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Kurokuroku 7

Joint training in Tama

+ posted by Sohma Riku as translation on Nov 2, 2013 19:07 | Go to Kurokuroku

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Kuroku: We’ll use the same basis as always, 4-3-3…
Text: Work apart, I absolutely won’t lose!! // “Kuro kuroku”
Board: 6th match 5/29 (Saturday) / Commendable priests FC vs (secret) Tama FC
Chiaki: Kuroku-san!

Kuroku: What’s up, Chiaki?
Yokai: Ooh, Chiaki-chan!

Kuroku: I thought to put myself at the left death wing in the next match… (yeah.)
Chiaki: Why use such a mini 4WD-like position name? // I don’t mind if you talk about tomorrow’s league game, but

Chiaki: Please be sure to do you work as well!
Kuroku: What’s that?
Envelope: Very important // Secret Tama city hall

Chiaki: Don’t ask “What’s that?”! It arrived a month ago! // I brought it, because you haven’t opened it yet?
Kuroku: Aah, well… things like these.

Kuroku: Well, it’s nothing important anywa-----
Paper: (Secret) government staff //Joint training for new staff // Ando Kuroku // Yusa Chiaki // The above two staff members of the (Secret) Tama City Hall are expected to join us at the training center on 5/29 (Saturday) 10:00. // Ministry of Internal Affairs

Kuroku: It’s very important!!!

Kuroku: The training center for new staff is in the fourth basement // that was secretly created under the Tokyo Tower.
Chiaki: …I see.
Title: Kuro kuroku

Text: Irrelevant to their work or interests…!!

Chiaki: I want to go home…
Kuroku: I wanna go home…

Title: Report 7 Joint training in Tama
Mangaka: Nakamura Atsushi

Chiaki: Why am I even here!? // I’m only a part-timer!!?

Kuroku: It can’t be helped, right? It’s because you do special work! // Plus you get paid a lot! // Don’t give up this easily!!

Chiaki: That… finally… finally I thought I would be able to spend a day with my family…
People: Special work…? // Paid a lot…?
Kuroku: You’ll be fine if you just endure it for today, right?
People: Is that JK serious… // Mama, that person.. // There are a lot of different jobs.
Kuroku: It’ll be over soon enough!!

[T/N: JK = Joushi Kousei = Girl high school student]

Man: Excuse me, dear visitor. Your quarrel---
Kuroku: We’re no visitors.
Man: Eh?

Kuroku: …damn, this is stupid. // We’re here to study.

Man: …excuse me my rudeness. // In that case

Man: This way // please.

Woman: <Hokkaido>, <Touhoku>, <Kantou>, <East Tokyo>, <West Tokyo>, <Hokuriku>, <Chuubu>, // <Kinki>, < Chuugoku>, <Shikoku> and <Kyuushuu/Okinawa>. At all (secret) city halls of the 11 divisions

[T/N: “Chuugoku” is usually used to mean “China” nowadays, but in this context it actually refers to the Chuugoku region in Japan.]

Woman: the staff is working day and night for the sake of its residents. // To secure their capability to deal with the complex diversification of modern society // we seek for the new staff members, who shoulder the future of these public offices, to view the cooperation with the other divisions as important.

Woman: Accordingly, this country decided to gather all new employees under one roof father 4 times for a joint training to…
Kuroku: Right, I’ve seen this video before.

Yokai: Two humans…? // They are from West Tokyo…

Yokai: One more human this time. // A school uniform? A student? She has a nice hobby. // The West, huh? They sure caused a lot of trouble last time.

Chiaki: I feel terrible…

Chiaki: …Kuroku-san, somehow everyone’s eyes are…
Text: Curious eyes // Curious eyes
Kuroku: Hm? Aah. Well, it’s because we are the only humans. (This tastes great.) // Setting aside my supernatural powers

Kuroku: An ordinary person like you really makes them wonder “What the hell is she doing here?”.
Chiaki: That’s right!!!!

Chiaki: I’m sitting here without even knowing what I am supposed to do!!! // I’m only a part-timer!! // Moreover, wearing my school uniform in this kind of formal place makes it look like I’m some weird cosplayer!!!
Kuroku: Come, come. Calm down.

Chiaki: We… We don’t have to battle or something… right?
Kuroku: Of course not!

Kuroku: We sit down at a desk and listen to some bullshit talk.
Chiaki: Re…really!?

Chiaki: Tha…Thank god.
Kuroku: Well, last time I was sleeping like a log, so I don’t really remember anything.
Chiaki: I doubt the wisdom of that, but…

Chiaki: Even though it sounded like this would have direct impact on the evaluation of the Tama city hall…
Kuroku: It does.

Chiaki: Eh?
Kuroku: A fair amount. // That’s what the previous head manager said last time…

Kuroku: It seems that the budget distribution is also directly involved in this--- // Well, to be frank, If we were to cause any problem this time
Chiaki: Eh? // Eh?

Kuroku: I may have to reduce your wage to 100 yen per hour!
Chiaki: That’s nothing to laugh about!!!!

Chiaki: Hold on a moment, what do you mean “this time”…
Kuroku: We…well, wait… last time those guys of the East----
Chiaki: Anyhow!!

Chiaki: I wondered why I was called to this training, but // if anything, it’s a chance give by god. We’d be doomed if Kuroku-san came alone.
God: (It’s no good at this rate.)
Kanji/robe: God

Chiaki: Listen!!
Kuroku: Ye…yes!!

Chiaki: I won’t allow you to cause any trouble in my presence!!!! // Properly listen to the teacher!! Don’t sleep!!! Aim to be a honor student!!!

Chiaki: Then get the best rating!! Increase our budget!! And pay me more!!!
Kuroku: Hey, that last thing is obviously your personal feeling!!!

Kuroku: Well.

Kuroku: Maybe you’re right this time.
Chiaki: Eh?

Kuroku: …I’m also a staff member from the Tama city hall. // I can’t stand those other people thinking badly about us.

Kuroku: So you too. // Don’t cause any trouble…!

Chiaki: …what? // …how dare you?

Chiaki: …really, I don’t need you of all people to tell me that!!
Kuroku: That’s my line.
Yokai: Hey, hey!

Yokai: Are you really a staff member from West Tokyo? //That’s pretty amazing for a human, really admirable.

Yokai: Is this your first training? No need to be nervous. // If there’s something you don’t understand, just ask me.

Chiaki: So… so flashy. // Ha…haha. // They are the type of people I really couldn’t handle when I was still working as a receptionist…!!

Chiaki: Hey, Kuroku-san---

Kuroku: …I // don’t want to cause any trouble---

Chiaki: Thi… // This bastard!!!
Yokai: Your school uniform is pretty cute.

Yokai: Oh?

Yokai: Isn’t that guy next to you Ando-kun?
Yokai2: Aah, he is? // He’s the one who had a dispute with the guys from East Tokyo!!

Yokai: It must be pain to have such a stupid senior.
Chiaki: Hyaaaa! Well, he is a pain, but!!! // Right now you two are more of a pain.

Chiaki: O… // Oh…?

Chiaki: No…normally // Kuroku-san would?
Kuroku: (What did you say!?)
Yokai: (Eek!)
Kanji: Flashy guy

Chiaki: By any chance… // He’ll put up with it // so he doesn’t cause any trouble…?

Yokai: The lack of staff is also really annoying, right?
Yokai2: At this rate, the rules will also come loose.
Yokai: All of them are just too full of themselves, huh?

Yokai: That’s right! Wanna hang out with us later?
Yokai2: With us you can complain about that annoying superior // or those stupid residents as much as you want.
Yokai: It’s really a misfortune

Yokai: to work at Tama!
Chiaki: …they are right.

Chiaki: Every month there is a lot of trouble… // These guys know a lot more about yokai and are more capable to do the job. // ……but------

Chiaki (thoughts): …they have no right to say // bad things about the residents of Tama…!?
Yokai: Why don’t you come and work at our place!! (Ha ha ha)
Chiaki: …Ex // excuse me!

Yokai: -----Yes?
Chiaki: Eh?

Kuroku: I can’t stand this!!!!

Yokai: What!? // Eek!!

Chiaki: Ah…
Kuroku: I’m sorry, Chiaki.

Kuroku: …anyway // let’s just give it our all after this.

Chiaki: Right. // After this // let’s give it our all.

Chiak: Besides, I was// also about to waste my drink on them.

Yokai3: Hey, hey, are you alright!?
Yokai: Da…Damn… // I.. I am gonna kill him…!!

Yokai: …A…Andoooo.
Yokai3: Ando?

Yokai4: …I just arrived and my mood---
Yokai: Eh?

Yokai4: already tastes like Blue Hawaii. // Don’t make me remember // the name of that bastard!
Yokai: Yikes!!

Yokai: Tha…That is!!? // The… the public office of the 23rd ward!!?

Sayo: Err… Itsui. // How many times do I have to tell you not to go on a rampage all of a sudden!? // You’ll get my clothes dirty! // By the way, your mood tastes like Blue Hawaii? Is there a tropical paradise inside your head?

Evy: …stop ordering me around, // or I’ll kill you, Sayo. // Hey, Bud! Say something already!

Bud: …I am sure // I told you two to keep quiet.

Bud: Evy, Sayo, I never care in the least what the hell you two do, but // when I fear that this extremely pointless joint training will take even longer than expected, // I will have to waste a fruitless warning on you for the 31st time.

Bud: And that’s truly // inefficient.

Chiaki: Who…… // Who are these people!?

Chiaki: We…well, they are new employees from another city hall, but..! // The atmosphere… // has clearly changed…!

Yokai: …the guys from the 23rd ward!! // Eh!? Th…they… Those people are…!?

Yokai: The public office where only the chosen elites are allowed to go inside-----The (secret) Tokyo 23rd ward office that has jurisdiction over East Tokyo!!! // Even amongst the super elites who manage to get accepted---- // They say all of the new staff holds a managerial position…!!?

Chiaki: ……at our place // I was accepted with so much as a interview.

Yokai: Naturally, on nationwide scale, // they have more than a 1000 staff members.
Chiaki: …at our place // we have only two people…


Evy: …even so

Evy: Just like last time, one of them flew up just after we entered… // You don’t change, do you?

Evy: Did you snap again because someone called you dumb? // West boy!

Kuroku: ……of course not.

Kuroku: I’m different from before.

Kuroku: This time I // seriously snapped! // East boy!

Chiaki: Kuroku-san…

Evy: Oh.

Kuroku: Anyway, you seems pretty annoyed as well. Just like last time.
Evy: Ooh, you can tell? // Well, it sold out again.


Evy: The Nue milk (plain flavor) I’ve been drinking since I was a kid. // …again, because of a red-haired boy wearing geta… // who bought the last cup just before I could…

Chiaki: ……that is // exactly why I am drinking right now!!!

Evy: …last time I watched how he made me aware that he drank it with relish // …by mistake I got really irritated and caused a huge stir… // But, “I” am different from before?

Evy: I even intended to buy a cup for my annoying colleagues----
Sayo: I only like strawberry.
Bud: …both are sold at a higher price here than at the 23rd ward office. // It’s truly inefficient.

Evy: Therefore

Evy: this time I will kill // everyone who drank it…!!!

Chiaki: Why!!?

Chiaki: This is bad, this is really bad! No matter how you think of his attitude or appearance, he isn’t your average public office staff member!!! He’s the type of person who can crack down on you anytime!!! // …or more precisely, what up with this whole scene!? Kuroku-san also feels like going at it!! He totally forgot we were here to study!! He’s the type who’ll go for a duel!!

Chiaki: An…Anyway, I have to do something…! // Eh… Excuse me!!

Chiaki: From here on // Her…here, the Nue milk you couldn’t buy--- // Eh?

Chiaki: I shouldn’t cause more…

Chiaki: problems!!!!

Kuroku: …Chi // Chiaki…?

Bud: ……I see // This way of use is quite effective…

Chiaki: Ah… // I… well, // it wasn’t on purpose……

XXX: Alright, it’s time. Everyone take your seat. // We’re starting the joint training. // Ah, the 3 of you will get a penalty.

Chiaki: Eh?

XXX: …hey.
Chiaki: Ye..Yes!

Evy: Because of you I cooled down. // Thanks.

Evy: Or more precisely // …let’s get along from here on, // West kids!

Chiaki: …Oh // I… // and Kuroku-san became like a set?

Text: The East won’t forgive even a JK!!

Report 7 / END

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