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Young Shima Kousaku 1

いい日族立ち A Good Day To Set Off

+ posted by sonsofloki as translation on Jun 28, 2010 09:20 | Go to Young Shima Kousaku

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(reserved for mangacode scanlation)

Pg 03
1970年4月 初芝電産入社式
Text in box: April, 1970. Hatsushiba Electric Entrance Ceremony.

Man in crowd: Hmm, the president's going to greet us.

SFX: [sound of applause]

SFX: [sound of applause]

Shima: Is that man the charismatic head executive, Yoshihara Hatsutarou?

Pg 04-05
Title: A Good Day to Set Off

Pg 06
いやあ 吉原初太郎を初めて見たけどやっぱりすごい迫力だよな。
Man in glasses: No, it was the first time I've seen Yoshihara Hatsutarou, but like I expected, he has a great intensity.

そうだな 何か後光がさしている感じだった。
Man 2: That's right. He had something of a halo around him, I felt.
経営の神様 立志伝中の人 吉原天皇
A god of management. A self-man man. Emperor Yoshihara!

島 お前はどう思った?
Man in glasses: Shima, what did you think?

うん あんなに遠く離れたいたのにとても緊張した
Shima: Yeah, even though he was far away, I felt a strong tension.

1970年 初芝電産 大卒 高専卒新入社員925名
Text in box: 1970. Hatsushiba Electric: 925 university and college graduate new employees

Pg 07
Text in box: From my entry into the company in April, until my assignment in November, are seven months of doing nothing but training all day.

まず50人単位のクラス分けが行われ 最初の1ヶ月は会社の概要ー 集団討論 語学力テスト などで適性を見る
Text in box: To begin with, for the first month, we are assigned to 50-student credit classes for an introduction to the company: things like group discussion and a language test to check our aptitude.

次の3ヶ月は工場での実習だ ラインに並んで 実際に製品を組み立てる これはメーカーの社員にとってとても必要な研修だ
Text in box: The next three months are hands-on training in the factory. In rows along the production line, we construct actual products. For manufacturing employees, this is essential training.

Pg 08
そして残りの3ヶ月は系列販売店での販売実習ー 丁稚奉公と呼ばれるこの実習で 販売 配達 苦情処理 修理などの現場の仕事を経験する
Text in box: And in the remaining three months, sales training at a affiliate store - this training is called an apprenticeship, and it gives an experience of on-the-job sales, delivery, complaints, repairs, etc.

こんにちはー トラスト電業です
Shima: Good day! I'm from "Trust Electrical".
Text in box: Whether we studied science or humanities, we're all at the same level and we all do the same job.

あ 兄ちゃん 洗濯機が壊れちゃってるのよ ちょっと見てくれる?
Woman: Ah, young man, the washing machine's broken down. Could you take a quick look at it?

大変なのは修理で 特に文科系の人間にとっては とても辛い 白モノだと 配線図とにらめっこで 何とかこなしてゆけるが AV機器となるともうお上手けどだ
Text in box: Tough repair work, particularly for bookish types, is very painful. And in the case of home appliances, staring at circuit diagrams and taking things apart is something I'm more skilled at with AV equipment.

Pg 09
ただいま 帰りました!
Shima: Hello! I'm back!

Tokuda: Oh! How was it?
Text: This man is the company president, Mr Tokuda.

ええ 断線だったので何とか動くようになりました
Shima: A burn-out caused something or other to begin moving.

そうか 俺が昨日テスターの使い方を特訓してやった おかげだな カハハハハ
Nakase: Oh, really? Yesterday, I gave you special training on how to use the tester. So you owe me! Hahahaha!
この店の3人いる従業員の中のリーダー格 仲瀬チーフ
Text: The leader of the three employees in this store, Chief Nakase.

Takako: Nakase!
This person is the president's wife and managing director, Takako.

Takako: Need a TV delivered!
Nakase: On it!

Pg 10
Nakase: Shima...
おまえを見る 専務の目が いやらしいのに気がつかないか?
Did you notice the unpleasant look in the managing director's eyes when she sees you?

Shima: Huh?

気をつけろよ 専務は時々店に来る苦い実習生を食っているからな
Nakase: Pay more attention! Because from time to time the managing director gobbles up bitter trainees who come in her shop.
Heh heh heh!

Nakase: Trust Electrical!
あ こっちに運んで
Woman: Ah, bring it through here.

Pg 11
おい! 新米! しっかり打ちこまんと ワイヤが はずれるぞ!
Nakase: Hey, newbie! Avoid the wires when you're hammering!

は はい!!
Shima: Y-yes sir!!

うわ おっかねぇ!
Text in box: Whoa, scary!

こら! 腰が引けてるぞ
Nakase: Hey! Let's rest our legs!
Shima: Yes sir!

Pg 12
SFX: chirp-chirp-chirp

Shima: Um... Shouldn't we keep going?

バーカ 何言ってんだ あと30分休憩だ
Nakase: Idiot, what the hell are you talking about? After a thirty-minute break.

Shima: I see.

Pg 13
なあ 島 ... 世の中っちゅうのは 真面目に働いても 働かなくても 同じなんだよ
Nakase: Look, Shima... Whether you work hard or you don't work, it's all the same in this world of ours.

このまま 早く帰ってみろよ 専務にまた 次の仕事を言いつけられて 配達に行かなきゃなんない
Nakase: Say we went back early. The managing director would tell us to go on to the next job, and we'd have to make another delivery.

それでら給料同じなら お前 どっちを選ぶよ ん?
Nakase: And seeing as the salary's the same ... which would you choose, hmm?

ガチャ ガチャ
SFX: click click

はい奥さん 設置完了しましたので これで失礼します
Nakase: Well, madam, seeing as we're done setting up here, we'll be on our way.

あ 古いテレビ 待っていっていいよ あげるわよ!
Woman: Oh, could you take away the old TV? I'll give it to you!

はーい ありがとう ございまーす!
Sure, thank you very much!
じゃ 遠慮なく
It's no problem.

Pg 14
あげるって言われても こんなブッ壊れたテレビもらっても しようがねえよ
Nakase: Even though she said she'd give it to us, taking this broken TV is no use to us.

え? 修理したら まだ使えるじゃないですか?
Shima: Huh? If we fix it, can't it still be used?

バーカ こんな真空管のテレビなんて 今日び 誰が欲しがる?
Nakase: Stupid. These days, who wants a vacuum-tube TV?
Nakase: From here on, it's transistors. Transistors!

Pg 15
おい 手伝え こいつを川に投げる
Nakase: Hey, give me a hand. We'll throw this thing in the river.

え 投棄するんですか?
Shima: Huh? We're dumping it?

そうだよ! 人に見られねぇうちにやるからぐずぐずすんな
Nakase: Yes! Do it while no one's looking, don't dawdle!

は はい
Shima: Y-yes.

Nakase: Three, two, one...

Pg 16
でも中瀬さん まずいんじゃないですか? あんなことしたら 川が汚れますよ
But, Mr Nakase, isn't this a little unpleasant? If we do things like that, the river will get polluted.

ナーニ バカこいてんの チミは?
Nakase: What? Are you stupid?
他にも自転車やられ冷蔵庫やらいっぱい 棄ててあったろうが だからいいのよ 棄てたって!!
Besides, seeing as it's already full of discarded bicycles and fridges and stuff, it's fine to dump stuff there!

それにあのまま 店に持って帰っても 困るんだよ 裏庭は下取りで 持って帰った 古い電化製品がいっぱいなんだ!お前も見て 知ってるだろう
More to the point, it'd be a bother if I brought them back to the shop. The back yard's full of old appliances I got for part exchange! You saw it, you understand, right?

昔はあんあものもスクラップ業者に売れたけど 最近では廃棄物が増えて 買ってくれなくなって ただで持っていきやがんだ 引き取る意味がねぇ
A while ago I'd sell that stuff to the scrap-metal man, but recently, with the increase in the amount of trash, he won't give me anything for it. He'll take it off me for zilch, but there's no point in that for me!

まあ川は 都会のゴミ箱よ コレ 常識!
The river's the city's garbage bin, see? That's common knowledge!

Pg 17
初芝電産 東京北営業所
Text in box: Hatsushiba Electrical Tokyo North

販売実習で各ショップに散っていた 新入社員は週に一度 集められて 研修を行ない レポートを提出する
Text in box: In sales training, we were spread out at each shop. Once a week, we new employees were gathered not to do training, but to submit a report.

そこで一週間の実習の成果を報告し 11月に配属される 希望の部署を申告する
Text in box: So we'd make a report on the week's training and then be assigned in November. The report was about our hoped-for position.

もちろん希望は宣伝広告部門...大学時代から 決めていた職種だ
Text in box: Obviously I hoped for the advertising department ... Since my university days, it had been my chosen occupation.

Pg 18
希望部署は 本社営業本部 販売情勢部?
Odagiri: Your dream position is Marketing at HQ?
北営業所 営業一課主任 小田切満夫
North Office First Section Chief Odagiri Mitsuo

はい メーカーの宣伝部で 働くことが 僕の夢でしたから 第一志望はそこにしました
Shima: Yes. Working at this manufacturer's advertising department has been my dream. My number-one choice is to be here.

キミなあ ここはハードル高いよ 毎年 枠は1人か2人 今年は918名の中からの1人だよ
Odagiri: Look, this is a big hurdle. Every year we look for one or two people. This year, out of 918 applicants, we pick one.

ええ ですから あくまでも 第一志望と いうことで...
Shima: Um, er, this thing is my ultimate number-one choice...
第二志望は 事業部の宣伝課 および営業所の 宣伝担当部署 第三志望は 語学力を活かして 海外勤務です
My number-two choice is the advertising section of Operations, and this office's Senior Advertising Manager. And my third choice would be to use my foreign-language skills working overseas.

ふむ...まあ 適性があるかどうかの 話だけどな
Odagiri: Hrm... look. This is just a talk to see whether or not you have the skills.

Pg 19
いずれにしても 販売店から提出される 勤務評価も人事部は 重要視している
Odagiri: In any case, you've been highly recommended by the performance review submitted from your store and by Human Resources.
どうだ ショップでは うまくやってるか?
How was it? At the shop, did you do well?

Shima: Uh...

どうした 何か問題でも あるのか?
Odagiri: Was there some sort of problem?

Shima: Er...
チーフ格の人の仕事のやり方に問題があると 思うんです ...こんなことがありました
Shima: I had a problem with the way the man in charge did his job. There was this one thing...

ふむ なるほど... でも まあいいんじゃないの そんなことはどこの店でもやってるし...
Odagiri: Hmm, I see... Actually, well, it's hardly great, but this kind of thing goes on at every store.
あまり 気にするな
Don't worry about it too much.


Pg 20
何だ? 不満なのか? ”郷に入っては郷に従え” という諺があるだろう 大切なのは職場の和だよ
Odagiri: What, you've got a problem with that? You know what they say - "When in Rome, do as the Romans do". It's the key to harmony in the workplace.

社会というのはそんな青くさい 正義感を 振りかざすところ じゃないんだ
Odagiri: This society ain't the place to be brandishing that kind of naive sense of justice.

Nakazawa: Odagiri,
That's not quite true.

Odagiri: Ah! Section Chief Nakazawa.

先ほどから聞いていたが 新入社員のキミの方が正しいぞ そのショップのチーフの 言うことなんか聞かなくていい 今度そういうことがあったら はっきり断れ!
Nakazawa: I've been listening for a while now. The new employee here is right. He doesn't have to listen to the sort of things that shop chief said. Next time that sort of thing comes up, refuse in no uncertain terms!

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