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Translations: Gintama 589 (2) , One Piece 826 by cnet128 , Bleach 674 by cnet128

Kurokuroku 6

Tama’s juvenile exploration party

+ posted by Sohma Riku as translation on Nov 2, 2013 19:05 | Go to Kurokuroku

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Kuroku: …ehm, // that wasn’t… // on purpose.
Text: A clearly suspicious person!!
Author: Nakamura Atsushi
Title: Kurokuroku // Report 6 Tama’s juvenile exploration party.

Woman: There’s still a lot of green left in Tama. // Just like the kappa that made the headlines a while ago, // there are a lot of mysterious yokai stories going around.
Text: 3 hours earlier

Boy: We are going to discover the truth!
Ryoko: Find out more about the city you live in! // That’s our homework assignment, Sis!

Chiaki: I see.

Chiaki: It finally got to this…

Chiaki: A while ago I said something like “It would be nice to meet a yokai” with a smile on my face, but… things have changed. // Now I know there is no way of telling what will happen if you really meet a yokai.


Chiaki: I wouldn’t hesitate to pay to see a two shot with Sara-chan…! // But all the other people I met are horrible!!!
Text: Sara-chan // Cute, nice // Kuroku // Can’t catch the mood, future delinquent // The usual guys // Scary // Okonogi-san // Out of the question

Chiaki: Bu…But I would feel bad if really tried stop these kids’ attempt to do their homework… // Yes… That’s it…! In that case---

Chiaki: …I’ve never heard anything about yokai appearing in the area around the city hall, // so you’d better try somewhere else!
Both: Yes!!

Ryoko: Yokai, huh… I want to see them, but I am a bit scared too.
Boy: What!? Ryoko, are you scared!? // I.. I’ll beat down every yokai that comes too close!

Chiaki: Are you Ryuuta-kun…… // they boy who sits next to Ryoko…?
Ryuuta: Yes! What is is, Ryoko’s sis?

Chiaki: I understand you’re feeling really happy that you paired up with the great beauty who sits next to you in class, but // this frivolous spirit will only get you killed by a yokai.
Ryuuta: They will kill me!!?

Chiaki: You’ll be killed by a yokai with red hair and evil eyes // who is wearing geta!
Ryuuta: But I looks like you’re the one who will kill me first!!

[T/N: geta = Japanese clogs; for those who don’t get it, Chiaki is describing Kuroku here.]

Both: (We’re leaving!!)

Chiaki: …I guess those two // will be fine, huh?

Kuroku: Well… That… // This is bad…

Kuroku: All of a sudden a boy who’s holding on to a poop lunges at me shouting “I found a yokai!!” ----- // Anyone would counter that……

Kuroku: Aah… Well… // This boy…

Ryoko: S…So, is Ryuuta-kun going to die!?
Kuroku: I didn’t kill him!!!

Kuroku: Come on, stand up!
Ryuuta: Po… Poo… Poop……
Ryoko: Ah!! Ryuuta-kun is fine!!

Ryoko: I… I’m sorry. // I jumped to the wrong conclusion… // That… just to be sure----

Ryoko: Yo… You are human, right…?
Kuroku: …yeah.
Ryoko: I… I’m really sorry!!

Ryoko: Ryuuta-kun, you should also apologize?
Ryuuta: Oooh… Yo..You… Yoka..Yokai.
Ryoko: What should I do… he is like my TV when it has bad reception…

Kuroku: Don’t worry. He be fine again in a little while. // …this beats me.

Kuroku: It’s two kids… // It’s the same as with Sara… I absolutely can’t tell what they are thinking…

Kuroku: By.. By the way… // What are you two doing out here?
Ryoko: Eh?

Kuroku: You are here to learn more about yokai?
Ryoko: Yes!

Kuroko: Oh… you got some nice homework, didn’t you?
Ryoko: Eh, are you also interested in yokai? // (This is it!)

Kuroku: I tell you, I know a lot about yokai!
Ryoko: Eeh! Really!!?

Ryuuta: …what!? You won’t be able to attract Ryoko’s attention with pretty words alone, you bastard!!! // If you really know, just tell us which yokai live in this area!!

Ryoko: Ryuuta-kun, that’s a scarecrow…

Kuroku: That’s right, I’m pretty sure there live kasabaka in this area. // Nearby is an exhibition showing the new pattern designs.
Ryoko: Eeh!?

[T/N: Kasabaka = an umbrella yokai.]

Kuroku: This year the polka dots are really popular… // ------oh!!

Kuroku: …damn. // I’m not… supposed to talk about this with normal people, right…?

Kuroku: …come on, look at Her! // Her face looks totally them same as Chiaki’s, when sees an akaname!!

[T/N: Akaname = a bathroom yokai, it is the personification of the fear to use a dark bathroom late at night. It is said they come out at night to lick up the dirt that accumulates in a bathroom.]

Kuroku: …what // What should I do---

Kuroku: ……it // it seems. // What’s going on here!!?

Ryoko: …he, he.
Kuroku: Eh?

Ryoko: Thank you…… // brother…!!

Kuroku: …I really // don’t get what’s going on!!?

Ryoko: Even though we caused you trouble // you still showed interested in our homework assignment.
Paper: The yokai in Tama // Q. Where do the live? // Q. What is their favorite food?

Ryoko: To make sure Ryuuta-kun doesn’t make a fool of himself, // you worried about his health…
Ryuuta: (Take this, scare..scarecrow.. // Kasabake yokai!)

Ryoko: That… am…amazing // kindness… // is…

Chiaki: I wonder if Ryoko will be alright. // She’s such an angel. She’s really too pure.// She’s a real angel.

Ryoko: Excuse me…!
Kuroku: Y..Yes!?

Ryoko: If… If you // don’t mind

Ryoko: could you help us… // with our assignment!?

Kuroku: The riverbed of the Tama river---- // Even since the past a lot of stories have been told about the yokai living near the waterside.

Ryuuta: Kappa try to drown people, right yokai professor? // (What did you say?)
Kuroku: …that’s right, I asked them to prick your ass with a cucumber, // if they happen to see you at the river, brat.

Kuroku: ……in the end // I went with them…

Kuroku: Originally, I was… // in the midst of finding the pet tsuchinoko that fled from the yokaigarten…

[T/N: tsuchinoko = a mythical snakelike creature.]

Kuroku: To find myself in a situation where I have to watch over two little kids… // But “kids” in general can easily see them.

Kuroku: Just be talking about yokai is fine. // But if they were to find out the truth, this could become a problem…

Kuroku: It would be best if I tried to hide that yokai really exist…! // …well, they don’t turn up all that often, so…
Ryoko: Oh? That person----


Yokai: Phew… // With this… With this my adzuki bean-hating brother will certainly……!!

Yokai: Wha… What are you doing!? Ku… Kuroku-san!?
Kuroku: You bastard, why are you freely washing those adzuki beans!!!!
Yokai: Because I’m an Adzukiarai!!?

[T/N: Adzukiarai = a yokai with the appearance of an short, grotesque man with a bald head. It’s found near rivers bent over a pail washing adzuki beans.]

Ryoko: Bro… Brother…
Ryuuta: Tha… That guy----

Kuroku: It’s nothing!! He’s just a guy who loves to wash his adzuki beans in the river!! // Right!!
Yokai: E…ehm // That’s right, I know it’s a weird hobby…

Ryoko: Is that…
Ryuuta: so…?

Kuroku: Come on, why is this happening!? Both of them can perfectly see him..!! // …seriously, I know kids can easily see them, but this----

Ryoko: For a moment I thought we met a real adzukiarai…! // I see, there exist humans with such a hobby, huh!
Kuroku: Anyhow, her extreme “pureness”-----
Ryuuta: Is that how you make bean paste?
Kuroku: and his “stupidity”, does the combined effect enable them to easily see a yokai!!?

Ryoko: Alright, let’s go to the next place!
Ryuuta: Yes!
Kuroku: Seriously!?
Ryuuta: This time we’ll catch a yokai for sure!!

Kuroku: ……Shi…Shit… // We..well, because we’re in broad daylight, there shouldn’t be too many hanging around…

Yokai: Ah! Kuroku-san!

Yokai: In a minute, the goukon----

[T/N: goukon = a gathering over food and drink at which single young people can meet people of the opposite sex]

Both: Just now, someone-----
Kuroku: Hm? I didn’t see anyone?

Box: After that
Yokai: That game you borrowed from me--- //
Kuroku: Ah, these flames are an illusion made by them!
Box: we
Kuroku: He grows really fast---
Ryoko: (Eh.)

Kuroku: Wow, they are shooting a movie here!!
Ryoko: Eh!
Ryuuta: Amazing!!
Box: went around to different places.

Ryuuta: Aah!

Ryuuta: I don’t care who you are, just come out!! // I’m only a bit tired!
Kuroku: Ah, really… // I’m really tired…

Ryoko: Excuse me, brother!

Ryoko: Thank you very much for today! // Ah, my sister poured this tea for me. // Would you like some.

Kuroku: Oh… // Ooh…

Kuroku: You’re a nice girl… // I bet your sister is also really nice, unlike my nagging subordinate…!
Ryoko: Th…that!

Kuroku: …it’s strange. // I’m somehow getting along with these kids…!

Ryuuta: By the way, in the end we didn’t see any yokai, professor!!
Kuroku: You are a different story, huh brat?

Ryoko: It’s really too bad, huh?
Ryuuta: Even though I would’ve beaten them down!!

Kuroku: Really want to meet a yokai that badly? // You both.
Both: Eh?

Kuroku: Don’t you think // it’s dangerous // or scary? Or something?

Ryoko: Scary and dangerous yokai… // Do they exist?

Kuroku: …yes // they do.

Ryoko: As brother says…

Ryoko: I guess there really are // scary yokai in this world.

Ryoko: But… // my sister told me this before!
Chiaki: For some reason I think // you could become good friends with a little Kappa girl…!
Ryoko: …is what she said!

Ryoko: Because // that sounds like a lot of fun // …I really want to meet a yokai!

Ryoko: Hey! How about you, Ryuuta-kun?
Ryuuta: It… It’s the same for me! // I’ll beat up all the bad yokai!!

Ryoko: …hey, brother. // If I happened to meet a kappa girl // do you think we could be friends…?

Kuroku: …I think you would. // She is a little // shy in front of strangers, but…

Kuroku (bubble): I’m sure… // You and her // would become great friends. // I promise.
Kuroku (thought): …Aah, // that was it.

Kuroku: I-----

Ryuuta: Yikes!!?
Ryoko: Th… That----

Ryuuta: Ah… That…
Ryoko: Th… That is---

Kuroku: It’s just // a fat snake.

Ryuuta: Really!! I thought we finally found an unknown creature!!
Ryoku: We’ll have to find another topic for our homework, Ryuuta-kun…

Kuroku(bubble): Come… it’s already late. // You kids should go home already.
Kuroku (thought): The reason // why I fight----
Both: Yes!

Kuroku: ………and // what-----


Kuroku: I want to do for the “(secret) Tama city hall”----

Both: ………!!? // Eh…? Eh…?
Ryuuta: Ryo…Ryoko, did you see that……? Eh…Eh…!!?

Ryuuta: He…Hey, you too----
Ryoko: Bro…Brother, this----

Ryoko: …what.

Both: Eh?
Kuroku: …someday

Kuroku: It would be nice if we could // meet under normal conditions someday.
Ryoko: Oh? Brother was right here…
Ryuuta: What! Err? The park that was here…

Kuroku: …I’ll do my best // at work?

Text: Striving for a village where humans and yokai peacefully live together… someday!!

Poster: The mysteries of Tama // We investigated the places where yokai are said to appear // An old man washing adzuki beans in the Tama river… // Tama river // A lot of strange shadows!! // Station // At this place we saw the yokai world. // Tama city // Yokai professor // The yokai professor told us a lot!! // I was happy that the yokai professor led us around. (Ryoko) // I want to play with the yokai professor again. (Ryuuta)

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