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Black Bullet 14

Raison d'être

+ posted by Sohma Riku as translation on Jun 24, 2014 15:00 | Go to Black Bullet

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Vertical text: How will Kagetane, who has a joyful look on his face, react upon hearing Rentaro's words!?
Text: Artist: Morino Hon // Author: Kanzaki shiden // Character design: Ukai Saki
Title: Chapter 14 "Raison d'être" // Black Bullet

Hiruko: Ha // Haha // I see, so that's it! // That's why I took a liking to you!

Hiruko: Those Varanium prostheses...! // I never expected we'd be the same!

Enju: Rentaro!!

Enju: Thou wouldn't use them anymore---- // Thou said thou didn't want to use them ever again---
Rentaro: Enju.

Rentaro: Do you trust me?

Enju: Of... // of course I do...

Enju: Of course I do! // Rentaro!

Rentaro: Let's do this, Kagetane.

Rentaro: Of the Mechanized Special Unit, // Satomi Rentaro. // I will now // exterminate you.

Hiruko: Agreed. // Then, show me.

Hiruko: Show me----

Hiruko: all you've got!


Text: Cartridge release

Text: Tendo Combat Style - First style, No.3 // Rokuro Kabuto

Hiruko: Wha...

Hiruko: He breached... // Maximum Pain...?

Rentaro: That's not all!

Kohina: PAPA!

Hiruko: Impossible...

Hiruko: The field was unable to completely negate the damage...? // Someone // like me was...?

Kohina: Don't pick on

Kohina: my papaaaaaa!

Enju: Same goes to thee.

Enju: That sword thou are pointing at mine partner, // thou wilt withdraw it at once!

Rentaro: En----
Enju: It's time to go, Rentaro.

Rentaro: !?

Hiruko: Ha ha ha. // I'm having so much fun, Satomi-kun! // I'm hurt. // I'm alive.

Hiruko: It's a wonderful life!

Hiruko: Hallelujah!!

Enju: Rentaro.

Rentaro: Yeah.

Rentaro: Let's do it.

Kohina: Wha...

Kohina: Papa----
Rentaro: I say

Rentaro: your opponent // is me.

Kuromi: ~~~~ a weakling, and yet----

Kuromi: Get out of my way!

Rentaro: Indeed, // but it's because I'm "weak" that I know.

Rentaro: This kind of strategy.

Hiruko: No, Kohina!

Hiruko: That's a...


Hiruko: Guu! // To use a flash bang here...

Hiruko: But, your partner with her superior hearing // will also be left unmobil----

Hiruko: WHA------

Enju: It's over.

Enju: Thou------

Enju: "midget"!

Enju: Rentaro!!

Rentaro: Kagetane, // this time I will

Rentaro: kill you!!


Both: Inzen

Both: Genmeika!!

Hiruko: Guh. // Gah.

Hiruko: AAAAAH!


Rentaro: En-----

Rentaro: Enju...
Enju: Ehehe... // Guess one of his shots hit me...

Enju: Ah, // but don't worry, this kind of wound will heal in an instant-----

Rentaro: ...tch, // it's was a "Varanium bullet"...!

Rentaro: Because we'd have to dress your wound right away, huh? // Keep pressure on it.

Enju: ...Rentaro.

Enju: Did we // win...?

Rentaro: I don't know, but at least that should've left them incapable to fight. // Once I'm done treating your wounds, we'll look for the "Legacy of the Seven Stars" and----


Rentaro: WHA

Rentaro: No way...

Rentaro: Impossible...

Enju: !

Enju: Rentaro, // let's get away from here!

Hiruko: Satomi-kun, // you----

Hiruko: What are you living for?

Rentaro: What...?
Hiruko: We are brothers, Satomi-kun. // Our fates decided by other people. // "Inhuman humans" they created to walk a path that's beyond their abilities.

Hiruko: It's the same for your partner. // Born into this world whether she liked it or not // just to be rejected by it.

Hiruko: The nature of this world! The definitions of this world! // This planets demonstrates how they don't hold water. // We were created to oppose it all! // We were created to thrive on it! // Then!

Hiruko: What will happen is the Gastrea are eliminated? // When peace comes to this world, // what is left for us?

Hiruko: Should we-----

Hiruko: just disappear?

Rentaro: Don't tell me, you...!
Hiruko: I will fulfill my duty without fail, Satomi-kun.

Hiruko: Right here and now I'll summon a stage V // and destroy the Tokyo area. // In this Japan, in this world! // I'll make the flames of the Gastrea War burn once more!

Hiruko: And then we can finally attain it all. // A world subjected to an everlasting war! // A world where wars give rise to more wars, and------

Hiruko: Our raison d'être!!

Rentaro: Don't talk nonsense!! // Don't lump Enju together with the likes of us!

Rentaro: She is a human! // She is just a 10 year old kid!

Rentaro: Their future // has to be bright!!

Hiruko: Then, remember! // The reaction of the people when they found out your partner is a cursed child!

Hiruko: Did they welcome her!? // Did they embrace here!? // The future you seek will never come!

Hiruko: This is your last chance, Satomi-kun! // Join me!

Hiruko: Let's destroy the world. // We, mechanized soldiers and // the cursed children, // will reign this planet as a new species of human.

Hiruko: That is the world I aspire! // That's my "New Human Creation Plan"!
Enju: Thou art wrong!!

Enju: I am not like thee...

Enju: Rentaro is not like thee! // We are not the same as thee!!

Enju: No matter how much they hate me, // no matter how much they dislike me,

Enju: I still love them...
Card: Good luck at work.

Enju: We are different from thee!!

Rentaro: Enju...

Hiruko: ...I see.

Hiruko: Then-----

Hiruko: DIE.

Enju: Guh.

Kohina: Damn----

Rentaro: Enju, are you allr----

Gun: click

Rentaro (Kayo): If you really care about her,

Rentaro (Kayo): why do you let her bear the brunt of it all? // Why didn't you leave her in the Tokyo area and told her to wait for you to return?

Rentaro (Enju): Ehehe, guess one of his shots hit me. // But don't worry, this kind of wound will heal in an instant

Rentaro (Enju): Will heal----- // in an instant------


Rentaro: GAAH! // !!

Enju: Re.. // Rentaro, what art thou doing!? // Quick, get out of the way!

Enju: Rentaro. // Rentaro!

Rentaro: Experimental AGV drug?

Rentaro: What's that?
Sumire: It's the name I originally gave to the possible antiviral of the Gastrea Virus, but ...

Sumire: it was a brilliant failure and this "experimental drug" received a different purpose.

Sumire: It's a drug that utilizes the "Gastrea genes" // to grant its user superhuman healing abilities.

Rentaro: Ho.. // Hold on. // Gastrea genes...

Sumire: ...it's as you imagine.

Sumire: Any human who takes this // will temporarily // be infected with the Gastrea Virus.

Enju: Ren... // tarou...?

Rentaro: I'm fine... // I'm fine, Enju... // I will // definitely...

Rentaro: protect you.

Sumire: Rentaro-kun,

Sumire: there may come a time you will have to take it.

Sumire: But please remember // when you use that medicine----
Rentaro: GUH!! // GAH! // AAH!! // GAAA!!

Sumire: it could

Sumire: mean the end of your life as a human being.

Text: For Enju's sake, Rentaro made up his mind, what is his fate!?

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