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Translations: One Piece 904 by cnet128 , Gintama 682 (2)

Tokyo Ghoul 83


+ posted by Sohma Riku as translation on Jul 26, 2014 22:06 | Go to Tokyo Ghoul

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Page 60
(bb) It’s been a while, Kotarou.
(bb2) It wouldn't hurt you to come and visit your father a little more often.
(title) "Father"

T/N: "Father", as in "Priest". Translated as "Shinbu" in the previous translation.

(bb) Shut up,
(bb2) I don't think of you as my father.

(bb) …hmpf, such an ungrateful child.

(bb) Congratulations.

Page 61
(bb) You got promoted, right?
(bb2) What happened to that shinigami-like guy from before? // Your former partner.

T/N: "shinigami" = God of Death

(bb) I don't have to answer you.

(bb) I see, so he’s dead?

(bb) ...ha…

(bb) Fuhahahaha, // you’re as easy to read as ever.
(bb2) Ha // Ha

(bb) ….then, what business do you have with me today?

Page 62
(bb) I have a few questions for you. // All you need to do is answer them.

(bb) I don’t mind answering a few questions from you, but...

(bb) our conversation will be a duologue.

(bb) …of course, I'm sure you know this already, but... // it was decided that when questioning a "ghoul" two or more investigators need to be present.

(bb) ...shall I wait outside?

(bb) ...I'm sorry.

(bb) Understood.

Page 63
(bb) ...she's a clever girl.

(bb2) Thus it seems you got some trouble handling her... // Did you come here to ask me for advice on how to train your first subordinate?

(bb) Have you taken a taste of her yet?
(bb2) ...don't talk rubbish...

(bb) Donato Porpora. // A SS-rated, Russian “ghoul”.
(bb2) All I know about him is what is in the case files, but... // he has killed many investigators and innocent people...

(bb) He especially likes children and employs every means of brutality while eating.

Page 64
(bb) He ran a catholic orphanage in Japan.
(bb2) And his pseudonym is "Father".

(bb) ...by the look of things, I wonder if "that story" is true...?

(bb) "What kind of "kagune" did "Aogiri Tree" use to fight the prison guard?
(bb2) I didn’t see.
(bb3) "How did "Aogiri Tree" open the locks?"
(bb4) I don't know.

Page 65
(bb) "How did "Aogiri Tree"..."
(bb2) I don't know.

(bb) Just... could you please answer my questions seriously...!!

(bb) Then, how about you take questioning me seriously?

(bb) I have no intentions whatsoever to answer any questions that are written on a piece of paper by a stranger.

(bb) You were ordered to question me, is it not? // Probably by that guileful special class investigator, Marude. // Am I wrong?

(bb) ...you are.

(bb) Liar, hahahaha.

Page 66
(bb) To be honest, I know absolutely nothing about "Aogiri something".
(bb2) I'm locked up in this cell, how am I supposed to know what's going on outside?
(bb3) ...what about noises? Like sounds of destruction or voices...

(bb) I could hear the death cry of the prison guard as he was being killed.

(bb) I hadn't been this excited for a while. // Can you imagine it? A fresh lump of meat right over there... // Ha...
(bb2) It was absolute hell, in a different sense of the word. // I prayed to god I could be a part of that banquet.

(bb) ...it is pointless to ask you more questions.
(bb2) As I thought, you have nothing to tell us.

(bb) ......are you still wearing IT?

Page 67
(bb) The “CROSS”.

(bb) After all, // you still care a little about your foster father?

(bb) ...I'm still wearing this // to make sure I'll never forget "my days at the orphanage".
(bb2) Back then, I did not know about the daily bloodbaths you caused.

(bb) This is just a symbol of the repentance of my "sinful ignorance".

(bb) Since then, I've only harbored hatred towards you.

Page 68
(bb) The very fact that you're still alive makes me sick.

(bb) Kotarou.

(bb) Go after "Alice", not the "White Rabbit".

(bb) Their destination will be the same.

Page 69
(bb) Number 130, number 147
(bb2) and also number 201, please send them all to the lab.

(bb) ...are you done already?
(bb2) Yeah.

(bb) Quinque materials?
(bb2) Yes, // I selected a few guys Dr.Chigyo will likely be able to use in his research.

(bb) I think they'll make a great "link" for my new quinque.

(bb) Whether or not they'll grant me permission is another matter. // I'm really envious of second-class Suzuya.

Page 70
(bb) Well, did you get any information?
(bb2) Nothing outstanding.
(bb3) I see.

(bb) The "White Rabbit" and "Alice"...?

(bb) ...did you two tell each other fairy tales?
(bb2) No...

(nb) Still the usual nonsense...
(bb) Amon and "Father", huh...?

Page 71
(bb) Even though there's a good chance he'll get some information,
(bb2) Kotarou really hates this kind of thing.

(bb) It would be nice if Maru was a little more considerate...
(bb2) Well, he's that kind of guy...

(bb) Thank you for your hard work!

(bb) I'm here to deliver some documents!
(bb2) Yeah, thank you very much.
(bb3) No at all, I'm just doing my job!

(bb) Then, excuse me!

Page 72
(bb) He's really working hard. // He's precise and quick.
(bb2) Good afternoon!
(bb3) He's a part-time, right? I love his cheerfulness.

(bb) Since the attack by “Aogiri”, all departments are suffering from a shortage of workers. // They'll accept all the help they can get.
(bb2) Let’s see, next is the intelligence department...

(bb) While a young boy like that is doing his best to protect something, // I think it's yet too soon for us to give up.
(bb2) Indeed.

(bb) ...by the way,

(bb) what about our "depressed boy"?
(bb2) Still the same as ever.

Page 73
(bb) Juuzo's promotion and Akira's transfer. // It's like someone gave Seidou a double punch on the nose...

(bb) Sigh…..

(bb) Ah! Takizawa-san.

(bb) Hey, can I sit next to you?
(bb2) Sure, sit down.

(bb) Wow... you're eating curry again...
(bb2) The curry here at the [CCG]'s cafeteria is just amazing…!

(bb) You look troubled... // Are you getting along with your case?
(bb2) I've told you many times, I can't talk about it.

Page 74
(bb) Is it the investigation...? Nah, more like...
human relations...

(bb) I used to be in the same class as one of our new recruits.
(bb2) Ah! You means that girl! // She's quite a beauty! And that cold glare is also pretty hot...!
(bb3) You idiot, don't be fooled by her looks.

(bb) During exercises she would use the other students like they were chess pieces. // She's an emotionless weapons maniac
(bb2) She is more like a "ghoul" than a "ghoul".

(bb) She doesn't have a boyfriend, does she?
(bb2) Of course not... Who'd want to date that.

Box 5 (bb) It appears to me that she's secretly pretty popular!
(bb2) ...who knows...

(bb) Hey, let me have some too.
(bb2) Eh... no way!

Page 75
(bb) Marude-san,

(bb) we finally found him.
(bb2) Oh... who?

(bb) The anonymous informant who provided us with intel on the 11th ward.
(bb2) Oh, I see. Congratu...

(bb) lations!!

(bb) ...are you serious?
This isn't a joke, right?
(bb2) I’m serious. If I'd dare to joke about that, // you'd be angry with me for a whole week, right Marude-san?

Page 76
(bb) We compared the video footage of the surveillance camera with the call logs of the public phone // and narrowed down the candidates.
(bb2) There's no doubt about it.

(bb) Well done, Mabuchi...!
(bb2) Thanks, thanks.

(bb) So,... tell me, who is it?
(bb2) Well, it's quite surprising actually. Can't see your home for the trees.
(bb3) It's "can't see the forest".
(bb4) Oh, yeah.

(bb) It's the "part-timer".
(bb2) ...”part-timer”?
(bb3) Yes.

(bb) Well, I just need to do things at my own pace, huh...
(bb2) Indeed! The most important thing is to have faith in yourself!

Page 77
(bb) I feel a little better now, after talking with you.
(bb2) Alright, that's the spirit!

(bb) ...well, I bet you don't have it easy either.

(bb) Good luck, // Nagachika.
(bb2) Yup!

(bb) Nagachika Hideyoshi.
(bb2) Our anonymous informant in the 11th ward's case // is a student who works part-time at the 20th ward's branch office.

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