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When a magician's pupil smiles 1

Namae Ouka

+ posted by Sohma Riku as translation on Nov 17, 2014 14:45 | Go to When a magician's pupil smiles

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3-4 (3)
Chapter 1 Namae Ouka 003
Chapter 2 Moriya Ritsu 1 061 (32)
Chapter 3 Moriya Ritsu 2 109 (57)
Chapter 4 That is your mistake 161


Bubbles: I beg of you... // Please... // please don't give up... // No matter how painful... no matter how hard... // there's more // than just sorrow waiting for you.

Red writing: To Namae Ouka

Txt: This is the story of how a boy named "Namae Ouka" acquired his emotions...

5-6 (4)
Title: Chapter 1 "Namae Ouka"

7-8 (5)
Title: When a magician's pupil smiles


Txt: I probably never actually lived until that day.

Kid: Wow! He's really never cries! // He doesn't react to anything!

Kid: He's like a robot! // Weird!

Father: Stop it, dear!
Mother: I can't bear it anymore!

Mother: If I don't tell him what to do, he only sits around!?
Father: Calm down.
Box: I had no purpose whatsoever.

9-10 (6)
Mother: He doesn't cry nor laugh. // It creeps me out!
Box: No reason to live.

Mother: This THING has no emotions.
Box: The days just went by.

Mother: I can't do this anymore...

Mother: I never // I never meant to give birth to a puppet!

Man: Sleeping longer than your master, // you've got some nerve.



Namae: ...... // ...Master Haijima.

Namae: Am I // alive...?

11-12 (7)
Hajima: Did you have a nightmare?
Namae: I dreamed of the past.

Hajima: Did you dislike it?
Namae: Not sure...

Namae: How did it feel?
Hajima: How should I know? // You're the one who felt it.

Namae: If that was the case, I

Hajima: ...
Namae: wouldn't haf bevome you pupril.


Box: Hello, my name // is Namae Ouka.
Namae: Thank you for this meal.

Box: This man is Master Haijima. // He's an incredible magician, and I'm his pupil.
Hajima: (Don't do that.)

Box: A magician is someone // who can control living organisms that are also known as Demons.

Box: Magicians are said to be a race that hold incredible power.
Hajima: Hurry up, I'm going without you Levi.
Levi: !

Box: I'll explain more about them later.

Box: It's pretty obvious, but the existence of magicians is a secret to the world. 
Hajima: Hey, Namae.

13-14 (8)
Hajima: Don't forget about // the usual "instruction".

Namae: ...... // Good luck at work.

Namae: "To Namae Ouka"...
Box: A certain person wrote this for me. // What I should do.


Namae: Find someone precious to you // and you'll acquire your emotions.
Writing: Please find someone precious to you.

Namae: Emotions // like sadness and happiness. // For as long as I can remember // I never really understood them.

Box: I had no reason to live, yet that certain person // taught me a way to acquire emotions.

Box: That method. // I can find someone precious to me by becoming a magician.

15-16 (9)
Namae: !
Man: Thank you for using our services.

Girl: (Thank you for your help.)
Namae: Come to think of it, the landlord said we'd get a new neighbor...

Namae: I have to be careful she doesn't find out we are magicians.

Namae: Well then, I'm done with the laundry. // Everyone, // will you join me in my training?


Girl: I'm home! // And there's no one here!

Girl: I.. I'm so sorry!!
Demons: ... // ! // ...

Namae: This is bad. // She may have seen the Demons.
Girl: I entered the wrong house!

Namae: Wait! // Please wai...

17-18 (10)
Namae: ...t.
Girl: Ouch!

Namae: ............what am I supposed to do now?


Box: Anyway, I have to find out whether or not // she saw the Demons.

BB: That's my first priority, right?

Namae: Oh, // you woke up?

Girl: Wh, whwhwhat is going on!? // Where am I!? Who are you...!?
Namae: ...... // she's possessed.

Namae: Err... // please calm down. // I'll explain.

19-20 (11)
Girl: I, I'm very sorry I acted like that. // You even helped me after I hit my head and passed out...
Namae: ......

Akari: I should've introduced myself sooner. // I am your new neighbor. // My name is Minato Akari.

Akari: I'm very sorry, I'll bring you your noodles later.
Namae: More importantly, // did you see something stran...
T/N: It is a Japanese custom to give a little present to your new neighbors after you move. Noodles are just one of the many possibilities.

Namae: Noodles. // Now! // I would like them now.

Demon: ...he's digging his own grave.
Namae: Please get it for me. // (Don't look over there.)
Akari: Do you really love noodles that much?


Akari: Here, your noodles.

Akari: I'm sorry, I didn't have time to clean up yet.
Namae: It appears she didn't see any of the Demons...

Akari: I'll be entering Akigaoka High School. // The entrance ceremony is only tomorrow, but is makes me so happy that I'm wearing my uniform already.

Akari: ...from now on, // I'll have to work hard...

Stomach: Growl
Akari: That's right, I didn't eat lunch yet. // I'll have to buy someth...
Namae: I'll make you something.

Namae: I'll be right back, wait here.
Akari: ...eh?

21-22 (12)
Akari: Wow... did you make this yourself?

Akari: (Thanks for the meal.)
Namae: I have confidence in my cooking skills. // Kindness is a vital part of human relationships.

Akari: It's delicious...
Namae: !?

Namae: ...... ? // Ah.
Akari: I'm sorry, // I'm just really relieved...


Akari: I've never lived on my own before. // I was really afraid I couldn't do it...

Akari: I thought I would have to do everything on my own, // I thought there would be no one to help me...

Akari: But I'm so glad, // my neighbor is a really nice person.

Akari: Please call me Akari.
Namae: ......

Akari: Ah! That's right! // Would you come with me for a bit?
Namae: ?

23-24 (13)
Akari: I could see it from the van and thought it was incredibly beautiful, but // I don't know the roads around here very well, so would you like to come with me!?

Namae: What a strange girl. // (It's probably this way.) // I've never been this close with anyone.
Akari: (Yes, I think so.)

Akari: (He, he!)
Box: This brightly smiling girl

Akari: Ouka-kun, we're here. // Isn't it beautiful!?


Akari: Cherry blossom trees...!

Akari: Come to think of it, you have a great name. // "Ouka".
T/N: Ouka literally translates to "Cherry Blossoms Song".

Namae: My family always makes fun of it.
Akari: ? // Why?

Akari: I think it suits you. // It's a great, beautiful name.

Namae: ......

Akari: Yes!
Namae: ?

25-26 (14)
Akari: Here! // It's beautiful like your name!

Akari: Ooh!! // These are beautiful too!
Namae: Beautiful...

Akari: I'm so happy! I was so worried about living alone, but // I already made a great friend!
Namae: Huh......?

Namae: Friend...?
Akari: Eh! // What's wrong? // Am I acting too familiarly?
Namae: No.


Namae: I think... // I'm feeling happy.

Akari: Ouka-kun, let's run!
Namae: Eh...

27 -28 (15)
Box: To the "me" without any feelings.


Box: I made // a friend!

Namae: Ouch.
Hajima: I told you not to forget about the usual "instruction"!

29-30 (16)

Hajima: Don't get "too close" with ordinary people.
Namae: I'm sorry...

Hajima: Don't meet her ever again.

Hajima: If a magician involves himself with normal people // it won't do any good.

Hajima: Especially in your case.

Hajima: Make sure he doesn't meet her again.


Akari: ...Ouka-kun is such a strange boy. // (Hmm.)

Akari: If hope to learn more about him,

Akari: every time we meet...

31-32 (17)
Namae: ...it's inconvenient that he tightened my restrictions. // But if he decides to stop teaching me...

Namae: Going against his orders and invoking his anger would be a terrible idea.

Namae: I'll have to endure it for now.

Namae: I don't need this either.

Akari: Ouka-kun!


Akari: I thought there would be no one to help me...

Namae: The restraint instructions given to the Demons... // They probably don't have a very high priority...

Namae: Everyone,

Namae: let's have a meal together?

33-34 (18)
Akari: If I remember correctly, the nearest convenience store shouldn't be too far.

Akari: Why am I feeling hungry in the middle of the night...

Akari: !?


Akari: What's going on!? // Ouka-kun?

Akari: Hold on! // Ouka-kun, wait!
Text: Sleeping drug

Namae: My masters orders are absolute. // But to leave her without a goodbye

Box: Why is it... that I feel I can't do that?

35-36 (19)
Akari: ...wh, // what's going on?

Akari: Oh, you're hurt!?
Namae: Yeah... it's just a scratch.

Akari: Are you alright? // Shall I clean it?
Namae: More importantly

Namae: Today // I have to say farewell.

Akari: Huh...


Akari: But...

Akari: Are you leaving...?
Namae: No, // I'm going nowhere.

Akari: Then why...
Namae: To sum it up

Namae: You and I // live in different worlds...

37-38 (20)
Namae: ......
Akari: What do you mean...?

Akari: ...you can't tell me, right?

Akari: Anyway, thank you. // Thank you for saying farewell.

Akari: If you hadn't said anything, // ...I'm sure I'd think too much and get depressed

Akari: Tomorrow! I'll be entering High School.
Namae: ...?


Akari: So don't worry about me! // I'll do my best to make new friends! // I won't be lonely!

Namae: Akari... san...? // Oh...

39-40 (21)
Akari: ......

Namae: Akari-san...?
Akari: I don't like it...

Akari: Even if I make new friends, // I saddens me I can't meet Ouka-kun anymore...

Akari: I don't want to say farewell...


Akari: You were so nice to me, I was so happy...

Akari: Thanks to you, I was able to experience // the warmth of people, even in an unfamiliar place.

Akari: When I called you my "friend", // I was so happy to hear I made you happy.

Akari: ...that's why, Ouka-kun... // you are "precious" to me...!

41-42 (22)
Namae: Precious...?

Akari: Yes, you are... // Do we really have to say farewell...

Akari: It saddens me.


Namae: Aaaaaaah! // Aaaaaaaah! // Pain... // It hurts... // I can't... breath...

43-44 (23)
Namae: Aah... // I am...

Namae: Did I love

text: my dad that much...?


Namae: A...

Namae: ...... // Akari-san... // You are...

Namae: You've become precious to me as well, haven't you?.

Akari: Eh...

Namae: I feel sad...

45-46 (24)
Namae: I have to // kill you...


Akari: Eh... // Ouka...kun?

Akari: EEK!

47-48 (25)
Akari: What... This...!?

Akari: Why...!?

Namae: I can't...

Namae: I want for us to talk more... // I wanted... to be with you.


Namae: But... I also

Namae: want to live!

Namae: Farewell, // Akari-san.
Notebook: From Namae Ouka

49-50 (26)
Akari: !?

Hajima: You are really a handful.

Namae: Master...

51-52 (27)
Hajima: Levi!
Namae: Guh...

Hajima: I told you not to meet her...

Akari: Ouka-kun...!

Hajima: ...
Akari: ...

Hajima: ...sigh.


Hajima: I know you can only feel emotions, // when you kill the person precious to you, but

Hajima: don't target ordinary people. // It's a pain to clean up after you.
Akari: !?

Hajima: It's unfortunate, little girl.

Akari: Eh?

53-54 (28)
Hajima: You have to say farewell now.
Akari: Wha...

Namae: Stop... Master... // Don't erase...!

Hajima: You.


Hajima: Don't push your luck, // brat!

55-56 (29)
Namae: Akari-san, // she's... gone?
Hajima: Yes.


Namae: Ah, // good morning.

Akari: How did you get hurt, Ouka-kun!?

57-58 (30)
Akari: Go, // good morning.

Hajima: She forgot everything. // Anything related to magic.

Hajima: And everything related to you.

Hajima: (Just really, you even used sleeping drugs! You're no pupil of mine.)


Namae: I know // why I'm doing this.

Namae: I can't // become friends with Akari-san again.

Namae: I don't want to die yet...! // I don't want to die without ever having felt anything!

Hajima: Don't over think it.

59-60 (31)

Hajima: Just do as you're told.

Namae: Master, // why did you accept me as your pupil?

Namae: Even if you say it's because of my nature, // I will never accept anyone like me as my pupil.
Hajima: Are you getting self-aware?

Namae: It doesn't really matter. // As long as you keep your promise.


Hajima: "You'll be the one to inherit the power of the strongest magician."

Namae: I'm glad you remember.

Namae: I will use that power // to live a life with emotions.

Namae: I will have many sad memories. // For that

61 (32)
Namae: I will destroy this world.

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#1. by Rosava ()
Posted on Nov 28, 2014
Thanks! Very interesting manga, and I'm excited to find out what will happen next)

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