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Translations: Gintama 661 by kewl0210 , One Piece 885 by cnet128

Mozuku, Walking! 10

[Stray Dalmatian]

+ posted by Sohma Riku as translation on May 24, 2016 15:16 | Go to Mozuku, Walking!

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1 (61)
Title: Chapter 10 [Stray Dalmatian]
Sachi: What? A stray Dalmatian? // No way!
Mozuku: Stray Dalmatian!?

Sachi: Mozuku, did you know? // They say there's a stray Dalmatian walking around the neighborhood. // I wonder if it's true.
Mozuku: He probably just ran away from home......

Sachi: He's probably a stray, because he can't get along with people. // Scary.

Sachi: Mozuku, you watch out for him too. // If he bites you, your fur will get a polka-dot pattern.
Mozuku: No, it won't............

2 (62)
Mozuku: Weekdays are so quiet...
SFX: Nice // quiet

SFX: Alert
Mozuku: !?
SFX: rustle rustle

Mozuku: ......who's there?

XXX: I'm your worst fear.

Mozuku: .........what!?
XXX: But I'm not the true nature // of that fear. // I'm the great "unknown".

Mozuku: I heard something about a stray Dalmatian being in the neighborhood, but // ...is that you?

SFX: rustle rustle

SFX: crunch

SFX: shiver

3 (63)
SFX: crash
Mozuku: He...... hey!

Mozuku: Are you hurt!?

Mozuku: I'll call someone! // Wait here!!

Dalmatian: I will // die soon.

Mozuku: Bu... but...
Dalmatian: Would you do me a favor.

Dalmatian: I've travelled the world for 10 years an seen many things. // I saw flowers blooming on the scorching earth. // I saw bird lingering in Winter's snowfields. // But I'm dying. // And everything I've seen will disappear with me. // Before that happens, I would like to share my experiences with someone else. // Describe the world as I have seen it.

Mozuku: .........you're pretty old, huh? // I understand. // I will listen to your story.
Dalmatian: Hm, thank you.

Dalmation: Where should I start. // I've seen so many things...

4 (64)
Dalmatian: For example,

Mozuku: Wa... // Wait there!

Mozuku: ............what is this about?
Dalmatian: This is my "Anything looks like it has a face if you look well" series. // I have many more, like moth patterns.

Mozuku: ...could we talk about something else? // Something like "seeing giant snakes and lions". // Or don't you have such stories?
Dalmatian: Of course I have.

5 (65)
Dalmatian: That was back then...

SFX: wiggle wiggle

SFX: plop

Dalmatian: Ah!

Dalmatian: I fought with the Ant that came out of the ant lion's nest...... // It was magnificent. // The ant won.

Mozuku: Err...

Mozuku: Wait here, // I'll get you something to eat...

6 (66)
Mozuku: !?

Box: The old, stray Dalmatian // is gone
SFX: munch munch

Box: The old man's stories weren't very spectacular. // He didn't go on any exciting adventures. // But he definitely has seen many things. // Those words: "I'm dying", // They were just a lie to make me listen. // That's what I think.

SFX: rustle rustle
Mozuku: !?
SFX: alert

Cat: Meow!
Mozuku: It's you...

Dalmatian: Yo!
SFX: rustle
Cat: He's meow friend.
Mozuku: !?

Dalmatian: I'm sorry for last time... // I didn't have enough stories ready yet.
Mozuku: ............

Mozuku: I've had enough of the old man's stories......

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