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Translations: Gintama 691 by kewl0210 , One Piece 910 by cnet128

Birdmen 13

flight011 NEW GEAR

+ posted by Sohma Riku as translation on Feb 18, 2015 18:42 | Go to Birdmen

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1 (75)
Box: Bird Club Emergency Lecture & Meeting
Rei: All right, let's do that one more time! // One, two, three!

Title: flight011 NEW GEAR

2 (76)
title: flight011 NEW GEAR

3 (77)
Kamoda: These masks really max out our creepiness. // We look like some sort of gang.

Rei: I think that being able to grow black wings already maxed out our creepiness.

Rei: Anyway, to prevent anyone will discover our identity, // we should make it a rule to wear the basic mask when we're flying around...

Rei: Hiding our nose and mouth is the minimum. // The full face mask is too hot.
Eishi: You really hate to sweat, huh?

Eishi: So... // what about our names?

Kamoda: Names?
Eishi: I'm talking about codenames. // Remember... Takayama's name went viral after I yelled it in that vid.

4 (78)
Kamoda: Oh, I think that was a very lame way to out him! (Makes you look like an idiot...)
Eishi: Idi, // we're not talking about ways to out each other!!

Rei: So, we're looking for codenames to hide our real identity? // Since we're starting to look like some sort of squadron, can't we just go with color names?
Tsubame: squadron...

T/N: squadron a.k.a. power rangers!

Rei: Well, Takayama-kun is most definitely "Red".

Rei: The red ranger is like the leader, the heart of the team, right?
Tsubame: Yes, he's the coolest one!

Tsubame: Ah, I can be Blue! // I love the color blue! // Okay?
Rei: There have been blue female rangers. // It's fine with me.

5 (79)
Rei: Then, I'll be White. // Karasuma-kun, you could be Black.

Eishi: Black... // A saturation and brightness of 0... // Too dark...
Kamoda: Ah, // what about me?

Rei: Kamoda-kun... // I know, // you are Green?

Eishi: Yeah, leek green.
Kamoda: Leek?
Rei: No, because you have the kanji for tree in your name.

T/N: In Japan there's a saying that goes like: "Kamo ga negi wo shotte kuru", literally meaning: " A duck bringing along a leek (for the hot pot)". Not so literally it means: " Be in double luck".

Kamoda: Green, huh...
Eishi: It's just for convenience sake, the color doesn't really matter in the end.
Kamoda: Then, would you have a try at calling me that?

Eishi: What does it matter? // Tell me, // Gre, // Green?
Kamoda: Come on, don't be shy! // You are the one who proposed this!

6 (80)
Rei: Ah, // I forgot to ask. Takayama-kun, are you alright being Red?
Eishi: (I'll get used to it, I'll get used to it, I'll get used to it.)
Takayama: I don't care.

Rei: ...that's it! // Stick to the rules // Do as we just agreed on.

Eishi: I'm still not completely sure about this, but...
Box: White / (Sagisawa Rei) // Blue / (Umino Tsubame) // Red / (Takayama Sou) // Black (Karasuma Eishi) // Green / (Kamoda Mikisada)

Eishi: Project // Start!!

7 (81)
Woman: Ah, wait! Professor! // Too fast!
Tatsume: Go home.

Woman: Noo!!
Tatsume: Ugha!!

Woman: The last train left already. Come to my store.
Tatsume: ...... // Call a taxi.

8 (82)
Woman: Then, call a taxi for me. // And let's Go To Heaven together...
Tatsume: Let - Go - Of - Me...

Tatsume: Oh, // I'm sorry, your fake nail came off.
Woman: What, that can't be!

Woman: Geh!

Woman: Aah!!

Woman: You... // old bastard!!

Tatsume: Yipes!! // She took off her heels! // She's serious!!

9 (83)
Tatsume: No good! I shouldn't have neglected my health!! // I can barely breathe... // My heart!! Help me! Someone help me!! // At this rate, I'll Go To He.........

Tatsume: Hell?

10 (84)
Woman: Wai...

Woman: Oh? (Gone?)

Eishi: You really weren't kidding you'd find him if you got near? // You sure he isn't a Birdman?
Takayama: Tatsume-san is also a very "loud" person...
Tatsume: What!? // What's going on!?

11 (85)
Tatsume: Sou-kun!? // Is that you!?

Eishi: Could you shut him up already!?
Tatsume: Geh guguh...

12 (86)
Rei: Don't you think this a bit too much?
Eishi: I told you, people are more likely to show their true character in a tight situation.

13 (87)
Eishi: We can't trust anyone who can't handle stress or wants to take advantage of us. // We're going to find the truth now.

Tatsume: Err,... // Sou-kun. // Would you explain to me what's going on...?

Tatsume: Did I do anything to upset you...? // I always... meant to keep the promise...

Eishi: Promise...?
Tatsume: Ah! // I get it!! // Maybe, maybe...

14 (88)
Tatsume: Is it because I observed your school? // I just really wanted to see your normal self, even if it was only once...

Eishi: Hm...?
Tatsume: It was just one time! One time! // And from far away! // I thought of entering the school grounds, finding your classroom and searching your shoe cupboard, but I didn't do any of that!!

Tatsume: Believe me! I stopped calling and unexpectedly visit you at your home as I promised. // I should at least be allowed to watch your from far away, use the internet to do research on you and fantasized about you in my head!?

Tatsume: If I can't watch over your growth from close up, at least from far away... // I mean, I can't be helped, I'm worried about you!!! (You should consider my feeling too!!)

15 (89)
Eishi: Stalker...? // He's definitely a stalker...
Tatsume: You know, I really wanted to take pictures of you... // I really wanted to! // But I figured it would be really wrong, so I cried and suppressed the urge...

Tatsume: I'm sorry! I'm very sorry!! // I never meant to bother you!! // Forgive me!!
Takayama: Tatsume-san, I'm not here to talk about that.

Takayama: These guys here want to talk to you...

Eishi: No, wait. // You first. // I already thought it was strange he knew you name, but why does he also know you home address and phone number?
Takayama: Because we exchanged contact information.

16 (90)
Eishi: WHAT!? // Are you that close!? // Why didn't you say so!!

Takayama: We aren't close.
Eishi: Why did you give him your contact information!?

Takayama: He said he'd kill himself if I didn't tell him...

Tsubame: (That sounds serious.)
Kamoda: (Could be dangerous.)
Eishi: Just... // Just...
Rei: Err... I don't think he was serious about killing himself if...

Tatsume: No!! // I was serious!
Eishi: Shut up, you pervert!!!

17 (91)
Eishi: Stop joking around, Takayama!!! // What are you!? // You call that privacy management!? // Why did I even bother to apologize to you!?
Rei: Calm down! His name is "Red", Black!
Eishi: Shut up!!

Kamoda: Calm down, it was you who proposed we use codenames, Ei-chan.
Tsubame: Don't, Kamo-cha...

Kamoda: Oh!
Eishi: Are you all stupid!!?

Eishi: This is crazy! // If we can't withhold our personal information, we might as well kill ourselves. // Although it was an outrageous to think that everything would be fine if we just kidnapped an adult without disclosing our names,... // none of that mattered right from the start!!

18 (92)
Tatsume: Wait... // I can't see any of you...

Tatsume: Sou-kun, // you and your friends didn't bring me here, because you are angry and want to punish me? // Well, I didn't know you had any friends...

Tatsume: It's those four that need something from me? // You are strangers to me, but what did you want to talk about?

Eishi: .........whether or not we can get onto the main subject, //depends on what type of person you are. // If you do anything unnecessary, you will be punished.

Tatsume: In that case, could we change our location?

19 (93)
Tatsume: If you want to know more about me, let's find a place where we can talk. // This isn't fair.

Tatsume: Listen. // I never intended to tell anyone about Sou-kun.

Tatsume: Also, // I can tell you are probably still young and are finding yourselves in peculiar circumstances, but // hoping to find someone's true character, without showing yourself, only adds to your problems.

Tatsume: So for now...

Tatsume: would you please return my glasses.

20 (94)
Rei: How come we agreed to meet him for lunch?

Eishi: ...... // Because he isn't running away... // And I have a feeling he persuaded us when he said this wasn't fair.

Rei: I think we can trust him. // I hope he'll agree to be our professor.

Takayama: Tatsume-san stopped following me, after realizing I was a middle school student.

21 (95)
Takayama: "Your future is more important, than my research or curiosity". // That's what he said.

Sign: Touto University

22 (96)
Eishi: He tricked us.

Eishi: I really // want to go home.

23 (97)
Tatsume: I'm a true workaholic. Seeing my workplace will be your first step to learn more about me. // Please visit me at my research lab.
Eishi: Maybe it's just me, but I feel he just lured us into his territory...!

Eishi: Why is the guy next to me not just wearing his full uniform...? // Why is he wearing that strange wig and giving everyone a death glare...? // This is not the time for new students to enroll, we totally stand out in this crowd of merry university student...
Box: Kamoda

Eishi: Sagisawa suggested we'd all go together, but left school early without telling us...
Rei: (Let's meet at the school's central square.)

Eishi: Before we knew it we lost sight of Takayama, who was supposed to come with us...

Eishi: Umino will be late again... (I wonder if she's ever on time?)
Tsubame: (Oops! // I'm late again!)

24 (98)
Eishi: It's too much...
Kamoda: (Everyone's so flashy.)
Eishi: How did I end up entering enemy territory with this strange guy...?

Student: What are you two doing here? // A school trip? // You are so young! // Are you lost? // Shall I show you around?

Kamoda: What?
Eishi: (Stop it!) // We're fine! // Don't worry!!

Eishi: This isn't fair!! // University is scary!!!

Eishi: What is this place!?
Student: (Hey!) // (How's it going?) // (Yo!) // (Hahahaha) // (Yes.) // (Hey!) // (Haha) // (Hehehe)
Eishi: I don't think I'll ever fit in here!

25 (99)
Eishi: How can they do this... Is this supposed to be a happy co-ed campus life...? // Being the center of attention all the time will get you anywhere in life, go study!

Eishi: ......no good... even if I call them names, // my courage will still be as thin as the lead of a mechanical pencil...
Student: (Bye!)

Eishi: Oh god! One of those friendly-posing students is approaching us... // Go away... Compared to you were are just pebbles by the roadside!

Rei: Sorry to make you wait.
Eishi/Kamoda: Sagisawa!?

Eishi: You, // what were you doing!?
Rei: Infiltrating a university.

Rei: Nice wig! (This one is also just for show.)
Eishi: No, you were definitely flirting with those girls?

26 (100)
Rei: I was gathering information. // All the girls here are very nice.

Eishi: That's only because it's you! (Die!)
Rei: I wanted ask them about Tatsume-san's lectures... // We're just in time, he's giving one now.

Rei: He's a liberal arts kind of guy giving lectures in a big hall, so it's easy to sneak in. (Let's go!)
Kamoda: Do we have to?

Eishi: Wait, have you seen Takayama...?
Rei: Aah... // have you tried to call him?

Kamoda: That's right, use your telepathic skills! (It's awesome!)
Eishi: Don't call it telepathy!!
Rei: You're yelling.

Kamoda: Come on, give it a try.
Eishi: No, I'm not good enough... I have to transform to...
Rei: If you don't hurry, his lecture will be over.

27 (101)
Eishi: ......

Eishi: Hey, Taka...

Kamoda Amazing!
Eishi: Yipes!!!

Eishi: Wha, // what were you doing!?

28 (102)
Takayama: ...... // Aah...

Takayama: A chick fell from the nest... // up in the tree there...

Takayama: They really have some nice trees here? (Easy to climb)
Eishi: You take it too easy!

Eishi: Anyway,

Eishi: now that we're with more, // why does it make me feel so much better...!
Rei: (We can use the backdoor to enter.)

29 (103)
Eishi: This... This is what having friends is like...? // Having friends is so nice...

Tatsume: Eh, for example, recently...

Tatsume: Even in Japan, biodiversity has become a matter of concern... // Well, as the characters suggest, we're talking about the diversity of life...

Blackboard: Survival Strategies of the Future / Biodiversity
Tatsume: It's a very effective survival strategy for organisms // all over the world.

30 (104)
Tatsume: Simply put, when many difference species exist, // it's very likely that a certain species will survive // any environmental change, because it's already adapted.

Tatsume: This also applies on a smaller scale, for a single species. // A genetically diverse species is much more likely to survive an environmental change.

Tatsume: Sometimes however, as a result of evolution, the genetic differences between members of the same species become too big // and they can't breed anymore.

Tatsume: But unless they evolve, they can't adapt to their environment. And an organism can only survive if it constantly adapts itself. // In short, evolution itself // is fundamentally a survival strategy.

Tatsume: Actually, there are several cases about species that went extinct, because they had lived in a stable environment for too long // and their evolution reached a standstill, leaving them unable to adapt to the slightest of environmental changes.

31 (105)
Tatsume: Well then,...

Tatsume: let's move on to your favorite fictional exercise. // Time to let our fantasy loose.

Tatsume: Today's subject, the human race. // Since we discuss this from a human point of view, it's alright to discard all morals.
Student: Finally! // I've been waiting!

Tatsume: Why do you think we started to preach different values in different places? // Was it the rise in our awareness and science literacy? // Because it was alright to think different, that could be true, but...

Tatsume: But what if it is the result of a sense of danger that we humans have reached an evolutionary standstill?

32 (106)
Tatsume: In a harsh environment evolution accelerates. Yet humans passed their time living contently in a comfortable environment. // Now human evolution has reached a standstill, and some studies say we will still be the same, even after a 1.000.000 years pass.

Tatsume: If we don't evolve // we are a failure as an organism.

Tatsume: All right, you there!
Student: Me!?
Tatsume: What do you think the next survival strategy is for the human race!?

Student: We have a lot of children?
Tatsume: Nice! As you'd expect from a male's mind! // It's definitely a problem we could solve with numbers!

33 (107)
Tatsume: But if we overpopulate, there won't be enough food for everyone, right?
Student: Err, then we'll fight over it, // a harsh environment will present itself, forcing human evolution to accelerate...

Tatsume: You hope that an age of civil food wars will cause evolution?
Student: Professor! // It's possible a species of humans will appear, who can survive with eating less!

Tatsume: A human race with a more efficient energy intake... // That would be a great adaption! // It's too bad we'll lose all pleasure in eating, though...

Student: Professor! I think it would be great if a human race would exist that could get all the nutrition they need from anything they eat!
Tatsume: I see! // That would be the humans race of dreams! // The business for cooks would thrive!

Tatsume: If we could eat anything we want, in the worst case we could even survive without putting forth any effort. // That's environmental adaptability. // A dreadful evolution...

Tatsume: Err...

34 (108)
Tatsume: It's interesting how our conversation about survival strategies... ended being a conversation about interesting human races, but... // The fact there is room for such fantasies in biology makes it so fascinating.

Tatsume: Whereas chemistry and physics are specialties that pursue our unchanging psychology, //the concept of evolution, will always keep something that's "unknown" in biology. // Although we will never be able to grasp everything, biology provides us with inexhaustible intellectual excitement.

Tatsume: But you need skills to fully enjoy this intellectual excitement. // But once you've acquired those skills, they'll last a lifetime. You can use them in any field.

Tatsume: I'm dedicated to continue these lectures that hopefully help you to polish your skills. // So if it has spiked your interest, don't be shy and join me again in the next session.

35 (109)
Rei: Come on, Karasuma-kun! You are faltering again!?

Rei: Hurry up, we have to get to the lab.
Kamoda: Are you a baby!?
Eishi: That's not it, we on enemy territory! I'm simulating possible attack patterns in my head...
Kamoda: He isn't our enemy.

36 (110)
Rei: Oh, Tsubame.
Tatsume: Wow, you are all younger than I expected!
Eishi: Well, excuse us!!

Tatsume: No... // I think this is a serious matter. // It always exciting to deal with the future of young people.

Tatsume: Aah, Sou-kun told me. // You are the one who is most eager to learn the truth about these wings, right?

37 (111)
Tatsume: Thanks to all of you, Sou-kun gave me permission. // I want to uncover the secret your wings too.. // Let's get along.

Eishi: Let... // Let's get along...

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Posted on Mar 2, 2015
more more!! :3 amazing work man ;)

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