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Brothers Conflict feat. Yusuke & Futo 2

Yusuke Ed. <part 2>


-> RTS Page for Brothers Conflict feat. Yusuke & Futo 2

1 (41)
Text: Yusuke Ed. <part 2>

2 (42)
XXX: And that concludes the match!
All: Alright!!
Kazumu: Wow, we were lucky to have you on our team, Asahina! // Friendship is just great!

3 (43)
Yusuke: Part-time wage.

Kazumu: I really hate this part of you... (Here.)
Yusuke: This was our agreement.

Kazumu: You caused some trouble for our seniors, // but thanks for helping us out anyway.

Kazumu: It's more fun when you assist us in the match. // I'll be counting on you from now on too.

4 (44)
Yusuke: Only if I'm free.

Kazumu: You!
Yusuke: See ya!

Yusuke: Oh! // Found some tasty looking ham.

5 (45)
Yusuke: It sure is nice to be paid to play soccer, but

Yusuke: I haven't been able to talk to her since that day. // As expected, miracles don't just happen.

SFX: Clank
Yusuke: !

Yusuke: Suba-nii, welcome home. (Good job on the roadwork.)
Subaru: Thanks, Yusuke. // I'm home.

T/N: "-nii" is short for "niisan", meaning "brother".

6 (46)
Yusuke: ......

Yusuke: Ah, err... Suba-nii... // I would like to ask you something...?
Subaru: What is it?

Yusuke: It's not about me, it's about a friend... // He's in love with this girl... but they never really get to talk... // What should he do to get closer to her...?

Yusuke: Err! He asked me, but what do you think?

Subaru: ...I don't have much experience with love, but

7 (47)
Suba: If he doesn't give up, // his chance will come.

Suba: It's just like in basketball. Once you give up on yourself, you'll lose the match. // But if you don't give up, endure and stand firm, // your chance will eventually come.

Suba: Whether you grab that chance or not is most important, don't you think?
Yusuke: Endure... wait... // Chance...

8 (48)
Futo: Jeez, talking about stupid advice.
Yusuke: !!

Yusuke: Fu... // Futo!!
Futo: It's useless to ask a sports-idiot who has no love experience for advice.

Yusuke: ......!! // bastard!!

Yusuke: Apologize to Suba-nii, now!!
Futo: Don't take me wrong, I only said that the idiot who is giving advice is an idiot. // What's wrong with that?
Yusuke: How dare you!

9 (49)
Futo: Anyway, // enduring and waiting, that's just stupid.

Futo: If you do that, she'll just be snatched away by someone else.
Yusuke: Wha...

Futo: Well, // it's none of my business whether it works out or not.

Futo: But it's nice to see two idiots get along? // See ya!

10 (50)
Yusuke: Damn... how dare he, that Futo! // He's acting all smart even though he's younger than us...

Yusuke: I believe in what you said, Suba-nii!
Suba: Eh?

Yusuke: Don't give up, endure and wait. // Then someday the gods will hear your prayers.

Suba: ...yeah.

11 (51)
Suba: Good luck!
Yusuke: Yes!

Suba: By the way, Yusuke. // That ham was past its use-by date. (I'm pretty sure...)
Yusuke: What!!

Board: Class list

Yusuke: I'm in...

Yusuke: ...class 2A?
List: Class 2A // XXX // Asahina Yusuke // XXX

12 (52)
Yusuke: Who else are in Class A... // Hm?

Yusuke: Huh!?
List: XXX // Hinata Ema // XXX

Yusuke: Hinata and I are in the same class...!? // Suba-nii was right! If you don't give up, your chance will come!

Yusuke: Bless the gods!
(Text: Victory pose)

Kazumu: Hey, Asahina! // Let's get along for another year!

Yusuke: Ugh, are we in the same class again...?
Kazumu: Aw, come on, why would you say that?

Kazumu: Hey, hear this. // There's this girl I like and she's in our class!

13 (53)
Kazumu: Her name is Hinata-san. // Do you know here?

Yusuke: Huh...?
Kazumu: She's pretty cute, don't you think?

Yusuke: "Hinata Ema is cute."

Box: Only now we're in the same class I realized, // Hinata is really popular. // Mostly because she is cute.

14 (54)
Yusuke: So stupid.

Yusuke: Yes, I fell in love at first sight

Yusuke: but that's all I knew last summer.

Yusuke: I want us to get even closer. // It's not enough. // I want her to be more than a classmate!

15 (55)
Yusuke: What should I do to close this distance between us...

Tsubaki: Hey, Yusuke! // I know you're there, open up!
Yusuke: .........

Yusuke: Can't I even suffer in peace...
Tsubaki: (Yusuke-chan!)

Yusuke: What do you want, Tsuba-nii?
Tsubaki: Oh, there you are★

Tsubaki: Lend me some manga.
Yusuke: What!? // Hey, you can't just come in!

Yusuke: Or rather, how about you return that baseball manga you borrowed last time!
Tsubaki: Ah, that one. I'll bring it next time.

16 (56)
Tsubaki: By the way, Yusuke-chan.

Tsubaki: Are you in love with a girl?

Yusuke: Wh..what!? // Why are you asking...!?
Tsubaki: Mom got married again, right?

Tsubaki: And her new husband has a child with his ex-wife. // And, as of tomorrow, that child will start living here with us.

Tsubaki: And, // it's a girl★
Yusuke: Eh!?

17 (57)
Tsubaki: It appears she's of the same year as you. // A boy and girl of the same year living under the same roof. // 24 hours a day. // 365 days a year.

Tsubaki: ...what do you think, Yusuke?

Yusuke: Wh.. // what...?

Tsubaki: Well, that's all. // Thanks for the manga.
Yusuke: Hey! Tsuba-nii!!

Yusuke: The child of our stepfather... is a girl...

18 (58)
Yusuke: I'll have a sister......!?

Girl: Good morning, Yusuke. // Breakfast is ready.
Yusuke: Ah, thank you.

Yusuke: Wow! // That omelet is huge!
Girl: Yes, // I know you like it, so I made a big one.

Yusuke: But it's far too much for me... // so...

Yusuke: Let's share it. // Come, I'll feed it to you.
Girl: Oh my, I can't.

19 (59)
Yusuke: No, no, we're siblings, not a newlywed couple...!

Girl: ...ah.

Girl: I'm sorry, // I heard noises and I thought it was a thief.
Yusuke: No, it's fine.

Yusuke: It's my fault, I shouldn't be taking a bath in the middle of the night.
Girl: I'm still sorry. // Let me scrub your back as an apology.

Yusuke: It's fine, you don't need to worry about it.
Girl: I know, but still... // Just let me, please?

Girl: Ah, but could you put on a towel...? // Like this it's...
Yusuke: Ah, I see. // I'm sorry.

20 (60)
Yusuke: No, hold on! That's just wrong too!!

Girl: Err, Yusuke...

Yusuke: What is it? It's the middle of the night.

Girl: I heard a scary story today, // and I can't sleep...

Girl: Can I sleep here, // please?
Yusuke: Well, I know we're siblings, but...

Yusuke: ...whatever, get in. // But my bed is pretty small.

Girl: Thank you...
Yusuke: ..hey, move over a little, I can feel you.
Girl: Hey, Yusuke.

21 (61)
Girl: When will you finally // think of me as a girl?

Yusuke: This is

Yusuke: bad...!!

XXX: ...hina-kun. // Asahina-kun.
Yusuke: Hmm...?

22 (62)
Ema: Asahina-kun.

Yusuke: Jeez!? // Hi.. Hinata...!!
Ema: Were you sleeping? // I'm sorry.

Yusuke: Ah...... // No, it's fine... // A dream...?

Ema: Kishida-sensei wants to see you about your midterm examination.
Yusuke: troublesome.

Yusuke: I have some other things to take care of today. // I can't tell her I need to go home early, because my stepdad's daughter will come today...

23 (63)
Ema: Then, shall I inform Kishida-sensei you won't come?

Yusuke: Huh?
Ema: I need to see her anyway, // so I could tell her while I'm at it.

Yusuke: She's quite thoughtful and modest. // She really nice, not pushy at all.

Yusuke: What if Hinata would be the one // to come live with us...

24 (64)
Yusuke: Eh!? // Hi..hinata, you're my stepdad's daughter!?
Ema: Why are you here Asahina-kun......!?

25 (65)
Yusuke: Wh..why, // in reality... // I.. I won't...!

Yusuke: I won't accept this! // Classmates can't be siblings!! It's not normal!!

Yusuke: Listen!! // Don't you dare tell anyone at school we're siblings, alright!?

26 (66)
Ema: .........

Yusuke: I'm such an idiot...!! // Finally, a miracle happened and I totally blew it! // I'm sure she hates me now...

Tsubaru: If he doesn't give up, // his chance will come. // Whether you grab that chance or not is most important, don't you think?

27 (67)
Yusuke: A chance, huh...?

Yusuke: That's right, I'm still...

Yusuke: far from success. // But

Yusuke: I won't give up...!

28 (68)
Yusuke: Damn, // I overslept!

Yusuke: I'll take this bread.
Wataru: (Good morning.)
Ema: Ah, that's fine.

Masaomi: Yusuke, where are your manners? (You can braid your hair later.)
Yusuke: Bwat... // I'm late!

Yusuke: It can't be helped.

29 (69)
Ema: You really do it yourself. // Those braids.

Yusuke: ......huh?
Ema: Remember, back then. // I asked you if you did do those yourself.

Ema: Amazing. // You're really good.

30 (70)
Ema: Come to think of it, that was the first time we met.

Yusuke: Wa...was it?
Ema: I've seen you many times since then. // I mean, your hair really stands out.

Yusuke: Ah, // huh!?
Ema: You also started helping out the soccer club in their practice matches, right?

Ema: You are a really fast runner!

31 (71)
Yusuke: Wh...

Yusuke: Sh.. shut u... // No good, // nothing will change like this.

Yusuke: Th.. // Thanks...

32 (72)
Yusuke: I see. // If I don't give up, my chance will come.

33 (73)
Yusuke: Bless the gods.

Yusuke: I will never // give up.

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