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Translations: One Piece 929 by cnet128 , Gintama 699 by kewl0210

Eighth 2

Operation.2 - serviceability (Conservative)

+ posted by soranokira as translation on Apr 19, 2012 14:36 | Go to Eighth

-> RTS Page for Eighth 2

Reserved for and released by Village Idiot Scans

Chapter 1: Miracle Girl
Chapter 2: serviceability! (Conservative)
Chapter 3: Amazon Inspection
Chapter 4: ..., respectively (Sorezore ni.)

[] = box, narration or thoughts
"" = speech
// = split bubbles
() = small text, either outside or inside bubbles.
<> = sfx (if I tl it)

Line break = different panel. Bubbles in the middle might belong to either panel on my whim.

---Page 117 of 264---

"" Eighth Research Lab is a research lab under Gravico Company, // and the collective term for the 4 research buildings is "Eighth".
T/N: furi for the 1st 'Research Lab' is 'Research' only. furi for "research buildings" is "labs".

"" Among them, the one in charge of genetic engineering is this 4th Lab.
"" Naoya is also working here as a security guard. // And then...the Director of the 4th Lab is also the Director of Eighth.

"" Ah...Director...// the one who gave the order to save me, right?
<> *step*
<> *step*
"" Yup. // Well, I think you'll see him sooner or later.

"" Impactfully, that is.
() Haha.
"" Im...impactfully?

---page 118---

"" ...then if you proceed straight down this road, you'll reach the Security Team's Dormitory.
"" Ok. // --Ah!

"" There's a church over there!
"" Yeah.

"" Well, the church is for staff to pray at. // Although there's a doctor there, the medical center is elsewhere.
() Eh
() Italian girl, huh...
"" Rather than saying that that place is for psychological treatment, // might as well say that it is helpful for those who need it.

"" Wow...// even that sort of thing is...this is too amazing!
"" It's just for staff welfare though.
T/N: lit. Welfare only.

---page 119---

(top right, author name) Kawachi Izumi
[] If there's any problem---,
[] you can count on big sister
(T/N: The 3 above only appears in the mag ver. I believe, add it in if you want.)

Chapter title: Operation 2 serviceability! (Conservative)

---page 120---

"" Wahhhh!! // I overslept--!!
<> *suddenly*
(SL on the right first) The breasts in the dream
(SL on the bot left now) squeezed me too much!

"" Eh? // Why was I sleeping outside?

"" Ah Naoya, you're finally awake. // Morning, did you have a good sleep?
<> *step*
"" Mari-san! // Where did you go with Celcia?

---page 121---

"" I took her around the premises...rather than that, // are you going to be alright? It's almost noon you know.
<> *shock*
"" Eh?! // Uwah, Uwaa! Crap! I'm late!

<> *thud thud*
"" Ah.
<> *slam*
"" Oh yeah, Naoya, the team leader was asking for you.
T/N: furi for team leader both above and below is 'Officer'. The kanji lit. is room monitor but I think it means team leader.

"" Team leader?
"" Yeah, the greatest person on the Security Team, // and also Naoya's superior.

<> *creak*

"" ...for real...?
"" Yes, please quickly go once you're ready.

---page 122---

"" I'll be going!!
<> *bam*
"" Ok, have a nice trip! <3

"" Well...that is, // it really would've been better if we had woken him up earlier, right...?
<> *door opening*
"" It's fine, it's fine. He seemed very tired after all.

"" Well then, it's about time for me to go too.
"" Ah, ok. // Thank you very much for giving me a tour.
<> *bow*

"" It's fine.
"" Ah but... // even though I've already given you a tour Celcia,

---page 123---

"" but basically, please stay in Naoya's room. // Just tell me if you need anything.
"" ! // Well...but that is...

"" ...no. // Ok.
"" ...I'll bring you problems if I walked around as I pleased...

[] Whew...
<> *steps*
<> *steps*

<> *all alone...*
T/N: foreveralone.jpg
"" ...

---page 124---

[] Ah, that's right! // If it's just cleaning up the room...
<> *tap*

"" Kyaa--!
<> *ero~*

[] Awawawa! // P-p-personal privacy... // Naoya's... // Nonononono, I can't anyhow touch them...
() There...
[] Whew...ok...!

[] Hau...
() Ha...
() That was shocking...
[] Naoya...well well, // do guys always look at women like that?

<> *pour*
<> *pour*
<> *pour*...
[] If it's just things like... // watering the plants...

---page 125---

[] --I,
[] am just in the way after all...

[] Even though I got rescued with much difficulty when I said not to fight anymore, // ...was the me back then really more useful...?
"" --Ah? // I'm working on it, there won't be any problems.

---page 126---

"" That is being analyzed, // that's the purpose of 4th after all. // Huh?
"" Recently, 3rd has been half-assing things. There won't be any problems if they buck up, right?

"" That's why I'm asking why it's taking so long! What if you piss off the cells?! // --Huh?! Do your best to shorten the time?!

"" Ok, then I'll be counting on you.
<> *clink*

"" Sorry about that. // Please enter, Marippe. What's the matter?
"" You look busy, huh.

---page 127---

"" Too much time and money have been spent so I got angry.
"" Is it headquarters?
"" It was a call from 3rd about them lacking manpower. What a nice topic, eh? // Ah---it's about time for me to drop by the scene---

() I don't want~to do
() such things.
"" That is the job of the Director.
() Don't be angry.

"" So, what is it? // Are you here to comfort me with those amazing breasts of yours?
"" Staff welfare?
T/N: lit. Welfare only.
<> Hehe.
"" Do you want to crush 4th Lab's with legal expenses?
T/N: lit. Judge expenses.
"" Sorry.

"" It's about Celcia.

"" Celcia? // Who's that?
"" It's the girl Naoya brought back. // She's currently staying in the dorms.

---page 128---

"" Ah--that girl from Sicilia, eh. // Yup, yup.
"" I know that nothing can be done about it but... // hiding her like what Leon Lab did--it's like imprisonment, nothing has changed for her. What should we do?

"" ...
"" Did she say it herself?

"" She didn't say it but...
"" Doesn't that mean she has accepted it?
<> *ring ring ring*
<> *click*
"" Yes, yes. Why, thank you, we've been under your care.

"" Seriously! How is that possible?!
<> *impact*
"" How can you expect a girl to say things like she's pitiful?!
"" Well, from my experience, I've never seen any women who doesn't say what they want.

"" Director!
"" All the more so if she's in Eighth.

---page 129---

"" Here, Mari. Phone.
<> *squish*

"" She's asking for you.
"" argh...
"" Hello?!

"" ... // This is Gravico Company's License Department.
"" Eh? // Headquarter's Licen....
"" Mari, right? Please call Dr. Shinya over.

---page 130---

"" Wait-wait a minute, Director!
"" Isn't it the Director's job to handle this call?!

<> *empty*
"" That bastard...!!

"" ...How is that he is able to run away from working properly when you're here?
"" Well, that is, // I'm sorry, I'll go and catch him immediately. // Ok <3.

<> *bang*

"" Hey you guys, where did the Director run off to?

---page 131---

"" That way.
<> *shock*

"" ...My apologies. // The Director said not to follow him...

"" ---so. // You handed your own gun to the girl that you're supposed to protect?
"" ...well, // that is...erm.

---page 132---

"" Your voice is too soft, Naoya.
"" We-well... // I was thinking that...the gu-gun was certified so...it won't misfire...

<> *bang*
<> *slam*
"" I'm sorry.

"" What are you going to do in the event that the certification failed?!
"" (Bot right) Yes.
<> *tremble*
"" In the chaos, there are times when it might lead to suicide! As if there's any guard that promotes such actions!
"" (Bot left) Yes.

"" And what was that? // Using the target of protection as a shield, was it?
"" ...Yes.
"" I...I'm sorry.
"" When something happens here, are you going to use a staff as a shield again?
"" No.

---page 133---

"" I believe I didn't teach you such things before.
<> *grab*
"" Ye- // Yes.

"" At least your honest report was good, // Arm-raising Naoya.
"" ...Ha.

<> *gaaaahhh*
"" ...I've heard that the matter this time is to be considered as your personal matter, Naoya.
T/N: Furi for 'this time' is 'Rome'

<> *huff*
"" I apologise for acting on my own...
"" ...no.

"" Since it was a personal matter, it wasn't actually necessary to call you here.
<> *steps*

---page 134---

"" But the Security Team's Skill Trainer is me.

"" Regarding the incident, // do you think you had handled it calmly?

"" ... // I already did all that I...could.

"" Very well.
"" I've already heard about Celcia as well. // --Take good care of her.

<> *door close*
"" Go, Naoya. It's time for work.

---page 135---

"" Whew--
<> *slide*
"" Ah! // There you are, Naoya!

"" This is bad! What should I do?!
<> *thud*
<> *thud*
<> *thud*

"" ! // Mari-sa...
"" Celcia is---

"" Mari-san! Lend me your breasts!
<> *smash*
"" For what?!

---page 136---

"" It was scary... // if you lend me your breasts, I think I'll definitely get stronger!
<> Ouch...
"" Get yourself together, Naoya!

"" You must not become like those cheap men!
<> *bad!*
T/N: sfx form of dame!
"" Eh? // Ah, ok.

"" Seriously, rather than that--- // this is bad! Celcia is missing!
"" Eh...?!

---page 137---

"" Ehh?! // Wha-why?!
"" I don't know! // She wasn't there When I went to the dorm just now!

"" How can that be?!
"" If she disappeared, someone definitely saw her come out!

"" There are also security guards in the dormitory!
"" That is, // everyone's saying that they didn't see her or they don't know!

"" ...disappeared?

---page 138---

"" And I just told you to take good care of her.
<> *steps*
<> *steps*
() That's asking for the impossible!
"" Mari, how does she look like?
"" She's blonde...I think she's a girl that stands out quite a bit.

"" A pretty and young girl in plain clothes,
<> *steps*
"" Check for any witnesses, // within all the research labs from 1st to 4th.

"" Erm, Mira-san, // please check for the Director as well in the meantime...
<> *slink slink*
() I'm really sorry about this.
() Please search for him at the same time...
"" At the same time, // catch a blonde male wearing a white coat and sunglasses.
"" Him again?

"" Naoya, // any idea?
"" ...I don't know. // --but, she's not the kind of girl to wander away on her own,
"" I think.

---page 139---

"" Then, what if she was kidnapped?
"" Don't tell me, // someone among Eighth's security guards?!

"" That's right. It's strange.
[] How can this be... // I only brought her here because it was safe here.

[] Yet I'm letting her experience something scary again.
[] She's already trying her very best!
[] This isn't funny damn it! Stop it already...!

"" ...no good, // they do not appear anywhere.
"" That's not possible, // check one more time.

---page 140---

"" This is a list of entry and exit of staff and visitors.
"" There are no suspicious individuals, // everyone's identity is clear.

"" I wonder why they do not appear on the survelliance cameras.

"" Is that girl an amateur?
T/N: furi for girl = kid
<> *impact*
"" ... // how do I explain that is rather...

"" Naoya, // can you avoid all of the cameras?

"" ...
"" Well, I wonder. What about it?

"" If it's those that I know inside Eighth, I can avoid them.
"" But for those floors with security guards that have gone through security training, avoiding them all while leaving no trace on the camera records is impossible.

---page 141---

"" Then wouldn't it be strange to not leave any trace on the camera records?
"" An internal crime?

"" ...
"" No, but, // the people that Celcia know are few...

"" ...Mari, // you can go and search for the Director.
"" Eh?!
"" It's ok, it's ok! Rather than that, Celcia is-

"" The Director's ID stopped before noon and hasn't moved.
"" Yeah.

"" Eh?
() But he should have escaped...
"" Oh yeah, // why are there no signs of the Director on the survelliance records?

---page 142---

"" ...I, // went to find the Director to discuss about Celcia's treatment.
"" Treatment?
"" It's about how we're telling her something like "Don't leave the room", even though it is for her own protection.

"" Celcia also seemed to be a little depressed, // and...

"" ... // depressed...
"" she probably was taken away by the Director.

"" I can't believe it...It might be possible if it was him. // Our security can be forcefully silenced, if the ID card was used.
() I'm in a pinch...if I don't do something about it.
"" But is it possible for them to avoid getting caught until now? // In the first place, I wonder where they are currently at.

---page 143---

"" ...could it be like,
() looking at it from another angle
"" a place where there's no camera or security personnel?

<> *shock*
"" For what reason is he bringing her there?!
"" Hey! That's criminal you know?!

"" Can you say that it definitely won't happen?! It's the Director, you know?!
() That Perverted Guy!!
"" We-... // Er...yeah...you're right...
() Why // are you // so untrustworthy...?!
"" There's still one more place.

"" The Church.

---page 144---

"" Yup!
"" The Director brought me here!
<> *stun---ned*

"" Eh?
"" ? // The Director brought me here...
"" No, I got that part but...

---page 145---

"" You're late.
<> *pops out*
"" What's with our security?

() This is for
() the team leader's
() share!
"" What were you doing, Celcia? Coming to such a place.
T/N: Alternatively: What were you doing coming to such a place, Celcia?

"" I'm in the process of cleaning!
() The uniform was borrowed!
<> *raise*
<> *clench*
"" What for?!

"" We heard that you suddenly disappeared and we had to search for you, you know?!
"" Ah.
<> *sobs*...
"" I-I'm sorry, // for...for troubling you...I-

"" Naoya! Celcia didn't do anything wrong! // It's all because the Director forcefully brought her here!
<> Hey!
() The bad one is that bad uncle!
"" Th-this is, well...
<> *eh!?*
"" No! That is, it's fine!

---page 146---

"" I-I am...well that is, I said that you can ask for anything,
"" But why this?
"" I'm not saying that you can't let us worry. // Ah, are you not comfortable with staying in my room?

<> Sorry...
"" Ah, // no! It's not like that!

"" You see, // if I don't use my power, I am useless, Naoya.
"" ! What...

<> Ehe...
"" I understand that it's fine myself, // but that's why, I can't use my power again, or else it will spark a conflict.
"" It's so troublesome, eh...

---page 147---

"" After I said that, // the Director then said to please go work at the church!

"" Although the work is tough because I just started,

"" but I'll work hard! // Erm...in order to improve my cleaning skills, please let me clean your room as well, Naoya!

"" But, please clean up your own ecchi books!
T/N: or porn. But I prefer ecchi books, cos it sounds cuter.
<> *fwah*
<> *shocked*
"" Wahh! I'm sorry!

() Well---it's cute and it suits you---
() It's fine even if I wear it? This...
"" ...

---page 148---

<> Kyaah!
<> Kyaah!
"" ...How do I say it, // it feels like I did something wrong.
"" What is?
() The perverted books?
"" No...I told Celcia "It's fine not to use your powers."

"" ...Heh, so you said something like that.
"" That's too bad.
"" ! // What's with you!

"" Don't tell me you also wanted Celcia's power?!

"" No, you see, doesn't it look like you can pull it off 3 times?
() Soon you'll be able to release it again.
() Although you're not supposed to do it in this place.
"" Ah--that kind of usage, huh. // ...you're the worst.
T/N: If you didn't know, he's talking about 'releasing his load'. Obviously same goes for Celcia's...'power'.

"" Well of course there's a simple way of making money with it.
That's a simple way of making money.
"" Using that power?

---page 149---

"" Haven't you heard of the reason for everyone to fight over that power?
"" No...is it "Fast Forward"?
"" They want that power because if it can be used, the results of all sorts of experiments can come out earlier.
T/N: use "They want that power because if it can be used, all sorts of experiments can be accelerated." if the above doesn't fit the box size.

"" Well...I guess the majority will say it like that.
"" But even so, do they want it that badly, to fight and kill others over it? // That's the part that I don't understand.

"" Celcia, // ...I really think that...she's small but great and amazing.

"" Great and strong, eh?
"" ? What's wrong with that.
() Then, Matui stick~<3
T/N: Matui stick: a must item for a major cleanup in Japan apparently.
() Oh~!
"" Hmm? // A woman with the genes, huh.

---page 150---

"" Er, males and females are both humans, right?
"" Halfway through, // the difference in sex chromosomes decides the difference in gender.

"" If the shape is different, the contents are different as well. // For guys, the chromosome is shorter and fewer in number. This is the part where errors can occur and the gender resets. // About 1000 vs 70, I guess.
T/N: Furi for resets is "follows".
T/N: I find myself stupid for attempting to figure what they were talking about...These perverts. I just tl-ed exactly what they were saying.

"" Are you trying to say that guys are weaker over here?
() Of course I've never thought of winning against those amazing breasts before.
() Ah, breasts for the win!
T/N: Well, that's pretty much what he's trying to say I think.
"" Oh? // I think that they're practically another kind of lifeform.

"" ...because you see, you know what sort of monsters are in Eighth, right?
<> *hehe*
"" Er...that is, well...
"" Seriously, Director! // I can hear you, you know. Please don't teach Naoya weird things!
"" Look, here it comes.

---page 151---

"" You were in the middle of a call from License, weren't you?
T/N: I'm not going to put it as License department since they didn't mention department.
"" Hm? Ah-
<> *beep beep beep*
"" Please answer the call seriously, we had to find you for that, you know. Well then.

"" Ok, ok...
"" Ah.

"" Oh yeah, Naoya. // I have some work for you.
"" Huh?

"" What are you talking about? I'm working right now! Aren't you the one who made me go on this unnecessary fire drill practice?
() You do your job properly instead!
"" No, no.

---page 152---

"" You'll be going to the lab of License from now on.
T/N: furi of lab is 'place' or 'location' (use either one)
"" Eh?
"" You have questions such as...Why the conflict over Celcia can cause people to go to the extent of killing, right?

"" Eh...?! // W-Why...?!
"" You'll know if you go. // I was really supposed to go instead but, you should go as my representative.

---page 153---

"" Hey hey, wait a moment! You're doing things as you please again!
"" Not again...
"" Erm, // what is "License"?

"" Hmm, well,
"" it's the department where all sorts of "patents" are managed.

"" They handle contracts for the monopolized usage of any inventions.
"" Oh--I see.

"" It's like the work that I do at other research labs are patented, right?
T/N: Original Sentence: The things that I do at other research labs, even though there's a patent, they're related right?

"" Ah, // that's quite true, eh...

---page 154---

"" ...Representative? // ...the Doctor was not found?
"" No! Well, that is, // the Director has urgent matters to attend to so he couldn't make it.

"" Is it ok for Naoya to represent the Director?
"" Naoya...
"" Ah...the Doctor's nephew. // ...It'll be fine as long as you can understand what I'm saying.

---page 155---

"" ...Can that kid follow us? ...Mari.
T/N: Follow as in keep up with us in terms of all the scientific convos and stuff.
"" Ah, yes! Please leave it to Naoya.

"" His mouth might be a little bad, // but he's a young man so he has the vitality, the Director said to use him as you please...
"" ...is that so.

"" ...I don't specialize in young soldiers...
<> *appears*
"" Huh? // What?!

---page 156---

"" ...I was joking. // ...I just wanted to try saying it.

"" ...thanks for your thorough preparation.
<> *steps*
<> *steps*
"" It's nothing.
"" ...please tell Naoya,

"" ...if you're late, chopped...
T/N: next small text is supposed to follow up.

() What will be chopped...?
[] Naoya, // I seem to be kinder...?

[] bot right text found only on mag: Under Naomi's care, What will happen to Naoya...?!

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