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Birdmen 10

flight008 OVERRUN

+ posted by Sohma Riku as translation on Apr 1, 2014 17:37 | Go to Birdmen

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1 (149)
Eishi: It's awfully dark in front of me.

Title: flight008 OVERRUN

Eishi: A hole...? // This is the upper air, right?

Eishi: A sky hole... // Ah, that's right. Umino was talking about it...

2 (150)
Eishi: The monster // appeared from a dark hole in the sky----

Eishi: I see, so this is a black out...? // Well, running away isn't a choice now, is it?

Eishi: Come at me!! // I'll take you down!!

3 (151)
Title: flight 008 OVERRUN

4 (152)
Eishi: ? // Hm...?

5 (153)
Eishi: A black coffin...? // It's huge... // I wouldn't say this is a monster, it feels more like the container of a monster...

6 (154)
Eishi: Oh... // The hole is closing...

Eishi: Huh? // It fell...?

7 (155)
Eishi: No, no, no, // this is bad!

Eishi: If that thing // drops in the middle of the city...

Eishi: Da...

8 (156)
Eishi: Huff... // It's heavier than I thought!!!

Eishi: Yikes, // I'm falling! I'm falling!!

Eishi: This is bad, this is really bad! What do I do!? // What do I do with this!?

Eishi: Is it my fault if this thing falls on a house!? // It will be, right!?

9 (157)
Eishi: DAAMN // IIIIT!!!

Eishi: I've seen this kind of hovering before!! // Am I a hummingbird now!!?
Box: Hummingbird // A small bird which sucks nectar from a flower, while hovering next to it by flapping its wings about 80 times per second.

Eishi: Hm?

10 (158)
Eishi: Wha... // It transformed!?

11 (159)
Eishi: Whoa! Don't tell me...

Eishi: Uaaggh...!

12 (160)
Eishi: Ow... //OUCH!!! // What!? It dissolved!

13 (161)
Eishi: Oh my god!

Eishi: WHAT!? // Damn... // NO WAY!? (Scary!!)

Eishi: I take my words back!!! // Impossible!! That thing is too much!!!

14 (162)
Eishi: Sorry, I got carried away!! // That is just too much for me!!!

Eishi: I shouldn't be running. // But how am I supposed to fight against that thing!?

Eishi: It's huge! It's strong! It's spinning! // Is there anything I can do except running away!?

Eishi (Takayama): You can also arm yourself...

15 (163)
Eishi: No, that's impossible!! // There's no way a knife will work against that!!

Eishi: And I can't get close anyway! // This isn't like digging your finger in a electric fan!!

Eishi: Can't I equip myself with some kind of firearms!? // I can't!! // If I lose my wings now, I'll be stark naked!! // Err, then.. // What if I tear off my wings and throw them... // Is that possible!? Should I try it!?

Eishi: No, I can't! // Takayama said our wing mass is still too small... // If I try something weird and lose my ability to fly, that'll be bad!!

16 (164)
Eishi: Oh...

17 (165)
Eishi: This is a joke, right?

18 (166)
Eishi: My // wings

Eishi: This isn't funny.

19 (167)
Eishi: This... // isn't funny!!!

Eishi: Tch! // They didn't fully regenerate! I can't use them!!

Eishi: But, like this----

20 (168)
Eishi: I can choose where to drop!!

Eishi: It's fine, // I can use this time to regenerate.

Eishi: I can still----

21 (169)
Eishi: I can still...! // Guh!

Eishi: I can't, // I don't have enough wing mass!

22 (170)
Eishi: Guaaaaa!!!

23 (171)
Eishi: Just really...

Eishi: I... // I am soaking in my own blood again...?

Eishi: Why... // I am such an idiot? Doesn't look like I learned a thing...

Eishi: Ah, so lame... Really, I look like an idiot... // You would've thought I learned my lesson after that bus accident... // This---

24 (172)
Eishi: So this is the unfolding... // where I realize I don't have enough power to change anything...!!
Eishi (bubble): Ugh... // Ha... // Aa...!

Eishi: Uu... // Guh... //Fu.. // Guh...

Eishi: That's why I still---

25 (173)
Eishi: ......

Eishi: Not funny...

26 (174)
Eishi: Not funny, Takayama...!!!

27 (175)
Eishi: Damn......!!!

28 (176)
Eishi: Why do you do this... // This... // Before me, an idiotic, miserable and disgraceful person. // How dare you make such a dashing appearance... // (I will fly...)

Eishi: Be sure to hurry to our side... // when we're in a pinch?

Eishi: Are you some sort of // hero!?

29 (177)
Eishi: I will change.

Eishi: Move, Takayama!!

30 (178)
Eishi: My world.

31 (179)
Eishi: How dare you // destroy my wings...

Eishi: That's not funny!!

32 (180)
Eishi: Where are you taking me...?
Takayama: Ah, you're conscious again. // You kicked quite some dust, so we had to change location.

Eishi: ...... // What about... the monster?

Takayama: It's gone. // You defeated it.

Eishi: Will... I die?

Takayama: This isn't enough to kill you.

33 (181)
Takayama: But, you overdid it. // Try not to move for a while. // And don't undo your transformation. You'll heal faster this way.

Eishi: Sure enough, my wounds are severe... // Even though my stomach was drenched...

Eishi: Oh my... // So this is the unfolding where I will die in the arms of a guy...
Takayama: You won't

Eishi: I am... // really no longer human, right?

Takayama: Does it really matter?

Takayama: You said you want to live, right?

34 (182)
Eishi: How was your first encounter with a black out? (Like this?)
Takayama: A little better than you.

Eishi: I knew it, I'm really an idiot...
Takayama: But----

Takayama: The monster I encountered wasn't this big // nor this strong. // It disappeared with the slightest touch.

Eishi: ...... // What?

Takayama: After I changed you guys... // it's not like things changed, // but I get this feeling that many things sped up.

35 (183)
Takayama: Ah, // there are the others.

Kamoda: Jeez! // Ei-chan, what happened!?

Eishi: Sped up...?

36-37 (184-185)

38 (186)
Woman: It's finished.

Man: You just finished with the Black Out?
Woman: Yes, Shinjin-san.

Shinjin: Aah! // Your clothes...

Woman: Just give me the white robe, I'll be going back to my room anyway.

39 (187)
Shinjin: If it's finished, you should report your findings to the assistant manager after your checkup...
Woman: You're my lookout, don't try to manage my schedule. // They'll be fine. // If they just take a look at the camera's around that area, they'll find whatever data they need.

Shinjin: But...
Woman: Did you see ever the Louvre's Nike, Shinjin-san?
[T/N: Nike = goddess of victory]

Shinjin: Aah, you mean the statue?

Shinjin: She's the Greek goddess of victory, isn't she? // I bet the real thing looks beautiful?
Woman: Who knows? I never saw it.

Shinjin: I think... the replica looks beautiful enough, but...

40 (188)
Woman: Tell me.

Woman: Do you think that statue is beautiful, even though it's incomplete? // Or do you think it's beautiful, because it's incomplete?

Shinjin: ...... // What?
Woman: To be precisely, the goddess Nike was the messenger of victory.

Woman: They never found the feet of the statue, but from the rest of the statue we can assume her left foot was floating in the air. // It symbolizes how she alighted on the prow of a warship to deliver the message of victory.

41 (189)
Woman: The sense to mount that thing on its symbolism in a research institute... // It's disgusting.

Box: Red Eye Institute of Life Sciences // 7th laboratory chief // Eva Oulu (24)


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