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Translations: Gintama 690 by kewl0210 , One Piece 909 by cnet128

Kurokuroku 4

First errand

+ posted by Sohma Riku as translation on Nov 2, 2013 18:58 | Go to Kurokuroku

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Text: Above the ground are human, under the ground are yokai. Tama city hall

Chiaki: This way, please.
Yokai: Oh, Chiaki-chan.

Yokai: That's a nice hair ornament you're wearing, was it a present from a great guy? (Ha ha ha) // (It's an extremely rare item.)
Yokai2: It suits you, Chiaki-chii!
Chiaki: We.. well, it wasn't really a present, how should I explain...!

XXX: ...sniff. Me too.

XXX: I also treated the gift I received...sniff // from a beloved person with great care...
Chiaki: A....... // A crying child-----!?

XXX: But------

Text: Chapter for of the yokai city hall comedy!! "Kurokuroku"

XXX: That person died already...
Chiaki: What, an old man!!!?
Text: An old man who isn't afraid to cry in public! Only because it's a yokai!!

Title: Kurokuroku // Report 4 First errand
Author: Nakamura Atushi

Vertical text: Read up to chapter 3 for free on the Jump HP!!

XXX: ...well, I'm sorry. // Acting like this at my age, in a public place.

XXX: To cry like a like a little kid like that.
Chiaki: Oh, another strange word.

XXX: ...ah, I haven't introduced myself yet. My name is Noboru, I am an konakijijii.
Chiaki: Ah, I knew that much.
Noboru: My wife and I run a restaurant here at the (secret) Tama city hall...

[T/N: Konakijijii = a yokai that takes the form of a baby, but has the face of an old man. It cries loud to lure people into the woods. If they pick it up (to take care of it), they won't be able to let go of it, even though it'll became so heavy it'll eventually crush that person.

Kuroku: You mean that restaurant that suddenly closed due to special circumstance a few days ago.
Noboru: Yes, that's it!!

Noboru: ...M..My beloved Honey suddenly left me... // I...I'll have to close, because I can't...!!

Noboru: Stupid Honey!! Why did you leave!? I thought you loved me too!! // That's right! Look at my sweat shirt!!

Noboru: I'm still wearing the shirt she gave me 10 years ago!
Shirt: Pig
Chiaki: Looks like your wife has been unhappy for 10 years already.

Yokai: But, even if she left, that no reason to suddenly close the store, is it?
Yokai2: (Indeed.)
Chiaki: (Yes, yes.)
Text: Citizen consultation window
Noboru: Eh? Well, but

Noboru: My wife // made all the food.

Yokai: Yes, your wife's cooking is really delicious!
Noboru: Indeed! It's really good! // Her cooking skills are really amazing! // All America cried as a baby to get her cooking!!

XXX: ...hey.

Yokai: What!? Yo..you had your wife to do all the cooking!?
Yokai2: Husbands who don't work are the worst!!
Chiaki: It's all your own fault!!!

ChiakiL For the time being,


Chiaki: That's even worse!!!

Chiaki: ...so.

Chiaki: What should we do about the cooking...
Noboru: ...m.. my...

Noboru: ...eyes have been opened!! I.. I was wrong!! // I... will....... I will cook...!!!

Noboru: And... I'll show her how I've changed...... // I'll bring my beloved Honey back!!!!

Chiaki: Ooh...!
Kuroku: Noboru...!

Kuroku: Alright, that's the spirit!! Tell me if there's something I can do for you!!
Noboru: Kuroku-san!
Chiaki: They hit of well because they both don't do any work!!!

Kuroku: Andou Kuroku, belonging to the safety department of daily matters, will make a declaration!! // This day is Noboru... is the "Noboru day"...!! // Let's enjoy a splendid Noboru day!!
XXX: No, this Kuroku-san is scary!!

Noboru: Err... Well. // I'm sorry, but could the two of you...

Both: Eh?
Noboru: While I study the recipes left behind by my Honey----

Noboru: ...the ingredients. // Can I ask you to buy me those?

Kuroku: Sure...

Chiaki: Why did I have to come... // Where... is that "market place" anyway? (permission to pass?)
Kuroku: We're almost there.

Kuroku: It often happens that a street that passes through a hideaway of the yokai-----

Kuroku: gets placed in the crack of a human's consciousness.

Chiaki: ----"crack of a human's consciousness"...?
Kuroku: A shop you often pass by, but never went inside. // A side street that bothers you, yet you've never passed through it. // A deserted house that no one cleans, a door of which you don't know where it connects----

Kuroku: ...these // close, yet so far away places

Kuroku: Are the entrance // to the yokai world.

Kid: Mom, I saw a light behind the window.
Mother: Eh? // That...

Mother: I don't see anything.

XXX: ...hey!

Chiaki: Wow!
Kuroku: You finally noticed?

Kuroku: XXX // Well, let's go.

Chiaki: Eh!
Kuroku: Well.

Kuroku: Let's do some shopping.

Yokai: I'm cheap, really cheap!! // Right now 100 grams of Nessie, only 200 yen!!

Chiaki: A..amazing.

Chiaki: This place. // Where in Tama is it...!?
Kuroku: It's a hideaway secretly created inside the mountain of Tama. (The blue sky is a projection.)

Kuroku: As for that entrance (City crack 136), was opened by a citizen meeting discussed the grounbd place in the past

Kuroku: Influence by thevoice of Hally Xtter who was really popular back then.
Chiaki: Is it alright to make decisions like that!!!

Yokai: Oh! // What decision are you making?

Yokai: If you're wonder what to eat for dinner, I have a dessert to recommand // Would you like to try our specialty, "Nue Milk ice"!!

XXX: It's rare for human to come here!
Kuroku: We're from the city hall.
Yokai: Ah, that explains it!
Chiaki: Th...that "nue", what is it...?

Yokai: "Nue" is this! // Hey, store manager!

Yokai: It's a yokay with the head of a monkey, the body of a tanuki, a snake as a tail and the limbs of a tiger.
XXX: Can I help you?

Kuroku: It looks like normal milk ice.
Chiaki: It's Nue milk...

Chiaki: O, well,----

Chiaki: I will try!!

Chiaki: ...mi

Chiaki: Mild!!! What is this!? It's so good!!! //

Chiaki: I don't really get it, but it tastes great!!!

Chiaki: Ku..Kuroku-san, what's that?
Kuroku: Hm?

Chiaki: Those people who are in full dress...
Kuroku: Ah, that's an auction.
Chiaki: "Auction"?

Yokai: Well!! It's decided! Today's centerpiece "The dirt from under Lady Ga〇's nails"!! // The bid starts at 1,500,000 yen!!!

Yokai: Uooo!! I bid 2,000,000 yen!! // I'll give you 4,000,000 yen!!! // I..I will pay 6,000,000!!!

Kuroku: The dirt auctions of the Akaname are still as lively as ever.
Chiaki: ......Kuroku-san. // I hate that youkai.

[T/N: Akaname = a bathroom yokai, it is the personification of the fear to use a dark bathroom late at night. It is said they come out at night to lick up the dirt that accumulates in a bathroom.]

Box: -----and

Box: we went from store to store.
Chiaki: I'm totally full!!
Kuroku: I'd like one Blue Hawai.

Box: and finally concluded our shopping for the needed ingredients.

Kuroku: ...we really bought a lot.

Kuroku: This is the last place.
Chiaki: It has quite an overwhelming atmoshpere...

Chiaki: Hm? Oh...? Come to think of it, this address------
Yokai: ...I think some noisy customers came in.

Yokai: Hm... // Human, huh?

Yokai: ...I don't sell to humans. // Get lost.

Kuroku: ...Oh?

Yokai: Some told me that humans don't understand the sublime taste of my store... // Well, even if you ask me why...

Yokai: Even if you use brute force. // I'll be happy to use it, human!

Kuroku: Oh...

Chiaki: Ku..Kuroku-san!!

Kuroku: Fall back, Chiaki!!
Chiaki: ...ah, no----

Chiaki: I don't want to X, but... // I've been researching this shop.


Chiaki: ........to put it bluntly // it would be strange to close it down......

XXX: Err...

Kuroku: ...next, you //
Chiaki: You suddenly doubled it!!

Yokai: Hmf.


XXX: It's awfull!! // You're amazing, Noboru-san!!! // It's extremely awfull!!!

XXX: You'd better give up right away, pig!!
Noboru: So mean!!

Kuroku: You're exaggerating!! You should think about his feeling more!! // It's not that bad!!!
XXX: In the end it's Kuroku-san who's awfull!!

Chiaki: As expected, just gathering all ingredients is...
Yokai: Without a person to make it...

Noboru: Damn...! Even though you bought me the ingredients... // At this rate my Honey won't...!

Kuroku: Noboru...

Noboru: Why...! I followed the recipe----
XXX:...you did.

XXX: So...
Noboru: Eh?

XXX: How about a subtle seasoning!

All: Eeeeeh!!!?

XXX: Wha...

Noboru: Buboba... Hoho... // .........Ho

Noboru: Honey!!!
Honey: ...I heard how you all got involved in my husband's try to start cooking...

Honey: I'm very sorry for causing so much trouble.
Chiaki: Ye...yes. (She's beautiful...)
Yokai: (Why is she married to him...?) // ...but, didn't you have enough of him...

Noboru: That's not true, right Honey!!?
Honey: Yes, that's right... // He's a useless pig.

Honey: And I had no intention to return at all.
XXX: Ouch!! // crawl!!
Honey: When I heard he had a change of heart // I remembered all the hard times we faced together...
Noboru: Ah, Honey!! // I won't cry!! I won't cry, Honeyyyy!!!


Honey: How long are you going to keep wearing that dirty sweater? // I wanted to verify it by myself.

Noboru: Honey!!! I love you!!!
Honey: Don't touch me, your clothes are dirty!
Kuroku: ..that's great, right Noboru...!
Chiaki: ......ha ha ha. // So that was the meaning behind the shirt.

Box: Like this----

Box: The restaurant in the (secret) Tama city hall re-opened
Noboru: Welcome!!

Noboru: Sweatheart! One Katsudon for table 12!
Honey: OK!
Box: and Noboru-san started to help his wife.

Box: Their love // is deeper than the eye can see.
Noboru: Sorry to make you wait!

Text: Snap

Chiaki: This is awful!!
Kuroku: Hey, Chiaki, you're exaggerating! It isn't as bad as before!
Noboru: You...You're even worse!?
Box: Noboru-san started to help behind the scenes.

Report 4 / End

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