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Translations: One Piece 917 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Smoky B.B. 15

Benten’s Baseball Club

+ posted by Sohma Riku as translation on Oct 28, 2013 19:49 | Go to Smoky B.B.

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Box: From then on Enjiro didn’t allow Hotei to score another run, but // without a chance to catch up…

Smokey B.B.

XXX: Bow!! // Thank you!!
Box: Benten suffered a defeat.

Title: Last inning Benten’s Baseball Club
Author: Komiyama Kenta // Manga: Kawada Yuuya

Sign: anteroom

Enjiro: Damn!

Enjiro: I’ll show those bastards of Hotei, in the summer tournament I’ll beat them up!!
Ikki: Yeah, that’s right. Next time we won’t lose!! If you look at the score after you started pitching, we would’ve won! // To be honest, the opening mistakes really hurt.

Enjiro: Indeed!! You thought so too, huh? A certain someone made a lot of mistakes, huh? // Who was it again!? Ki!? Kita!? // Together!!

Enjiro: Ki-ta-za-!?
Tora: How strange…
Sakamaki: Hm!?

Tora: Even thought we lost again

Tora: the atmosphere is totally different.

Tora: No matter how hard I tried, it is something I was never able to do. // It makes me think…

Tora: As the ace // you’re the hope of the team…

Sign: Hotei High Baseball club clubroom

Tora: Next time we won’t lose, Mikami!!

Mikami: Really, to be beaten by a first year student…

Mikami: Train him well, Toratani…

Mikami: His improvements will become the gap in strength between Benten and Hotei… // I also forgot about a lot of things.
XXX: (You’ll play in the Kantou tournament!!)

Mikami: Because such a extraordinary guy showed up…

Mikami: Baseball is really interesting!!

Mikami: Let’s meet at the summer tournament, Haimura Enjiro!

Komado: Enjiro.

Komado: I need to talk to you!!

Enjiro: Speaking of talking, I somehow felt like you’ve been trying to avoid us lately!? // You didn’t come to talk to us at all…
Hayata: That’s right, Komado-chan. What wrong!?

Komado: …I // I lied to you about something!!

Komado: You remember, right!! I said we’d be able to save Benten by selling its name, if you won the Koshien. // It’s actually not about Benten’s publicity… // We really want to have the 40 billion yen prize money.

Hayata: Prize money!? …what!?

Komado: ………well… // It all started when this guy

Komado: made a “huge prize money” bet on the Koshien.

Komado: Have you heard about Seou Kotobuki!?

Enjiro: Seou…

Hayata: I don’t really know him, but I saw his name in Forbes… he’s some rich person, right!? // He’s the man who’s said to be Japan’s second face…

T/N: Forbes = an American business magazine

Komado: Moreover, he totally loves high school baseball and even owned his own school. // His “Jusaikan’… is really famous, right!?

Komado: After Jusaikan, he founded more than 20 schools around the nation. // Most of these have very powerful baseball players. // To be honest, Benten and Hotei were also founded by him.

Sign: Chairman

Chairman: It happened 6 months ago…

Chairman: A strange letter arrived at Benten. // It was sent by Seou Kotobuki. // To put it simple, this is what it said.

Chairman: To the winner of next year’s Koshien tournament // I will award my fortune of 40 billion yen. // That was written in the letter.

Hayata: So, that’s ridiculous talk was…
Hayata: How much profit will the school make by winning the Koshien Tournament!?
Komado: 40 billion yen.

Enjiro: Is he crazy, that old man!? // I can’t help but think half of his mind already passed the Sanzu river.

T/N: Sanzu river = the river between life and death

Komado: Well, I guess you’re somewhat right about that.

Komado: Seou suffers from a incurable disease and it seems that his days are numbered. // It’s possible he wanted to see how the schools all over the nation // that once shared his blood to face-off at the Koshien… // Well, I don’t know about his real intentions, but…

Chairman: I’m sorry, Haimura-kun… no matter what, there is no other way out for Benten. // We can only take Seou’s ship right now.

Enjiro: But why did you keep it a secret until now!?

Chairman: I had at least to keep in a secret until you formally entered. // Because I was afraid another school would seize you, as you’re a talented person

Enjiro: I see… playing the perfect educator, huh?

Komado: I’m really sorry. // Do you hate me now!?

Komado: Do you regret // coming to Benten!?


Enjiro: No, I’m grateful. // Seriously, I’m not being sarcastic.

Enjiro: I don’t know how many baseball clubs exist in this world, but… // I’m pretty sure about this.

Enjiro: Benten is // my baseball club!! // So, I have no regrets.

Hayata: Well, it’s not like any other club than Benten would have ever accepted someone like you. (The result is pretty good.)
Enjiro: Hey, Hayata! I know where you live!!

Enjiro: Ah, that’s right. There’s a little something, old man.

Enjiro: My contract, // can I change it a little!?

Sign: 100th National High School Baseball Commemorative Kanagawa Tournament

Enjiro: Benten has a debt of a few billion yen, right!? // If that old man Seou really bet his full fortune of 40 billion yen, // you’ll be left with a lot of change, right!? // Will all of that disappear in your pockets!?
Chairman: Are you saying you want to increase your reward!?

Enjiro: No. // No matter what sport… // Kids who cannot continue to play due to various reasons.

Enjiro: I think there are a lot of them… // After you’ve saved Benten, please use the rest of the money
Radio: Strikeout!!!

Enjiro: to help… these kids. // How you do it, well…

Chairman: I understand, I’ll think of a way!! // I promise.

Komado: Thank you… Enjiro!

Enjiro: No… I haven’t (Are you crying?)

Enjiro: done anything yet!!


Enjiro: Hey, I’m coming in.
Sign: manage room

Enjiro: Ah, our shitty manager really fell asleep.

Enjiro: Even though it’s our last summer together.

Enjiro: Hey, Hayata. Did they erect that bronze statue of me already at Benten!?

Text: A fulfilled dream… and from there on!!

Hayata: Hm!? I don’t think they ever will.

Smokey B.B. Last inning / End

If you didn't notice yet, this is the last chapter/ end of the series.
Hope you enjoyed it!

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