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Translations: Gintama 694 by kewl0210 , One Piece 913 by cnet128

Tokyo Ghoul 82


+ posted by Sohma Riku as translation on Jul 21, 2014 21:30 | Go to Tokyo Ghoul

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Page 42
Title: Experts
SQ: 1st ward // [CCG] laboratory block

BB: Ooh, it’s huge!
BB: This is the [CCG]'s lab.

BB: Anti-ghoul weapons like the quinque and Q-bullets are made here. // They are also burdened with the task of researching anything related to "ghouls". // The Rc-Gate was also developed here.

Page 43
BB: Special-class Shinohara.

BB: Doctor Chigyo
BB: Hello there.
SQ: [CCG] Laboratory's Head of Research // Chigyo Koitsu

BB: He is the doctor in charge of making your quinque. // An outstanding gentleman, he used to work for the “GFG”*.
BB: Ji Ef Ji?
BB: The ghoul research facility of Germany.
NB: *Ghoul Forschung Gesellschaft // Ghoul Research Association

BB: Cover your belly with you right hand // and lower your head. // 1… 2...
BB: I am Suzuya Juuzo.
BB: So it's for you? You’re quite young.
SQ: [CCG] ritual - Bow

Page 44
BB: I hope you like how it turned out.

BB: I received many pieces of paper with different quinque designs. // I didn't like any of them, so I made my own design. Did you make that one?
BB: More or less.

BB: Quinque are the fruit of our advanced biotechnology.
BB: A biological concept, a sense of mechanical engineering, // and a design that gives full scope to the quinque's power as a weapon. // To outshine the original "kagune", all these elements are indispensable.

BB: Just wondering, isn't it possible to leave the "kagune" as it is and use it as a quinque?
BB: Ah! We can’t. // We don't have the technology to recreate the original “kagune” .

BB: From your questions, I take you didn't graduate from the academy?
BB: Yes! I came in by the back door.
BB: Don’t flatter yourself...

BB: Do you know the difference between a "kagune" and a quinque?
BB: One of them has a switch, the other doesn't?
BB: Well… that's not entirely wrong.

Page 45
BB: ...because the "kagune" is an internal part of a "ghoul", // Rc-Cells are constantly being transferred to the "kakuhou".
BB: That isn't the case with a quinque.

BB: Neither can it feed on a human. // Currently, our only option is to inject a preservative to make it last.
BB: However, more than anything else, our basic principle is "energy efficiency".

BB: ..."Arata" was close enough though.

BB: The base point of the "kagune" // is where the Rc-cells erupt from the "Kakuhou".

BB: The “formative stage", // the erupted Rc-cells form bonds with each other.

BB: The "fixative stage", // the bonded Rc-cells will keep their form for a fixed amount of time. (This is when we can see the basic shape of the "kagune".)

BB: The "disintegrative stage”、 // as the time elapses the bonds between the cells start to break.

Page 46
BB: Next, they'll return to their original phase,... and then... this 3-step cycle will repeat itself, again and again. // Because an "ukaku" completes one cycle at a very high speed, // it looks like the "kagune" is floating... yet it drains a lot of energy. (formative->fixative-> disintegrative -> formative ->fixative -> disintegrative)
The "fixative stage" of a "koukaku" is relatively long, making it possible to continuously maintain the "kagune". (Formative / fixative / disintegrative / formative / fixative

BB: At this stage we are yet unable to artificially reproduce this formation cycle.
BB: Expending, contracting or changing the shape of the "kagune" at will, like a ghoul, // cannot be done with a quinque.

BB: Meaning, in order to make them "energy efficient" every quinque is restricted to one from.
BB: While we discuss the amount of Rc that will be needed to contain the "Kakuhou", // we also decide on the reach and hardness of the quinque.

BB: Did you get that?
BB: I guess so.
BB: We'll go over it again later.

BB: Well,... just remember a quinque has a "fixed form". // Basically.

BB: Well, then... // Over here is the quinque you've been waiting for, Suzuya-chi.

Page 47
BB: Here.

BB: What do you think? It's a beauty, right? // A real monster with instantaneous Rc-values in the 5000 CLASS.
BB: You are the only second class investigator owning a weapon as powerful as this one.

BB: It's likely they loosened the possession restrictions a little, because you are the one who caught him...
BB: Then, to use the gimmick you...

BB: Err, Suzuya-chi?
BB: Geh….!!

BB: Just trying it out.

Page 48
BB: The quinque steel…!!! (That's 900,000 tons...!)

BB: I can name it, right?
BB: Yeah, the owner is allowed to decide its name.

BB: Most quinque just have the name or nickname of the investigation subject. // But it's tradition that all who work under Iwaccho can name it by themselves.
SQ: Kuroiwa Iwao Special class // Kuroiwa special
SQ: Gori Misato Second class // Emelio

Page 49
BB: Then... I'll call it "13's Jason".

T/N: "13's Jason" is read as "Juuzo's Jason".

BB: ..Jason, huh? Why not? // It'll surely gain a reputation with that name.
BB: Yeey!!

BB: I'm counting on you, my lovely Jason!

BB: …ah~~...
BB: ...? Something wrong?
BB: No...

BB: Juuzo (J) Suzuya (S)
BB: That's Jason (J/S), right?

Page 50
BB: …...hmm

BB: ...the ”Jason of the CCG”,…huh?

Sign: Chairman

BB: Marude-kun,

Page 51
BB: have you been able to find anything about the situation at "Aogiri Tree"?
SQ: [CCG]'s Chairman // Washuu Tsuneyoshi

BB: ......yes... // To shed light on the whole picture, the 2nd countermeasure division of the 1st ward has been frantically working on the case...

BB: I've been told that before.
BB: I want to hear results.

BB: Hurry up, people are dying.

BB: You may leave now.

Page 52
BB: To be summoned to see the chairman himself... // That old man, his observation skills are too sharp... (That's Onitsune for you.)

T/N: Oni = Demon; Tsune = Tsuneyoshi

BB: They don't call him a SSS-subjugator for nothing...
BB: Maru,

BB: It's just the two of us, no need to be formal. (Oh! Did you lose weight?)
BB: Yeah, just now...

BB: -----dad's just in a little impatient. // This is the first crisis since the founding of the[CCG].

BB: And there's also the case of those ghouls escaping from the prison camp. // Did they join up with "Aogiri"......? // Even if they didn't, they are still a danger to us.

BB: It's finally getting dangerous! What should we do now?
BB: It's not something to laugh about, Yoshitoki-san...

BB: I think we should ask the "ghouls" that didn't escape what happened.

BB: Join forces with the "ghouls"?
BB: Didn't I teach you that necessity is the mother of invention .

Page 53
BB: Besides, "HE" still remains on the SS-floor.
BB: ......you mean "Shinbu"?

BB: His opinion on “ghouls” is really useful in emergencies. // He doesn't share a sense of camaraderie with the other "ghouls" and such. // As long as we reward him accordingly, he is more than happy to cooperate.

BB: ...come to think of it, that "Informant" was right, huh?
BB: Yes.

BB: Six months ago, before the fight at the secret base in the 11th ward, "an anonymous person leaked the location of the secret base to the [CCG]".
BB: Without that information, our infiltration of the 11th ward would've been delayed by two weeks, right? // Thanks to that person, we got a start on them...

BB: Though, it's still possible that person has something to do with "Aogiri". // We have to seek out this informant.
BB: ...indeed.

BB: I'll have "the one linked by fate" // meet with "Shinbu" in the prison camp.
BB: That way he'll talk.

Page 54
BB: ...you mean "him"?
BB: Yes.

BB: I thought you should always keep a report as brief as possible, // Top class Amon?
BB: You need to elaborate more on your thinking process.
BB: If you consider every possibility, it will be a great contribution to the team.

BB: You work straight to the answer that you derived. // It's efficient, but...
BB: What would you do, if things do not turn out the way you expected?

BB:That's how a fool would do it.

Page 55
BB: That's how it's been done for many, many years here at the [CCG]! Are you poking fun at the method used by successive generations of investigators!?
BB: ..."successive generations of investigators"? // You get angry when you feel like someone's making fun of you, right?

BB: In fact, your reports include every possibility and there's no lack of information, but
BB: if you ask me, it feels like you cite nothing but possibilities.
BB: It's very inefficient, Top class Amon.

BB: Tch... you...!! // ...it wasn't my intention to cross words with you...!
BB: Still, how about you listen to other people from time to time? // Even Juuzo is more considerate than you...
BB: Then you'd better team up with Second class Suzuya.

BB: Will you please listen...!
BB: I'm sure Special class Shinohara would be able to teach me a lot too.

BB: Don't blame everything on my inexperience as a superior! // It's not like I chose to be teamed up with you.

Page 56
NB: Sure enough, I'm inexperienced... // Did my irritation about the situation rub off on her...?

SQ: ...or...

SQ: is she just nervous... // about "what's coming next"?
BB: Either way, it's due to my inexperience...
BB: I'm sorry...

SQ: 23rd ward

Page 57
BB: This place still needs some repairs, but it's safe enough to use it again.

SQ: Ghoul Prison camp “Kocuria”

Page 58
BB: This way please.

BB: Please watch your steps.

Page 59
BB: ...this place is giving me the chills.

BB: Jingle...

BB: ...oh, my, // ...look who's there.

BB: It has been a while, hasn't it?

BB: Kotaro, // my beloved son...
NB: Donath Porpora // SS-rated ghoul

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