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Translations: One Piece 908 by cnet128 , Gintama 687 (2)

Acchi Kocchi 42

+ posted by Sohma Riku as translation on Feb 10, 2014 19:15 | Go to Acchi Kocchi

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Reserved Inp-mangaz

1 (93)
Mayoi: All classes after lunch will be suspended today. (Good morning.)
Tsumiki: (Good morning.)
Io: I expected as much. (Good morning.)

Hime: Because the flu is going around, right?
Kana: (Morni.. Wow, so little people!!)
Saki: (Good morning.)
Io: More than half of our class is absent, huh?

Teacher: Alright everyone, please take your seat.
All: YES!

Teacher: Hey you!! // Don't gather in front of the heater, because it's cold!! (Please take your own seat.)

2 (94)
Io: It's been really cold lately.
Mayoi: You'll only feel colder, when you say it out loud.
Tsumiki: That's what they say, huh?

Saki: But if you say it's hot, you won't feel warmer.
Mayoi: If you set your heart to it, I'm sure you will feel a change.

Kana: It'll change when you think of it?
Tsumiki: Love.
Hime: Thin.

Saki: No, that won't change just by thinking about it.
SFX: startled!!
Hime: Wh.. what are you talking about!?


Kana: But what if you use a different word to say it's cold?
Tsumiki: Like midwinter?
Io: Well, I guess it doesn't feel as cold.

T/N: Cold = Samui(寒い)・  Midwinter = Kan (寒) 

Kana: Kan kan kan kan kan kan♪
All: Kan kan kan kan kan
Mayoi: It kinda sounds like a crossing signal.

Inui: What are you all doing in front of the heater?
SFX: roar // BANG!!

XXX: Sakaki-san (you) got hit by a train!?
All: Aah!!
Io: (That was reckless.)
SFX: shocked
Sakaki: Hit!? What!? (What are you looking at!?)

3 (95)
Hime: Atchi.
Tsumiki: Achun.
Saki: Oh, such a cute sneezes.

Mayoi: He // he // he
Kana: Oh, // Mayo-chan too?
Tsumiki: (Hmm.)
Mayoi: He

Mayoi: HEY☆ (Ha ha ha)

Io: How disappointing. (phew...)
Kana: (Indeed. // Huff.)
Mayoi: It just stopped!! (Halfway through)


Io: Both of you, watch out you don't catch a cold. (at all cost)
Hime: Yes.
Tsumiki: nod nod
Sakaki: Well, I guess that applies to everyone here.

Saki: If Miniwa-san would catch a cold, Otonashi-kun would probably tell her to give him her cold. (Or something.)
Sakaki: No, we're talking about Io here. He'd probably say something more aggressive and knight-like. (huff)
Io: I'd visit her and---- (Mm.)

Box: Image
Text: I came here // to take your cold.

Io: -----maybe?
Saki: That's a little too much!? (That line.)

4 (96)
Mayoi: Look... a mosquito.
SFX: Bzz
Hime: (puzzled)
Kana: (These snowy rice cakes are delicious.)
Io: ...

Hime: They're still alive despite the cold.
SFX: Bzzz
Tsumiki: I wonder if they're going to hibernate inside the school.

Mayoi: In summer I always smash any mosquito I see---
Mosquito: Ah!
Kanji: Mosquito

Mayoi: YIKES!?
Text: toothpick
SFX: Poing
Hime: Wha--!?
Io: That was for the people they kept awake this summer. (That includes me.)
Kana: That's me!! (Oh☆)


Mayoi: Io-san, what are you doing all of a sudden!?
Io: I will rectify the world's itching.
Sakaki: So cool!?

Io: They disturbed my sleep so many times...
Kanji: Annoyed
SFX: Bzzz
Kana: When the light is off, they are there. When you turn it on, they're gone... (Irritated☆)

Tsumiki: So, they've been buzzing in your ears, huh?
SFX: puzzled
Mayoi: But please stop killing them like that in front of our eyes---
SFX: Bzzzz // BANG!
Mosquito: (Ah.)

Mayoi: STOP IT!! (Mew!!)
Io: Sorry...
SFX: Poing
Sakaki: By the way, why can you hit them?

5 (97)
Saki: But seeing them in such an unfortunate situation, you somehow want them to hold out, not?
Io: (Hm.)
Hime: If you put it like that, you may want to cheer for them.

SFX: Bzzz
Mosquito: sting

XXX: (chest)
Mosquito: Ah.

Io: Live and let live, right?
Saki: Guess it's impossible.
SFX: shocked
Hime: WHAT!?


Kana: Miniwan, you're so warm!
Text: Nice and warm by the heater.
Hime: So warm!
Tsumiki: You two are warm too.

Both: Your heart is warm too~
Sakaki: You usually say that about a generous person.

Kana: Then, everyone // is really warm, huh?

Hime: Yes, we are.
Kana: (Right?)
Mayoi: This is pretty embarrassing...
Saki: Those two are just really...

6 (98)
Sakaki: Shall we eat lunch before we go home?
Mayoi: That was the plan.
Saki: Didn't bring lunch for nothing.

Sakaki: All the girls brought lunch. // What shall we do? (I didn't bring any.)
Io: (Me neither.) Let's just buy some bread.

Io: The canteen is probably pretty empty with the flu going around.
Sakaki: (I see!) Yeah, business may be in the doldrums.

Mayoi: "Are there no customers!?"
SFX: shriek
Sakaki: (Eerie bird!?)
Io: That's the lamentation of the (lunch) lady.

Saki: I'm going to buy a drink. (from the vending machine)
Mayoi: I'm going to pick some flowers.
Hime: (I'm going to smell some too.)

Saki: Can I bring anything for you? (Kana please come with me. )
Mayoi: Yes, hot tea☆
Kana: Tea☆

SFX: chirring
Hime: Oo // Oolong tea?

ALL: Yeey!!
Saki: (All three.) So, that's 3 hot oolong tea, right?
Tsumiki: One person still has a big question mark floating above her head.

7 (99)
Saki: Ah, that's right Io. What about the thing we discussed earlier?
Io: Hm. // I'm afraid I have to decline.

Io: Your parents are also living at the store, right? I don't want to cause you any trouble. (It's not like it never happened before.)
Sakaki: (I see.) Miko and I wouldn't mind if you came, though. (Oh..)
Phone: ~~♪

Phone: Pi☆
Sakaki: But, Sis.
Io: She heard us!? (How!?)

Sakaki: Actually, it's my mom. (Ha ha ha)
Phone: Huh? What about Miko??
Io: Don't worry your mother. (Even so, talk of the devil)


Box: Sasaki on the phone call in the hall
Tsumiki: What were you talking about?
Io: (Hm.) My parents are really busy and won't be home for quite a while. // So Sasaki and Miko asked me to join them for dinner.

Io: While I'm really happy, it's a little embarrassing at the same time. // ...pretty strange, huh? After all this time... (And I'm also very sorry to bother them like that.)
Tsumiki: Not at all.

Io: Thank you.
Tsumiki: But // I guess I understand // the feelings of Sakaki and Miko-san too... (probably)
Io: Hm?

Tsumiki: I would // want to do the same // I think. (yes.)
SFX: blush
Io: ......

8 (100)
Sakaki: Sorry to make you wait! Let's get lunch!
SFX: clatter
Io: Yeah.
Tsumiki: ...

SFX: Blushing

SFX: blip blop // blip blop
Tsumiki: Somehow // Just now!? // Just now!? // What, what!? (Meow meow)
SFX: startled
Hime: What happened, Tsumiki-san!?
Text: Tsumiki is confused.


Sakaki: Guess we'll be able to get the popular menus today. (What shall I have?)
Io: ......

Sakaki: Did something happen, Io?

Io: It's nothing... // I think...
SFX: Blush

Sakaki: Wow, your face is all red! Sure you are okay!? (The flu!?)
SFX: Shocked
Io: Wh... // why am I... (Blush)

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