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Mahou Gyoushounin Roma 20

The key of Ivida's castle

+ posted by Sohma Riku as translation on May 3, 2014 19:49 | Go to Mahou Gyoushounin Roma

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Vertical text: Gravestone in a place full of demons... Lost souls... Human "Klesha"... Roma's wish.........

Mino: It finally came, huh... // this moment♪

Mino: The revival of the Atman...

T/N: Atman is a Sanskrit word that means "inner-self" or "soul". Literally translating the Japanese, it says: "Ruler's Soul". Earlier in the series, it was wrongly translated as "Devil King".

Mino: who's sleeping in the tomb of the royal family ♬

Mino: Just a few more humans left...

Mino: When we've gathered enough human "Klesha", // the Atman will...

Mino: No... // Roma's deceased...

Vertical text: ......The end of Roma's journey is near----------------
Mino: Roma's younger sister // will come to life again♪

Title: Chapter 20 "The key of Ivida's castle" // Magic Peddler Roma
Artist: Kurazono Norihiko

Mino: Shrill cheers ♪

Girls: KYAA♡

XXX: Well done! Let's take break!
Boy: Pfff...

Mino: Is our next client one of these girls...!?

Girl: Kyaaa♡ There is Tojo-senpai!!! // Tojo-senpaiiii♡

Girl2: Tojo-senpai!!

Girl2: Today I will

Girl2: give him this lunch...

Girl2: that I made with lo...lo...love!

Girls: Tojo-senpaiiii♡ // (KYAAA!!)

Girl2: Yikes~~~~

Girl: Senpai, please use this towel♡ // Please try this special drink I made♡

Girl2: Uu...

Girl2: Tojo-senpai...
Box: Yamadagawa Nozomi (16)

Nozomi: Uu...

Nozomi: Uu...

Nozomi: I messed up... again... Uu...... // I even got up at 4AM to make this...

Nozomi: What's up with them!? Day after day... Those lowbrow girls...

Nozomi: They hang around him all the time! // I wish they were all dead!

Nozomi: At this rate... no matter how much time passes, the two of us will... // never get any closer...

Nozomi: I just want him to only look at me...

Nozomi: If it was just possible to be only with Senpai...

Mino: Is there a problem?♪

Nozomi: !

Mino: We have the perfect item // for you♬

Mino: Come, take a look♪

Girls: KYAA!! Tojo-senpai♡

Girls: Senpai, fight♡ // Senpai, look this way♡

Nozomi: Magic......

Roma: The key of... Ivida's castle......

Roma: As the name suggests...

Roma: this key will open the door of Ivida's castle...

Mino: It's a mysterious mansion that was build with magic♪ // To sum it up,♪

Mino: no one will bother you, it'll be a place just for you and your senpai♬

Girls: There is Tojo-senpai♡

Nozomi: .........
Girl: KYAA!

Mino: The owner of the key... // is the owner of Ivida's castle♪ // And...

Mino: Those invited to the castle by the owner...
Girl: Nice work, senpai♡ // Have this drink, senpai♡

Mino: can't refuse // that invitation!!

Nozomi: Senpai...

Nozomi: Please come and visit me at my house!!

Girl: What the hell are you saying!? // Why would he go to your place!?
Nozomi: Yikes!

Nozomi: Uu...

Nozomi: They lied to me about the magic!! // Stupid swindlers!! I want my money back!! Not that I paid them anything!

Tojo: Hey, you!!

Tojo: Err... Earlier...

Nozomi: Senpai...

Tojo: You invited me to your place, right?

Tojo: .........

Tojo: It...

Tojo: It's amazing, this house...

Nozomi: Do you think so?♡

Tojo: I didn't know there was a mansion around here... // Moreover... that mist outside...?

Tojo: Thanks for the meal.

Tojo: It was really delicious, thank you.

Nozomi: Senpai♡

Nozomi: He praised me♡

Tojo: Why again... did I agree to go with her...?

Nozomi: I never imaged... // that there'd come a day that Senpai would make me happy like this...

Nozomi: I got it! // I that's what you wish, I'll do my very best!

Tojo: Huh?

Nozomi: Every day, until you graduate // I'll be sure to make you lunch♡

Tojo: ............

Nozomi: I'll think of many menus, so you'll never get sick of my cooking♡
Tojo: ........................

Tojo: Yeah... // I have to go now...

Nozomi: Please come again, Senpai♡
Tojo: Ye... yeah...

Nozomi: Today it took me 4 hours to make this beef stroganoff♪ // I wonder if he'll like it......

Nozomi: Hah...?

Girl: Hey, Tatsuya. Let's grab a bite together after school♡
Tojo: Sure, when club is over.

Tojo: What would you like?
Girl: How about pasta? ♡

Nozomi: As expected... Toji-senpai...

Nozomi: is really... popular, isn't he...

Nozomi: Senpai...

Tojo: !?

Girl: Say! What are you up to!!? // You can't just enter the court!!

Nozomi: Tojo-senpai......... // As promised, I made lunch for you.

Tojo: Huh? // What... this girl...!? // Ah... well, I'm in the middle of practice now, so...!

Nozomi: You will eat it, right?

Nozomi: At my house.

Tojo: I was in the middle of practice... why did I follow her!!?
Nozomi: Senpai...

Nozomi: You can't do that... Going out with other girls...

Nozomi: My home-made lunch... // You will eat it every day, right?

Tojo: ...this girl...... // is crazy......

Tojo: Le... // Leave me alone... I have to go back to club...

Tojo: .........?

Tojo: Hey, open the door!!!
Nozomi: From today on, we'll happily live here together ♡

Tojo: This isn't funny!! Open the door, now!! // Hey!!

Tojo: Damn!! // That girl is really crazy!!

Tojo: Besides, what's this place really...

Tojo: Last time, the road to get here... // was completely different, right...?

Tojo: What the hell...!?

Nozomi: Trying to escape through the windows is useless.

Nozomi: Because I am...
Tojo: Yi...

Tojo: YIKES!!

Nozomi: watching the house♡

Girl: Tojo-senpai isn't at school today... I wonder what happened to him? // Maybe he caught a cold or something?

Girl: I really miss him!


Tojo: No matter what I try, I can't open the door from the inside...

Tojo: So that means... // I have to force that girl to open the door from the outside...

Tojo: But how!?

Nozomi: Senpai... // Did you... eat the lunch I made you...

Nozomi: Ah!!?

Nozomi: Sm... // Smoke!!?

Nozomi: Senpai!!

Nozomi: Why is the firewood burning!!?

Tojo: Because...

Tojo: I set it on fire!

Nozomi: AAAAH!!

Nozomi: How dare you cheat!!!

Mino: You are the one // who cheated♪

Mino: Because this item that was created for the purpose of letting two people be together♪

Mino: It's not allowed to lock someone up here all alone♬

Roma: Boldo

Mino: If a girl doesn't keep // her feelings within bounds,...

Mino: she'll be hated by her senpai♬

Mino: She was a powerful girl, huh?♪

Mino: But thanks to that... // we got a lot of "Klesha"♬

Mino: It's really just a little more, right Roma? ♬

Roma: ............

Mino: Eh...?

Mino: Roma?

Vertical text: The journey will end... a wish will come true... Roma's whole body is wrapped in blazing "Klesha"...!?

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