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Translations: Gintama 690 by kewl0210 , One Piece 909 by cnet128

Birdmen 11


+ posted by Sohma Riku as translation on Dec 24, 2014 17:51 | Go to Birdmen

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(0) 002
flight009 BIRDMEN WATCHING 003
flight010 SEEK 039
flight011 NEW GEAR 075
flight 012 CLOUDY SKY 113
flight 013 RAIN 157

BIRDMEN Character Data Collection 191

(1) 003
Rei: Eh, now that we're all here...

Rei: Today, // the Bird Club's activities will start!!

Title: flight009 BIRDMAN WATCHING

(2-3) 004-005
Title: flight009 BIRDMEN WATCHING

Text: Joining forces // to rise against // the "Black Out"!!

Mangaka: Tanabe Yellow
Title: Birdmen


(4) 007
Rei: Then, we will meet at Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday night from 2AM till 4AM!! (So that's actually, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday!) // We will meet at the Sky Terrace! The objective of these activities is to improve our teamwork, so we can overcome all future troubles!!

Rei: By the way, as the original proposer // I will be the president of the Bird Club!

Eishi: Was Sagisawa always like this...?
Rei: In line with this...

Rei: I would like Karasuma-kun to be the vice-president...
Eishi: Me!?

(5) 008
Eishi: Why me!! I hate those kind of things! // Why don't you ask Takayama!!

Rei: No, Takayama-kun doesn't feel like a sub... // If anything, I'd say he's more like a counselor?
Eishi: I feel like a sub!?
Rei: Well, you look like one.

Eishi: I look like one, he says... If I'm granted a managerial position, I probably have to do the work that comes with is as well... // The others are pretty much free to do what they want, I'll be the one who has to take care of all annoying duties...
Kamoda: By the way, you've never been part of a club, right Ei-chan?

Kamoda: It's fun!

Box: In the end, I was forced to be the vice-president.
Rei: Then...

(6) 009
Rei: First of all, what is it like... // to overcome a Black Out, Karasuma-kun?
Box: First meeting of the Bird Club
Eishi: What it is like...?
Rei: I'm looking strategic ideas for future encounters...

Eishi: I see. // To be honest, I am still not strong enough to face IT directly, so I think I need to train... // However there's nothing really that I can't do. // I also found it's fairly easy to stay alive...

Tsubame: That's great! If you can do it, we can too!
Eishi: You really don't think before you speak, do you!!? // I'm telling you, I went through some pretty nasty stuff!! (Would you like to see your own organs!?)

Kamoda: Internal organs creep me out.
Eishi: Says the blood-stained fighting-maniac!!
Rei: Well, point is we need to train. // Please think of a nice menu Takayama-kun.

(7) 010
Kamoda: Alright, come and get me!!

Rei: All right, let's start today's practice: tag! // The rules are easy! After we start, Takayama-kun counts to 100 before he starts too, if you're caught you're out.

Rei: Just in case, treat it like it's a contest. Get your name recorded in history! (Pretend we are a sports club!) // Do everything you can to escape so you won't rank lowest!! // Also, make sure no human sees you!

(8) 011
Eishi: That guy... doesn't he act more like a MC than a club president...?
Rei: And I would like to ask our Vice-president Karasuma-kun to keep the record.

Rei: Get ready...
Eishi: Hey, you!! // I knew I'd get the odd jobs!!

Rei: GO!!
Eishi: Listen to me!!!

(9) 012
Takayama: One...
Eishi: Yikes!!

Eishi: Damn it!!!

Tsubame: I'm pretty far from the Tower Mansion. // If I just stay close to the light, the shadows will be deeper and it should be hard to find me...

(10) 013
Tsubame: He he... // I'm really good at hide-and-seek.

Tsubame: Ah, // a message from Rei-kun.

Mail: FROM: Rei-kun // TO: Tsubame // TITLE: Birdmen capture information // Kamoda: 3 minutes / Sagisawa: 5 Minutes / We are caught... / We went back to the sky terrace.
Tsubame: So fast!!

Tsubame: Wow, Kamo-chan was the first to be caught!? // Ah, there's more...

Mail: Takayama is really fast, watch out.

(11) 014
Takayama: You can't hide from me.

Takayama: I can sense all of you.

(12) 015
Tsubame: Eek!

Takayama: Got ya.

Takayama: Just one more.

Tsubame: Ah... // Huh!?

(13) 016
Rei: Ah, Tsubame!
Tsubame: He got me...

Rei: Takayama-kun is really good, huh?
Tsubame: Eh.

Tsubame: Ye.. // yes.

Tsubame: Oh, // speaking of which, he didn't catch Karasuma yet?
Rei: He sent me a mail he plans to hold on for a full hour.
Tsubame: Wow, that's bold.

(14) 017
Eishi: I'm the only one left...?

Eishi: It seems he somehow knows our exact location, even from a long distance...

Eishi: For now I'll stand by in this cloud to preserve my energy... // Then, when he finds me, I'll fly about the clouds as fast as I can... It's not a bad plan I guess, but...

Eishi: No, if he is able to locate me, I should be able to locate him as well. // Then, I could counter him more aggressively...

Eishi: Actually, including all unclear memories, // I've been looking through his eyes many times.

Eishi: I see... I had this kind of feeling before, // but I wonder if it's possible for fellow birdmen to have a shared awareness...?

(15) 018

Eishi: Maybe it's telepathic...? // Like before, when he knew we were calling out from the top of the roof.

Eishi: ......shall I give it a try?
Takayama: My ears... If I increase their sensitivity...
Eishi: It's seems like this body allows me to intensify my senses, to mobilize my senses... // But the point is probably...

Eishi: these wings...!

Eishi: See if I can use my wings as an antenna... // and discover his location...!

(16) 019
Eishi: I don't quite get it... If this is anything like WiFi, I would be able to automatically connect to any known networks, but... // ......? // No... if you think about it, he probably has a stealth mode...?

Eishi: Then, // let's challenge him!

Eishi: Let's see what happens when I call out to him in my mind! // Hey, Takayama!!

Eishi: ......come on...... // If you don't answer, this will be very embarrassing... // Say something... Takayama... please...

(17) 020
Eishi: Hey Takayama, some time ago we called out to you from the Sky Terrace (was it?), // why didn't you come to us?

Takayama: Because it was you who told me to stay away, wasn't it?

Eishi: Wha...!?

Eishi: No, // that wasn't a normal voice!

(18) 021
Eishi: That's right, I heard his voice resonate in my head before...
Takayama: This is a scene of fire...
Eishi: Is that how it works...?

Eishi: So that means... // he's not far away...?

Eishi: Alright, // I got it!

(19) 022
Rei: They are still not back.

Rei: Looks like Karasuma-kun turned out to be the best at flying, huh?
Kamoda: Didn't I tell you, // he's really awesome!

Rei: Ah, by the way, Karasuma-kun told me. About your time in elementary school.
Kamoda: Hm?
Rei: How he locked up his bullies, of which you were one, on a construction site...

Tsubame: Eh, Kamo-chan, you used to bully Karasuma?
Rei: He never literally called it bullying. // (I think that's really like Karasuma-kun.)

Kamoda: Did he only talk about himself?
Rei: Eh?

(20) 023

Kamoda: Yeah, // after that... // When I became good friends with Ei-chan, they chose me as their target.

Kamoda: They ignored me when I talked to them // and they destroyed my notes, books and pencil case...

Eishi: Don't cry, idiot.

Kamoda: Why are you taking pictures!? (and this many!)

Eishi: From now on, tell me if they have bothered you. // And include date and time.

Eishi: Keeping a record can be very helpful. // It's not necessary to physically hurt these idiots. // Every time they try something, I obtain more information to corner them.

Rei: Wow, what kind of life had he been living up till then!?
Kamoda: I don't know, but I suppose he was acting from experience? // But since I had never met anyone like him before, // I thought he was really cool...

(21) 024
Eishi: Kamoda, // including everything they did to me,...

Eishi: I already got a lot on them. // So, how do you want to punish them?
Kamoda: .........

Kamoda: But, Ei-chan. // They are my friends...

Eishi: ......... // I... see...

Eishi: Well, // I also very much doubted the wisdom of making it public. // So, let's start cleaning up. // We can do this!

(22) 025
Kamoda: Then, when we had to move classes, we hid ourselves // and caught them as they were about to violate my desk, // but since they were with three, and I was pretty weak, they easily beat us up...

Kamoda: Ah, that's Ei-chan's!!

Eishi: Idiot.

Eishi: Destroying it won't help your case! // I've saved all data of your misdeeds on an external device.

Eishi: All is going according to plan. // At last you physically hurt us!

(23) 026
Eishi: You lose! 

Eishi: If this goes any further, adults will show up. // Even though this is a fight between kids, they will be the ones to judge. // At that, it will be adults who know nothing about us.

Eishi: These adults will never listen to what a child has to say. // But we will win, because I have a lot of undeniable proof.

Eishi: The damage to my Smartphone and these injuries will only confirm our tale. // All we need to do now is act like the victims.

Eishi: Hey, you! Boarder kid.

Eishi: All these small, neatly arranged injuries aren't the work of some violent fatty. // You are the one who suggested it.

(24) 027
Eishi: If you really intend to use your head, // you understand what I'm saying, right?

Eishi: It's boring to compete at such a low level. // Using all the proof I have, I could make up a believable story. // It would be easy to frame you. (You know that right?) // It'll be checkmate!

Eishi Oh, // seems I can still use my glasses.

Eishi: If you don't want that to happen, don't bother us ever again. // In that case, I'll forget about everything you did today.

(25) 028
Eishi: Honestly, I rather die than tell anyone you bullied us, // or ask some adults for help, but once I've made my decision, I'll carry it out. // This is your final chance.

Eishi: After all, Kamoda still considers you guys to be his friends. (How annoying.)

Kamoda: Ei-chan!!

Kamoda: Ei-chan!
Eishi: Idiot, don't follow.
Kamoda: Wait for me, Ei-chan!!
Eishi: Don't cry, idiot. // You aren't bleeding. //Shall we should skip our next class?

(26) 029
Kamoda: Ei-chan! Ei-chan!
Eishi: Kamoda, maybe you should take some classes at that karate dojo in front of the station. // You're quite athletic and being able to bluff is important. // It could help you avoid these kind of situations in the future.

Tsubame: I didn't expect that.
Rei: Well, it kind of suits him.
Kamoda: I actually got in more trouble as I got stronger. // But after that rumors went round that Ei-chan was a person not to be messed with, // and more and more people started shunning him.

Kamoda: After he said he wouldn't take any entrance exam, he became even gloomier... // In the past he was really cool, but now...

Rei: I see... // Karasuma-kun was you hero, huh?

Kamoda: Yes!

(27) 030
Kamoda: Ah, they're back!

Kamoda: What happened!?

Takayama: He didn't want to give up and kept flying about and then... (A single hit to the stomach...)

Kamoda: E... // Ei-chan!!

(28) 031
Eishi: Damn... // My stomach still hurt...
Box: creating the record

Eishi: But tonight I got a glimpse of our abilities as birdmen... // This should do as a record.

Eishi: The most important thing is // it appears to be possible for fellow Birdmen to communicate even a great distance.

Eishi: There's a limit to the distance, but in short... // once you can control this ability, you can "feel" where you fellow birdmen are.

screen: Birdman Information Compilation

(29) 032
Eishi: It appears that even outside Japan sightings of birdmen have occurred. // There's this photo taken in Alaska... // It's natural to assume there are more birdmen than the 5 of us.

Eishi: In that case, not only the woman who saved Takayama... // it's possible that we can contact any birdmen we want.

Eishi: Well, I don't think there are any other in Japan... or at least not in Tokyo... // However, we can't tell whether those others will be friends or foes. If this bizarre power falls into the wrong hands, there's no telling what will happen...

Takayama: After I changed you guys... I had this feeling that many things sped up...

Eishi: Sped up... The multiplier effect of a group...? // That's right, it like that time when holding hands worked as a shortcut to transform, we upgraded the network by connecting to it...

(30) 033
Eishi: A network...?

Eishi: No... No, no, no, hold on. That... If that's possible... // Our wings are more powerful than I expected...?

(31) 034

Eishi: When they are connected, a large number of normal PCs // can perform at the operational power of a Super PC.

Eishi: If you could do the same with humans... // If it's possible to form a huge network by connecting fellow humans...

(32) 035
Eishi: Birdmen would be incredible!

(33) 036
Eishi: ......if only. // Well, it's all hypothetical talk.

Eishi: You would need a decent number of people to begin with. // Right now there's not enough of us. Even if this power could change the world, our small number puts us at the disadvantage. // Oh, a new clip.

Eishi: Yeah, if only half of the Japanese population would be birdmen, all this secrecy...

Movie title: Birdman (two?) Fight

(34) 037
Eishi: This was back then, in the park... // the black out!?

Eishi: No, it's fine. It's taken from far away and in the dark, you hardly see anything... // It's not clear enough to identify us...

Eishi (film): .........move, Takayama......!!

Eishi: That, was clearly my voice, right?
box: To be continued in Issue 17

vert.text: With a name and a voice out in the open...!! Will their identity as "birdmen" be discovered...!?

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