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Doraemon 144

The Face Eraser

+ posted by Sohma Riku as translation on Jan 29, 2014 18:18 | Go to Doraemon

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1-2 (150-151)
Title: The face eraser

XXX: Wow, amazing!!
Shizuka: Did you draw this?

Shizuka: It's great. // I love it.
Boy: It's nothing.

Shizuka: It would be really great // if a perfect boy like this really existed.
Boy: Well, maybe.

Nobita: I wonder... // If a person like this really existed, I'd probably think he's a monster.

3 (152)
Shizuka: How rude of you to say that!

Boy: It's fine. He's just jealous, because I'm better at drawing than him.

Shizuka: Hey, next time, could you draw a beautiful girl?
Boy: Sure.

Boy: I'll draw you as many as you want.
Shizuka: Thank you.

Nobita: Buzz off.

Mama: What are you doing?
Nobita: I look exactly like you.

Mama: Well, of course. You're my child after all. Is there a problem with that?
Nobita: I'm so unlucky.

4 (153)
Mama: What do you mean with that!!?
Doraemon: Come, come.

Doraemon: Come, come.

Doraemon: Why did you say such a mean thing to her?

Doraemon: What? This drawing?

Doraemon: Shizuka-chan said this face is handsome?

Doraemon: Don't worry about such a pointless thing. // Looks don't matter, it's all about your inside!!

Doraemon: Well, I have to admit your inside is pretty bad too......

Doraemon: Don't sulk. // If you really want to look like that, I'll help.

Doraemon: The "Correction rubber" and the "Shape pen"

5 (154)

Doraemon: With this one we rub off your face.........

Doraemon: Don't get worked up. // With this pen I'll draw on the face that you want.

Doraemon: If I just copy this drawing, it'll be fine, right?

Doraemon: I have some confidence in my drawing skills...

Doraemon: Some confidence......

Doraemon: None at all.

Doraemon: I told you not to get worked up!

Doreamon: We just erase it and try again. // You can do this as many times as you want.

6 (155)
Doraemon: Don't move, it's hard to draw like that!

Doraemon: Look at this, // another failure!!

Nobita: Watch out, you don't have to rub my head off!! You're hopeless!!

Doraemon: So, you think I'm hopeless!?
Nobita: Yes, you are irresponsible.

Nobita: This isn't funny. // What should I do now?

XXX: Gorou, your friend is here.

Boy: Who are you?
Nobita: Well, I am.........

Boy: Nobita!?

Nobita: Please!! // Could you draw a handsome face on me.
Boy: Hmm......

7 (156)

Boy: Earlier you said my drawing looked like a monster.

Nobita: Ah, please forget about that.

Nobita: I was jealous of your amazing talent. I didn't mean what I said.

Boy: Well, alright then.
Nobita: Thank you.

Shizuka: Who are you?

Shizuka: Nobita-san!?

Shizuka: Oh my...... // So handsome......
Suneo: Why, why?

Gian: You had it drawn on with this pen?
Suneo: That's so great, damn it.

8 (157)
Suneo: Let me draw on you too!

Nobita: What are you doing!?
Suneo: You look much better like this.
Doraemon: Come, come.

Doraemon: Listen, why don't we all erase our face and ask Gorou-kun to draw us a new one?

Doraemon: Then it'd be fair.

Gorou: Sorry, I hurt my hand. I won't be able to draw for a while.

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