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Brothers Conflict feat. Yusuke & Futo 1

Yusuke Ed. <Part 1>


-> RTS Page for Brothers Conflict feat. Yusuke & Futo 1


Yusuke ed.
Part 1 007
Part 2 041

Futo ed.
Part 1 075
Part 2 111

Yusuke & Futo ed. 149

1 (7)
Yusuke: It was love at first sight.

Box: Spring, // The cherry blossoms falling around her figure as she was walking straight towards me. // At that moment……

Text: Yusuke Ed. // <Part 1>

2-3 (8-9)
Yusuke: I fell in love. // What do I do now, // god?

4 (10)
Masaomi: Yusuke?
Yusuke: Hm?

Masaomi: How was the entrance ceremony?
Yusuke: Nothing special.

Wataru: Did you make many friends?
Yusuke: Like that’s possible.

Tsubaki: Then, how about a cute girl?

5 (11)
Yusuke: Cute… // girl…?

Yusuke: I’m not interested in girls!
Tsubaki: I see, // you found one.

Futo: Boring!

Futo: He’s only a high school student, are you sure it’s alright has no immunity to girls? // Well, I suppose the opposite would be worse.

6 (12)
Yusuke: What did you say, you bastard!?
Futo: (Haa) You’re so loud. // I’m exhausted after working all day, could you please not shout at me?

Masaomi: Welcome home, Futo. // What about dinner…
Futo: (I just bought some bread.) No, thanks. // I’m going straight to bed after I take a bath.

Futo: Well, work as hard as you can in your new life.

Futo: Brother Yusuke.

7 (13)
Yusuke: Tch.
Tsubaki: He is still one cheeky brat, isn’t he?

Yusuke: Damn it, he’s pissing me off! That bastard, Futo!!

Yusuke: Thanks for the meal! (I’m going to my room!!)
Masaomi: That’s fine. (Don’t forget pack everything you need tomorrow.)

Yusuke: ……

8 (14)

Yusuke (Tsubaki): Then, how about a cute girl?

Box: She was cute, // but I don’t know her name nor class.

Yusuke: I… // know absolutely nothing about her.

Charm: Safe birth

9 (15)
Yusuke: God,

Yusuke: …what do I do now?

Teacher: Ready…

10 (16)
Student: Wow! // Asahina is fast! // He looks like a Yankee, but he’s pretty good. // He got the top time of his class.

Kazumu: ……

SFX: Ding Dong Ding Dong…

Kazumu: Yo!
Yusuke: !

11 (17)
Kazumu: You are Asahina, right?

Yusuke: …who are you?
Kazumu: Why are you suddenly glaring at me? That’s scary! (Wow…)

Kazumu: I’m Sasakura, it’s nice to meet you.
Yusuke: …yeah.

Kazumu: Did you decide what club you’re going to join yet?
Yusuke: No.

Kazumu: How about joining the soccer club?
Yusuke: No, thanks.

12 (18)
Kazumu: Why?
Yusuke: I can’t, I have a part-time job. (I don’t get much allowance.)

Kazumu: Maybe you should just ask for more.
Yusuke: God, you’re annoying…
Tsubaki: (Yusuke-kun, // would you like me make you pay interests over the money you borrowed before?)

Kazumu: But // you’ll get popular if you play soccer.

Yusuke: Are you being serious?
Kazumu: I’m serious. // I know it sounds impossible, considering your ridiculous hair, but just by playing soccer you’ll really get popular.

Yusuke: Shut up! Don’t make fun of me!
Kazumu: Speaking of, // the most important thing in high school is getting a girlfriend, right?

13 (19)
Kazumu: So, I take there isn’t a girl you like?
Yusuke: …I’m not interested.
Kazumu: Could you stop pretending to be a strait-laced person?

Kazumu: Anyway, in class C.

14 (20)
Kazumu: There’s this really sweet girl… // And, oh! // Hey!

15 (21)
Yusuke: ……

Mahoko: Hinata-san, // hurry, hurry!
Ema: Yes.

Yusuke: ……

16 (22)
Yusuke: Hinata… // So her name is Hinata?
Kazumu: Hey, Asahina!

Yusuke: Class C, huh?

Kazumu: What are you looking at?
Yusuke: None of your business.

Yusuke: …but // I learned a little // about her.

17 (23)
Yusuke: I’m not sure // what it is, // but her existence weighs on my mind. // I want to know more about her.

18 (24)
Box: But for now // it’s enough if I can just watch her from a distance.

Yusuke: It’s a mysterious feeling.

Kazumu: Hey, Asahina. // Come, join the soccer club.

Yusuke: So persistent.
Kazumu: It’ll be fun.

19 (25)
Yusuke: You’re too loud, I’m going home. // See ya.
Kazumu: Okay. // By the way, you’re in a bad mood today, huh?

Yusuke: …… // I can’t tell him it’s because I haven’t seen her all day…

Student: Oh.

Student: You’re Asahina-kun, right?
Student: Oh. // The one that Sasakura invited many times, but still refuses to join the club?

20 (26)
Yusuke: ……

Student: Hey, tell me. // Why don’t you want to join the soccer club?
Yusuke: I’m too busy, part-time job.

Student: Part-time job?

Student: Because that weird hairdo and charm cost a lot of money? // Ha ha ha.

Yusuke: (Sigh)

21 (27)
Student: ……

Student: Sasakura told me this.
Student: That Asahina-kun is a fast runner, right?

Student: Yeah, but actually he’s terrible at soccer.
Student: Hm.

Student: Oh, // or are you scared of your seniors?
Student: We are really nice, you know.

Yusuke: ……

22 (28)
Student: ...... // We even bothered to talk to you... // Don't ignore us!

Yusuke: Shut up.

Yusuke: What’s wrong with me doing what I want to do!?

23 (29)
Student: Damn, // he’s really a Yankee.
Student: Ha ha ha.

Yusuke: Excuse me for being a Yankee!!

XXX: Sensei, // they boys are fighting…!!
Students: !!

24 (30)
Student: Damn, // let’s get away.

Mahoko: Picking a fight at this time of the day.

Mahoku: Seriously… // those are some hot-blooded guys.

25 (31)
Yusuke: ……

Yusuke: Hi.. Hinata…!?

Mahoko: Don’t worry. // We didn’t really call a teacher. //
Yusuke: Even without your help, // I somehow would’ve been able to deal with those guys....

Mahoko: You’d better be grateful to Hinata. // This girl noticed that those upperclassmen were picking a fight with you and said we should help.

26 (32)
Yusuke: Eh?

Ema: E.. // Err… // Are you hurt?

Yusuke: N.. //N-No.

27 (33)
Box: (Voice of the Mind)
Yusuke: OMG!! // I’m talking to Hinata…!!

Ema: I see. // That’s great.

Yusuke: ……

Yusuke: Er… // Err…

28 (34)
Mahoko: Well, let’s go then. // Hina?
Ema: yes.

Ema: Ah, // that’s right?

Ema: That. // Did you do it yourself?
Yusuke: Eh?

Yusuke: ? // !? // Eh.. Err…

Ema: The braids.

29 (35)
Yusuke: …ye // yeah…

Ema; Amazing. // You’re good.

30 (36)
Yusuke: Hinata praised me.

Yusuke: Again, just a little // That girl…

31 (37)
Yusuke: Oh, my // God!

32 (38)
Yusuke: This feeling. // What should I do?

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