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Doraemon 142

The eye-witnessscope

+ posted by Sohma Riku as translation on Nov 11, 2013 22:03 | Go to Doraemon

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1-2 (134-135)
Title: The eye-witnessscope

Papa: So stubborn. // How would I know?

Mama: I don’t know.

Nobita: I’ve searched my whole room already…….

Nobita: Then, did I lose it outside……? // Did I forget it somewhere…?

3 (136)
Nobita: Aah! // Without it I could as well die!

Doraemon: Calm down. It’s really disgraceful to lose your head like that. // What did you lose?

Doraemon: What!? // Your new year’s gift!?

Doraemon: And here I entrusted you with my share! // Did you also lose that?

Doraemon; Why did this happen?
Nobita: I don’t know. // But calm down, it’s disgraceful.

Doraemon: Where did you go when you went out? // Come on, remember! Hurry!!

Nobita: I didn’t go outside yet today. If I lost it, I should’ve been yesterday……. But I don’t really remember where I went.

Doraemon: You scatterbrain!! // You dimwit!!
Nobita: Excuse me for being a dimwit!

4 (137)
Nobita: It’s not good to start the new year fighting.

Nobita: Don’t you have some sort of machine to make me remember everything I did yesterday?

Doraemon: The “eye-witnessscope”!

Doraemon: It’ll dig the memories out of your brains and show them from your point of view.

Doraemon: Yesterday you left the house around 2:30 PM, right?

Doraemon: Look! Look! It’s started.

Doraemon: You’re leaving the house.

Doraemon: You turned to the right. Where did you go?
Nobita: I was just walking around…

5 (138)
Doraemon: You are looking here and there.

Doraemon: You keep looking around restlessly.

Doraemon: Oh, there’s something on the ground. // It’s caramel candy.

Doraemon: Going to pick it up, you greedy person.

Doraemon: Unfortunately its empty.

Nobita: Shut up, go somewhere else!
Doraemon: If you want me to help you to find a clue, we need to watch it together.

Doraemon: A dog fight.

Doraemon: You’re not going to watch it, right?
Nobita: I said: shut up!

6 (139)
Doraemon: You are wildly watching it.

Doraemon: Ah, the dogs noticed you.

Doraemon: You’re a pretty fast runner, huh?

Doraemon: What happened?

Doraemon: You blacked out for a moment when you fell.

Doraemon: Didn’t you lose it here?
Nobita: But the button of my pocket was closed.

7 (140)
Doraemon: The poor thing.

Doraemon: Yikes, a mouse!!

Nobita: I went here and there, but

Nobita: I didn’t see a scene where I possibly dropped it….

Mama: Shizu-chan is here.

8 (141)
Nobita: I can’t move.

Shizuka: You’re watching a movie? Can I watch too?
Nobita: It’s not that interesting.

Shizuka: Oh, that’s when we met yesterday. When did you film it?

Shizuka: Did you have a hidden camera with you? // So dirty!

Shizuka: Itoko came over to play. She’s really cute, right?
Nobita: Ye.. yes.

Shizuka: What’s this?

Shizuka: You only filmed her!

9 (142)

Shizuka: You really liked her that much, even though it was the first time you met?
Nobita: No… no, it’s not like that.

Shizuka: I hate you!!
Nobita: You have it wrong. // It won’t come off.

Nobita: Look, look, I started walking again.

Shizuka: Why did you stop?
Nobita: Well, I wonder why again.

Shizuka: Oh, my!

Shizuka: How dare you show me such a weird movie!!

Nobita: It’s all your fault!
Doraemon: Did you find the present already?

Doraemon: Oh, you’re home already?

10 (143)
Nobita: In the end I never took it out of my pockets when I was outside.
Doraemon: Then where did you drop it!?

Doraemon: Let’s watch it again.
Nobita: No, thanks.

Doraemon: Let’s start it earlier this time.

Doraemon: You’re leaving your room?

Doraemon: I stop you… // Ah, that’s right!

Doraemon: Because you were afraid to lose such a lot of money,

Doraemon: you entrusted it to me.

Nobita: You scatterbrain!!
Doraemon: And you’re another!

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