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Brothers Conflict feat. Tsubaki & Azusa 2

Tsubaki ed. <Part 2>


-> RTS Page for Brothers Conflict feat. Tsubaki & Azusa 2

1 (043)
Kanji: Tsubaki ed. <Part 2>

2 (044)
Tsubaki: “Azusa… // got an offer.” // Why

Ema: Please do you best // at the audition.

Tsubaki: Why…

3 (045)
Tsubaki: Why didn’t they choose me… // Why not me, but Azusa.

Tsubaki: It was my dream. // I wished to voice it for a long time. // My really important…

4 (046)
Tsubaki: Dream.

Tsubaki: Even though I’m sure he didn’t take the audition

Tsubaki: … // personal preferences?

Tsubaki: But I understand // why they chose Azusa. // Because he’s better than me.

Tsubaki: I was not good enough.

Tsubaki: Even though Ema cheered for me. // I’m pathetic…

5 (047)
Tsubaki: I wonder what Ema will think of me // when she hears about it.

Tsubaki: Will she wonder why? // Or will she sympathize with me? // Or won’t it make a difference to her? Will she just support Azusa?

Tsubaki: Will she // hate me?

6 (048)
Tsubaki: “Super Shine Rocket!!”

Tsubaki: “Feel my anger!!”

Tsubaki: “The enemy is behind…” // Yipes!
Azusa: Tsubaki!!

Tsubaki: Geh.
Azusa: Tsubaki, are you alright!?

Tsubaki: Ouch…
Azusa: (Ah, really…!) Are you alright? Are you hurt?

Tsubaki: I’m fine, I’m fine!
Azusa: You should watch where you’re going!
Tsubaki: I know!

7 (049)
Tsubaki: Hey, Azusa. // When I grown up // I’ll become a voice actor.

Tsubaki: I’ll voice a lot of heroes and become even more popular than I am now. // And then I’ll save many different worlds over and over.

Tsubaki: That’s my dream.

Azusa: …your // dream.

8 (050)
Azusa: …in that case

Azusa: I’ll become your greatest fan // in this whole world.

Azusa: Then // it’s a pinky-promise.

Tsubaki: It’s a promise.

Kaname: …ba-chan. // Tsuba-chan.

9 (051)
Tsubaki: ……ah.

Tsubaki: Kana-nii…
Kaname: Why are you sitting here so absent-mindedly?

Tsubaki: …on your way home from work, Kana-nii?
Kaname: Hm, well, something like that. // …are you alright?
Tsubaki: Why wouldn’t I be…

Kaname: Because your face tells me you are brooding over something.

10 (052)
Kaname: …you have a call. // It’s A-chan, right?

Kaname: …I get it.

Kaname: …did something happen?

11 (053)
Tsubaki: There was this audition for a remake of the anime that got me into voice-acting.

Tsubaki: But // I wasn’t chosen. Azusa was.

Kaname: …I see.

12 (054)
Kaname: It must be hard. // For you

Kaname: And for A-chan too.

Tsubaki: …why for Azusa?
Kaname: I think A-chan is really troubled right now.

Tsubaki: But I’m the one who’s hurt.

13 (055)
Tsubaki: ..what are you doing!?

Kaname: That’s why, right?
Tsubaki: What!?

Kaname: Right now, aren’t you the only one // who’s able to understand A-chan’s feelings?

14 (056)

Tsubaki: The only one who’s able to understand Azusa’s feelings… // is me…

Azusa: I’ll become your greatest fan // in this whole world.

Tsubaki: He was always with me. // Because he was the one who supported my dream.

15 (057)
Tsubaki: There’s no doubt about // what he will do now. // I have to… // tell him…!

Tsubaki: …Kana-nii, I just remembered something I need to do.
Kaname: Hm. // Go.

16 (058)
Tsubaki: Someone’s there… // Eh?

Tsubaki: Ema and Azusa…!?

17 (059)
Tsubaki: It’s a pretty… terrible atmosphere…? // What happened…?

Ema: …I love your voice. // That’s why you should…!

Ema: To refuse the part because of Tsubaki-san. // I absolutely can’t agree on that…!

Tsubaki: What…!?
Azusa: It has nothing to do with you.
Ema: But your fans will be disappointed…

Azusa: That’s enough!!

18 (060)

Azusa: No matter what you say, I can’t voice that character! // I absolutely can’t!!

Azusa: If I refuse, that part will…
Ema: Even if he’s chosen then, // I don’t think Tsubaki-san will be happy!!

Ema: Refusing would be rude towards Tsubaki-san, who did all he could to get that part!!

Azusa: That’s why I will…! // I will…

Tsubaki: …Ema.

19 (061)
Tsubaki (bubbles): Azusa. // Ema. // That’s enough.

Tsubaki (thoughts): I only thought about myself. // While those two // thought about me more than anything else.

Tsubaki: Thanks.

20 (062)
Azusa: ……Tsubaki.
Ema: Tsubaki-san…!

Tsubaki: It looks like Ema already told you everything I wanted to say.

Tsubaki: Say

Tsubaki: ……Azusa.
Azusa: ……

21 (063)
Tsubaki: Accept that role. // I don’t want anyone else to do it.

Azusa: …Nii-san.

Tsubaki: Call our manager and tell her you’ll accept it. // OK?
Azusa: …but
Tsubaki: What will you do if someone else takes it, because you are too slow.

22 (064)
Tsubaki: I am your greatest fan in this world. // That’s why I want to hear // you voice that character.
Azusa: ……

Azusa: …I’m sorry, // Nii-san.
Tsubaki: Idiot, why are you apologizing?

23 (065)
Tsubaki: Would you // please let me hear it?

Azusa: …I get it.

Tsubaki: Thank you, // Azusa.

24 (066)
Tsubaki: Then // it’s a pinky-promise.

Tsubaki: …alright. // Now make that call to our manager!
Azusa: (Yipes…) Ouch… Stop it, Tsubaki… I get it!

25 (067)
Tsubaki: Hey, Ema. // Keep me company at my consolation party.

Ema: You’re duly happy Azusa-san got the role, right?
Tsubaki: Yeah.

Tsubaki: Well, it’s still vexing to be frank.

26 (068)
Tsubaki: Come to think of it.

Ema: Yes?
Tsubaki: Some time ago you said you loved Azusa’s voice.
Ema: …yes.

Tsubaki: ……how about me?

Tsubaki: Do you love // me?

27 (069)
Tsubaki: Please give me // your answer.

Ema: I love your “voice”.

Tsubaki: (Tch.) Was it too obvious?
Ema: It’s not fair to ask it like that.

Tsubaki: Really… so harsh, even though I’m already broken-hearted.

28 (070)
Ema: But I really love your voice.
Tsubaki: ……eh?

Ema: I don’t know much about acting abilities and such, but // don’t worry about who’s better. // Please stay the way you are.

Ema: If you do, I’m sure // you’ll find a role only you can voice.

29 (071)
Ema: A great character // just for Tsubaki-san.

Ema: …… // I’m sorry, talking big like this…
Tsubaki: Yeah. // I already // …Ema.

30-31 (072-073)
Tsubaki: fell in love // with Ema.

Tsubaki: I’m sorry… // But // for a depressed boy to recover // a kiss from a cute girl // is an absolute necessity.

32 (074)
Tsubaki: I have two dreams. // First of all, I want to voice the main character of my favorite anime. // Second, I want to have a real “little sister”.

33 (075)
Tsubaki: I’ll be late today, but please save me some dinner.

Ema: Yes, leave it to me.
Tsubaki: My first dream came true, but
Ema: Tsubaki-san

Tsubaki: When she’s around
Ema: Take care!

34 (076)
Tsubaki: I can // do my best again.

Tsubaki: See you later!

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