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Translations: One Piece 917 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Birdmen 7

flight005 FIRST FLIGHT

+ posted by Sohma Riku as translation on Nov 27, 2013 19:26 | Go to Birdmen

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Box: A summary of the previous chapter. We were making a racket in the factory while being stark-naked.
Eishi: Let's end this ridiculous situation at once!!

Eishi: We'll transform at once // and quickly learn to fly, alright!?

Both: Go it!
Eishi: One, two, three!!
Text: Three boys who are stark-naked and already desperate, but...

Text: Birdmen

Title: flight005 FIRST FLIGHT

Text: Let's enjoy our fly training today!?

Text: Birdmen // Tanabe Yellow

Box: Listening to what's happening.

Eishi: This... is!

Kamoda: See-through?
Eishi: This isn't right...

Eishi: What's going on!? // Most of our privates are still visible!

Kamoda: I don't want to fly like this...
Eishi: It's already embarrassing enough as it is to transform being 15 years old! // I absolutely won't risks my life in such a perverted outfit!
Rei: Looks like the shortcut didn't work this time... // We'll have to do it ourselves...

Both: Ooh!

Eishi: What was that feeling just now...
Kamoda: Takayama, // me too, me too!
Rei: (Wow!) Me too, please!

Kamoda: Alright, transformation complete! // Now we can fly!!
Rei: Wow!

Eishi: No, wait!

Eishi: The coating of our bodies // looks thinner than Takayama's, don't you think?

Kamoda: Yeah, it's a bit flimsy...
Eishi: But his coating really look like a suit of armor? // Yet ours is...
Rei: Ours look like full-body tights, huh...

Eishi: I don't want to wear something that looks like some cheap special effect!!!
Takayama: It can't be helped at first...

Takayama: You don't have much wing mass yet. // If you make the layer covering your body too thick, you won't be able to fly.

Eishi: Wing mass?
Takayama: As time passes by, I think you'll slowly be able to use more mass.


Takayama: If you practice enough...

Takayama: You can even equip yourself...

Takayama: or increase your defensive strength by covering your body.

Takayama: Because you can use them as a substitute for your muscles, // you'll also be able to remarkably increase your motility.

Kamoda: Amazing!!
Rei: We're really like super heroes!!
Eishi: But will we be able to learn all that before the next Black Out appears?

Tsubame: That's so great!!

Tsubame: Me too, me too!

Tsubame: Don't you dare to peep!! // Rei-kun, keep an eye on them.

Rei: You two, don't cross that line.
Both: Why!!?

Kamoda: I would never do something to bother a girl!!!
Eishi: What's up with this sense of distance!? // Why is Takayama allowed to get near, but we aren't!!?

Eishi: I've never seen you make such a face before!?

Rei: Tsubame, are you ready?
Tsubame: Yes, wait a moment...

Rei: There's a possibility your underwear will rip, but you don't necessarily need to take it off to transform.
Tsubame: But all of you took it off, right?

Tsubame: I will also take everything off to transform! // I didn't bring spare clothes!

Kamoda: Tsubame-chan is such a sweet girl! // If we beg vigorously, she may show us the unexpected...
Eishi: That's right, she has seen our butts after all...

Tsubame: I // I'm ready!

Takayama: Then, // your hand.

Tsubame: I'm counting on you!!

Tsubame: Aagh!!
Rei: Tsubame!?

Tsubame: How... do I look? // Isn't it weird?

Takayama: You look great.

Tsubame: Really?
Eishi: Hey you, I can't see her! // Are you a couple or something! (What's up with them!?)
Kamoda: Takayama, move your wings! (Tch.)

Takayama: Then----

Takayama: With this all of you finished your transformation. // Next I'll learn you how to use your wings. // I'd like all of you to give it a try.

Tsubame: Err! // I'm still not able to properly move my wings, // is there a secret to it?

Kamoda: On a girl it's actually better if it's a bit thin, don't you think?

Takayama: Secret...
Tsubame: Rei-kun says I should just imagine they are moving, but // is that all?

Takayama: Yeah... // I don't think that's a bad way...

Takayama: To me it feels like there's a neural network extending into my wings, connecting them to my body... // I think you'll be able to make them move as you want, when you can feel those nerves extending like thin lines to the tip of your wings.

Kamoda: I don't really get it, but // it means we should unify with our wings?
Eishi: Neural network...?

Eishi: Connected by nerves... // That feeling when Takayama grabbed my hand earlier...
Rei: Takayama, I also have a question.

Rei: This transformation, // how long does it last?

Tsubame: Ah, you're right! // That's important!
Eishi: That's right, if we change back, we'll be stark naked!
Kamoda: Damn, // if that happens, we'll look like street children!?

Takayama: There isn't... a set limit.
Rei: That's great...

Takayama: There's still a possibility you unexpectedly run out of stamina and change back though.
Eishi: That's not good!!

Rei: It's probably best to set our own time limit.
Tsubame: Like only a few hours per day?
Kamoda: It would be dangerous to run out of energy, huh?
Eishi: What do you do if that happens!?
Takayama: But... I think it's for the best to go all out for now.

Takayama: From here on... // it's possible you'll have to face a Black Out on your own. // If you are attacked, but can't deal with it yourself, // please try to flee with all you've got until you feel like you'll run out of stamina.

Takayama: I am... already able to sense all of you.

Takayama: I'll always // come to safe you.

Eishi: I don't trust in words like absolutely and always when they are used to describe a situation that has never happened before.

Kamoda: Ei-chan, hurry!
Eishi: Shut up, it's not like anyone will pass by here in the middle of the night.

Rei: The sea by night is really great!
Kamoda: Should we do some warm-up exercises?
Eishi: First of all, let's review what we learned earlier today.

Kamoda: Who cares about that! // Here I go, my first flight!
Eishi: Hey!

Eishi: Kamoda!?

Eishi: You'll die before there's even a Black Out!

Kamoda: Ei-chan, this is amazing!! Only my face hurts a little!
Eishi: That's just because you crashed head-on into the water...

Takayama: How about it, wanna learn to fly?

Rei: So cool.

Eishi: Very well, // let's try my theory!

Eishi: That what you need to TAKE OFF, // namely!

Eishi: Speed!!

Eishi: A powerful // kick to the earth.

Eishi: And the lift created by your wings that ward down // the air!!

Eishi: What!? // With my spirit and this lift I should have made it!!

Kamoda: Ei-chan!!

Eishi: My theory was wrong!?
Rei: Your theory wasn't really the problem, was it?

Rei: I'll just start with trying to flap my wings while standing on the ground. // Takayama-kun, please watch this.
Kamoda: Ah, not fair!!
Eishi: That's really not fair!!

Box: Total amount of times falling into the water at present // Kamoda 37 times // Karasuma 15 times // Sagisawa 3 times

Kamoda: Maybe I... should just try to find a cat...
Eishi: Give up, running away won't help...

Rei: The sea is really salty, huh...
Kamoda: Ei-chan, did you know that?

Kamoda: Ah, that's right. I made us rice balls.
Eishi: You think this is a trip!?

Kamoda: Here, this one is for you.
Eishi: It's huge!!!

Kamoda: That's because I added // dried bonito shavings, pickled plums and pieces of sea kelps to each side!

Rei: Hm, // heh, heh...

Rei: The two of you really get along well.

Kamoda: I also made one for you.
Rei: Really!? // Yay!

Eishi: Isn't it too much for you to eat? // You don't look like a person who feeds on grass alone, but...
Rei: (Wow! // It's big!) No, I've had a huge appetite lately.

Rei: You haven't?
Eishi: Now that you say so...
Kamoda: Err, Takayama's is...

Kamoda: Oh, where did Takayama go?

Tsubame: I can't use the main road, // if I'm caught, it won't be a laughing matter, huh... // I should quietly and inconspicuously pass through the smaller roads, and after I enter the pier...

Tsubame: My mother wakes up at 6:30... If I leave before the sun comes up, // I'll be able to get home before they find out I left...!

Tsubame: I wonder, are they all flying yet...?


Takayama: Oh, // if I touch you like this, you wings will grow.

Takayama: So, // cover all your bare skin.

Tsubame: Wow!

Tsubame: Wow! // Wow! // WOW!

Tsubame: Are you always... // looking over this scenery?

Takayama: Yeah.


Rei: Ah!

Rei: Tsubame! // You managed to slip away!

Rei: That's great! // How was it, your night flight?

Tsubame: AMA... // ZING...

Rei: Wow, that's so great!

Eishi: Kamoda... // I'm absolutely going to fly.
Kamoda: Me too!
Box: Something lit the fire in us boys.

Box: But then,
Tsubame: Eek!

Tsubame: Wa, // wawa // wa......

Tsubame: Did you see that!? // I was flying, right!?
Rei: You did, you did!

Box: To everyone's surprise, Umino was the first to actually fly.

Box: Then, // after the schuss of his spirit, Kamoda...

All: (Wow!!)

Kamoda: I did it!!
Box: managed to fly more than 1000 meter, although he did enter the premises of the airport.

Box: Sagisawa skillfully mastered making turns.

Box: And I----
Eishi: I can do this!!

Box: Karasuma Eishi's current flying record // 10 meter.
Eishi: (So salty...)

Vertical text: The gap in progress, is like the difference between their personalities...!? Next time, an even greater challenge is awaiting Karasuma!?

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