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Stella et Mille Feuille 1

+ posted by Sohma Riku as translation on Feb 3, 2014 22:08 | Go to Stella et Mille Feuille

-> RTS Page for Stella et Mille Feuille 1

(1 - 2) [11-13]
Yellow text: Thank you for waiting! Your attention please for the new series of 2014

Black vertical text: From today on I'll be on my own. // I'm not lonely. // Because I've been on my own from the start.

Yellow text: Opening color spread // 50P

Pink text: Stella to mille Feuille // Stella et Mille Feuille // chapter 1

T/N: a "mille feuille" is a pasty of French origin. Not sure yet what Stella refers to (yet).

Black text: Kana Watanabe presents // Watanabe Kana

(3) [15]
Box: On reflection // Almost nothing has gone right for me today. // Even though today was to be the day // that I would cast away my past... // and start a new life.

Bubbles: Hey! // You bastard!// What did you do to Sakura!!?

(4) [16]
Box: Hayama Ginga // 15 years old

Box: From today on I'll be living on my own.
Ginga: What a nice morning.

Ginga: I feel like something good is going to happen today.
SFX: Ping

SFX: smoldering

Ginga: Well, this much I can...
SFX: thud

(5) [17]
Ginga: A towel!

SFX: Slip
Ginga: !?

Ginga: !?

SFX: Bang

Ginga: ..................

Ginga: ...well, it's alright. // Even if nothing good happens. // I am already

Ginga: free anyway.
Box: ..my father

Box: is a doctor. // He's a strict and serious person. // He wishes for me to become a doctor as well.

(6) [18]
Box: Always doing as my father told me

Box: ...I never felt free.

Ginga: So winter last year // I secretly // made // two resolutions.

Ginga: First, I would take the entrance exam of a different school than my father desired.

Ginga: Second, I would leave home, pretending to go living in the dorm.

SFX: Bang...

(7) [19]
Box: Both// were granted.
Ginga: Because Yamaoka did a great job. (Hayama residence / Butler / Yamaoka)

Ginga: But it'll be out before long I guess... // And that's fine.

Ginga: This is my revenge on my father.

Ginga: I hope he'll realize his mistakes

Ginga: and regret it all...

Ginga: (...oh) Oops.

Ginga: No need for me to get all depressed. (Time to change the mood.)
SFX: rattle...
Box: At any rate, // I've started a new life.

(8) [20]
Ginga: Forget everything // and start

Ginga: anew...

Ginga: ......... // Eh?

Ginga: What? This is... (Princess... Mononoke?)
Kid: ........................

Kid: Hey.
Ginga: Eh! Yipes!!

Ginga: It talked...!!
Kid: Do you live here?
Ginga: ...ye...yes, I do?

Kid: Oh, I see...
Ginga: ......

(9) [21]
Kid: That's great.
Ginga: Huh? // Aah... well, I guess. In the end!

Ginga: That's not the point!!? // Hey you, that's dangerous.

Ginga: You shouldn't ride on a do... // That's..

Ginga: Dangerous!!

Kid: Nice!
Ginga: That wasn't nice! Did you even listen!?

Ginga: It's not only about riding the dog itself, but you could also hurt its lower back! It's extremely dangerous...

Box: Really, // why today of all days is this...
Woman: Hey! // You bastard!
Ginga: Eh?

(10) [22]
Woman: What did you do to Sakura!!?

Ginga: Eh.

Ginga: ...I di

Ginga: I didn't do anything...
Woman: You dirty pervert!!
Ginga: !!

Ginga: Wha... // What a day...
Woman: Sakura, are you alright!? // He didn't hurt you!?
Sakura: Yes.

Ginga: I set just one step outside my house and I'm already assaulted by some Yankee... Is this the end of a century...!!?// What happened to the public order?

(11) [23]
Sakura: Tsubaki-chan, you know~~
Tsubaki: What is it~~? Are you hurt?

Sakura: This person // is our neighbor.

Ginga&Tsubaki: What?

Ginga&Tsubaki: Neighbors...!?

Tsubaki: Oh, my~~ I'm so sorry!

Tsubaki: So you're our neighbor. //(Ha ha ha) // What a surprise~~.

Ginga: ...yeah. (Indeed...)

(12) [24]
Ginga: You, why? What are you doing in my house!!
Tsubaki: Oh? // Well, I just thought I should treat your forehead...
Text: In Ginga's apartment

Ginga: No need for it, please go home!
SFX: irritated
Tsubaki: Really? But it looks like it hurts.
Ginga: Yes, and that's your fault! // Why is my neighbor like this?

Ginga: Someone, please say it's a joke...!
Tsubaki: Ah, that's right. // I haven't introduced myself yet.

Tsubaki: I am Momono Tsubaki! // We live together in the apartment next door. // It's nice to meet you!

Tsubaki: Who are you?
Ginga: ...I'm Hayama Ginga...

Tsubaki: Oh~~ So, you're Ginga! // Well, nice to meet ya, Ginga!
Ginga: ...... (Better stop talking already.)

(13) [25]
Ginga: ...by the way

Ginga: When she said "we"... // She meant her and that kid, right? // So, she's the mother...? // Judging from her looks and that display of dreadfulness a little while ago, you wouldn't say she's a mothe...

Ginga: (Oh)

Ginga: Is she one of those rumored Yankee Mothers!?
Text: (Yo, yo! // No egg bowl for her! Rice crackers are just fine for kids.)
SFX: wobbly
Tsubaki: You are thinking of something rude, right?

Ginga: N..No, it's nothing... (She's gonna kill me...)
Tsubaki: Hey, Ginga. Are you living here alone?

Tsubaki: Why?

Ginga: ...that's right. // ...it's nothing.

(14) [26]

Ginga: It has nothing to do with you, right? // Even if my neighbor is a Yankee, // even if she has a fin-de-siècle parent-child relationship, // it has nothing to do with me.

Ginga: Just because I pretend to be your friend

Ginga: doesn't mean I am alone. // I don't want to get involved with other people.

Tsubaki: ... // but

Tsubaki: we are already involved!

(15) [27]

Tsubaki: I mean, you moved in next to me, // and we have a conversation like this.

Tsubaki: It'd be strange if I said I weren't involved, right?

Ginga: ............ // Is...

Ginga: Is... that so? If you put it like that, it makes sense... doesn't it...
Tsubaki: (So? Why, why?)

Ginga: ......... // There's... not really a reason... // I just hated to be told what to do by my dad.

Ginga: I just wanted // to live on my own // and be free, that's all... // Is what I say...

Ginga: It's not like she would ever understand my feelings...

(16) [28]
SFX: trembling
Tsubaki: chuckle
Ginga: !?

Ginga: Wha... why are you making that face!!?
Tsubaki: No... I know... // I understand~~

Tsubaki: Outgrowing control... // It's a journey to freedom!!
Ginga: Is she making fun of me...!?

Ginga: You... you're wrong. I'm not that simple. // It's like this... I'm taking revenge on my father!!

Tsubaki: Re.. // revenge. (Ha ha)

Tsubaki: I see, I see. (Ha ha... // Ha ha ha // Ha)
Ginga: No... // No, I...

Tsubaki: You're right, keep up that spirit! (Aha ha ha // Ha ha // Ha)
Ginga: No, that's not... // So... // Somehow... // Somehow...

(17) [29]
Ginga: What's up with this feeling!
Tsubaki: (Ah, that was fun!) Well~~~but it's hard to live alone.

Tsubaki: But don't worry! // If you got a problem, // I'll help you out!!

Tsubaki: Let's travel to road // to freedom together! // Ginga!!
Ginga: ...I

Ginga: I shouldn't have told her......

Ginga: ...yes... // Yamaoka, is it you...? // No... // I'm fine......
Yamaoka: Yo... young master Ginga!? // Aren't you feeling well?

(18) [30]
Ginga: ...it's just that my neighbor keeps pestering me every day... // So, I'm a bit tired.
Tsubaki: (Morning! How are you?)
Tsubaki: (Take this, enjoy it.)
Tsubaki: (Hi!)
Yamaoka: What!? Bullying you!?
Ginga: No, // just pestering......

Ginga: ...... // How's dad?

Someone: He hasn't said // a word...
Ginga: ...I see. // I'll call again.

Ginga: After all that trouble, // he doesn't even care I'm gone?

(19) [31]
Ginga: She's only a neighbor. // Even though I say so.

Tsubaki: We are // already involved!

Tsubaki: Oh, // I'm so sorry.

Tsubaki: Asking you to play with the kids!
Ginga: ...well

(20) [32]
Ginga: She totally got me...
Box: ...Momono-san
Tsubaki: Ginga. You love dogs, don't you? (I keep both of them at my parents' house.)

Box: has some strange // attractiveness to her.
Ginga: ...yeah, well.

Box: I can feel it...
Ginga: Until last year // I also had a dog...

Ginga: What!? What happened!? (What kind of expression is that!?)

Tsubaki: Damn it, I totally forgot!! // Today is the one and only Ultra Sale of February. (It's almost over!!)
Ginga: ? // What? That... (Ultra sale?)
Sakura: The joints of life.

Tsubaki: Sakura, mom will be... // ......... (the time...)

Tsubaki: Ginga, I'm sorry!! (Here!!)
Ginga: Eh?

Tsubaki: I'll... I'll be right back!! Please wait at home for me with Sakura!!
Ginga: What!? (She's fast!!)

SFX: clink
Text: keys
Ginga: ......... // Ho......
Sakura: (Ginga, are we going home? What will be do? Play with blocks?)

(21) [33]

Ginga: At home // huh...
SFX: clink... clink... // clank...

Ginga: ...excuse me...

Ginga: ...this is pretty dangerous, isn't it? // Letting a person you hardly know alone into your house... // ............

Ginga: ...what's up with this sense of guilt...!!
Sakura: Ginga!! // Wash your hands! // (Use plenty of soap.)
SFX: gushing water

Ginga: ...... // Sakura...
Text: Playing with blocks

Ginga: are you... // living here together with Momono-sa... Tsubaki-san?
Sakura: Yes.

(22) [34]
Ginga: ...what about your father?

Sakura: Hm... // Err~~

Sakura: He went somewhere.
Ginga: ......

Ginga: ...my mother also left // a long time ago.

Ginga: We're the same.

Sakura: We're not.
Ginga: EH?

Ginga: ...... I see. (I'm sorry for lumping us together.) // Well, I guess it's because she still has Momono-san...
Box: What did I hope to achieve

Box: by talking // to such a small child?
Ginga: Oh. // Hey. // Look, Sakura!

(23) [35]
Ginga: This... amazing!! // An absolute master piece! // Hey, // Sakura quick...

Ginga: Oh! (She fell asleep?)

Ginga: I need something... to cover her... // Oh. (blanket)

Ginga: ...who got this thing...? (This is absurd.)

Ginga: I'm pretty tired all of a sudden...

Ginga: Kids have it easy.

Ginga: ......... // ...I am also

(24) [36]

Box: still // a child, I guess.

Dad: How dare you // get such a mark!

Dad: If this I all you can do, I wonder what will come of you in the future.

Ginga: ...I'm sorry.
Box: ...I understood

Box: that studying was important...
Boy: Hey, let's go to the game arcade today. // Yeah.

Ginga: I... have cram school today...

Boy: You're really unsociable.
Box: Entering a good school. // Aiming to become a doctor.

(25) [37]
Box: I understood these two things meant a lot to my dad.

Ginga: I'm home.

Ginga: ...... // Oh?
Yamaoka: Young master.

Yamaoka: She was old...

Yamaoka: The two of you have been together, // ever since you were a child...

Ginga: Studying, entering a good school, aiming to become a doctor.

(26) [38]
Ginga: The matter with my friends. // The matter with my neglected dog. // The matter with my runaway mom. // It was too much.

Dad: Ginga.

Ginga: ... // Dad...

Dad: You have an exam tomorrow! // What are you doing!?

Ginga: Tell me, what was

Ginga: I supposed to do?

(27) [39]

Tsubaki: Oh. // You're awake.

Ginga: ~~~~oh. // Yikes...
Tsubaki: Shh!

Tsubaki: Stay, stay.
Ginga: Oh......

Tsubaki: (Ahaha)
Ginga: ......

Ginga: ...stop // stop doing that!
Tsubaki: Eh? Aah, sorry...

(28) [40]
Tsubaki: But you were crying.

Tsubaki: Did you have a nightmare? (Haha)
Ginga: .........

Ginga: Just a bad... // memory of the past...

Ginga: ...Momono-san.

Ginga: How do you forget // painful memories?

Ginga: Will I forget them // when I grow up? // Cold nights //that make my heart ache.

Ginga: How many will have to follow before it's enough?

(29) [41]
Ginga: I cannot fall sleep anymore once I have remembered.
Tsubaki: ...let's see.

Tsubaki: ...I think you'll be able to forget them // after a few decades.

Tsubaki: But // Even so // No matter how painful they are // no matter how much you cry

Tsubaki: that what happened in the past // will never be undone.

Tsubaki: ...... // even if you grief // it will lead you nowhere.

Tsubaki: ...don't you think?

Ginga: ... // but // if so, then what...!
Tsubaki: But the future is different!

(30) [42]
Tsubaki: You cannot change the past. // But you can change your "future".

Tsubaki: It's not about what you should do. // But about what you want to do, not?

Tsubaki: If you think like that, you can do anything.

Tsubaki: I'm so happy, Ginga.

Ginga: Even though // I know it's not true. // That I can never do anything I want.

(31) [43]
Ginga: But when she says it // it somehow doesn't feel // like a lie.

Tsubaki: Good morning, Sakura.
Sakura: Moonin'~~

Ginga: What a strange person...

Tsubaki: Everything I just said. // It's what my sister once told.

Tsubaki: In the past I was also...... // made some really bad decisions......
Ginga: ...........

Tsubaki: She urged me not to live // in the past // but in the present.

Tsubaki: But // That

(32) [44]
Tsubaki: is really hard...

Ginga: I suddenly realized.

Ginga: How much do I actually know // about Momono-san?
Tsubaki: Alright. // Let's make dinner!

Tsubaki: Ginga, stay for dinner!
Ginga: Eh. // Ah... excuse m...

Ginga: Ah.

Tsubaki: Hm?

Tsubaki: Waa!! // Err... this is... // It's not what you think!!
Ginga: ... I didn't even say anything yet...

(33) [45]
Ginga: Aah... I see...
Tsubaki: I... I just always loved these things... // But it doesn't suit me, does it!? It doesn't, right!? // That's why I only wear it inside... that should be fine... that...
Ginga: .........

Ginga: Momono-san... // You're wrong... It has nothing to do with the past...

Ginga: We should live in the present, // isn't it!?
Tsubaki: ~~~~~~

Tsubaki: Da.. // Damn you!
Ginga: You reap what you sow...!

Sakura: (Having fun, huh?)

(34) [46]
Ginga: ...... // ...I

Ginga: I'll talk to my father.

Ginga: All this time... // I only did as I wanted... // Trying to rebel against my father...

Ginga: But I guess that won't solve the problem...

Ginga: That's what I realized // while listening to you.

Tsubaki: I'll cheer for you!

(35) [47]
Box: I'm sure

Box: it'll be fine.

Tsubaki: Ginga!

Tsubaki: Getting back from school?
Ginga: Yes. // You are taking a walk?
Tsubaki: Yes, we're going home now~~

Ginga: (Give me he leash.)
Tsubaki: (Thank you.) // Ginga, did you make some friends already at school?

Ginga: (Err.) // ...no.

Ginga: ...well, actually... // it's not that I can't... // It's just... // I'm not trying... (That kind of principle...)

Ginga: Ah, // I'm... I'm making a fool of myself again.

Tsubaki: No~~~ you're not, you're not.
Ginga: I am! (Your face says it all!!)

(36) [48]
Tsubaki: I told you you're wrong.

Tsubaki: (It's the opposite, I look up to you. For various reasons.)
Ginga: (You're lying!!)

Tsubaki: Ah, // I'm sorry, Ginga. // Could you please look after the dogs for a bit? (I'm out of oil!)
Ginga: Sure.
Tsubaki: We'll be back soon!

Sakura: (Thank you.)

XXX: Looks like // you're enjoying yourself, Ginga.

(37) [49]

Ginga: What? // Father...?

Ginga: Why... // Why are you...

Dad: I came to visite a patient.

Dad: It's been a while, Ginga.
Ginga: What now? // My voice doesn't come out. // How is this even possible?

Ginga: ...but

Ginga: This is my chance, isn't it? // Da... dad, I // I live in an apartment around here.

(38) [50]
Ginga (bubble): And I didn't enter the school you wanted me to enter. // I'm attending the local high school.
Ginga (thought): Tell him. // Properly.

Ginga (thought): Say it.
Ginga (bubble): Dad, // all this time I...
Dad: I know.

Ginga: ......what?
Dad: Yamaoka told me everything.
Ginga: !!

Ginga: What, but Yamaoka is...
Dad: Yamaoka is my butler. // He had to tell me.

Ginga: ...... // Since when...?

Dad: From the start.

Ginga: ... you knew, // and didn't say a thing...?

(39) [51]
Ginga: Don't you // care about me at all...!?

Dad: It was // your decision.

Dad: You should do as you want.

Ginga: ... why...?

Ginga: ......hold on... // why is he // this easily

(40) [52]
Ginga: leaving me.

Tsubaki: Ginga? // Who was that...

Sakura: Ginga.

Dad: : Looks like you're enjoying yourself.

Ginga: Stop it...

Ginga: I didn't want you to come here // just to tell me that... // I just

(41) [53]
Ginga: I just wanted my dad...

Tsubaki: I don't know what's going through your head,

Tsubaki: but don't vent you anger on those around you...!

Tsubaki: Sakura, are you alright? // Let's go.
Ginga: ...yeah.

Ginga: Again // I'll be left behind.

(42) [54]
Ginga: Just like then // And just like then // I should have

Ginga: said something. (It's not about what you should do.)

Ginga: (But about what you want to do, not?)

Ginga: Don't leave...

(43) [55]

Ginga: I.. // don't want to // be alone again...

Ginga: I'm sorry.

Ginga: I felt so sad when my mother left. // I felt so lonely when my dad wouldn't look at me.

Ginga: Living at home like that, // I really felt like I was alone.

Ginga: I didn't want to be alone, // but I was.

(44) [56]
Tsubaki: Too long!

Tsubaki: Why didn't you apologize right away!? // Apologize when you do something bad! // Apologize at once!!

Ginga: Bu... But, I // thought you abandoned me already......

(45) [57]
Tsubaki: What!? // Don't make light of me!!

Tsubaki: I told you I'd be there for you! // Don't forget that, idiot!!

Ginga: ...oh // So bright.

Tsubaki: Just, // seriously!

(46) [58]
Tsubaki: Come.
Ginga: Eh? // Where?

Tsubaki: You don't want to be alone, right?

Tsubaki: What you want and the way you act don't match up, Ginga.

Tsubaki: A person who doesn't want to be alone // shouldn't close himself off, // but open up.

Ginga: ...eh? // What's this?
Tsubaki: Buckwheat noodles!!

T/N: Buckwheat noodles are traditionally given to new neighbors after a move to symbolize hope for a long and friendly relationship.

Tsubaki: Introduce yourself to the other neighbors tomorrow. // That's the first step.

(47) [59]
Tsubaki: And after that // make some friends at school // and deal with your father.

Ginga: ... // I'm so sorry for...

Tsubaki: It's fine. // Just now // I understood.

Tsubaki: And next? // What do you want to do next? // There are so many things waiting for you.

Tsubaki: I'm sure you'll enjoy it, // Ginga.
Ginga: She's sparkling.

Ginga: A person // I hardly know. // ... I want

(48-49) [60-61]
Ginga: to know more about you, // Momono-san.

Ginga: No matter how many sleepless nights will follow, // I will never forget the next day will always break.

XXX: Let's get along // from hereafter.

XXX: A spring has come // in the depth of Ginga's winter.

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