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Translations: One Piece 907 by cnet128 , Gintama 686 (2)

Birdmen 6

flight004 FLIGHT PLAN

+ posted by Sohma Riku as translation on Nov 9, 2013 20:34 | Go to Birdmen

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(1) [color page]
Title: BIRDMEN // flight004 FLIGHT PLAN
Vertical text: To stay alive, WE HAVE TO FLY…!!
Text: Tanabe Yellow

Vertical text: Wings that suddenly grew, an enemy that appeared in the sky… and an unbelievable sight that changed Karasuma’s life forever…!!


Takayama: What that monster is and why it attack us… // I don’t really understand either.

Takayama: That kind of… Black Out appears once every ten days… // but this time I was a bit sooner.

Takayama: They persistently chase and attack you, there is no way you can escape. // But if you finish them off, they’ll burst open and disappear. Well, until it appears again…

Eishi: What if you can’t finish them off?
Takayama: Well… I’ve never lost to them… // But, you’ll probably----

Eishi: Will I really die this time?

Eishi: I can’t accept that…!!

Sign: Limited Liability Company // T and K

Eishi: According to the address he gave us yesterday, // I should be here…

Eishi: Are there really people living here…? They don’t, right…? // That’s right, why would he even give us his real…

Takayama: Can I help you?

Eishi: Yipes!!
Takayama: Good morning.

Takayama: Today… // Yesterday we agreed to meet at 2PM at the old factory for flying practice, right?
Eishi: Yes, that’s right, but…

Eishi: Do you… really live here?
Takayama: Yes.

Eishi: Err… I also thought this yesterday, but… // Well, yesterday I was too frightened, so I wasn’t able to ask this, but… // When everyone’s around the conversation just all over the place, right…

Eishi: I would like some more information. // Takayama, // can we talk one-on-one?

Takayama: Sure.

Takayama: My grandpa is sleeping, so mind if we talk somewhere else?
Eishi: Eh? // Grandpa? // Well, sure…

Eishi: So narrow! // Where are we!? // Where are we going!?
Takayama: Be quiet…

Takayama: The place I go… // to escape from all this… // Look, see that vacant land.

Takayama: I really like this place. // You can widely see the sky when you lie down on the grass.

Takayama: So?

Takayama: You still // don’t want to fly?

Eishi: Anyway, why are you wearing working clothes?
Takayama: I was repairing a machine.

Eishi: A machine?
Takayama: That workshop… // After my grandpa’s partner died of old age, it was essentially already closed, // but I was still taught how to use them.

Eishi: That’s right, // is your grandpa also a birdman? // I would like to hear more about it.

Takayama: No, he isn’t.
Eishi: Is that so? // How about other family? // It isn’t something hereditary?

Takayama: I have no other family. // I used to live with an aunt, but // I never told her nor my grandpa about these wings.

Eishi: Then, any comrades?
Takayama: None.

Eishi: None!? // Why!? You can just multiply by having other people drink your blood like we did, right!?
Takayama: Well…

Takayama: This was the first time… // it all went well.

Eishi: Eh… // What!?
Takayama: I suspect it doesn’t have an effect on just anyone.

Takayama: I think it doesn’t work, unless you’re and the verge of death and cannot be saved without rebuilding your whole body or something… // Because I only came across people I couldn’t save, // that wasn’t the case.

Takayama: It was a large bet. // But as I finally saved some people, // I wanted all of you to survive too.

Eishi: Too?
Takayama: Yeah. // I also received these wings.

Eishi: Really!? // Is that so!? // You also weren’t born like this!? // That’s great, I thought you were some weirdo! // So, who is it!? // Where is that person!?

Takayama: I don’t know.

Eishi: How can you not know!?
Takayama: I was in 3rd grade…

Takayama: The airplane I boarded together with my parents crashed in the mountains of South America…
Eishi: Eh…

Takayama: Then, // I met her.

Woman: You really… want to live, right…?

Woman: Look really well at my back. // It’ll lead your way. // And---

Woman: if you want to stay alive, // please withstand the Black Out.

Takayama: The only surviving passenger were me and that person, // but I never met her after that…

Takayama: It seems that she even used a false name on the passenger list. // I wonder who she really is…

Takayama: This is the first time // I ever told this story to someone.

Eishi: Is that all?
Takayama: Eh?

Eishi: Have you really // been fighting that monster… // and saving people with just that little bit of information?

Eishi; Without telling anyone… // without any help, you lived…

Eishi: All this time… // on your own…!?

Takayama: Yes.

Eishi: That’s why he is always alone.

Eishi: Sure enough, he was always distracted in class, but for it to be because of something this serious I never… // I’ve never seen him with anyone else… // Cutting class… // I have no other family … // looking at the sky by himself … // This is the first time I ever told this… // It seems that a girl from class C confessed her love to Takayama-kun, but then he said “You’d better stay away from me.”…

Eishi: It seems that a girl from class C confessed her love to Takayama-kun, but-----

Eishi: Oh......? No, wait… // He decided to stay alone of his own free will…?

Eishi: I agree it’s better to not thoughtlessly tell other people about these wings, but it’s not impossible you would someone would understands the situation. // He told us himself it’s possible to live a normal life if you get used to it, so I should be able to make friends and have a girlfriend if I feel like it, right?

Eishi: If I feel like it-----

Eishi: That was close! // That’s right! Why the hell am I empathizing with an indifferent guy like him!?

Eishi: I almost lost sight of myself… // I understand.

Eishi: Takayama, // you’re and idiot.

Eishi: Well, // because you dealt with it like that, I guess you aren’t a plain idiot?

Eishi: Anyway, // I have decided.

Eishi: I sorry, // but I won’t fight against things I don’t understand for a reason that I don’t understand like you do.

Eishi: I don’t know about the wishes of my wings, but // I don’t feel any need to save and protect other people. // If anything, it would attract people’s attention and could possibly pose to be a big threat to my daily live, right?

Eishi: But fortunately, // it seems that your story gave me an idea of the situation. // So from here on // I will aim to return to both my former body and my former life. // Because you dragged me into this, I expect you to cooperate.

Eishi: However to overcome the immediate threat, the Black Out, I’ll learn how to fly. // It would be foolish to go around without any ways to fight this danger, right?

Eishi: In short, if need be I’ll fly and fight! // If I don’t have to, I won’t! // Is that alright with you!?

Takayama: I understand.

Eishi: For that reason…

Eishi: Well, in the end… // I concluded I will search for a way out, while I prepare to fight…

Rei: You really won’t save any people?
Eishi: I won’t!

Kamoda: Don’t you think it’s unfair he’s only one who got to drink je blood of a woman?
Eishi: Is that really what bothers you? (You even dressed like a soldier.)

Eishi: Oh, Takayama is here.

Takayama: I guess that girl will be late again?
Rei: Ah yes, about 30 minutes… // Even on Saturday, Tsubame has school through 5th period.

Kamoda: Class of Saturday… private schools are really hard, huh?
Eishi: Do you even know what “studying for exams” means?

Takayama: Well, let’s get started already. // First we need to complete your transformation.

Takayama: Let’s take this slowly. // Please take a good look at my back.

Kamoda: I kinda feel like on a different level than us with our wings…

Takayama: Got it?
Eishi: Of course not!

Eishi: By the way, // I thought about this before, but…

Eishi: Do you… never wear any underwear?

Takayama: Transforming with underwear on is really uncomfortable… // plus, it’ll often tear, and it’s also hard to take off while I move on my knees…

Eishi: Wait, you…!! // Even though transforming being stark-naked is already a high hurdle for a boy in puberty, // you’re telling us to stop wearing underwear from here on…!?

Rei: But is it alright to wear socks…?
Eishi: You are more worried about your feet!?

Kamoda: But if we just learn to take it off quickly? // Like this, together with my pants…
Eishi: I see… // but even if it’s uncomfortable, rather than being naked I…
Rei: Ah, // it also doesn’t matter if anything tears. // As long as we just take a new set of clothes with us at all times, right?

Kamoda: That’s impossible! // I already hardly have any neat shirts!!
Eishi: (That’s only works for the rich!)
Rei: (Sorry…)
Takayama: It doesn’t really matter…

Takayama: Anyway, just by transforming you’ll significantly lessen the damage your body will take. // Since it’ll be a while until the next Black Out, I think you’ll somehow manage, but // right now perfecting your transformation is much more important than learning how to fly.

Kamoda: But well, // wouldn’t if work if we just touch him? (Right?)

Takayama: Touch?
Eishi: Yeah… // If you touch someone who has grown wings, yours will grow too. // It certainly could be a short cut.


Takayama: Oh… // I see…

Kamoda: Alright, let’s try it out! // Let’s include some practice to quickly strip as well…
Eishi: Strip!?
Rei: It wouldn’t matter if my upper clothes are torn, but // when I turn back, I really want my pants to be undamaged! // So I’d better start with my pants, huh…

Kamoda: Then, the first to take of all his clothes, touch Takayama // and complete his transformation wins!
Rei: OK!
Eishi: Eh, what!? // When did this turn into a competition!!?

Kamoda: Three, two, one!!


Tsubame: I’m sorry!! // I’m a bit late, but 5th period ended early, so I got here earlier than expected!!

Tsubame: Oh?

Tsubame: I’m

Tsubame: I’m sorry…
Eishi: You’ll only get to listen for a while.

Eishi: I showed my butt to a girl… // Even thought I finally felt like flying, the needless damage…

Kamoda; Alright, let’s get over with it.
Eishi: You just really wanted to strip, didn’t you!?

Kamoda: Mind if I go ahead?
Eishi: This is supposed to be hard for an adolescent!
Rei: Wait, wait, // let’s do it altogether.

Kamoda: Yeah. Come on, Ei-chan.
Eishi: I can do it myself!!

Kamoda: What’s wrong, after all this time.
Eishi: Idiot! I don’t want you to strip of my clothes!! // Stop it… I can do it myself…
Rei: Shall I give you a hand too?
Eishi: Shut up!! Are you two nuts!?

Eishi: What’s going on here!? // Why am I screaming here with a bunch of naked guys in a run-down factory!? // Do you guys even understand that we could die!?

Eishi: Hey, you. // Yipes, don’t try to be funny! I haven’t even transformed yet and my underwear is already torn!?

Eishi: Ah, I lost all my spirit! // I’ve already lost all courage to do this! // You guys never listen to anything I say, // Don’t you feel tense at all…!?
Tsubame: Hey, there are mosquitoes here…
Eishi: You are the one who doesn’t listen at all!!

Eishi: Right now, I absolutely don’t feel like flying at all.

Vertical text: Like there’s no tension at all!! Will Karasuma be able to fly…!? Read it in the next issue!!

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