!?

XXX: You are also extremely gifted.
Tsubaki: Thank you. // …“also”?

31 (037)
XXX: See you.
Tsubaki: Good bye.

Tsubaki: ….al

Tsubaki: Alright!! // It went well, right? Even the director said so!

Tsubaki: I practiced a lot // and gave it my all. // I can only wait for the result now.

32 (038)
Ema: Please do your best at the audition.

Tsubaki: Ema, // I did my best.

Phone: You have a call! You have a ca…
Tsubaki: Yes, yes.

Tsubaki: Hello? This is Asahina.

Tsubaki: Eh? // You have the results!? // Yes, yes. // How did it go!?

33 (039)
Manager: …I’m sorry, // they didn’t chose you.

Tsubaki: …I see. // …yes. // I didn’t skimp my work at all.

Tsubaki: …Hm. // I gave it my all, so it’s alright.

Tsubaki: It’s a bitter disappointment, but it can’t be helped. // That’s how this world works.

Tsubaki: Ah, right. Who did they chose? // Who did get it?

Managar: ……that

34 (040)
Manager: Azusa… got an offer.

Tsubaki: ……eh?

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