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Acchi Kocchi 43

+ posted by Sohma Riku as translation on Apr 15, 2014 19:54 | Go to Acchi Kocchi

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Reserved Inp-mangaz

1 (101)
Mayoi: Tada☆
Hime: Wow, that's a long scarf!

Mayoi: Let's wear it together☆
Tsumiki: As long as you don't fall, that's fine. (Even if you do.)
Hime: If one of us falls, we'll all fall.

Tsumiki: If she falls, let's support her together.
Mayoi: That won't be needed☆
Hime: Sure!

2 (102)
Mayoi: Is Io-san here already? (Excuse us.)
Sakaki: He is. // We've been hanging out all day. (You can put your coats on those hangers there.)

SFX: Sip....

SFX: Sip.....

SFX: Plop!
Mayoi: WHA!? He was swallowed by the kotatsu!?


Sakaki: There lives a demon under the kotatsu. (Aaauu)
SFX: shocked
All: EEEH!?

Mayoi: So that's what happened!?
Hime: Io-san was eaten with relish!?

Tsumiki: Io-saaaan!?
SFX: Quickly!!

Io: I brewed us some tea.
All: YES!?

3 (103)
Mayoi: I never thought it would startle me that much.
Tsumiki: (How did you get there?)
Io: (With Sakaki) It was my punishment for losing the game.

Io: Apparently you can't attack any vital points with that technique... (I didn't know that.)
Sakaki: (You had great timing.) It scared me though when you aimed for my vital points from that position.

Hime: So that's what happened?
Sakaki: Yes, because it's cold outside a kotatsu is---- // GUAAA!?
SFX: Sip

SFX: Sip sip sip...
Sakaki: (Help me!)
Hime: Whaaaaa!?
Io: (That's) Enough already.


Hime: So you've been here all day, Io-kun?
Io: Yes. // I heard Sakaki's aunt and uncle would be returning today, I came to say hi.

Mayoi: "Give Miko-san to me."
SFX: Determined // Shock
Io: I just wished them a happy new year.

Sakaki: Dear brother-in-law.
Io: (Stop it!) Don't get carried away!
SFX: Shivering

Tsumiki: NOOOOOO!!
SFX: Startled
Io: EEH!? (What's wrong!?)
Sakaki: (Whahaha)

4 (104)
Sakaki: Isn't there some epoch-making way to peel a mandarin?
Mayoi: munch munch
Io: Why?

Sakaki: After eating them for years, I've grown tired of neatly peeling them into a starfish shape.
Arrow: Starfish
Hime: ...
Text: in pieces...
Io: (Well) That happens.

Mayoi: What do you mean with epoch-making?
Text: Depressed
Sakaki: Something that is both elegant and smart, like rotary cutting an apple.

Io: Like this?
SFX: surprised
Sakaki: Don't act like it's nothing!!


Sakaki: By the way, if you could peel it in any way, how would you do it?

Mayoi: How about this?
SFX: Appear
Sakaki: That's horrible!

Io: How about this?
SFX: Pop!
XXX: It's somewhat joyous!!

Sakaki: Like this!
XXX: Scary!!

5 (105)
SFX: Nice and warm

Tsumiki: (NYA! ) // !?
Bubble: soft

Tsumiki: ? // ?

Hime: Tsumiki-san...
Tsumiki: Nnya!
Bubble: soft
Mayoi: (Io-san,) // what are you doing?


SFX: Quickly
Tsumiki: !? // !?
Io: (Sorry...)
Sakaki: Remember last time.

T/N: Sakaki is referring to Acchi Kocchi 42 last (two) page(s)

Sakaki: Did something happen between you and Miniwa? (You seem to have a cold.)
Io: It's nothing. // It's just...

Io: I'm not sure how... (There are no words for it.)
SFX: Sigh // embarrassed // embarrassed
Sakaki: Well, then, let's get lunch.
Box bubble: Guessed what happened.
Sakaki: (Why am I also feeling embarrassed?)

SFX: Quickly...
Bubble: Soft
SFX Hime: Gushing
Tsumiki: Nyaa!
Sakaki: (I'll just sip my drink until they get back to their senses again...) Should I tell the others?

6 (106)

Sakaki: Who wants to eat rice cake?
XXX: Me, me, me!
Tsumiki: gurgle
Io: It's a bit sudden, but let's make a small charcoal stove.

Io: That rice cake is rising nicely, huh?
Tsumiki: munch
Sakaki: Is that so?

SFX: Bulge

SFX: Spongy


Hime: We calmed down! (Ah!)
Mayoi: We did! (Oh!)
Sakaki: The tension disappeared!

Sakaki: Could we possibly end all wars by having everyone watch a baking rice cake?
Mayoi: Isn't that a bit much!?

SFX: Pop // pffft

Io: Resistance is always in vain. (Sigh)
SFX: Surprised
Sakaki: You noticed!?

7 (107)
Io: What shall we make, Zouni or Nori Shoyu?
Sakaki: I'd say we make some Zenzai.

"Zouni" is a soup containing rice cakes
"Nori Shoyu" is rice cakes wrapped in seaweed (nori)dipped in soy sauce
"Zenzai" is a sweet, thick red bean soup with pieces of rice cake

Mayoi: Zenzai sounds really delicious too. (drool)
Hime: Ah, but Zenzai is higher in calories than Zouni. (Zouni is pretty delicious too.)

Io: It only appears to be high in calories, but it actually doesn't. (It depends on how you make it.)
Hime: Is that so?

Sakaki: I don't think there's a need to worry about calories when you eat rice cakes. (Ha ha ha)
Girls: Not listening.
Tsumiki: Nya!
Io: I think they are a little too worried.


Hime: Sasaki-san, your family always eats their Zouni with soy sauce, right? (as seasoning.)
Sakaki: Not really, we eat it Miso-flavored.
Mayoi: But last time you used soy sauce, right?

Sakaki: Miko and I prefer soy sauce, but our parents like Miso better. (So we usually eat it with Miso.)
Mayoi: (Is that so?)
Io: (We eat it with soy sauce.) // So since I made these today.

Sakaki: Because you like it to be soy-flavored, right? (Delicious.)
Io: That will never change.
Hime: Looks likes there are two kinds of taste in the household with New year's.

Sakaki: It's delicious, brother-in-law. (Tastes like family.)
Io: (Really, stop it!) Don't encourage me!!
Tsumiki SFX: Puffed up

8 (108)
Mayoi: By the way, where's Miko-san?
Io: She left just before you all came.
Sakaki: She left with Sensei. (Thanks for the meal.)

Sakaki: They are taking it easy today and went to the New Year's sales.
Mayoi: (I see.)
Hime: They have a lot of sales at this time of the year, huh?

Mayoi: But those sales are like a battlefield, right?
MIko/Sensei: Oh, my! // What now!?
Tsumiki: Doesn't sound relaxing at all.
Io: No, Miko-san--

Io: will be excited and giggling while making her way through. (Before they know it.)
TMiko/Sensei: Oh my! Ehehe! // Miko, help!!
Sakaki: (Before they know it.) And Sensei will be carried away by the stream of people.
Mayoi: Is that a live broadcast?


Io: Oh. Sakaki fell prey to the Kotatsu demon.
Sakaki: Ah... // I can't // get up...
SFX: Nice and warm

Mayoi: We have to rescue Sasaki-san from the Kotatsu (Like a hurricane!)
Io: (Hurricane?) Go ahead.

Mayoi: (Alright!)
Sakaki: AAH!?

Sakaki: Did the Kotatsu just spit me out!? (Scary!!)
Io: There's a demon under the Kotatsu.
Sakaki: Am I distasteful!?
Mayoi: He he he

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