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Doraemon 147

Hardship Soybean Paste

+ posted by Sohma Riku as translation on Mar 31, 2014 19:39 | Go to Doraemon

-> RTS Page for Doraemon 147


1-2 (180-181)
Title: Hardship Soybean Paste

Nobita: It's time!!

Nobita: I've been sitting at my desk for one hour, now it's time to play.

3 (182)
Papa: I've been watching you for a while. // Why can't you put your heart into your studies?

Nobita: Err... // Keep it as short as possible, please.

Nobita: Reading how I get lectured isn't any fun. If you scold me for too long, the popularity of this manga will drop.
Papa: Fine, I'll use no more than two pages!!

Papa: I've said this before, but watching you go about.........

Papa: I get the feeling you always run away from everything that is hard or that you dislike.

Papa: You only want to take the easy road. // Almost like water, you flow from a low level even further downhill.

Papa: That's not good enough. // Before you realize it, you'll find yourself in at the bottom of a pit.

Papa: Life is all about climbing a hill while carrying a heavy burden... said someone.

Papa: In life, the wind is always against us... said someone else.

4 (183)
Papa: Have you ever heard of the saying: "Adversity is the diamond dust heaven polishes its jewels with"?

Papa: It means that pain and suffering make you a better person.

Papa: You know that person who prayed to the moon: "Let me suffer all kinds of troubles".

Papa: That was Yamanaka Shikanosuke, a samurai.

Papa: He prayed to meet a lot of misfortunes.

Papa: Do know that song that says: "Impose on me even more misery than this, to test my limited power"?

T/N: "Ukikoto no nao kono ue ni tumorekashi, kagiri aru mi no chikara tamesan". It's written by the Confucian scholar Kumazawa Banzan who lived during the Edo period.

Papa: It means: misery, come at me! My power may be limited, but I'll do all I can!

Papa: This is how people of the past raised themselves to become strong and sturdy.

Papa: If you're a man, give it a try! // Don't run away.

Papa: Suffer, feel pain! // Face it head on!!

Nobita: HM!

5 (184)
Nobita: I, I am...... // Papa, your words have opened my eyes.

Nobita: I'll do it! I will!! // I'll face it head on!

Papa: I'm glad you understand.
Nobita: I will......... I will

Nobita: I will become a jewel!!
Doraemon: You easily changed your mind, huh?

Nobita: Doraemon, get me the thing. The one.

Nobita: Come on,...... you heard my papa............
Doraemon: All kinds of troubles?

Doraemon: Well, I don't really mind. // Are you sure about this?

Doraemon: The "Hardship soybean paste".

Doraemon: When you eat this soybean paste, // you'll suffer greatly with everything you do.

6 (185)
Nobita: Is this enough?
Doraemon: That's fine.

Doraemon: Then, just do whatever you want. // What will you do?

Nobita: Then...... // First I'll have a snack.

Doraemon: Prepare yourself, you won't be able to eat one that easily.
Nobita: Just bring it one, I'll survive.

Nobita: I'll try to eat one with decision.

Mama: Nobi-chan, did you wash your hands?

Doraemon: It has started already.
Nobita: I won't be disheartened.

Mama: Don't forget to use the soap.

Nobita: I know, I know. Stop bothering me!

7 (186)
Nobita: Oh... // There is no soap, mama.

Mama: Ah, that's right. // We ran out. Go and buy some, Nobi-chan.

Papa: After that, please pick up my golf bag at Ooda-san's place.

Nobita: I only wanted to have a snack... // But, I won't give up!

Sign: Assessment holiday
Nobita: It's closed all day.

Nobita: I won't be disheartened! // I'll overcome all hardships and have my snack!!

Nobita: Finally! // I found a shop that's open in the outskirts of the town!!

Nobita: By the way, Ooda-san's house is about // one kilometer from here, huh?

8 (187)
Ooda: You came to pick up his golf bag? // I don't think you'll be able to carry it.

Nobita: WHAT, is a golf bag this heavy!?

Nobita: Life is walking on carrying a heavy burden. // To make it worse, the wind is against me.

Nobita: I have my pride...... // Even the sweat... // I won't give up!!

Nobita: I give up. // I'm done for......

Doraemon: Well done!! // You did well, Nobita-kun.

9 (188)
Doraemon: This snack tastes way better after some suffering, right?
Nobita: But.........

Nobita: I'm not sure. // The amount I had to suffer,

Nobita: in order to have this snack wasn't worth it.
Papa: If you keep saying that......

Nobita: That's what you say now, // but I'm sure you'll understand if you eat a bit of this soybean paste.

Papa: Give here!!

Doraemon: AAAH, that's too much!
Nobita: You'll greatly suffer.

Papa: I'm not afraid of some pain. // In the past people said: "Be willing to endure hardships."

Papa: Has the flint in my lighter worn out?

10 (189)
Mama: Oh! We are also out of matches.

Nobita: The tobacco store is closed.
Papa: I'll get some matches at the tea shop in front of the station!

Mama: Remember, you forgot your umbrella at Ooda-san's place.

Nobita: What will you do?
Doraemon: Give up on smoking?

Papa: A man never gives up!!

Nobita: You think this will work?
Doraemon: Life is really harsh, huh?

<Doraemon Volume 8 END / To be continued in Volume 9>

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