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Translations: Gintama 694 by kewl0210 , One Piece 913 by cnet128

Birdmen 14

flight012 CLOUDY SKY

+ posted by Sohma Riku as translation on Mar 17, 2015 19:51 | Go to Birdmen

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1 (113)
Title: flight012 CLOUDY SKY

2 (114)
Tatsume: If someone sees this, I will definitely lose my job... // Warn me if someone approaches.

Eishi: I'm going to record everything you do. (If you try anything funny, I'll report you for sexual harassment.)
Tatsume: ...you're the distrustful type, huh?

Eishi: DNA is the greatest form of private information, right? // And we are giving it to a pro. // We're definitely at the disadvantage.

Tatsume: Unfortunately, I'm not a genetic expert.

3 (115)
Eishi: You're not!?
Tatsume: It isn't part of my specialty. // Don't expect too much.

Eishi: Then why would I give you my DNA!?
Tatsume: I know more than you. // Generally, using all materials on hand proves to be very effective. // The more samples the better.

Tatsume: I also need an sample of your wings and of your blood after transformation, but we can do that another time. // To be sure, I also want a hair sample.

Tatsume: Well then, // it's a bit early, but why don't we have dinner together to strengthen our friendship?

Kamkoda: Count me in! I'm starving!
Rei: (Sounds good!)
Tatsume: Make sure you call your parents.

4 (116)
Tatsume: Aah... // Sou-kun, I'll give your grandfather a call. (You don't have a cell phone, right?)

Tsubame: Err, my little brother is waiting at home, I really have to go...
Tatsume: There's still something I would like to ask... can't you stay a little longer?

Tsubame: Well... // Maybe a cup of tea...

Eishi: Oh? What about your hair sample?
Kamoda: That's a secret.

Eishi: A family restaurant...?
Tatsume: Perfect for a middle-school student. // (I'm treating you, don't complain.)

5 (117)
Rei: I really love family restaurants.
Eishi: Anyone else hear the irony in that statement!?

Tsubame: Err... // Can I also order some pancakes...?
Tatsume: Of course.

Kamoda: Can I order everything I like!? // Can I order everything I like!?
Tatsume: Yeah... // Why did he repeat himself...?

Eishi: What shall I have... // Come to think of it, I never had an adult buy me dinner... Actually, I don't even have much memories of eating with my whole family together...

6 (118)
Eishi: You ordered too much... (They had to bring an extra table?)
Kamoda: I'm fine, I'm fine! I'll eat it all!!

Kamoda: Plus, I'll eat even more when I get home...... // Why, you ask? Because the curry that I made yesterday is perfect today!
Eishi: I see...

Kamoda: Alright, // let's say grace...

7 (119)
Kamoda: Enjoy your meal!!!
Eishi: There he goes! // (Use your knife!) // Eating like a bandit!!

Eishi: ...... // Kamoda is a nice guy, but it's very embarrassing to eat with him in public...
Box: Carefully watching to avoid flying food.

Eishi: Take a look at Sagisawa's elegance... Is that the difference in their upbringing...? // By the way, what middle school student would order a light menu like pasta with spring vegetables!? I don't understand...

Eishi: And the old man... Oh? He makes it feel like we're in a stand-up noodle shop... // His choice to order Inaniwa noodles covered in a thick starchy sauce only confirms his age...

T/N: Inaniwa noodles is a thin type of noodles from the Akita prefecture

Eishi: And Umino...

8 (120)
Eishi: You're using way too much!! (Syrup!)
Tsubame: Eh?

Tsubame: I have a very sweet tooth! // I rather die than cut down the sugar!!!
Eishi: That's pose is too old!!

Eishi: Really... Maybe I'm more honest.... //than I ever thought I was...
Box: Japanese style hamburger set

Eishi: Oh... // Takayama is eating pretty quietly...

Eishi: !!

9 (121)
Eishi: You... // are done already!!?

Kamoda: Ei-chan, you're just slow.
Eishi: I am slow!? (I didn't even hear him eat!?)

Eishi: I don't get it... I don't get the standard of this group...!! // Why do I feel so self-conscious right now!?

Kamoda: Ei-chan, you're making quite a triangular motion as you eat.
Eishi: I know I am a boring person!!

Tatsume: So, as I said in the lab...
Txt: Using a toothpick
Eishi: Don't start a conversation looking gross like that!!

10 (122)
Tatsume: If I do all the research in secret, the result will be limited. // So I need one of you to "supervise".
Eishi: Supervise?

Tatsume: I would like you to create a record of your transformation progress and other happenings. // I want to get a better grasp of the current situation, so it should include everything until now.

Tatsume: There are two points to keep in mind. // Always include who did what, where and when, and what was the result. // And, preserve the distinction between fact and hypothesis.

Tatsume: Stick to the facts for the who, what, where and when. Always mention it when you're not absolutely sure about something. // In case of rumors, state the source material. // Aside from that you are free to make up hypothesis.

Tatsume: At this stage more information would be really welcome. // I don't care about subjectivity, so please include your thoughts and feeling about everything as well.

11 (123)
Rei: That's great, Karasuma-kun! // The record you kept for the Bird Club will come in hand!
Eishi: Wait, are you saying I should do it!?

Tatsume: Who else would do it?
Eishi: Who are you to decide that!
Tatsume: Well, look around at the others.

Tsubame: Still look at the last bite

Kamoda: Clearly lost interest

Takayama: Half-open eyes

Tatsume: Do you think we can entrust this to anyone else?

Rei: Ah, // I'm not that interested either.
Eishi: Really!?

12 (124)

Rei: Well... In my case, it's... // I'm just really happy to spend time with everyone...

Rei: I feels like I found myself new siblings.

Tatsume: Hmm...

Rei: Well, I help you out.
Eishi: I get it...

Eishi: Then, should I send it to you by email?
Tatsume: No, // please write it down in a notebook.

13 (125)
Eishi: Eh?
Tatsume: Keeping everything analogue is the most effective way to avoid information leaks.

Tatsume: The current capacity and computing power of our electronics // basically allow us to access anything that goes on the air. // This is the age of electronics and communication after all. // In theory it's possible to hack any device that's connected.

Eishi: Hold on, // are you saying it's more likely this information will leak, // because you expect someone will actively seek to get his hands on it, rather than our own screw-up? // Why do you think that will happen?

Eishi: Do you... know anything about the origin of our wings?

tatsume: That's a good question. // I understand what you think.

14 (126)
Tatsume: But at this moment I can't say anything for sure. // Right now I'm just suggesting we need to be careful.

Eishi: Because... // our enemy is to be taken serious?

Tatsume: I don't know even know if they are our enemy... // To be honest, I didn't expect you wouldn't know anything at all... // So, instead of just studying your case... I've started to think I should make it my priority to protect your existence.

Tatsume: Looking at you right now... // that's feeling is even stronger...

15 (127)
XXX: Well, thank for the meal, professor Tatsume.

Tatsume: (I just spend 20.000 yen at a family restaurant...!?) // Take care.
Tsubame: Yes!

T/N: 20.000 yen = $170. The average meal in a Japanese family restaurant will be around 1000 yen and you can get unlimited drinks for about 300-400 yen.

Tsubame: I have to hurry, so I'm going to run to the station! (See ya.)

Rei: Ah, wait! I'm coming too...

Eishi: Eh, what!?

16 (128)
Eishi: Eh!? // Wait! // What!? // Why are we running!?

Eishi: Hey!
Kamoda: Wouldn't it // be faster to fly?
Rei: Well, the sun is still up... // Didn't we just discuss how dangerous it could be to be discovered.

Kamoda: Ah!

Kamoda: That bastard!
Rei: Alright!

Eishi: Wait...!

17 (129)
Eishi: We look... // like idiots running like this...

18 (130)
Rei: Uh...
Kamoda: Ouch, I tripped...
Eishi: Hey, that feeling...

Takayama: It's a Black Out!

Eishi: Guh, why now...? // Takayama!!

Eishi: Wh, what now? We're in the middle of the city...

19 (131)
Eishi: I see, a construction site... // Wow, you're quick!!

Tsubame: Hey! // Wait for me!!

Tsubame: EEK!!

Rei: Tsubame, you can change after us. (Just watch the entrance for now.)
Tsubame: Yes...

20 (132)
Eishi: You know where the Black Out is going to appear!?
Takayama: It'll go where we are.

Rei: Guys! // There! // Look!

21 (133)
Eishi: Eh... // Somehow... it looks bigger than last time...

Tsubame: Great, I caught up with you.

22 (134)
Tsubame: Eh...

Tsubame: Eh!? // What!? // What's that!? // It's huge!?
Eishi: That's a pretty bad place, huh? (Right above a building)
Takayama: Let's pull it out...?

23 (135)
Eishi: Yipes! // It's slippery, I can't get a good hold on it!

Kamoda: Ei-chan!
Eishi: Don't use my real name when we're are transformed, idiot!!

Kamoda: Got it! // I'll give you a hand, Black!

Eishi: Damn, I grow weak when you call me that...
Kamoda: Alright!

Eishi: So long!

24 (136)
Tsubame: Eww, that's just gross...

Rei: But we have to do something... // Let's give them a hand.

25 (137)
Rei: Aaargh! (This feels disgusting!)
Tsubame: It's slimy!!

Eishi: Anyway, let's pull it further up in the sky.

26 (138)
Rei: It's looking at us!!
Tsubame: Eh!?

Rei: Wa...
Tsubame: Something's happening!

27 (139)
Tsubame: WAAA!

28 (140)

Rei: Uh......
Tsubame: Rei-kun... // I mean, White! Are you alright!?

Takayama: Let's kill it before it's finished!
Kamoda: Alright!

Eishi: Guh... // Nuh...

Eishi: Oh... // How are we going to do that...?

Kamoda: Take... // THIS!!

29 (141)
Eishi: He's really amazing...

Eishi: Just one arm left... // Eh, but when I falls down...

30 (141)
Eishi: !?

31 (142)
Rei: Guh...

Eishi: Oh, it's started to move.

Kamoda: Yipes!
Eishi: Geh, // how did he get himself caught in the wires!?

Kamoda: Thank you, Red!

32 (143)
Eishi: Aah, I see. // We can seal its movements by trying it up... // Even I can do that!

Rei: We have to help them...
Tsubame: Yes... // But are you alright?

Eishi:Take this
Kamoda: How is that going to help, Black!?
Eishi: Shut up!! You just keep hitting it!

Eishi: Good... // It's big, but slow. It doesn't seem to have many battle abilities...

33 (144)

Eishi: It's talking...? // Gross!

Kamoda: T // A // KE // T // H // I // S //......

Kamoda: HAA!!!

Rei: Eh?

34 (145)
Eishi: Sagisawa...!

Rei: Wha...

35 (146)
Black Out: Truth is, I never loved you.

Rei: Ah...

36 (147)
Rei: ......
Eishi: Hey, are you alright!? // Sagi...

Eishi: Eh?

Eishi: !? // Hey!!

Eishi: !!

37 (148)
Eishi: Hey, what's up!? // What happened to your transformation!?

Eishi: AAH... // AAAAAH!!
Rei: Wha! // Don't struggle!

Eishi: Right, my wings...!

Eishi: Alright, this should keep him still... // Oh!

Eishi: Damn, I can't fly like this!!

38 (149)

Tsubame: Hng!

Eishi: Sorry... // Of all places, couldn't she have caught me somewhere else... (This pose is so lame...)

Takayama: Leave the rest to me... You get away from here...

39 (150)
Eishi: Damn... // We'll have to depend on Takayama once again...

Kamoda: What happened, Black! // Why are you in that pose!?
Eishi: SHut up! Go and help him!!

Eishi: You're safe now, Sagi... White. // What the hell...

40 (151)
Rei: That was the voice... // of my dead brother.

41 (152)
XXX: Eva.

XXX: I came to Japan.
Eva: Really...

42 (153)
Eva: And?

XXX: I want to // give you a name.

XXX: Your codename for our next project. // I'm counting on you, "Night Bird".

Eva: Aah...

Eva: I see, // then, // you'll be "Fox".

43 (154)
XXX: That, // because of my looks?

Eva: Your inside.

XXX: I see.
Box: Red Eye Institute of Life Sciences / ----- "FOX" (22)

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