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Translations: Gintama 698 (2) , One Piece 916 by cnet128

Jigoku Koi Sutefu 6.7

Ghost Story & Hell Master Natsumi

+ posted by Sohma Riku as translation on Nov 3, 2014 19:25 | Go to Jigoku Koi Sutefu

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1 (94)
Ghost Story

2 (95)
Akabane: Mikoto-chan, // Actually, I...

Akabane: all this time // I've been in love
Box: Eh...

Box: No way... // Am I dreaming...?

3 (96)
Akabane: with ghost!!!
Box: We went to a ghost spot.

Box: I gathered all my courage and asked Akabane-kun out on a date, but // how did it turn out like this?

4 (97)
Mikoto: Who knew that Akabane-kun was a ghost-maniac...
Akabane: You also love ghosts, don't you Mikoto-chan?

Mikoto: Eh. // Ye..yes... It's not really love, but I'm sorta interested in them. // I am a ghost myself.

Akabane: According to this map, there's a great spot just up ahead.
Mikoto: Hm, this...
Akabane: I wonder if there'll be some ghosts.

5 (98)
Mikoto: This is a little more than just some ghosts!!!!
Akabane: What's wrong?

Mikoto: Excuse me, // please let me through...

6 (99)
Mikoto: Excuse me, // excuse me.
Box: *Akabane-kun can't see the ghosts.
Akabane: What the hell is she doing......?

Mikoto: I'm out!

Mikoto: I wonder if Akabane-kun // is able to sense ghosts?

Akabane: Shall we take a little rest?
Mikoto: Akabane-kun!! Besides you!!!

Mikoto: But there is also a ghosts on the other bench...

7 (100)
Mikoto: (Excuse me, I'll be sitting here.) Come to think of it

Mikoto: Do all these ghosts know that I am dead? // She's looking at me...

Ghost: Hey,

Ghosts: you're a ghost, right?
Mikoto: I knew it, they know!
Akabane: What's up?
Mikoto: No, it's nothing!!

Akabane: Here, would you like a drink?
Ghosts: Hey,
Mikoto: Thanks.

Ghost: Are you dating that guy?

Akabane: Mikoto-chan?
Mikoto: I'm sorry, Akabane-kun.

Akabane: Did it taste bad!?
Mikoto: Yes!!
Ghost: You aren't dating, but you do love him?
Mikoto: ...yes... (So busy...)

8 (101)
Akabane: Aren't you feeling well?

Mikoto: I... I'm fine!!

Akabane: Would you like to go home?

Mikoto: Absolutely not!!

Ghost: Are the two of you getting along?

Mikoto: I... I'm fine!!

Ghost: Shall I tell him for you?

Mikoto: Absolutely not!!

9 (102)
Ghost: Hmm.

Ghost: Then, // did your attachment to him turn you into an earthbound spirit?
Mikoto: Eh?

Mikoto: That's right...

Box: Since I can still talk and touch everyone as usual, I totally forgot about it.

10 (103)
Box: Actually // I'm the same as any of these ghosts here...

Box: I wasn't supposed to get this chance. // It would be wrong, // to continue like this just because of Akabane-kun.

Mikoto: Akabane-kun.
Box: I have to tell him...!!

Mikoto: There's something I want to tell you... // I...

11-12 (104-105)
Mikoto: I love si...scissors...!!!

Text: Scissors
Akabane: Eh!?

Mikoto: I messed up!!

T/N: Mikoto says "choki" (scissors) instead of "suki" (love)

13 (106)
Box: Since I passed away, because of the shock, // I dare say I wasn't an earthbound spirit, but and earth bomb spirit...
Mikoto: (Ehehe...)
Text: passed away in a state of intense ecstasy
Fingers: Scissors // scissors

Enma: After she died, she interfered in the affairs of the living...? // Send her to Hell.

XXX: Yes. // Enma-sama.
Stamp: Hell

T/N: Enma is the King of Hell.

14 (107)
Mikoto: Excuse me.

15 (108)
Ghost Story

16 (109)
Box: My name is Ando Natsumi. // I have the power to make people fall in love with me.

Title: Hell Master Natsumi // Extra Manga
Box: Aiming to be the best in Hell, I devote all my time to battle.

XXX: Are you Natsumi?

17 (110)
Mari: I am Hida Mari, one of the Four Devas. // I am here to eradicate fellows like you.
Box: Hida Mari // Special skill: eating carrots

T/N: Four Devas (Shitennou), in Buddhist faith also known as the Four Heavenly Kings.

Mari: Here I come!!

Mari: Fast Carrot Fist!!!
Natsumi: Swan Pose!

18 (111)
Mari: Gah!
Natsumi: Too Easy.

Box: Temple of the Four Devas

Juri: Looks like Hidamari was beaten.
Nueko: Well, she was the weakest of us four anyway...

Juri: I'll go next.
Box: Eto Juri // Special skill: easily falls in love.

19 (112)
Juri: ...

Mikoto: I'll be your next opponent.

Mikoto: Nakamura Mikoto // Special skill: biting her tongue

Sign: Aka Maki Oni // Ao Maki Oni // Ki Maki Oni

T/N: It's a tongue twister: Red rolled Devil, Blue rolled Devil, Yellow rolled Devil

Mikoto: Akamakigigaha!!
Natsumi: Small FRy

Box: Temple of the Four Devas

20 (113)
Nueko: Well done, to have come this far. // But I wonder if you'll be a match for me, the greatest of the Four Devas...

Box: Onizuka Nueko // Special skill: making scary faces

Nueko: Now! Let's start!

Natsumi: Face of Kerperos

Nueko: Guh... // Wha...

21 (114)
Nueko: I love you.

Text: Extra Jigoku-nou (Hell Master) Natsumi - END

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