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Acchi Kocchi 44

+ posted by Sohma Riku as translation on May 3, 2014 20:05 | Go to Acchi Kocchi

-> RTS Page for Acchi Kocchi 44

Reserved Inp-Mangaz

1 (109)
XXX: Today's stars say that if a girl who's name starts with a character of the ta-row acts a little more aggressive (bold) than usual

T/N: Ta-row: all names starting with Ta, te, chi, to or tsu.

XXX: she may get closer to the boy she likes.☆
SFX: Beep beep

Tsumiki: ...

SFX: Impact

2 (110)
Tsumiki: Aggressive, aggressive.

Io: Good morning, Tsumiki.
Tsumiki: ...good morning // aggressive, aggressive.
SFX: Beep beep

Io: It's pretty cold today, huh?
Tsumiki: (Aggressive!) Grab!

Io: Tsumiki?
Tsumiki: ... (I failed.)
SFX: Embarrassed


Tsumiki: (What should I do...?)
Io: ?

Io: Tsumiki?
Tsumiki: (E.. Err...)

Io: ?
SFX: Pat
TSumiki: (Like.. like this please?)

SFX: Blushing
Tsumiki: ...NO!!

3 (111)
SFX: Sizzle
Io: (Hm...)

Io: (Here, here.)
Tsumiki: (wail)

Tsumiki: !? (Oh!)

Hime: (Spit)
Mayoi: (Smirk)

Mayoi: Don't mind us, please keep stroking her until she is on fire.
SFX: stroke stroke stroke // On fire!?
Io: (The friction?) On fire!?


Mayoi: But it really surprised me that Tsumiki-san coaxed you into stroking her.
Tsumiki: I didn't do such a thing.

Tsumiki: ...it's because of my horoscope today.
Io: Horoscope?

Hime: I also saw watched that show. // If I'm right, Tsumiki-san's was----
Tsumiki: !!

SFX: stroke stroke
Hime: Fueeee!?
Io: Was that also part of her horoscope?
Mayoi: I don't think so.

4 (112)
Kana: Oh, Hime-chan's hair is pretty wild today. (Good morning.)
Saki: Did something fun happen? (Good morning)
Hime: (Good morning) Some stuff happened while we discussed our horoscopes...
Tsumiki: (Good morning.)

Mayoi: Tsumiki-san made Io-san stroke her head with his hand. (Good morning.)
Saki: Doesn't that always happen?
Hime: (Alwaysl!?)
Tsumiki: ...

Saki: Oh, maybe it is her lucky word for today?
Io: Do they foretell things like: "Have someone stroke your head"?
Kana: "And today's lucky word is----"

T/N: I'm pretty sure Kana is referring to something (because of the quote marks), but I have no idea what.

XXX: "Iron Claw" ? (squeeze squeeze)
Mayoi: (Or) "Face Crusher"!!
Io: (I don't understand their process of thought.) Is that even safe, having such horoscopes!?

T/N: "Iron Claw" is a wrestling move (a.k.a. Clawhold); "Face Crusher" is a wrestling move (a.k.a. One-handed Bulldog)


Saki: But Lucky words are usually a little strange, right? // I wonder if there are any in this magazine.
Io: Certainly. (that could be true.)

Io: They have no relevance and the genres are all over the place. (Are they any in there?)
Saki: (Yes, on this page.) Sometimes you'll even get things that aren't even possible.

Kana: Mine is Glasses.
Io: Cat.
Saki: Organic restaurant.
Tsumiki: Hiking.
Hime: Denim shorts (it is.)
Mayoi: Copy sutras

Hime/Kana: Copy sutras!?
Mayoi: (Even though it's a magazine for girls...)
Saki: Maybe you'll get lucky when you're done with that?
Io: At least you'll get a little more virtuous.

5 (113)
Kana: Io-kun, give me your glasses!
Io: Hm. // Sure. (Yes.)

Kana: Like this my luck will go way up! // I'm going to try to get an extra free drink from the vending machine!
Tsumiki: (So fast.)
SFX: Dash!!
Hime: You're doing that right now!? (Can't stop her.)

Sakaki: Miyama just ran by me at great speed, what happened? (Where are your glasses!?)
SFX: Stare
Io: (Sakaki?) It appears that she's wanted to test her luck at the Vending machine.

Kana: I got a lot of free things... (That was scary.)
SFX: A lot
Sakaki: Amazing!! (Surprised)
Saki: Isn't it just broken!? (Surprised)
Hime: (So many...)
Io: Don't start copying sutras! (surprised)
Mayoi: Kan-ji-zai Bo-sa

T/N: Mayoi started copying the Heart sutra


Saki: That result is pretty amazing...
Kana: (I'll give some to Io-kun.)
Io: (Share with everyone.) It was probably just a coincidence.
Tsumiki: (Io-kyun!)

Hime: Shall we try out some other words?
Mayoi: Kan-ji-zai Bo-sa Gyou Jin Han-nya-ha-ra-mi-ta
Io: (That's scary.) I told you to stop copying!

T/N: Mayoi is still copying the heart sutra

Mayoi: How about Tsumiki's "cat"?
SFX: Stare
Tsumiki: What about it?
Hime: (Kitties!)
Sakaki: If you need any, cats come running if Io calls for them. (Just kidding.)

Io: Like that's possible.
Cat: Meow
All: Behind you!!

6 (114)
Sakaki: I wonder why girls love horoscopes and charms. (Even my sister was watching that horoscope show this morning.)
Io: Well, it appear they are just more interested in it than boys.

Sakaki: I think it's silly to let a horoscope affect your day.
Io: I don't think they depend on it that much.

Io: I suppose they like it, because it gives them a chance to make their boring daily life a little more exciting...
Sakaki: I see.

Sakaki: It's their wisdom to survive in this harsh world?
Io: So serious! (Hey!)


Saki: Talking about charms, we used to make them together in Elementary school, remember?
Hime: Like friendship charms and love charms, right? (We did.)

Kana: There were many different types.
SFX: Hmmm.
Mayoi: That's right.
Tsumiki: I don't think we had a lot of materials to work with. (Only stationary supplies)

Hime: Writing names on a eraser
Saki: Using a mechanical pencil and a refill, or lip balm. (Indeed.)
Mayoi: (Ah!) Making the person you loved---

Sakaki: Into a straw doll.
SFX: Blush
Io: Don't bring Voodoo items into this!

7 (115)
Hime: Before we knew it we stopped making these charms.
Mayoi: Once you try if they work, you stop believing really quickly.
Io: Horoscopes changes every time too.

Kana: I guess some people just check their horoscope out of curiosity.
Tsumiki: (Yeah.) I think that's true for most people.

Saki: There is no risk in it, so you can just watch them for fun. (In some way.)
Mayoi: It's like they always say:

Mayoi: Whether you hit or miss, you'll go mad anyway.
Kana: Divination?
Io: (It's divination.)That's not what they say at all!

T/N: Mayoi is wrongly quoting the saying: "Ataru mo Hakke, ataranu mo Hakke" (Fortune-telling is a hit-or-miss affair.)


Mayoi: There's also a compatibility test in here. (He he.)
Saki: I guess that's what popular with most girls.

Hime: But it would be sad, if you'd get a bad compatibility with the person you love.
Saki: It's probably better not to take it unless you can look past the result, whether it's good or bad...

Kana: If you enjoyed it, you're good, right?
Sakaki: Let's give it a try.
Saki: (Err) Miniwa-san and Otonashi-kun are really compatible.

Mayoi: We knew that already.
Saki: (Guess you're right.)
Sakaki: Let's skip the obvious and try some other people.
Tsumiki: ...

8 (116)
Io: But I don't really care whether if I'm compatible or not according to such tests.
Mayoi: Why is that?
Tsumiki: (Even though we are compatible...)

Io: Because I rather trust my own feelings than a test created by some unrelated person. // I'm having fun when I'm with all of you, that's the only thing that matters----

Io: ......

Io: No... well, that's just what I think...
SFX: Blush
Tsumiki: (Gush)
Mayoi: (Ehe.)
Hime: (Gush)
Sakaki: (Kuhaha)


Kana: Then I'm perfectly compatible with everyone!
Hime: Me too.
Io: ...
Mayoi: You two really like this stuff, huh? (Io-kun is...)

Sakaki: But, you don't mind being told that you're compatible, right?
Io: I suppose...
Tsumiki: (What?)

Io: Right?
SFX: pat
Sakaki: (That's great.)

Hime: Looks like Tsumiki-san's horoscope came true.
SFX: Blush blush
Tsumiki: Yes.

9 (117)
Teacher: Alright, let's start CLASS!?

10 (118)
Title: A Dream Tale // Extra

Mayoi: I dreamed I was hanging upside down from a tree and got to feel the absolute limits of the centrifugal force.
Sakaki: I dreamed I was the gatekeeper of some place, until a cat smashed through the gate.
Hime: I dreamed I became fairy and then Io-san patted my head...

Tsumiki: ...I received an indirect
All: Oh... // ? // ? // ?

Tsumiki: ac // act... // blush
All: Joint Lock!?

T/N: Tsumiki says: "Kansetsu waza" (間接技), which translates to "indirect act". Solely based on pronunciation, it's more common to understand it as: 関節技 (also read as "kansetsuwaza"), which means "Joint Lock (technique)". Hence the surprise/misunderstanding.

Text: An act of love

11 (119)
Title: Afterword

Right column: - Special Thanks - // Michikawa-san // Akame // My friends // Ichimura-san // toto-san // Everyone who bought this book

Left column: We reached the 3rd volume! // We were able to print this volume thanks to everyone's support. Our gratitude has no limits! // Unexpectedly, the release of this book coincides with the release of the 2nd Drama CD. So please check that one out too, if you'd like. According to the voice actors <<Acchi Kocchi>> is a must-listen. // Then, that's all for this time. // I hope that this book put a smile on your face and lifted your spirit. // Ishiki

Tsumiki: Sleeping...

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