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Brothers Conflict feat. Tsubaki & Azusa 3

Azusa ed. <Part 1>


-> RTS Page for Brothers Conflict feat. Tsubaki & Azusa 3

1 (79)
Azusa ed. <Part 1>

2 (80)
Azusa: Tsubaki meant the world to me. // No matter what, we were always together. // It was also Tsubaki who got me into voice-acting.

3 (81)
Azusa: But...

4 (82)
Tsubaki: Alright, // I'm leaving.

Ema: Take care!

5 (83)
Ema: Azusa-san.

Ema: Good morning.
Azusa: Good morning. // Did Tsubaki leave already?
Ema: Yes, just a moment ago.

Ema: Tsubaki-san is really working hard lately.
Azusa: He is. // It seems that yesterday he stayed up late again to read the script. // ...it's probably all thanks to you.

6 (84)
Ema: Eh!

Ema; N..no, // that...

Azusa: ...I'm sure it is.

Ema: Even if he’s chosen then, // I don’t think Tsubaki-san will be happy!!

Ema: Refusing would be rude towards Tsubaki-san, who did all he could to get that part!!
Azusa: If you hadn't warned me back then,

7 (85)
Azusa: not only Tsubaki's precious childhood dream, // but also Tsubaki himself.

Azusa: It's possible // I would have hurt both.

Azusa: It's not only Tsubaki's endless enthusiasm. // I think it's all thanks to you, // that we can go on like always.

Azusa: Thank you.

8 (86)
Azusa: Come to think of it, the recording of that anime is about to start. // It appears I'll get the script today.

Ema: Is that so? I'm looking forward to watch the broadcast. // Please do your best, Azusa-san.
Azusa: I will.

Azusa: ...ugh!

Ema: Are you alright?
Azusa: Ah, yes. // Just a little headache...

Azusa: It's nothing big, don't worry about it.

9 (87)
Ema: Really?
Azusa: I'm fine. // I probably just didn't get enough sleep.

Ema: Well, you'll probably feel better after eating something you like.
Azusa: Eh? // Small rolled omelets...

Azusa: Did I ever tell you I like to eat this?
Ema: Ah, no... // I just observed your eating habits and thought you'd like this...

Ema: Was // Was I wrong?

10 (88)
Azusa: No, // I love it. // Thank you.

11 (89)
Staff: OK, it's all done.

Manager: Ah.

Manager: Nice job, Azusa.
Azusa: Rie-chan.

Manager: Here's the script for that anime. (Here.)
Azusa: Thanks.

Manager: I have to go to Tsubaki now, so... // Goodbye. Take care.

12 (90)
Tsubaki: Super Shine Rocket!!

Azusa: ...I have to give it my all.

Azusa: I wonder what protagonist thought right here.

Azusa: Is he shaken or surprised...? // No, it could be happiness.

13 (91)
Azusa: I'm sure that here he is...

Ema: Still working?

Azusa: Ah......

Azusa: Sorry, I didn't notice you...
Ema: That's alright.

Azusa: I'm reading the script of that anime, but // the character is harder to grasp than I thought... // I'm thinking of how to portray him.

14 (92)
Azusa: What?
Ema: Nothing.

Ema: You just look // so happy.

Azusa: Happy? // I am...?

Azusa: Am I happy......?

15 (93)
Tsubaki: I'm so hungry!! // Oh? // Ema!

Tsubaki: Good timing ★ I'm awfully hungry!
Ema: Oh!
Tsubaki: Would you make something nice for me? ♥

Azusa: Stop it, Tsubaki.
Tsubaki: (Yipes!) Azusa is here!? (Didn't see him. That gave me a scare.)

Azusa: You know she doesn't like that. // Let go of her.
Tsubaki: Fine, fine.

Tsubaki: Jokes aside, I am really hungry. // Is there something to eat?
Ema: There are some leftovers from dinner in the refrigerator.

16 (94)
Azusa: It's not good for you to eat this la... // ......ugh.

Tsubaki: But I can't endure what I can't endure.

Ema: Azusa-san, again...
Azusa: I'm fine.

Azusa: It's nothing, really.

Azusa: Sorry, I'm going back to my room.

17 (95)
Azusa: ...hm.

Azusa: At least I want to understand the character tonight... // The feelings and behavior of the protagonist...

Azusa: ......ugh, again...

Azusa: ...I can't. // Maybe I should just take some rest.

18 (96)
Azusa: When I was child I thought the stain on the ceiling looked like a monster // and I often had trouble falling asleep...

Azusa: ...what should I do? // I can't sleep again...

Azusa: What if dawn wouldn't break, if I don't fall asleep... // What if everyone does sleep, and I... // will be left all on my own...

Tsubaki: Yo!

19 (97)
Azusa: Eh...?

Azusa: Tsu...... // Tsubaki?

Tsubaki: It's boring to lie awake alone. // Let's sleep together.
Azusa: Eh. // Y..yes.

Tsubaki: Goodnight, // Azusa.

20 (98)
Azusa: Goodnight, Tsubaki. // Without asking any questions, Tsubaki would stay by my side. // Even now that hasn't changed. // I have to do my best for Tsubaki's sake...

SFX: knock knock

Azusa: ...oh? // You...

Ema: I'm sorry, did I disturb you?

21 (99)
Azusa: No, that's alright. // What's up?
Ema: It looked like you have a pretty bad headache, so...

Ema: Because it seems you'll strain yourself, even though it hurts

Ema: Here... some medicine.

Ema: I hope it'll ease the pain a little.

22 (100)
Azusa (thought): More than the medicine, more than anything else, // I'm happy she cares about me.
Azusa (spoken): Thank you for worrying // about me.

Azusa: I'll do my best. // Absolutely.

Azusa: I have to repay // her kindness as well.

23 (101)
Azusa: Thanks for the meal.

Ema: Eh? Did you have enough already?
Azusa: Yes... // I'm sorry, after all the trouble you went through to make this.

Azusa: Even though it's the first recording day of that anime, // I don't feel really well...

24 (102)

Ema: Another headache?
Azusa: ...yes. // But I think the medicine is helping...

Ema: Maybe you'd better stay home today...
Azusa: I can't do that!

Ema: Eh......?

25 (103)
Azusa: I.. I'm sorry. // The other people involved also have their schedules... // I can't just take a day off. // This role is special.

Azusa: For the sake of Tsubaki's dream // my act has to be flawless...

Azusa: Ugh!

26 (104)
Tsubaki: Morning. (yawn...)

Tsubaki: You're both early... // What's for breakfast today?
Ema: Ah, I'll prepare it right away.

Tsubaki: Ah! Hey, Ema. // Could you pack me a simple lunch today?
Ema: Lunch? // If you don't mind it'll be a potluck, I'll pack it right away...

Tsubaki: Thank you ★// I hope it'll be like a packed lunch lovingly prepared by my wife ♥ (Kiss)
Ema: Tsubaki-sa...

27 (105)
Azusa: ......Tsubaki. // Don't bother her.

Tsubaki: ...Azusa?

Tsubaki: What up? Azusa... // I have always been like that around her.
Azusa: (Ah!) ......

28 (106)
Azusa: I..I know, but...

Azusa: Why? // That's right, // but... // Why do I feel so irritated with Tsubaki?

Azusa: ...ugh!!

Azusa: I have to... go to work... // To work...
Tsubaki: Azusa...?
Ema: Azusa-san.

29 (107)
Azusa: I'm fi...

30 (108)
Tsubaki: Azusa!?

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