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When a magician's pupil smiles 2

[Moriya Ritsu 1]

+ posted by Sohma Riku as translation on Mar 19, 2015 13:34 | Go to When a magician's pupil smiles

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1 (32) [061]
XXX: Haa // Haa // Ah!

2-3 (33) [062-063]
XXX: ......!


XXX: ...I quit

XXX: being a magician...!

Title: Chapter 2 [Moriya Ritsu 1]

4-5 (34) [064-065]
Ritsu: Until yesterday I was a "Magician".

Box: 6 years ago // Japan / Moriya House - Training Grounds

Teacher: Training will begin now.


Teacher: Start!

Man: A monster!!

Man: Stay away from me! NOOOO!
Kid: Alright!

Teacher: Well done, Edu!
Ritsu: Uh...
XXX: Go, go!

Risu: WA!

6-7 (35) [066-067]
Woman: Please...

Woman: Don't kill me...

Teacher: One minute left! // Your task is to kill at least two!

Woman: Don't kill me...

Woman: I don't want to die.

XXX: Ritsu, what are you doing?


Ritsu: Father...!
Father: This house doesn't the time nor money to invest in faulty products.

Father: Kill those who are useless.

Ritsu: Wha... // Ah!

Woman: Stop it! // Stop it! // Help MEEEEEE!
Ritsu: Allyn!

8-9 (36) [068-069]
Text: From time immemorial, behind the scenes of history magicians made a living as assassins.

Box: Magicians are scattered all over the world // and operate under the guidance of a land or army.

Box: This is the "Moriya House". // They specialize in massacres.
Kid: (You did well!)

Teacher: You fulfilled your quota in the last minute.


Teacher: That's amazing, Ritsu-san!
Box: I am a magician who was born into the Moriya house. // Moriya Ritsu / 10 years old
Ritsu: (Haa // Haa)

Kid: I'm so tired! // I'm glad training is over!

Kid1: How did you feel killing those humans?
Kid2: Eh? Nothing special... // It felt no different than killing cows or pigs.

Kid3: No! It is different!
Ritsu: !

10-11 (37) [070-071]
Kid3: We are finally of use to our House! // I feel very proud of myself!

Ritsu: I wonder... how did I feel about it?

Ritsu: Everyone seems to... // enjoy killing humans...

Ritsu: !

Ritsu: Uh...


Ritsu: What should I do...? // What...!

Father: Kill those who are useless.

Ritsu: I don't want to! // Uh...

Ritsu: I'm...sorry... // I'm sorry. // I'm sorry...

12-13 (38) [072-073]
Ritsu: There is only one way for me to survive.
Teacher: Today is your first battle! Go wild!

Ritsu: As a magician of the Moriya House // I will have no choice but to keep killing.

Ritsu: If I'm useless, they will kill me.

Ritsu: If I run away, I'll be labeled a traitor and every magician in this world will be looking for me.

Ritsu: They'll execute me.

Ritsu: GYAAAAA!!


Ritsu: Hey, Allyn...

Ritsu: ......

Ritsu: ... // ...it would be nice if I could live my life without killing anyone else...

Teacher: Hey! Time to get the next one!!
Ritsu: Ye- yes...!

14-15 (39) [074-075]
Ritsu: Everyday, everyday... I kept killing humans. // I killed // and killed...

Ritsu: I have // reached my limit...

Ritsu: We finally got... today's job done.

Ritsu: I can... go home...


Ritsu: I want to take a bath...

Ritsu: I want to take off these clothes...

Ritsu: And then...

Ritsu: And then...?

Ritsu: ... // ...Allyn.

16 -17 (40) [076-077]
Ritsu: When... // was the last time I had an honest conversation // with anyone?

Ritsu: "I don't want to kill humans." // ''It makes me feel sick." // "It's cruel."

Ritsu: Since I couldn't tell it to anyone, // I never felt like talking to anyone.


Ritsu: Is there any purpose // to this life?

Ritsu: !?

18-19 (41) [078-079]
Woman: Aaaaah!


Ritsu: Allyn! // Why!?

Ritsu: Don't judge me! It's our job to kill the people of this village...
Woman: (Gyaaaaaa!!)

Woman: Ju // my... // child.. just my...
Ritsu: ! // Why are you looking at me...!?

20-21 (42) [080-081]
Woman: My... child... please spare my child...!

Woman: Please... I beg you...

Woman: Please don't kill... my child...!

Ritsu: Uh!


Ritsu: (Haa // Haa)

Ritsu: If I don't kill you all, // I will be...!!

Kid: Stop it! // Stop it!

Ritsu: (Haa // Haa)

Woman: Help me!
Ritsu: Allyn!

22-23 (43) [082-083]
Ritsu: Let her go...

Kid: Mom!

Kid: Are you alright!? // Can you stand!?


Ritsu: Killing humans...

Ritsu: What is my life worth // if I survive by killing people...?

Box: That's right...

Ritsu: Let's go, Allyin! // I will...!

24-25 (44) [084-085]
Ritsu: !!

Kid: Eh!


Ritsu: I don't want to life for this cause.

26-27 (45) [086-087]
Ritsu: Even if I survive

XXX: Faster!! // Don't let him get away!!
Ritsu: If I keep killing, // being alive

Ritsu: is the same as being dead!

Ritsu: I don't care if they kill me...

Ritsu: So, at the very end...!

Ritsu: ...it would be nice if I could live my life without killing anyone else...


Ritsu: I want to die as Moriya Ritsu...

Ritsu: Where... // am I...?

Ritsu: I only left the house for assignments...


28-29 (46) [088-089]
Girl: Stop!! // STOP!!
Ritsu: !

Ritsu: Uh?


Ritsu: ......

Girl: NOOOO!


Girl: My brakes don't!!

Girl: AAAAH!!

Girl: Someone // Someone! // Help me!!

30-31 (47) [90-91]
Girl: !!

Ritsu: ......


Ritsu: Uh...
Girl: WA!

Girl: Hey, are you alright!?

Ritsu: ...... // ......I'm fine.

Girl: But you're covered in wounds! // And you're bleeding...!
Ritsu: (Haa // Haa) I'm already dying anyway... // Don't worry, I'm fine...

32-33 (48) [92-93]
Girl: You aren't fine!
Ritsu: Uh...!

Girl: Why are you pretending to be strong!!? // When you feel crap just say so!

Ritsu: Uh......

Girl: I'm sorry! // You just saved me and I...

Girl: ...but
Ritsu: uh...


Girl: If you try to hold on to too much, // ...you'll collapse.

Girl: It's... not good to hold back your feelings all the time... // Eh...!
Ritsu: .........

34-35 (49) [94-95]
Girl: ...so?

Girl: You say

Girl: You are a magician, and you betrayed your kind?
Ritsu: Yeah...

Ritsu: ...I guess it's hard to believe...

Ritsu: ......

Ritsu: I'll have to erase her memories...
Girl: I don't really get it, but... (Yes)

Girl: In short, magicians are like the "evil organization" of a tokusatsu, right!?
Ritsu: Toku...?

T/N: "tokusatsu" = a TV show or movie with a lot of special effects, like the Power Rangers or Godzilla.

Girl: You don't know?
Ritsu: !
Girl: Evil organizations love to see people suffer!

Ritsu: ...well, in that case I suppose // WE are an Evil organization.

Girl: Eh!
Ritsu: ?
Girl: You just said you were a traitor, right!?
Ritsu: Eh, yes.

Girl: And you also saved me! // So

36-37 (50) [96-97]
Girl: You are the "Hero"!

Ritsu: ...Hero?

Girl: You don't know what a Hero is!? (Have you never watched TV?)
Ritsu: ......

Girl: Heroes are the amazingly cool people // who protect the peace and save people in trouble!


Girl: No matter what happens, they don't give up and keep fighting! // Children love them!

Ritsu: I see... // Such people exist in your world...?
Girl: (Hmhmm.) // Yes, they do.

Ritsu: ...

Ritsu: But I'm not a "Hero".
Girl: Eh?

Ritsu: Until yesterday I was one of the bad guys. // So, it's different, right?

38-39 (51) [98-99]
Ritsu: I did... // many bad things.

Girl: ......
Ritsu: But, thank you.
Girl: !

Ritsu: I'm glad you think I'm a hero. // I should be leaving now. // "Moriya Ritsu"...

Ritsu: should die as a "Bad guy"...
Girl: ...can I // as you something?


Girl: Why did you save me?

Ritsu: ...... // I didn't want... to watch anyone else die...

Girl: How important // was that to you?

40-41 (52) [100-101]
Girl: I mean, if you use your magical beast // your "pursuers" may find you, right?

Ritsu: ! // That...!

Ritsu: I don't... // care anymore...!!

Girl: !

Ritsu: Uh...

42-43 (53) [102-103]

Girl: Don't you think it's enough?
Ritsu: !

Girl: If that's how you feel, I'm sure

Girl: you can still be a hero!


Ritsu: ......
Girl: Your past doesn't matter. // It's admirable when a bad guy decides to take the path of justice!

Girl: It is! // Please keep saving people forever.

Girl: Then you'll be a true hero!

Ritsu: ...such kind words...

44-45 (54) [104-105]
Ritsu: I don't want to...

Ritsu: ...I // want to become a hero... // struggle until the very end...!


Girl: Are you alright now? // Tell me if anything else is bothering you!
Ritsu: No,

Ritsu: I'm fine now.

Girl: See you later, "Mr Hero"!
Ritsu: ...Allyn,

Ritsu: will you stay with me...?

45-47 (55) [106-107]
Ritsu: ...thank you.

Ritsu: Come to think of it, she doesn't know, // but I told her quite a lot about magicians, so...

Ritsu: unfortunately // I'll really have to // erase her memories of me.

Ritsu: ...Allyn, can you trace her scent?
Allyn: Gokun!
Ritsu: Good... // then we can erase her memory tomorrow.

Girl: You can be a "hero"!
Ritsu: I would like to meet her again.


Ritsu: Waa!

Ritsu: Ah, I'm sorry...! // Err...

Ritsu: ...can you stand?

XXX: ...yes,

48 (56) [108]
Namae: Thank you.

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#1. by Rosava ()
Posted on Mar 26, 2015
Thanks for translating the second chapter!

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