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Translations: One Piece 917 by cnet128 , Gintama 698 (2)

Birdmen 8

flight006 CATCH FIRE

+ posted by Sohma Riku as translation on Jan 19, 2014 14:48 | Go to Birdmen

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Title: Birdmen // flight006 CATCH FIRE

Text: Someone is calling out to their wings.

Artist: Tanabe Yellow

Vertical text: Thanks to the special training, the three of them gradually learned how to use their wings. On the hand, Karasuma...

Box: Special flight training, day 3

Rei: Alright, catch this!

Rei: Here!

Tsubame: Oops!!

Tsubame: Sorry, I missed!
Kamoda: I'll get it!

Kamoda: Alright, I have...

Rei: Oh, my...

Kamoda: Gasp!

Rei: It's still hard to handle the fine motor skills of our wings. (We'll never get to an actual rally.)
Tsubame: Kamo-chan, you alright?
Kamoda: I, // caught it before it hit the water!!

Tsubame: Then that's a new record, not? // If we count the distance before my miss too.
Rei: You're so nice, Tsubame.
Kamoda: Alright, your turn to catch it!

Tsubame: Oops! I missed again!
Box: Karasuma Eishi, current flight record // 25m.

Eishi: I should be fine... the distance I can fly increases every day. // If I keep that up, I should eventually be able to fly anywhere...
Rei: (Want to take a break?)
Kamoda: (At least let me get on shore first.)

Eishi: Indeed, anywhere...

Kamoda: Ah, I'm so thirty.

Kamoda: You'll be fine, Ei-chan. // You'll learn how to fly soon enough.

Kamoda: Because we all have wings after all!!
Eishi: Shut up!! // You idiot!!!

Kamoda: (What!? // I'm not an idiot!!)
Eishi: Why... Is the gap between our ability of motion really this large... // Either way, normal human beings wouldn't be able to fly at all. So if I put it like that, my 25m record isn't that bad...

Eishi: Fly...
Tsubame: Don't act so gloomy, Karasuma. // Want me to buy you some juice later?

Rei: Karasuma-kun, maybe you know this already, // but I suspect there's something wrong with your flight form. // I'll send you the video I just shot just now to your phone. // If you like, please use it for reference.

Eishi: Say something!!!

Takayama: ......... // There's always extraordinary strength resulting from an adrenaline rush in case of an emergency ...

Eishi: You're saying I'll be able to fly in case of need?

Eishi: You're wrong. A adrenaline rush won't affect someone without any abilities . // It will only change what can be expected of any skill or potential you already have.

Eishi: It's essential to have a grasp of your abilities. // Only an idiot would expect a miracle without doing anything. // I'm pressed for time, so I need to think of a plan. // I can't accept it just like this.

Takayama: Karasuma, // you still think you can't fly?

Eishi: Shut up...

Kamoda: Ah! // Ei-chan, that's amazing. // You discovered a new way to use your wings.

Rei: I guess he's more depressed than we thought.
Kamoda: Nah, he's fine.

Kamoda: Ei-chan may be the negative type, but he's mentally really strong. // He just really hates to lose.

Kamoda: If he gets serious, he's capable of anything. // He always drives himself into a corner like he's a total M!
Eishi: Damn, look at me... for now I'd better watch the video Sagisawa send me. // Maybe I'll find a solution... // Damn! Who's that loser! Is that me!!?

[T/N: M = Masochist = a person who finds pleasure in one's own pain or humiliation]

Eishi: Hm?

Eishi: Wha... // EH!?

Eishi: Hey, you!! // Takayama!!

Eishi: What are you doing, // are you going...

Eishi: to let go? // I knew it!!

Rei: Takayama-kun is just like Sparta...

Eishi: Idiot! // Smart phone, // smart phone, // not waterproof, // wings, // fly...

Rei: (Wow!)
Kamoda: (A somersault!)

Kamoda: Ei-chan!!

Rei: Well... // I guess you just set yourself a new record.

Kamoda: That's right. You're great! // Ei-chan, you already mastered the somersault, did you?
Eishi: Hm...

Eishi: Yes, I did. // I know exactly how my wings work!

Eishi: Look at my newly achieved... // skill!

Eishi: Waterproof smart phone case!!! (Viva wearable computing!)
Kamoda: Whatever, just fly.


Takayama: You look just fine...

Eishi: Wha... // EH!?

Tsubame: This is great, we are all able to fly now!

Tsubame: (Just a bit more practice and we'll be able to fly even further.)

Eishi: Is this a Sand dumpling?
Kamoda: Don't be rude.

Eishi: Kamoda, I'm done for... everything looks grey...
Kamoda: Today I added small fry to the rice! (And it's smaller, as you requested.)

Tsubame: (How far is it to Odaiba?)
Rei: (Let me look that up.)

Eishi: He's still looking at the sky.

Eishi: He said he can "sense" us. // But I still can't tell who he is.

Eishi: I don't think he's lying or trying to trap us. (If you think about it, that's actually pretty strange.) // But I still can't suppress this unexplainable sense of discomfort.

Takayama: There’s ALSO the black out----- // You’ll have to be prepared...
Eishi: For instance, it doesn't really seem to bother him he has to fight off monsters. // Yet if we aren't careful, we'll probably die... // And then, he seems to value saving human lives...?


Eishi: No, that's not it... // From his story, I understand that responding to the wishes of your wings is the key to living with them. // That's right, it also feels pretty eerie that he is always personifying his wings while speaking of them.

Eishi: What on earth did he mean with "to live with these wings", what on earth are the "wishes of your wings"...?

Kamoda: What's this!?

Tsubame: Eh, // do you also hear that voice!?

Eishi: Takayama! // Is this the "voice" you were talking about!?

Rei: Then, // someone's life is in danger!?

Eishi: Hey, Taka...

Eishi: That bastard!!
Rei: Let's follow!

Kamoda: Oh? // It's pretty close.
Tsubame: The voice is gone!

Eishi: No, no, no...

Eishi: That... // isn't a human, right...
Box: Overall length of about 15m

Eishi: That's a whale, right? RIGHT!? // Aren't we supposed to hear the "voices" of humans only!? // No one told me about this!!?
Tsubame: (I guess he strayed into the shallows.)

Eishi: Why is this happening!? // Can we possibly here the last moments of all living things!? // You can't be serious about that!!

Takayama: The voices... of humans are loud... // so you don't hear the voices of other beings unless you're really close. If you already hear them, it'll only last a few seconds or so.


Takayama: Unless you transform, you usually won't hear them at all.

Rei: Because animals aren't aware of their death until the very last moment, right?
Tsubame: Hey, did this whale die? (It's not moving.)

Takayama: No, it's still alive.

Tsubame: Then, let's take it back to the open sea!
Eishi: What!?

Eishi: Why am I doing this...?

Eishi: I'm being carried away... // Or just say I'm adrift, whatever......

Eishi: And because this thing is huge, // we naturally have to move stealthily, not to attract any attention... // it a really feels like we're doing something bad...

Eishi: I never had any intention to save humans... // This isn't a human though. // I have my hands full with myself already. // It would've been better to use this time to practice our flying, right? (Especially me.)

Eishi: All in all, the fact that this whale strayed into this kind of place means at least one of its organs is damaged. // So whatever we try, we won't be able to save it anyway.

Eishi: Right... we're just moving a big lump of whale meat that's bound to die...? // Yikes, why am I imagining that!

Eishi: But that voice...

Eishi: Voice... // It weren't really words, it was more like thoughts... or wishes... // If those really belonged to this whale-----

Eishi: I feel like // even I would come to want to help it // some way or another...

Tsubame: Ah, // it moved!

Tsubame: I wonder if he'll be able to find his way home...

Takayama: That whale's time has come. He'll die soon.
Tsubame: Really!?

Takayama: But, if he has to die, I thinks it's better if he does at the bottom of the deep ocean.

Tsubame: I see...
Rei: That's too bad...

Rei: But they say it's bad omen to have a whale wash up on shore. // So we may just have averted some trouble?
Kamoda: How can we ever become heroes with such unclear...

Eishi: Wait, Kamoda... // You want to be a hero?
Kamoda: Huh?

Kamoda: You don't?

Eishi: Wha... // Me!?

Eishi: No, I...

Rei: Ouch,
Tsubame: that's hurts!!

Eishi: Wha... // What's going on!?

Eishi: Guaaa!!

Eishi: Takayama!!

Eishi: Wait for us, // what is this... // It's nothing like before...

Eishi: Fire... // Over there!?

Eishi: Damn // it......

Eishi: What is this pain... // Explain it already, Takayamaaa...!!

Kamoda: Ei-chan!!

Rei: Let's follow them!

Eishi: Hot!

Eishi: Takayama!

Eishi: Takayama!

Takayama: Over here.


Takayama: The harbor is close. A relief team will be here soon.

Takayama: There are still people inside. // Give me a hand.

Eishi: But...
Takayama: Karasuma.

Takayama: This is an emergency------

Eishi: Oh...

Eishi: Aah... // I don't feel the heat anymore...

Takayama: I knew you'd be the first person to fly after me.

Box: The next day, // the story about a boat catching fire at Tokyo Bay became big news in its own way.

Box: It wasn't mentioned in the summaries in the major Newspapers or on TV, // but a strange witness statement of the survivors started circulating on the internet.

Eishi: Most of the crew were Philippine and they said that just before they lost consciousness, // they saw the devil standing in the flames and prepared themselves for the end.

Eishi: I'm not a Christian like them, // but I guess I also saw a non-human creature in those flames back then.

Eishi: If that's the case, then what on earth am I?

Vertical text: After some frantic efforts, they obtained a non-human, devilish power!? Next time, a new conflict will drive Karasuma into a corner...!

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