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Doraemon 145

I am Mari-chan!

+ posted by Sohma Riku as translation on Feb 24, 2014 15:00 | Go to Doraemon

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1 (158)
Title: I am Mari-chan!

2 (159)
Nobita: Poot. // He he he he.......

Nobita: For Doraemon to secretly collect so many of these bromides // He's a big fan of Marui Mari, huh?

Nobita: Doraemon. // Hey, Doraemon!

Nobita: You really love her, don't you?
Doraemon: I'm a big, big, big fan!!

Nobita: Really? She has a pretty cute face, but her voice isn't that special.
Doraemon: How dare you!!

Doraemon: Don't you dare insult Marui Mari.........
SFX: Noise // Chatter

3 (160)
Doraemon: Oh! // Something's going on outside.

Gian: Marui Mari is filming at the park.
Suneo: We're going to get her autograph.

SFX: Dash

SFX: Dash

Nobita: Hehehe, I'm actually a big fan too.

Doraemon: Where? Where?
Nobita: She isn't here, is she?

Shizuka: The camera broke. They're fixing it now.

Shizuka: Marui Mari is sleeping in the car.
Doraemon: This early in the morning?

4 (161)
Director: Is it still not fixed?
Woman: Hurry up, will you.

Woman: My sweet Mari-chan has another schedule right after this.

Camera Man: It's fixed.
Director: Let's start!
Woman: Mari-chan, wake up. Time to work.

Woman: EEK!

Doraemon: What, Marui Mari disappeared!?
Shizuka: I wonder where she went.

Suneo: Aaah, just when I thought we'd be able to meet her.
Doraemon: What a pity.

XXX: Rumble...

5 (162)
Doraemon: WAA!!

Doraemon: Ma, ma, ma, Marumarumaru, Marimarimari.
Nobita: What are you saying?

Nobita: AH!

Mari: Oops, I guess I fell asleep. // Please don't tell anyone I'm here.
Nobita: We won't tell!! Trust us.

Doraemon: If, if you're tired, you can rest at our house.
Mari: Are you sure!?

Doraemon: I'm dreaming!

Doraemon: But our place is pretty small and dirty, huh?
Nobita: This is embarassing.

Nobita: That's why I said we needed to clean the house!!
Mama: ?

Doraemon: Stop shilly-shallying! Get us some tea.
Mama: ? // ?

6 (163)
Nobita: Here, here.
Doraemon: Here, here.
Mari: Please don't bothter.

Mari: I secretly ran off. // I've really had enough of it all.

Nobita: You've had enough of it!?
Doraemon: That's such a shame!

Nobita: Being on TV and in movies. // And being idolized by everyone.

Mari: I'm so envious of you two. If possible, I'd love to swap lives.

Nobita: Well, in that case.
Doraemon: Let's change!

Nobita: I'm the one who gets to change.
Doraemon: No, I get to!!

7 (164)
Nobita: Rock, paper, scissors!

Doraemon: Not fair!! You know I can only throw rock.
Nobita: Stop grumbling, give me that thing we used before.
Mari: ?

Nobita: This is the Barter Bar. Please hold the other end...

SFX: Buzz

Nobita: Look, we've changed places! // Now you are me and I am you.

Nobita: I've always wanted to be a star. I'm dreaming!

Nobita: I'm going to show everyone.
Doraemon: Please take some rest.
Mari: Th, thanks......

Mari: Sigh.

8 (165)
Suneo: AH!
Gian: It's Marui Mari!!

Suneo: Wh, wh, what does this mean?
Gian: To, to, together with Doraemon?

Doraemon: She's an old friend of mine.
Nobita: Yes! Well,... that's right.

Doraemon: We're really good friends.
Suneo: I'm so envious of you!

Gian: Err, could you ask her to sign this for me?

Nobita: If you promise to be nice to Nobita from here on, I'll sign it.
Suneo/Gian: I promise.

Nobita: I just need to write my name, right?

Sign: Nobita

9 (166)
Girl: Look! Isn't that Marui Mari?
Girl2: Let's get her autograph....

Doraemon: Come, now! Please get in line.
Nobita: It's hard to be famous.

Doraemon: Don't push! Don't push!
Nobita: Yikes!

XXX: Quick. quick.

Woman: Where did you go? Now the filming had to be postponed.

Woman: You are the star. // Stop being so thoughtless, please.

10 (167)
Nobita: Eh, wait, I'll be on TV?
Woman: Of course you will, strange child.

Man: Hello, everyone. You've all been waiting for this moment, our NO.1 idol......

Man: Marui Mari-san!!

SFX: Bun cha cha

SFX: trembling // clatter
Audience: What is she doing?
Woman: Come, sing already.

SFX: Shock

11 (168)
Woman: When did you become tone-deaf!
Man: Seems she has a sore throat, huh?

Man: We'll use a recording, just make sure you move your lips in synch.

Woman: You broke out in a cold sweat.

Nobita: I can't do this. // Let's go home.
Woman: What are you saying!?

Woman: These people want to interview you.
Man: Hi.

Man: Smile, please.

Man: Now then, what are you hobbies?
Nobita: Watching TV, reading manga and napping.

Woman: No, she's joking. She loves music and reading. Ha ha....

12 (169)
Man: Your favorite dish?
Nobita: Rice with soup!

Mother: I'll do the talking. Please stay quiet!

SFX: Talk talk talk talk

SFX: slowly and quietly

SFX: grab

Nobita: Let's go home already......, it's time for lunch.
Mother: Don't talk nonsense!

Mother: At 12:10 you'll be filming a commercial for Peca Cola. // At 1:20 you have a cover shoot with weekly Myougetsu. // At 3:00 there's a sign event at the department store. // 5:40 you have an appearance at the Goma theater. // 7:15 you'll be recording......, // today's schedule packed until 2:00 tomorrow morning.

Nobita: No way!! // I'll die!!

Mother: If you work hard, you'll be more popular. I'm doing all I can to make you a big star.

Nobita: Doraemon, save me. Please.

13 (170)
Doraemon: Nobita, so you're here?

Doraemon: Found you!
Nobita: Doraemon!

Doraemon: Let's go home.
Mother: Hey, where are you going?

Mother: What is this strange raccoon dog-like thing?
Doraemon: Raccoon dog?

Doraemon: Here.

Nobita: Hold on.

SFX: Buzz.

Mother: WHAT!! // What happened?
Nobita: I hate this! I don't want to be an old lady.

Doraemon: Alright, work hard!

14 (171)
Nobita: Ah, it's so nice to be free.

Doraemon: Let's go home quickly.
Nobita: Let's have lunch.

Mari: EEK. // My mother even found me here!
Nobita: No, it's me. It's Nobita.
Doraemon: He changed again.

Doraemon: Did you rest enough?
Mari: Yes, I had plenty of rest.

Mama: Nobita-san!! // Wake up already and eat your lunch.

Nobita: It's nothing special, but please let's eat.
Mari: It's nice to meet you. I'm sorry for all the trouble.

15 (172)
Mari: I haven't had such a quiet day in a long time.

Mari: It's time to be myself again.
Doraemon: Then, let's find your mother.

Doraemon: She's here.

Doraemon: Why are you here?

Mother: Doing all that work was too much, so I secretly ran away.

Mother: Please forgive your mother.
Mari: I'm Mari.

Mother: I'll never push you this much again.
Doraemon: That's great, right Mari-chan?

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