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Jigoku Koi Sutefu 5

+ posted by Sohma Riku as translation on May 20, 2014 17:01 | Go to Jigoku Koi Sutefu

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Reserved (Simple Scans)

1 (43)
Title: Jigoku koi sucho

Box: Juri is definitely acting strange.

Box: Usually her love interests changes every 2 or 3 days, // but after all these days // she is in love with that Earth guy.

Box: And for a few days now // she hasn't come to school.

Natsumi: What happened to Juri.?
Mari: I don't know...

Mari: I'm going to check on her later today.

2 (44)
Box: Hell's Girls Dorm, Kawaisou

Mari: Juri...?

Labels: trash // trash // trash

Juri: Hidamari-chan...

Mari: OMG, Juri!!
Juri: Water... // Food...

3 (45)
Juri: Thank you, Hidamari-chan.

Mari: That guy you fell in love with... Takagi-kun was it, right? // You've been locking yourself up in your room just to meet him on the internet?

Juri: I have to be online at all times.
Mari: Hold on!!

Juri: But I have to answer Takagi-kun's messages...
Mari: How about you clean your room first?

Mari: However, first of all...

Mari: Take a bath!!
Juri: EEK!!

Juri: Eek!

4 (46)
Mari: Put on your clothes!!
Juri: Need to go online.

Box: I get the feeling she's more persistent in her pursuit than usual...

Box: That being said, I also get the feeling she'll become one of those internet junkies if this keeps up...

Mari: Alright, Juri. // Let's go meet Takagi-kun.

5 (47)
Juri: Eh?
Box: Go to meet // Takagi-kun...?

Juri: But he lives on the Earth!! // This is Hell, how do we...

Mari: Well, it surely is impossible to go from Hell to Earth directly. // First we need to get from Hell to Heaven. // There we'll find a gate that connects to the Earth.
Text (right to left): Hell // Checkpoint // Heaven // Gate // Earth

Mari: And to cross the checkpoint between Hell and Heaven, // we'll have to disguise ourselves.

Juri: Disguise?
Mari: Not like that!

6 (48)
Mari: Like this!
Box: Demons!

Text: Fake horn
Mari: Instead of disguising ourselves poorly as inhabitants of Heaven, // we are less likely to be checked if we are disguised as demons.

Box: Checkpoint

Juri: Ah, this is bad. Onizuka-sensei is guarding the checkpoint!
Mari: Don't worry. // Just keep walking...

Mari: Good afternoon.

Mari: See, I said we'd be fine.
Juri: Yes.

Onizuka: .........

7 (49)
Mari: There it is! // That's the gate to Earth... // Oh?

Mari: Sensei!!! (Why!?)
Onizuka: Why? I've been following you ever since you passed the checkpoint.

Mari: You saw through our disguise...
Onizuka: I could see your aureole.
Mari: Ah!

Onizuka: Well, I have a lot of other things I'd like to ask, but...

Onizuka: this time I'll overlook your attempt to escape. // Actually I should punish you, but...

Onizuka: Please go back to your dor...

8 (50)
Onizuka: Ah!

Onizuka: Stop!!
Mari: We did it!
Sign: Earth

Juri: Yikes!

Both: Waaaaa!!

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