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Translations: Gintama 698 (2) , One Piece 916 by cnet128

Kurokuroku 8

Report 8 Joint-training in Tama - 2nd period

+ posted by Sohma Riku as translation on Jan 14, 2016 18:14 | Go to Kurokuroku

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Report 8 Joint-training in Tama - 2nd period 7
Report9 Making curry in Tama ① 27
Report 10 Making curry in Tama② 47
Report 11 Making curry in Tama③ 67
Report12 Not just in Tama① 87
One-shot Kurokuroku 107
One-shot Daida Nakajima 155

1 (7)
Phone: (secret) city hall news // (yokohama) // Takashi // Rookie training has started!! Ridiculous stuff happened right away!! (Sapporo) // Teck // Details!! (Sendai) // AVY // Some human threw a drink over Itsui!! A guy of the Metropolitan office! (Nagoya) // It was a female high school student [That's what she looked like ;) ] (Fukuoka) // Take // Female High school student [what are you looking at, pervert! ] (Hiroshima) // 34chii // Juza // Seriously!!!? Amazing! www (Kobe) // Itsui-sama ww (Meguro-ku)

Both: Everyone // knows!

2 (8)
Title: Report 8 Joint-training in Tama - 2nd period

Txt: Sayo // Bard // Itsui

Kuroku: I know I'm famous for some reason, but for the whole country to know you... // It sure looks like Tama is full of talent!
Chiaki: Don't you mean the opposite!!

Kuroku: Look at his, it's the list of "highly anticipated Rookies".
Phone: (secret) City hall news!! // Highly Anticipated Rookies // Yuki Chiaki // Please do more!! // A Human? // Good luck!! // She's... cute
Kuroku: Your in 9th place!
Chiaki: A National Ranking!!!?

3 (9)
Kuroku: Well, anyway. // Just calm down! // (Hey!)
Chiaki: (No, no, no, no, why did that happen!?)

Kuroku: The first lecture will start in 10 minutes. // And their impression of Tama already wasn't that great.

Chiaki: Wa... was it that bad...?
Kuroku: That's what the teacher told me.
Chiaki: But we still have a chance, right!!?

Kuroku: Good, forget about what happened so far! // Let's do what we can // and change their minds about us!!

Chiaki: .........! // Ye... // YES...!!!

4 (10)
Teacher: So that means, in accordance with the legal reform of last year, // starting April this year, only residents of 260 years and older are eligible to receive the National pension.
Screen: 2013 Legal reform of the National Pension // previous retirement age 250 years // this year // new retirement age 260 years

Box: In the first lecture we went straight to the practical content. // Due to that, I felt more nervous than I usually am for a class.
Chiaki: (You had to be alive in the Edo period to be that old!)

Box: Well, there was another reason...

Box: why I was filled with nerves // and felt sick within 10 minutes after the lecture started. increase

Box: But Kuroku-san made desperate efforts to behave. // So I... had to do my best too...!!
Kuroku: Don't start a fight, don't start a fight.

5 (11)
Chiaki: ...... // ?

Box: ......... // Ah, oh!?

Box: It wasn't just Kuroku-san!? // Other representatives were sleeping like a log within 10 minutes after the start of the lecture.

Box: It started to look like a game to see who had the most creative sleep position...! // Were they trying to disrupt the class!?

Box: What on earth...

6 (12)
Chiaki: ...wha!

Kuroku: ...thanks, // now I have a reason to stay awake.

Chiaki: Ku...kuroku-san, wha... what was that!?
Kuroku: Even with my eyes half open, I could see that teacher was acting strange.

Kuroku: That bastard, // in between sentences he swiftly throws pieces of chalk at the students.

Kuroku: He is using a monitor, not a chalkboard, so why...!?
Chiaki: That's not the problem!!

Chiaki: Di... did this kind of thing happen last year too...!?
Kuroku: No, // I've never seen this happen before.

7 (13)

Kuroku: Those who can't dodge them will drop out.
Yokai: WHA!
Kuroku: Granted that you can even see them coming,

Kuroku: Every hit increases the damage
Yokai: Uu...
Kuroku: making it impossible to focus during the next lecture...!!
Chiaki: How on earth could a piece of chalk do that much damage!!!

Teacher: Hey, hey, don't fall asleep. // You won't be able to take the next course.

Kuroku: ...somehow, this year's joint-training // is completely different from anything I've seen before...!!

Teacher: Well then, over there...
Yokai: !!'

Teacher: To pay the municipal taxes, in addition to our special coin, // some species may use their self-produced goods as...

Teacher: an alternative payment for their taxes? // Name five or more!!!

8 (14)
Yokai: Goh!!

Sayo: The Azukiarai.
Bard: Species registration no. 72: Azukihakari, no. 116: Keukegen, no.122 Kejoro, and no.142: Tofu-kozo
Itsui: ...who cares? // We only accept coins.

T/N: Azukihakari = yokai with no form, makes the noise of azuki beans. Keukegen = small dog covered in long hair, a disease spirit that lives in damp, dark places and causes people in the house to get sick. Kejoro = yokai looking like a woman with long unkempt hair dressed as a prostitute, said to appear in red-light districts. Tofu-kozo: yokai looking like a small child with a tray with tofu.

9 (15)
Sayo: Wow! That's creepy, Bard. He didn't ask you for their name and number.
Bard: That reminds me, Sayo. You can't even remember you own species registration number is 7, right?
Sayo: ...one more word and I'll kill you.

Itsui: You never change, do you Sayo? // Do you really hate your species that much?

Sayo: ...as much as I hate the two pests next to me. // ...by the way, you seem more chipper than usual, Itsui? // Are you all right? Shall I buy you some Nue Breast juice? (Hehehe)

Chiaki: Wait, don't do that!!

Itsui: ...oh, // ... but have you ever seen one, Sayo? A Nue's breast? // I once heard that a Nue must at least be a cup M, or else the perfect mix of 4 flavors won't come out.

Itsui: Even if it's on you, you're still a kid without chest or butt, // I would hate not being able to think of anything but that seedy tasting Nue milk.

10 (16)
Sayo: ......Bard,
Bard: What?

Sayo: Let me kill that idiot!
Bard: ...it's not wise to make such statements in front of the person in question. // If you really want to lay him to rest, use a surprise attack or kill him with poison.

Bard: Besides, we're in the middle of a lecture. // If you want to fight, take it outside the lecture hall.

Itsui: ...that's like you, Bard. // Straight to the point.

Teacher: Hey, you two! What are you...
Bard: Sir,

Bard: ...at the Metropolitan office, we approve of fights between staff members to settle mutual grudges. // Anytime, // anyplace.

11 (17)
Bard: The goal of the Metropolitan office is to create the perfect competitive work environment. // Consequently, we can weed out the weaklings // and establish command and order in its most efficient way.

Itsui: ...well, I don't bother with those ideals. // Point is // you can't stop me.

Sayo: Yes, after all in this training // the guy who can neatly line up those pieces of chalk will get a full mark.

Teacher: .........hahaha,

Teacher: Well, they're serious. (Yes.) // Suppose even the rookies of Metropolitan office's can just do this.

Chiaki: No, no, you can't talk to a teacher like that!!

12 (18)
Teacher: But that // is how the Metropolitan office works.

Teacher: They can say it, because each and every one of them is better than any of us. // Well,... it's about time

Teacher: to weed out all // who are unfit for this work!

Chiaki: ...Kuroku-san...!!
Kuroku: Don't worry, just focus on his lecture.

Teacher: It's a dangerous job. // Those who can't even dodge these attacks with their own power will fail!

Chiaki: ......!

13 (19)

Box: I got so used to my work in Tama, I completely forgot. // I'm just a high school student without special powers... // Once again I'm only getting in Kuroku-san's way...

Box: That's the truth...!
Bard: .........

Bard: A person who goes on shielding // a powerless individual.

Bard: ...such a person // is very inefficient.

Bard: It's // meaningless.

Teacher: Hey, Ando! It's time you step down. // Or would you like this

Teacher: to become a test...!! // to see how long you can last!!?

14 (20)
Chiaki: !!

Chiaki: Eek!!

Chiaki: Ku // Kuroku-san!!? // You... you are injured!!

Kruoku: ...hmf, // suddenly increasing the power.

Chiaki: St... stop it already!
Kuroku: What!? If I stop, you'll get hurt!?
Chiaki: That, that isn't...
Kuroku: ?

Chiaki: what I meant...!

Kuroku: ...... // I don't understand what you're thinking...

Kuroku: They have their way! // We have our way!
Chiaki: EEH!?

15 (21)
Kuroku: First of all! // Whether I listen or not, I have no clue what this lecture is about!!!

Teacher: ... // ......

Yokai: Eh... // EEEH!!

Chiaki: Ku... Kuroku-san...?
Kuroku: That's why I have you!! // You are listening to this shit in my place!!

Kuroku: Hey! Maybe I haven't been clear about this!! // So listen well!

Kuroku: Chiaki takes care of 15 departments on her own!! // She part of the super Elite!!!

Chiaki: No... well,... // there's just no one else to do it...

Kuroku: ...that's how it's been from the start. // I deal with the special guys! // You are in charge of everything else!!

Kuroku: That's how we do it. // One person with special powers, one without. // Running the Yokai city hall!!

16 (22)
Kuroku: That's how we do it // at the (secret) Tama City Hall!!!

Kuroku: I don't want to hear any complaints! // And

17 (23)
Kuroku: with an Elite subordinate like her, // as a boss, I'm looking a whole lot more awesome!!!
Chiaki: That's what this is about!!?

Teacher: I see.

Teacher: ...if that's the case, //this must be your area of specialty.

Teacher: You are twice... no, four times // more amazing than a normal human!

Teacher: So that means, // you two will answer my last question.

Teacher: Of all weapons that are confiscated due to violation of the rules, // there is one type of weapons that Ward offices are allowed to keep in storage after acquiring a permit of the state.
Teacher: Which type // is that!!!?

18 (24)
Chiaki: ...... // ...thi

Chiaki: 3rd class Spirit Hands... // are!!!

Yokai: (OOOOOH!)
Teacher: Yes, // that's correct.

Yokai: (She knew the answer!? // AAAAH! // And that guy managed to stop that blow!!)

Kuroku: Amazing! Well done, Chiaki!!
Chiaki: Because of that incident earlier... // I... I was just lucky!!

Bard: ...exceptions aside, // employees aren't allowed to handle any information concerning spirit hands until their third year of employment.

19 (25)
Bard: To answer that question with ease... // I was wrong about you, // Yuki Chiaki.

Box: ...I wasn't allowed to handle it? // ...well, // I wasn't aware of that.

Bard: ...but

Bard: ...in the end // your work set-up is still very inefficient.

Sayo: Ah!

Sayo: A new notice.
Itsui: Hey, are you done yet, Sayo!
Sayo: Idiot, I've lost interest.

Sayo: Well, as usual we passed... and // that Red-haired bastard of Tama too... // That girl who spilled her drink on you as well...

Sayo: ......... // Moreover...

Phone: Yuki Chiaki // (Tama City Hall) // Great work. // Humans are amazing. // Is she really an elite!?

Kuroku: .........
Chiaki: Now I'm in 4th place...

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