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Mahou Gyoushounin Roma 18

Meldorant's dark crystal

+ posted by Sohma Riku as translation on Feb 3, 2014 22:14 | Go to Mahou Gyoushounin Roma

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Girl: Everyone!! // The ball game tournament is only one week away!
Blackboard: Ball game tournament // Mixed soft ball

Girl: Therefore! From today on, after school is over, // we will dedicate ourselves to a back breaking training ♬
Blackboard: Mixed soft ball // Koizumi sports park // training

Girl: This is our last high school ball game tournament. // Let's stand firm and give the best of our power to win!!
Students: I'll see you in front of the station......... // You have cram school today? // Yesterday, on the internet...

Box: Hey, Nanase~~...

Box: No one is listening~~

Vertical text: Autumn, the time to play sports!!
Horizontal text: Magic Peddler Roma

Text: Magical appeal! Volume 1~3 Now on sale!!

Title: Magic Peddler Roma // Chapter 18 "Meldorant's dark crystal"

Vertical text: In the autumn wind, even cats feel lonely.........

Text: Kurazono Norihiko

Bell: Ding Dong Dang Dong...
Nanase: Alright!

Nanase: Let's all change clothes and meet at the park!

Students: I'm going home, I'm far too busy. Give me a break // I really don't see why we'd want to practice... // Time to go home~~

Nanase: Hey you, hold on a sec.

Student: She's at it again~~

Student: Our class president.
Boy: !

Student: For a class president she is way too forceful! (Treats us badly...) // If you do not resist her, she acts pretty cute, but... such a waste.

Student: You're the vice-president, so you'd better assist her well.

Nanase: You bastards!! // Come back here!!

Nanase: You!

Nanase: What club are you from?

Boy: The table tennis club.
Box: ...got a problem with that!?
Nanase: ..

SFX: Clink

Boy: Aargh.

Nanase: Come on! Are you even trying!? // Catch it already!!

Nanase: You think we'll be able to win like that!!?
Box: First of all, could you at least remember the name of your vice-president...
Boy: Good grief,...

Boy: Hey Nanase, the baseball club members aren't even here...

Boy: Let's just go home for today...

Nanase: NO!

Nanase: We will train!!
Boy: ............

Boy: It's only a ball game tournament... // Even if we don't...

Nanase: But still... we also didn't take the sports day seriously.

Nanase: Like this, the ball game tournament, the school festival... // the school trip, our graduation ceremony... // Every moment from here on would just pass by like that.

Nanase: I realized I've been wasting my time... // The time I'm given, the chances I'm given, they passed by without me even trying to make the most of it...

Nanase: I don't want that anymore...! // That's why decided...

Nanase: to go all out this time!!

Nanase: Despite all that! They show no motivation whatsoever!?// If they'd just do as I say, they'd be able to live their youth to the fullest!

Nanase: Why are they resisting me!? (That makes me mad.!!)
Box: It's probably because of that self-justified attitude of yours...

Roma: Is there a problem?

Mino: If you'd like, we could help. ♪

Mino: If you don't mind a little magic that is. ♫

Roma: Meldorant's dark crystal.

Nanase: What the hell are you talking about!!?

Roma: This stone hold black magic powers.........
Mino: It's a bit of an evil stone ♬

Roma: This stone controls.... "domination magic "

Roma: This is... //a magic tool that lets you freely control the minds of other human beings----

Nanase: What!?

Nanase: That's ridiculous... I'm leaving!!
Boy: Yeah.........

Roma: Dug------

Nanase: Huh?

Nanase: Wait, wha...

Nanase: Hey, what---------!?

Nanase: What are you doing? // Put me down!!

Roma: Dig...

Nanase: Ouch!!

Boy: Oh...?
Nanase: .........

Nanase: What the hell are you doing, idiot!!

Boy: We...wei... weird,... wh...why... // why did I do that?

Mino: You sank into a hypnotic state, because you saw the dark light. // Roma ordered you to lift that girl into your arms...

Mino: All with this stone ♪

Roma: You can have it, if you want...

Roma: in exchange for your "Klesha"...

Nanase: Everyone! // Today, after school, we'll have another special soft ball training!!

Nanase: Unlike yesterday......... // Make sure you will all be there!!

Boy: She doesn't learn.........

Boy: Moreover... the girl we met yesterday, who was she...

Boy: That stone... no way!?

Mino: Hold the stone up over your target's head and give the order in your mind.♪

Roma: Then utter the following.

Nanase: Dug-----

Student: Alright!! // Come at me!!

Students: Haa!!! // Nice catch!!

Students: Let's keep going! // Yeah!!

Nanase: You think this is enough to win!!? // Put more fight into it!!!

Nanase: Everyone is putting quite some heart into this!

Boy: Nanase... what did you do to them with that stone...?
Nanase: Nothing much...

Nanase: Just wished they'd "give their body and soul" in this ball game tournament!

Nanase: Who had thought this thing would really work! // It got myself a great thing~~
Boy: So glad I covered my eyes...

Boy: You could use it to do anything...
Nanase: All that's left is to win the tournament!!

Nanase: Look at the glistening sweat------- // The gushing passion--------

Nanase: This is it!! This is how youth... // is supposed to be!!

Blackboard: Ball game tournament today

Nanase: Go for it! Run!

Student: Class 2... is really at it...

Student: They are acting like this is the final of the Koshien or something...

T/N: Koshien = the National High-School Baseball Tournament (in Japan)

Boy: The majority of the students felt indifferent about this ball game tournament and yet... // I never thought that we'd be able to keep winning like this just by being serious...

Nanase: Everyone, well done!! // Next is the final!!

Nanase: We're going to win!!
Boy: ..

Teacher: You really think...

Teacher: it'll be that easy to defeat us, the "athletics class"!?

Nanase: Class 8...
Boy: What? This battle development...

Nanase: Don't worry...

Nanase: We'll wipe the floor with you ♬

Mino: Alright ♪That's the spirit♪

Boy: ! // That girl...

Teacher: Ha ha ha ha ha ha!!

Teacher: What happened to your energy!!

Nanase: Damn...

Nanase: Come on, everyone!! // What the hell are you doing!!?

Boy: It's obvious.

Boy: We aren't athletes, we don't have the energy to play game after game without getting tired.

Boy: Even if you can lift their spirit with magic, you can't change their physical limits...

Boy: At this rate, we'll all collapse...
Nanase: Damn...

Boy: It's time... // you stop pushing everyone beyond their limits.

Nanase: ............

Nanase: NO,... // ...NEVER.

Nanase: Come on, this is not the time to be tired!! // We've got to win this at all costs!!

Boy: She... She is so pigheaded... // What should I do...

Mino: She shall not be deterred, however many oppose her ♪

Mino: She's pretty fierce, huh?♪That girl♬

Boy: You...

Boy: I... // I want... // I want you to tell me how to stop the magic! // What should I...

Mino: Why? That girl is on top of the world now♪ // Want to put a damper on?

Boy: Nanase... has changed after she used that thing...

Boy: She always more or less did as she pleased, but... how should I say...

Boy: I have the feeling she lost sight of her surroundings...

Mino: "Klesha" is...

Mino: something that's peculiar... // to young people like you and her. ♪

Mino: It's a crystal that wishes to let you better develop yourself.

Mino: Originally, it was a "magic tool" to clear away the price...

Mino: that should be paid♪

Mino: One's "Klesha" would be stimulated by the magic tool... // and keep swelling.........

Mino: Exceeding your abilities by far, // infinitely ♪

Roma: If the stone is used again... // the previous hypnosis will be undone.

Mino: However,♪ //I wonder what will happen to that girl, if she uses it again♪

Boy: Nanase!?

Boy: That guy... // The pitcher of the opponent's team...

Boy: Are you planning to manipulate him!!?

Nanase: Hey, what are you doing!!?

Boy: That's enough......
Nanase: Give me the stone!

Nanase: Even though you're the vice-president------

Boy: Call people...

Boy: by their name!!!

Nanase: We... // ...couldn't win...

Boy: Well... we overdid it a bit... // but I kinda enjoyed it... being serious like that... (Ha ha ha)

Boy: Just take it easy... // and I'm sure everyone will understand your perseverance someday.

Nanase: Thank you,... // " Shougo".

Shogo: She said... // my name...

Nanase: Alright, let's try again at the school festival!!
Shogo: Huh?

Roma: I don't want to spoil your enthusiasm, but...

Mino: We came to collect the payment for the magical tool.

Mino: Two portions. ♬

Roma: Bold.

Vertical text: Their full-grown "Klesha" was really delicious ♪Please make sure you all live your youth to its fullest ♪

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